I Made a Mistake – Can You Help Please?

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G's Sad Face Hashimoto's Institute

Good morning, readers.

I made a mistake over the past week regarding The Hashimoto's Institute information that I sent out to you.

(If you missed it, you can read some of it here and here.)

Not a mistake about
– the content
– or about how GREAT The Hashimoto's Institute's information is going to be
– or what a big deal Hashimoto's is and how it can really do a lot of damage to one's health,

but I botched with the signup process.

It's not a huge deal, but if you did happen to sign up for The Hashimoto's Institute, would you mind doing me a favor and sign up again?

I had the wrong links in there and so your sign up isn't connected to me at all.

You'll get the thyroid information either way, but this way if you do make a purchase, it will help support my blogging expenses and time and helps me keep bringing information like this to you.

If you didn't sign up, I strongly encourage you too – so many people have thyroid disease and don't know it – one of them could be you.

Gratefully yours,


Thanks so much in advance for your support and
I look forward to learning with you about the thyroid and about better overall health.



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  1. Jenny Sanchez says:

    Hi I just stumbled onto your blog my mom is having do much trouble with her thyroid. Her eyes are almost swollen shut all the time her fatigue level is horrible. I greatly appreciate these links you’ve provided.

  2. you talk about how good this is then say, ” or what a big deal Hashimoto’s is and how it can really do a lot of damage to one’s health,” Did I miss read this? THanks