Top Health Posts of 2013

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Top Health Posts of 2013

I've loved interacting with you all over the year. And it's been a very interesting one.

For a fun recap, I thought I would take a stroll down Memory Lane with you all – and share with you the Top Posts of 2013.   In this post, I am going to share the Best Health and DIY Posts and we'll look at the recipes later.

Actually, these health posts WERE the top posts…guess you all really want to get healthy, eh :)? That's a good thing. I honestly expected that chocolate posts would be the most popular, but they weren't.

Good for you!

Before we get to the posts, however, can I say that I simply can't believe that 2013 is over.

Of course, for my first appointment of the year I wrote “2013” where I was supposed to put the date.

It wouldn't be a New Year if we didn't do that, eh :)?

1.  Think Food Doesn't Affect Behavior? Read and Watch This!

This post went totally viral. If you haven't read (and watched) it, you need to. Plus, the comments got pretty dicey as folks challenged the author and myself about the details of the post.

Regardless, I am STILL convinced. Food DOES affect behavior.

How Food Affects Behavior. Think it doesn't? You need to read this post.

2.  Which Essential Oils Company is Best?

This series got a lot of attention. And some pretty dicey comments as well.  A scientist from one of the “big guns” in the oils industry took issue with me–and so did some of his “followers.”  Pretty interesting stuff.
The most popular posts in this series were:

– The first post – Which Essential Oils Company is Best?
Announcing the Best Essential Oils Company
Young Living and doTERRA Reviews
Are Multi-Level Company Oils Worth it?

Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!

3.  Are Essential Oils a Scam?

This is where the whole essential oils thing started for me.  I thought they were a total scam and found out that they weren't.  This post is a review of Young Living's Thieves Oil, but if you read the above series, you know that I am not recommending them any more.  No offense to any of my YL rep readers, OK?  I hope we can still be friends :).

Young Living Essential Oils

4.  An Unbelievable Natural Ear Infection Remedy

This was amazing to me. Still is.

Clearly it was to you all as well.

I can't believe this Natural Ear Infection Remedy worked. And I can't believe I tried it! Would you try this ear infection treatment on your child?

5.  Cheapest Natural Wart Treatment

Yup.  Wart–gone. Cheap and Easy. My oldest son has one now. Same treatment.

Got Warts? You won't believe it, but this natural wart remedy is super cheap, super simple, all natural and---it works!

6. Is Costco's Coconut Oil Junk?

Wondered if the price Costco's Inexpensive Coconut Oil is just too good to be true?

Find out what I found out when I did some investigating.

Costco sells Carrington Farms Coconut Oil - is it cheap coconut oil or the real deal?

7.  Lose Your Mummy Tummy – PLUS Why Crunches are BAD for YOU!

This post was super popular. And for good reason.
Who wants to have a flatter tummy?  Me!  And who wants to do crunches?  NOT me!

Find out How to Lose Your Mummy Tummy. And Why Crunches are BAD for you. Yes--I said BAD for you.

8.  How to De-Gas Beans

If you LOVE beans, but they don't (er) love you, then read this post.
We used to eat a TON of beans.  The tooting ends here.

How to De-Gas Beans. This REALLY works! Find out how to take the gas out of beans and make sure you don't end up "gassing" everyone else out after eating a bean-filled meal!

9.  Could You Have Heavy Metal Poisoning and Not Know It?

What happened to me and my husband that showed up we had heavy metal issues really shocked me.
I'd heard about metals for years, but didn't know they were lurking in my body.  YIKES!

Heavy Metal Poisoning. Could You Have It and Not Know It? Metals are found in our food, water, air--everywhere. Could a heavy metal buildup be wrecking your health? Find out how I found out that I had heavy metal poisoning--and how I try to keep metals and toxins out of my body now.

10.  Could You Have Adrenal Fatigue? Take This Quick Test

Of course, there are different ways to test for adrenal issues, but this test is super fast and FREE!

Just Tired? Or is it Something More? Take this Quick Test to Find Out About Your Adrenal Health.

Which post was YOUR favorite?  See you later this week for more!

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  1. Have I really only been using oils from NAN for a year? I use them so often and they’re so great that it feels like they’ve been in my life for much longer. Again, thanks for all your work on that series in particular and this blog in general. I appreciate you.

  2. I just learned that I have a diastasis recti. Now I can do something about it!

    • Hey Courtney. Well, sorry to hear about that but glad you can do something. I am working on it too. Well, I have been not working but am about to get back on it.

  3. Just have a question about anxiety any thoughts or remedies on it? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!