Tips and Recipes for Cooking with Kids ~ and Silky Bean Fudge Recipe

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Dairy Free Fudge Bean Fudge


Some of my most fond memories come from the time when my oldest son was about 4 years old.

We baked.  A lot.  Really.

And it was always together.

In fact, he was soooo into baking with me that if I ever baked without him, he got extremely sad.  Maybe I'll tell you more about that later.

A lot has changed since then, but recently I've been working on pulling my kids back into the kitchen with me.

Today, over at The Balanced Platter, I am sharing:

(Update – The Balanced Platter is no longer online, so I am now having the links on my blog only.)

  • Tips for Cooking with Kids
  • Recipes that Kids can easily help with
  • My Recipe for Silky Bean Fudge.  It's a real winner. (And wait 'til you see the fun photo of them with the fudge :-))

So join me at The Balanced Platter by clicking here to read the rest of the post.  And pull out your tiny aprons and get cooking–with your kids!


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  1. Where can I get a copy of this recipe to try? The links are not working. Thanks

  2. Yummy fudge.. Love the addition of beans .. healthy one..

  3. MMM,..I know & like to add beans in my cooking & baking too!
    Yum Yum Yummy looking fudge! 🙂

  4. Hi, I just found your blog and red your post about rosacea and HCL. I suffer from rosacea (have since I was about 20). I have been toying with the idea of drastically changing my diet at least temporarily to see if that will help. I’m thinking the only way to know for sure if my diet has any affect on it is to completely cut out all possible culprits. I’m thinking gluten, dairy, and sugar need to go. Does that include fruit? If I weren’t eating those things where could I get some carbs? I just feel like if all I do is eliminate one thing at a time I’ll never be able to tell if my diet really affects it at all.

    • Hi Laura Jane. Have you tried the HCl yet? I was shocked by the difference. Also, my jojoba face wash might really help you. I don’t find that my face gets red anymore unless I eat a lot of something that really bothers me. It is very rare. I also think really good enzymes are a help. Do you feel a food is the culprit? Of course, if you are having a lot of digestive issues then it would make sense to check it out, if I were you. Carbs come also from grains and carob and starchy veggies. You can have gluten free grains. Dairy doesn’t have many carbs. In my diet I am off fruit but that’s due to candida – not the rosacea.

      I wondered the same things as you when removing foods when I was breastfeeding and my son was covered w/ eczema. I eliminated the top 8 allergens until he cleared up and it turned out that he was allergic to 3 of the foods.

      Let me know how it goes!

  5. This fudge looks soo good! Such a good idea to add beans into them to make them more healthy!