Why YOU Should Join Us to Heal Your Gut–What Others are Saying & Last Chance Savings!

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Heal Your Gut

Most likely you read my post from this past week that had the title…Death (and More) Begins in the Gut.

And you've been wondering if you should sign up for the course I mentioned in it.

Now, I for sure don't want to come across as a pushy salesperson–

'cause I'm not.

But I am big on encouraging folks to do something that is good for them.

We all need a kick in the aspirations sometimes, right :)?  I sure needed it before I was willing to deal with my systemic candida.

Anyhow, I just wanted to get in front of you all one more time to tell you how amazing this course is.

Well, it only makes sense, right?

If autism, autoimmune diseases, ADD, and more–in fact, if “All Disease Begins in the Gut” then healing your gut is about the best investment you could ever make in your health.

I'm just one mom passionate about healing who is trying to honestly share what has worked for me–and others–so that you can progress in your walk towards health and healing as well.

Getting your gut strong is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

Gut dysfunction is a lot of what wrecked my health, and it's likely what's wrecked the health of most of the sick folks you know.

I told you before about all the antibiotics, sugar, and stress I had in my life. It's time to turn this ship around.

Won't you join me?

(Note: I am a proud affiliate for the Heal Your Gut course, so if you click through from here and sign up, I will receive a commission. Your price remains the same, and your support is received with much gratitude :).

I thought you might appreciate hearing what others have said about the Heal Your Gut Course.

So you don't need to just take my word for it……

Heal Your Gut Oct 2013 17 lessons


Praises for the Heal Your Gut Course

Check these accolades out (emphasis mine)

–I just wanted to say that this is the best class I have ever taken!!   The price of this class is a bargain given the amount of information that you offer.  The facebook page is a wonderful idea where members can exchange information and ask questions.  I love the fact that one can go at their own pace and not feel pressured to keep up.

I have mentioned this class to so many people!  From where I stand, unless you are a medical professional and are familiar with digestive issues, this is by far the best place to learn everything you didn’t know about your gut.  This class offers REAL solutions to help heal your body and that to me is priceless!
I must say putting all the lessons on one page is a tremendous time saver and makes it just that much easier to refer to in the future!  Thank you!
As far as implementing, I started making beet kvass and love it.  I am going to start fermenting garlic and onions when they are ready from my garden (fingers crossed).  I also intend to ferment as many vegetables that I can this summer.  I will attempt to try everything you have mentioned if it means living a healthier life.  We have only one body and most of us abuse it (unknowingly sometimes) until it starts to “talk back” or not respond like it used to!
Thank you so very much for offering this class!!  I just can’t believe how much I have learned! ~ Maura

This Heal Your Gut class was possibly the best money I have ever spent. Lydia’s class was packed with information that would have taken months to find and put together. I searched for probiotics- none of them worked, until Lydia directed me to two types at once, and I am already feeling a difference. I’ve passed her class information onto my traditional GI MD, in hopes that others can start having the peace of mind too, that we can indeed heal our guts! ~

I wasn’t going to take the course initially even though the subject interested me because I felt I really didn’t have the time to invest in another e-course. I changed my mind after spending a miserable day bloated and nauseaus from not having had a bowel movement in two and a half weeks. I have not regreted[sic] taking the course since that day.

–I am behind in the classes, but I am so thankful you are allowing permanent access to the lessons after the course is ‘over’. Thank you so much for teaching this course! You have given me the keys to heal not only my gut, but my health as well. Bless you! ~ Marcella

–Searching for something critical to say, and it isn’t coming.  Delighted that you are leaving the FB group open.  That feels very important.  I have always eaten healthy, but this takes it to a whole new level. I am finally focused and where I need to be!  Very excited and impassioned.  Thank you eternally Lydia.  The course of my life has changed.  Really!!!!  Sincerely  ~ Andrea


So if you were still “on the fence” perhaps I've given you a little nudge to join me.

And many others.

On the road to solid gut health.

Again, in case you need more details, here you go:

  • 17 Lessons
  • Unlimited access to coursework.  (Don't worry if you're busy right now. You can access the information whenever things “free up.”
  • Private Group Support that's moderated by the instructor.  And Lydia really does come by and answer your questions. Regularly.
  • Bonus Materials
  • Menu Plans
    – and More

It's a great deal.


– This course will never be offered at this low of a price again.

– You get $40 off the $167 price with CODE NEWMOM (code expires at midnight 10/17/13).

– Even though the course started today, you can still sign up for a little while longer and not miss a beat, but the coupon expires tonight at midnight.


Remember–Code NEWMOM.  Through Midnight tonight.

So—think about it.  And join me.

Let's Heal Our Guts together.

Got any questions?  Feel free to ask and I'll get answers for you as quickly as I can.



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  1. the Weston A Price foundation has been promoting this for years and it’s free! I’m not taking away from these classes, but if cost is a concern, there is another venue.

    • Thanks Janice. What exactly do you mean that they are promoting? I used to be on the WAPF board and I can assure you that this course covers waaaay more than any WAPF meeting or even literature from what I know. The instructor leads a WAPF group in her town, however :).

    • Janice, Do you have a link? I could not find it on their website and thank you!

  2. hello. is this course recommended and useable for pregnant women? I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and would like to heal my gut before the baby is born if possible.

    • I am sure it is, Deanna. The instructor commented on the other post that it is totally useful for breastfeeding women, but I will email her to see if she can drop by to address your question personally :). She will if she’s still up and online :).

    • Hi Deanna. I think Lydia isn’t online. I am sure it will be fine. If you purchase it and it’s otherwise we can talk w/ Lydia. Regardless, the information will be super helpful for you in your pregnancy and beyond. 🙂

    • Deanna – there is absolutely plenty you can learn and use from the course while pregnant. I’ve had several pregnant and nursing moms go through the course and benefit. I only recommend you implement things slowly and obviously there will be some things left best for after nursing has ended. The cool thing is you have continued access to the material and you will be able to implement things for your baby when he/she is born since I cover that in the course too!

  3. Hi, I’m trying to purchase your ‘Heal your gut’ program at the advertised price of $127 and the amount that showed up on the paypal transaction is $334. Can you help me straighten this out. I’d like to purchase the program before the midnight deadline to take advantage of the discount.

  4. Hello When will you offer the class again? If you could text me that would be great! 918-497-6899