Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Stop the Cycle Before It’s Too Late

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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Stop the Cycle Before It's Too Late

It seems like everyone these days is tired.  And sick and tired of feeling that way.

You too?

Do you wake up tired and wish you could be like other moms with loads of energy to cart their kiddos to play dates and homeschool co-ops and still have steam left to do a family outing at night?

I had a horrid horrid period of bad health in my past that was really frightening.  It was that time that prompted me to write:

Candida and the Beginning of My Sugar-Free Life
Could YOU Have Heavy Metal Poisoning and Not Know It?
Could you Have Adrenal Fatigue?  Take this Quick Test

and more.

I have oh, so much more that I want to share and am learning a ton about my thyroid, adrenal health, blood sugar and more.

And I am learning that they are all connected.

Well, I am doing much much better now, but I still have work to do. And from reading the comments and emails from all of you, you all have health issues you need to work on as well.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Do You Have:

  • lack of energy/fatigue
  • depression/mood swings
  • sleep disturbances, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleeptired lady
  • weight gain
  • cravings/overeating
  • heart issues such as; MI, stroke, cardiovascular disease, high triglycerides, hypertension, atherosclerosis
  • need for stimulants which deplete nutrients
  • adrenal fatigue, followed by thyroid issues and other endocrine issues
  • hormone imbalances
  • yeast overgrowth (candida or vaginal itching)
  • mineral deficiencies (such as magnesium)
  • irritability prior to meals, shaky/edgy if meals are delayed
  • vision impairment
  • mental clarity/function
  • a plethora of gastrointestinal disorders
  • cancer
  • diabetes

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need to address your health, before it becomes something more.

Believe me.

I can't tell you how many people who have health issues but they don't feel like digging into them to find out why, or do something about them.

You know, someone might

– have chronic headaches and use peppermint essential oil and is happy because their headaches are more manageable. Now I LOVE essential oils, but you need to figure out why you are getting the headaches.
– have chronic yeast infections.  They keep buying the OTC antifungals but have no clue that candida could be ravaging their body
– take Benadryl® or OTC sleep meds to deal with insomnia, little realizing that insomnia is a real sign of thyroid and adrenal dysfunction

You get the drift.

Our bodies are complex and all of the parts are meant to work together.

When one part isn't functioning well, it's important to address the symptoms, of course, but more importantly, you want to get to the root cause and figure out WHY that part isn't functioning well.

What Happens if You Don't Listen to Your Body?

You could end up with a big big problem.

1.  Candida: I could tell I had issues with sugars, but I didn't want to hear it. Now I have candida and boy, did I end up with it bad.  I'll tell you all more later, but let's just say candida isn't a beast you want to mess with.  And my die off was. not. fun.

2.  Diabetes: Remember Lydia's post on Are You Headed Toward Diabetes?  This isn't a disease you want to be messing with.

3.  Autoimmune  Disease:  Think you can just eat whatever you want and abuse your body with tons of stress?  You might just wake up with an autoimmune disease one day.  Also. not. fun.

I was pre-med in university years. It was my dream to help others be healthy.  I don't know where that desire came from, but clearly, I have an inborn fascination with the human body.  Maybe you can tell that from some of my posts.

However, I decided that I didn't have it in my to be both a physician and a mom.  So I said good-bye to Organic Chemisty (that was a happy moment) and studied Japanese instead.  That's another story, but I did end up with a veritable major in the language and then lived over in Japan for a year.  Omoshiroi, ne? to all of my readers who know Japanese :).

Anyhow, I am not a qualified physician, or a nutritionist, though I am in the midst of a pretty heavy duty herbalist course and I hope to follow up with more coursework in the future.  Who knows where that will go…..

But for now, I am leaning on others because I have to.  And I have a good friend to introduce to you again today, who is very good at helping folks get on the right track with their health.

If you've been around here for awhile, you all remember the oh-so-popular Heal You Gut Course that I've bragged on over and over again, right?

Well, the instructor, Lydia Shatney, has another great course going on now that I would like to recommend to you.

Before you read on, please please know that I am very selective.  I don't accept all requests for advertising and I only bring to you what I do use myself or would use.  And Lydia is someone whom I trust.  However, the following links to the health course are affiliate links. If you choose to enroll I will receive a commission. Your support of my blog is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.

Lydia Shatney is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner offering a fabulous online course; REVITALIZE YOUR HEALTH for anyone in need of support to work through plaguing health problems. Having worked through many of her own health issues, she can really understand the importance of support for those that need direction and guidance.

Finding answers can be so tedious and time consuming, it's so much better when you've got someone trained to help right by your side. That's Lydia's goal in this course, to walk you step-by-step through ways to support yourself and find your way to a happier, healthier you!

Revitalize Your Health Will Cover

1.  Sleep

Quality sleep and balanced circadian rhythms are critical to a healthy life and for weight loss! Did you know that just one night of little to no sleep can make you as insulin resistant the next day as a Type 2 diabetic?  Whoa!  No more all nighters, OK?  Hear me college students and twenty-somethings?

Let Lydia teach you how to support your bodies natural rhythms, to set you up for quality sleep, more energy, better focus and avoid those sugar cravings like the plague!

A chart of the Circadian Rhythym

Healthy Blood Sugar Management

It is estimated that more than one-third of the U.S. population has insulin resistance, which is a stepping stone to diabetes ( I suspect that percentage is actually much higher). Blood sugar dysregulation does not suddenly emerge.

You cannot wake up one day with Type II diabetes and not have a clue that something is going wrong. Type II diabetes follows an insidious pattern of development and involves, to some extent, dysregulation in the three organs of sugar regulation: the endocrine pancreas, the liver, and the adrenal glands. These three organs work in harmony to regulate and normalize blood glucose levels across the day and night.

In this course, Lydia will teach you the science behind how your blood sugar works, a diet appropriate for healthy blood sugar control and further tips and tricks to support your adrenals and liver as well.

A diagram of insulin resistance


3.  Exercise

What does proper exercise do for you?

– you enjoy a sense of well-being and aren't prone to weight gain. With
– it targets your lymph system help stop toxins from overrunning your body.
– your liver can operate optimally doing what it does best: burn fat.
– exercise helps blood, nutrients, and fresh oxygen reach each body cell to keep your body humming along.
– exercise aids digestion, absorption, metabolism, and food assimilation and improves enzyme stores.
– exercise helps to rid your muscles and liver of stored glucose so that your cells can start to shed off excess glucose stored as fat.
– exercise increases muscle mass.
– boosts metabolism. Research indicates that cardio helps to keep your metabolism elevated for four to twelve hours after you quite exercising, burning nearly as many calories as your workout did.
– your body releases natural mood elevators called endorphins. They make you feel good and in control, which reduces your potential for overeating because of depressed emotions. According to a Calif. State Univ. study, going for a ten-minute brisk walk prior to every meal can quench those snack impulses. exercising also suppresses those cravings tied to depression and stress.

Learn much more about the amazing benefits of exercise, why less is more and some fitness game plans that will fit into any lifestyle!

Exercise - Lydia

4.  Liver Support/Gentle Detox

Check out everything the liver does:
– metabolizes not only fats, but also carbohydrates and proteins for use in your body. The organ has a triple role in carbohydrate metabolism.
– it converts glucose, fructose, and galactose into glycogen, which it stores.
– when your blood sugar level drops and no new carbohydrates are available, the liver converts stored glycogen into glucose and releases it into your bloodstream.
if your diet is regularly low in carbs, the liver will convert fat or protein into glucose to maintain your blood sugar levels.
– it converts amino acids from food into various proteins that may have a direct or indirect impact on your weight. Many proteins, for example, transport hormones through the bloodstream; hormone balances are crucial to avoid water retention, bloating and cravings, as well as other health problems.
– it's involved with digestion, the endocrine system, controlling blood sugar, and protein and fat metabolism.
– it's the body's most important organ, functioning as a living filter to cleanse the system of toxins, metabolize proteins, control hormonal balance, and produce immune boosting factors. Many of these functions are essential to your overall health.

Lydia will teach you more about the liver, detox and how to regularly support your liver in a gentle way, plus give you a basic protocol to do your own liver detox when you are ready!  Nice.  I love getting stuff I can do at home to help myself be healthy!

Liver Detox - Lydia

5.  How To Lose Weight Safely & Effectively

Most of us could stand to lose at least a few pounds, right?

What are your weight loss goals? Do you want to lose all your excess weight in a year? 20 pounds in a month? 5 pounds a week?

While Lydia thinks it's good to have goals on this, weight loss can be tricky.  She tells people to not depend on what the scale tells them, in fact to not even look at your scale for the first month.
Go by how your clothes fit. Go by inches. Consider measuring yourself right now – waist, hips, bust and maybe even your thighs. Wherever you want to lose weight, measure with a tape measure. Jot it down and set it aside.
Even go ahead and take a current picture of yourself in your skivvies. (Yikes!!)

No one ever has to see it except for you. Put it in an envelope and tape it to the front of your food journal – revisit it in a few months to see what progress you have made.

**The ultimate goal should be to make steady progress – not fast and furious. I LOVE this.**

When you start to get the foundations of your health ironed out, the weight will come off. Learn more on how to shift your mindsets on weight loss from the typical thought process of ‘If I just lose weight, I'll be healthy and feel better' to one of ‘If I get the foundations of my health ironed out and get healthy first, weight loss will be a secondary benefit'!
Fork and Tape Measure



What Else is Included?

As if that weren't enough, in Lydia's course, you will learn more about all of these 5 topics and MUCH MORE.

To see in greater detail what this course covers, please check out the COURSE OUTLINE.

Plus, you will have access to a private facebook group for further support from both myself and others on the same journey to health!

Now, the course does cost some money, but it isn't much when you consider how much you are getting.

The investment for this course is $149 (the cost goes up to $169 in the New Year – so it's now $169) and payment plans are available for $20 a month for 12 months. You save $91 by investing up front.

Consider this an offer you can't refuse – $20 per month (or less) gets you guided instruction from someone who is trained and ready to fully support your goals to unleash your true vitality!

You could easily spend this one visit to a natural practitioner who might just give you some herbs to treat symptoms, but won't get to the bottom of what is going on with you.

That's what happened to me with my thyroid.  Several hundred dollars later, I ended up calling 911 one night.  I'll tell you all the story later, but believe me–it's MUCH better to get to the root cause rather than dink around dealing with symptoms.

This online course (yippee–you can learn in your PJs with a cuppa instead of slugging off to an office) could really benefit you and help you to resolve your health maladies. Regardless of whether or not you have weight to lose you'll gain powerful insights into some key foundational aspects of your overall health.

I really encourage you to seriously consider signing up to take control of your health today.



Here, so you can get to know Lydia a little better, is a 7 min 30 second recording of her talking a little bit about the course, and about why she created it.

Listen Now Button

Please note – I am not a physician or do I pretend to be one. Well I already said that.  But you need to remember it. The information in this post is not meant to be anything more than entertainment or education. Please consult with your physician prior to changing your diet or exercise regimen.

Got a question for Lydia about the course or otherwise?  Go ahead an ask away in the comments section.


These comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whole New Mom, LLC.


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  1. Catherine Pate says:

    I am a vegetarian and aspire to become vegan one day. Not for health reasons but for ethical reasons. Can I still follow your dietary suggestions and be true to my vegetarian diet? I know I need to change my current diet/exercise and how I have been neglecting my body. I am very interested in this course. Thank you for any feedback you have.

    • Catherine,

      I’m so sorry that I’m only just now seeing your comment. My apologies!

      While I believe that everyone truly is a bio-individual, and can do well on many varieties of a nutrient-dense diet, I don’t believe that one can be healthy long term on a strictly vegan diet. Foods that come from animals, whether they are a bi-product (as in milk or eggs), or directly (as in meat sources), are very nutrient-dense. While it is certainly commendable for you to choose to not eat animal products for ethical reasons, I like to recommend to my clients to choose instead to consume animal products that were raised in a humane fashion. For example; Choose farm-raised eggs rather than commercial eggs. Buy your meat from the farmers that raise them, or at least from a source in which you know the animals were truly free-range, not treated with hormones and antibiotics, and lived a happy life. I believe that animals were put on this earth to help nourish us. We honor their sacrifice by consuming the ones that were treated the way we would like to be treated (in a healthy and humane way). So in saying that, the dietary portion of the course will reflect that view and then there is a lot of information unrelated to food that is also available in the course. I hope that helps!

  2. I took this course earlier this year. My young daughter is type 1 diabetic and though I know a TON about diabetes now, this course taught me even more about how tightly our blood sugars are regulated in the body and made me realize what all the junk food is doing to my own body…even though I do not share my daughters condition. Lydia does recommend supplements for various reasons. I personally don’t take any now, but that is just because the funds are not there. Aside from that I have gained a lot of information on how my body works, how different foods effect it either for good or bad, and have tried to pass along the things I have learned to my husband. Oh, and the best part, Lydia is always there to answer my questions or offer general support! Currently I don’t eat the processed junk food I used to. I make healthier junk food now! I refuse fast food with the exception of an occasional pizza. The things that I have increased in are lemon water each day, drinking more in general, getting myself and my family to eat slower and enjoy mealtimes, finding more ways to get fats into all of us, dry brusing and detox baths, and looking at each meal to see if I have all the components there. My eating may not be spot on but all the information I learned is right there in my mind speaking to me and reminding me when I think about unhealthy choices but also feeling good when there are healthy foods among the unhealthy ones. Oh yes…it took about a month for the weight to start dropping but I did lose 10 lbs!

    My husband raises an eyebrow at some of this stuff either because it sounds far-fetched to him or because deep down he knows what he likes and doesn’t want to change. The “If I don’t know about it, it doesn’t exist” excuse maybe? I think we can all relate to that. But now he has come to a point where he has been told things need to change and he is willing to try. This class is very valuable to me as he tries to change and I try to lovingly suggest some of the things I learned on this class from Lydia. Perhaps he’ll be a little more open now. I can not state how valuable information be informed about what goes on in your body. I promise you won’t be sorry if you take this class!

  3. This sounds like an awesome course, on my Christmas list!

  4. Does Lydia suggest a bunch of supplements and other stuff that is an added expense? I find myself in a place where financially I can’t even afford to see a holistic doctor. I’ve done it in the past and can’t afford all the supplements they say to take for six months and then come back and do another expensive blood test, etc. I haven’t gone the medical route and don’t want to. Can a lot be accomplished just with food or other not so expensive things? I guess I am just sick of paying for something where they explain how the body works, etc, etc and then say to take this supplement and this supplement and you’ll be well.

    • Melissa,

      There is a LOT you can do with food, stress reduction, quality sleep and other lifestyle practices alone. As I mentioned above I do recommend supplements, as well as lots of other resources -though they are not ‘required’ at all, totally optional. I also recommend foods, herbal teas and homemade tinctures etc….. While I believe diet is absolutely foundational, and many can do a lot of dietary tweaking with amazing results -sometimes supplements are warranted and extremely helpful. It is not my goal to make anyone feel like they HAVE to buy supplements to get well, but it is my goal to incorporate all the options. As well as some options for testing that would be very helpful.

      Hope that helps….

  5. ???????????????That’s one more reason to like you. 🙂 I studied Japanese in high school for a couple years and then I served a church mission in Japan for 18 months and learned a whole lot more.

  6. Kathryn Arnold says:

    I’m proof that there’s such a thing as too late. I didn’t learn all this great info about holistic health until I’d spent thirty years with doctors…getting sicker as the number of prescriptions piled up. I finally realized what a self-defeating scenario that was and got myself off the meds and onto herbs and homeopathy. But the beating my liver and kidneys took has proved hard to recover from. When I can eat 100% organic and 90% raw, no sugar, no gluten, little meat, I do well…but the money to do that was spent on doctors and prescriptions creating the chronic ill health you’ve listed above. Even if I had any money left to take the course, my brain couldn’t focus well enough to read your entire post, much less to follow and use an entire course. Sorry to sound so lugubrious, but I want to sound a warning to anyone who thinks a little “spring fever” or difficulty falling asleep isn’t likely a sign that they need to make changes. I ate some sweets last night…that’s all it takes now to shut me down in six ways. Do what I would do if I could go back to my late 20’s and take a better road…sign up for the course, even if you’ve got to give up something else to pay for it.

    • Wow. Kathryn. That’s what I think as well. Do it. People are getting sick and sicker younger and younger. It’s so sad.

      • Kathryn Arnold says:

        I realize I sound defeatist right now. All is not lost. I’ve finally moved from my rented room to my own apartment. You get what you get when the rent is this low and it took a lot of Kilz and other toxic materials to remediate mold and other problems so I could move in. My liver is so feeble even the new carpet in the bedroom and shower curtain liner in the bathroom have me struggling with chemical intoxication. That said, I can finally make the fermented and other foods that will help me detox and pull out of this. Before flu shots and doctor “care” took out my health and mental well being I was a computer systems analyst for a very large company. My brain’s still in there somewhere. And I’m not alone in this…”those who are with [me] are greater than those who are against.” “… ‘You’re my servant, serving on my side. I’ve picked you. I haven’t dropped you.’ Don’t panic. I’m with you. There’s no need to fear for I’m your God. I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.'” Isaiah 41:8-10 MSG

        I’ll be back to take this course…you just wait! If I’d had this type of info ten years ago, even, I would not only still have my home and my financial health, I believe my husband might still be alive, as well.

        If you can’t see doing it for yourself, take the course for the sake of those you love.

    • Kathyrn,

      It really is amazing at how fast we all are degenerating in this modern day! It is a full time job alone just to stay well and make the choices we do have control over because we have control over so little!

      I do include audio recordings of each lesson too – and am hoping to get more videos in there. That way there are many methods to learn the material. !

  7. Does Lydia work off of a structured program, or can she work with folks like me who cannot tolerate glutamates (glutamine, broth, etc.), oxalates (veggies, etc.), probiotics (out of the question), ferments (again, no way, Jose), and other roadblocks like poor methylation and tricky SNPs? Not to mention, I have no colon, and am also missing the last foot of my small intestine. Candida, SIBO, leaky gut, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and hormonal issues, as well. I eat three to four foods.


    • Oh Tara! That sounds so rough. What are the foods you do tolerate?

      I give a template -but there is plenty of room for it to work individually. If you can’t do bone broth – you can do meat stock. If you can’t do oxalates -there are low oxalate veggies to work with. However, you may need more guided care – not to say this couldn’t help you.

      I’m thinking my Heal Your Gut course may be a much better option for you than this course would be right now. But may I ask you – have you worked with any good practitioners local to you? Perhaps a GAPS practitioner?

      • Hi Lydia,

        Thank you for your reply and for understanding. I do try to be as positive as I can, although I do have my days! 🙂 I eat chicken breast, olive oil and some beef and some iceberg lettuce. The iceberg is the only veggie I can tolerate. I also cannot tolerate meat broth, or anything that cooks on the bone for an extended period of time (eg, meat simmered for 45 mins is out, as is anything on the bone in a crockpot, like a whole chicken.)

        Hmm, I haven’t tried simmering a chicken breast…would I get any benefit from that at all? Maybe pull dark meat off of the bone and throw that in?

        I haven’t worked with anyone because no one knows what to do with my limitations, it seems. I get either a deer in the headlights look, or the glazed over look, when I tell some sweet person trying to help that food is poison to me right now. LOL

        I may just need to wait until after I try a fecal transplant this summer to see if that allows me to have broth, etc. Fingers are crossed, because I do love broth and veggies!


      • Lydia, with colitis, I am wondering if I should begin with Heal Your Gut as well, or will this course address that and more? Is Heal Your Gut available at this time?

    • Hi,
      I love the title of this post because the Doc I had worked with for years wrote a book called Sick and Tired: Reclaim Your Inner Terrain!
      Tara, I just want to encourage you. Reading the little bit you wrote about your body sounds like you might benefit from the work of the doc I worked with, Dr. Robert Young. In fact, he actually strongly advises people not to take much of what you describe as intolerable for you such as broths, fermented foods, and probiotics. He is all about having veggies, but for people healing or with health struggles only in liquid form such as juiced or blended – is it hard for you to drink veggies, too or only when you have to chew them? If you want to learn more I would be happy to share. The book pH Miracle (revised and updated), by Dr. Young might really help you out.

    • Hi Tara,

      Do you have the MTHFR gene mutation? If you already know you do, you most likely are taking the active form of B-vitamins since you are unable to methylate. Especially methylfolate.

  8. I have fibromyalgia and colitis and have had this for over 30 years. I have extreme stressors in my life both physical and mental as well, probably exacerbated by the illnesses. Over the years, I have seen chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritionists (all of whom had the perfect solutions), doctors and an acupuncturist/herbalist. Each one knew what was best, and I have spent literally thousands of dollars on them to no avail. I am skeptical and tired. I have been eating a nutrient dense diet for a dozen years although not perfectly. I need help in each of the five areas except weight loss (the colitis took care of that). I suspect both adrenal failure and candida and exhibit all of the symptoms. Can this course help me and what can you offer that would be different than what I have already been offered.? I want so much to be well.

    • I will have Lydia answer you. Blessings. I completely understand.

    • Carey,

      Sorry for the long haul working on your health – I know many people who feel this same way and are in the same boat.

      What this course offers is an approach to start working on many foundations of your health -such as blood sugar, liver support, stress management you saw in the course outline. While ironing these out folks start to see their overall symptom burden decrease. One has to be willing to apply what they learn and take steps to see the results. The nice thing is this is totally affordable AND practical. You WILL get results so long as you implement the information and there is a LOT of information.

      As for all the answers to all your personal health issues -I don’t claim to know everything, but I do teach how the systems of the body work together and how to get your body to actually assimilate the nutrition you are consuming in your diet.

      I think the weekly emails with new materials and the recorded calls, along with the facebook group are helpful in that it’s like a regular reminder to utilize the information as well as to ask questions!

      Hope that helps some!

      • Thank you, Lydia. Many of my problems /symptoms have been handled one by one and not always as a whole, though some have tried. I like the total body approach you offer. What I see as a nice difference is your mention of the positive and knowledgeable support that will be available…without the price of visit after visit after (woeful) visit. One last question, will there be a lot of expensive recommended supplements? I’m sorry about all the money concerns. I’ve heard that you can’t place a price on your health, but one still needs to be able to afford these things anyway.

        • Carey,

          I do recommend supplements, as well as lots of other resources -though they are not ‘required’ at all, totally optional. I also recommend foods, herbal teas and homemade tinctures etc….. While I believe diet is absolutely foundational, and many can do a lot of dietary tweaking with amazing results -sometimes supplements are warranted and extremely helpful. It is not my goal to make anyone feel like they HAVE to buy supplements to get well, but it is my goal to incorporate all the options.

          Hope that helps….

  9. If this course was offered previously I would love to chat with some folks who took it, to hear what they thought about it. Thanks.

    • Hi Rebecca. I have forwarded this to Lydia, but she does have testimonials that I will copy and paste here:

      The course cemented what I had already learned about nutrition. For me, it helped me concentrate on the “why’s” of ate what I did, and when I did. That was, I guess, my breakthrough moment. Now I’m concentrating on eating well, feeling mentally stronger and healing. A few pounds of weight loss, but that’s come as a lovely by-product of feeling wonderful again !! Thank you Lydia ~ Lisa

      Progress is a little slow but I didn’t get to this point in life overnight! I’ve lost some weight (I don’t use a scale) and was able to fit into last summer’s clothing. Am currently doing the elimination diet and am FINALLY seeing my skin clear up after trying EVERY product/method out there for blackheads. Slowing down and listening to my body for the first time in my life is challenging for me but I am listening and am amazed that our bodies do “talk” to us! This was the biggest eye opener for me. So thank you for opening my eyes (and my stubborn brain) to get healthy and changing my perception of what true health is! ~ Maura

      I just have to tell you that I have dropped 10 lbs. since taking your course! I’m so excited! While my GAPS diet may not be spot on, I am not eating the processed junk and am really enjoying food and how good it tastes. I don’t eat the processed sweets or any grains anymore but I do frequently have gelatin/fruit treats and coconut flour based goodies. And still, I am losing weight bit by bit! My biggest health success story is that my seasonal allergies are eliminated. Hooray! ~ Amy

    • Rebecca,

      I’m gonna ask a couple of my course participants if they will come and comment.