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Confused about essential oils? What this blogger found out will surprise you. She tried to find out which essential oils company is best and found out some VERY interesting things about oils and the companies that sell them, including Young Living and doTERRA.
I used to think that essential oils were a scam, but I ended up finding out that they are a great resource for your natural medicine cabinet for issues such as headaches, ear infections, tummy aches, viruses and bacterial infections, and more.

But I eventually felt I needed to make sure that I was buying from the best essential oils company that I could reasonably afford.

I spent a ton of time calling companies, asking questions, sampling oils.  Literally, it was a ton.  And it was very exhausting.

I've learned a lot with all the time I've spent researching oils companies and I've covered a lot of what I learned here in this essential oils series, some of which I wrote while I was still trying to figure out which company I was going to be using and recommending.

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In this post, I'll talk about the company that I decided to purchase our oils from.

It's also the one that I recommend to you as having the best essential oils for the money, with natural healing qualities and no additives or adulterating.

(Disclaimer.  Just to be clear, I did not choose this company because I was able to become an affiliate for them, but I am one. I decided to work with them and then we made an arrangement where I could partner with them via my blog. If you make a purchase after clicking through to their site from mine, I will earn a commission, but your price remains the same.)

Confused about essential oils? What this blogger found out will surprise you. She tried to find out which essential oils company is best and found out some VERY interesting things about oils and the companies that sell them, including Young Living and doTERRA.

How I Chose The “Best” Essential Oils Company

Post Updated 9/17/16:

First of all my apologies for the big bold title.  I've had multiple readers tell me that they couldn't figure out what company I recommended so I am trying to make it more obvious.

If you remember, I mentioned this company in Part One of the series.   I said,

“Looks like they carry good products, but they are a bit expensive.  Their prices, for a number of oils, in fact, are almost identical to the MLMs in this group, Young Living and DoTerra.  And I don’t see any difference on the surface in the quality department.”

So, the fact that I ended up recommending them was really a surprise for me. After thinking that I was writing them off, I got a call back from the owner of Native American Nutritionals, and I ended up talking with the owner for a few hours (at first….that turned into many hours in the upcoming month) and found that he really “knew his stuff.”

I also found out that there were a lot of differences between his company and many others in the industry. I asked him tons of questions during our first conversation, and then more and more over the course of the next 10 months, while I investigated other companies as well.  (Wow–it's been that long since I started writing this series…..)

I was intrigued by what he had to say about his company and the oils industry in general.

We had countless conversations from March 2012 – January 2013, during which I literally grilled him about his company and others to figure out which company I wanted to recommend–and if his, was in fact, good enough for my family–and for all of you.

I now can say that I feel very comfortable recommending this company to you and am now using their oils almost exclusively (I have a few bottles of other brands left over :)). I hope you check them out.  I would love to hear about your experience

The “Best” Essential Oils Company  —  Rocky Mountain Oils Review

Please note – since this series was written, Rocky Mountain Oils has purchased Native American Nutritionals. I still recommend these companies,  and in fact, am even more confident in the quality of oils now.

1.  Experience

The owner of Native American Nutritionals (which merged with and is now Rocky Mountain Oils), Paul Dean, was in the oils industry since 1997, being first introduced to essential oils about 30 years ago.  He started his first full-time essential oils business in 1998.

2.  Purity

Quality Oilsall oils have been third party GC/MS tested.

Certificates are available upon request by easily entering in the batch number from any bottle.

Almost all of the oils come from plants grown in remote locations where no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals are used and only natural fertilizers are used.

3.  Indigenous Plants

All oils come from plants grown in their indigenous locations (where they grow naturally).

4.  Oils from Small Farms

Almost all oils are sourced direct from small farms (many are from third-world countries).  He uses very few “essential oils experts,” who are basically middlemen between large farms and oils companies.  Mr. Dean contracts with locals in the countries from where he sources the oils, finds a quality farm, sets up a distiller, and extracts the oils.  The oils are then sent to Native American, then sent for testing, and bottled.  The only oils at NAN that are not from small farms are mainly the organic citrus oils.

Since Rocky Mountain Oils purchased Native American Nutritionals, some of the sourcing has changed as the company has put a high priority on the purity and quality of the oils sold. Where an oil is sourced depends on the oil.  They source from small farms and also from leading experts in the industry.

5.  No Solvents

They use no solvents for distillation except when necessary, as in the case of absolutes like vanilla and jasmine (since the cost of those essential oils is otherwise prohibitive.)  Update 2015: they now sell a vanilla extracted with CO2.

6.  Affordable Pricing

They have affordable prices (not as expensive as the multi-level marketing companies, but not “too good to be true” either.)

7.  Mostly Organic and/or Wild-Crafted

All of their oils are either:  organically certified, organically grown (grown with organic methods, but not certified), or wild-crafted . The only conventional oils they sell are those for which the high cost of the organic oils is prohibitive (they can be up to four times the conventional price).

 Since Rocky Mountain Oils purchased Native American Nutritionals, they have made a few changes in their sourcing.

Following is their official statement:

Although we have not gone through the FDA process to be able to label our bottles as certified organic we have strict standards of quality that we hold ourselves to. Our oils have not been adulterated with fillers, synthetics or fragrance enhancers in any way. We have all the oils GC/MS tested to insure that there are no added chemicals, pollutants, or pesticides in the oils that we offer. We offer the test results on the website for each oil by the batch code on the bottom of the bottle.

8.  Transparency

Details for oils are listed clearly on their site (including the Latin name, country of origin, and growing method) 

Rocky Mountain Oils has recently updated their site.  The Latin names are listed, as well as the country of origin.

The company is working on how to indicate country of origin and growing method now that they sometimes have a variety of sources for some oils.

9.  Reasonable Shipping Costs

I found the shipping costs with YL and doTERRA to be a little on the steep side.  I was told several times by customer service reps of one of the companies that it was due to businesses being charged more than residential customers.

That didn't make sense to me – business rates being more expensive than residential, when they have that kind of bulk shipping going on? So I called UPS and FedEx and was assured that this is not the case.  So I don't know why their shipping is so high.  Maybe they are pocketing the extra?  I can't see any other answer.

**UPDATE: Rocky Mountain Oils offers Free Shipping domestically in the U.S. and reasonable shipping internationally, with free shipping over $199.**

10.  Common Sense Approach

The companies recommend using caution with the oils — but also make practical recommendations so that you can use the oils in your every day life.

11.  No Adulterating

Oils are not heated, mixed with anything else, or adulterated in any way.

The only exception is Bergamot, which they sell 2 versions of.  The FCF Bergamot is heated after the distillation to burn off the furocoumarin  since furcoumarin is photo-toxic.  Their Eucalyptus Globulus isn't heated to remove the heavy “herbier” smell.

Most oils companies heat their Eucalyptus Globulus to remove that herbier smell, but Mr. Dean thinks that the essential oil left alone is more therapeutic, and so he leaves them as God made them.


Basically, I think that the oils industry is like the food industry in this respect:

In the food industry, you can buy from large grocery stores and companies with things labelled “natural” and “whole grain,” or you can buy from a farmer you know and trust. I really think, as I've learned more about the “Big Ag” industry, that it is often better to buy from a “small guy” (small farmer or small essential oils company) whom you know well, than a “big guy” (big farm or big oils company or expert).

In this case, with Rocky Mountain Oils (formerly Native American Nutritionals), you can know you are supporting someone who cares deeply about the farmers he works with and who works with them directly.  Plus can support a lot of workers in third world countries as well (and Native American pays them a decent wage for their country).

For example, with doTERRA and Young Living, in order to get the best discounts on their oils as a rep, you need to order monthly over $100 of products (to get free products that essentially reduce your costs).  Do that every month and you end up with waaaay too much oils).

A lot of multi-level marketing oils reps end up ordering other things from the company like personal care products in order to get to that “minimum.”  However, I wasn't thrilled with the ingredients in many of the other products offered.

Undesirable Ingredients in Other Products from Essential Oils Companies

With doTERRA and Young Living, for example:

– DoTERRA's On Guard toothpaste contains titanium dioxide, a metal which I prefer to avoid due to the possibility of heavy metal toxicity.  Plus, it simply because it isn't necessary.  It's there just for color.  Overall it is supposed to be pretty benign, but why introduce it to your body unless needed?

The company also has carrageenan (known to cause inflammation) in their capsules and PEG 100 in their Deep Blue Cream.

Both companies' skin care products had ingredients rated 3 and above on EWG's Skin Deep rating system. I prefer to stick with ingredients rated 2, at the highest. For the prices they are charging, I would prefer to buy organic and really pure products.

I don't think all of EWG's ratings are flawless, but I do pay attention when I see higher ratings there.

There was, in fact, one essential oils company whose oils I thought looked to be very high quality, but their personal care items were loaded with artificial chemicals and I really felt that Native American had an edge over them in that department.

Also note, if you are used to Young Living or doTERRA oils, Native American Nutritionals carries oil blends that are comparable to Young Living and doTERRA blends.

Of course, if you've been following along with this series, you know that I think there are other good companies out there.  However, I do think that there are fewer “excellent” companies than I originally thought when I started all of this evaluating.

My Choice: Rocky Mountain Oils (formerly Native American Nutritionals)

Just so you know, a number of my readers mentioned Rocky Mountain Oils as a company that they were happy with.

As for all of the questions about 1st, 2nd and 3rd distillation questions, and the like (as we touched on in Personal Attacks, Bias, Distillation and Essential Oils), we'll be addressing this more in future posts.  I hope to have a lot more posts during which we will address the basics of: – What Essential Oils Are and – How to Use Essential Oils Therapeutically – and More 

So….now that you have some more information about essential oils, you are likely eager to use them.

I highly recommend reviewing the previous posts in the series (listed above) to see some great books that are sure to be a great help.

What About Other Companies?

PLEASE NOTE: I often receive inquiries asking me what I think about other essential oils companies.

Please read this post on Essential Oils Testing and Quality and this report on 10 Things You Need to Know About Essential Oils to see if a brand measures up.

There are more and more companies out there on a daily basis. It truly seems that every day there is a new company selling essential oils and many are making claims that they are the “only pure oils out there” – which is not true.  My standards are high. I don't just want a company that has pure oils, but I want a company that has ethical business practices too.

If you are looking for organic essential oils, I recommend Neal's Yard Remedies.  In addition to having certified organic essential oils, they also have an exceptional focus on sustainability. All of their oils are sustainably sourced and they are bringing more essential oils to the market now with more to come.

This post on Pure Essential Oil Testing should be of help too for evaluating any company that you wish to consider.

Take Your Oils With You

I highly recommend this high quality diffusing jewelry from Diffusing Mama's.

You just put a few drops of your favorite oil on the felt pad in the locket and you can carry your oils with you all day (because you can't carry a diffuser around with you :).  That would be really awkward….)

Many of the diffusing jewelry options on the market today are made from inexpensive metals that will turn colors and will turn your skin colors too.  That's a big problem for me.

Not Diffusing Mama's.  They are high quality HEAVY stainless steel.

Here's one of their lovely necklaces.  My son loves the soccer locket and I really enjoy the bracelet that I have.

Moroccan 20 mm Diffusing Mama's



So nice to put a few drops of calming oils in to help me feel better throughout the day.

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  1. Please do your research and share your findings.
    Please don’t take this the wrong way but you are doing people a disservice and it saddens me 🙁

    • Hello Michelle.

      I’m a bit confused about your comment. What way would you like me to take your comment and what is the wrong way? You just said that I am doing people a disservice. Why is that? Thank you.

  2. Paula Summers says:

    Hello there! Just discovered your blog as I have recently begun using essential oils recommended by a friend. Discovering they did indeed work so well, I have started researching myself (known skeptic myself also 🙂 and have been looking at Dr. Axe/Jordan Rubin’s oils? Epigenetic Labs Essential Oils are through Jordan Rubin and NUMA essential oil is sold via Dr. Josh Axe. Have you heard of these oils?

    Thanks so much for all you share ~

  3. Wendi Nicholson says:

    Hey love your posts!! I’m a YL girl and one thing I’d like to say is that what you said about what’s required to get the discounts. You just need to be a member. That’s all. Once someone becomes a YL member they automatically are entitled to all wholesale pricing. There are no fees either. The Essential Rewards program is the monthly program and it’s optional for all members. Again, no requirements to be on it. The minimum is 50pv and many spend that much just getting one or two items. Just wanted to clarify.

    • Thanks – did this change? It’s possible that I was writing about getting the really good deals every month which I felt I needed to drive the prices down since even at wholesale the prices are still above most other companies. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the research! I recently lost my YL distributor but a coworker has encouraged me to try dT. Your final selection was a definite surprise but you’ve convinced me! I’ll be making a purchase tonight.

    • I hope you enjoy the oils! Thanks for reading! Yes, I was surprised by the whole thing as well. Didn’t expect to write it – didn’t expect the result.

    • Wendi Nicholson says:

      TJ sorry you lost your YL rep :/ if you need help I can help you but I also see you’re with another company and that’s awesome. Just wanted to offer help 🙂

      (site url removed by blog owner)

      • Sorry Wendi, but I don’t allow links to Direct Sales’ rep’s websites. I have too many people trying to build a business on my platform. Thanks for understanding.

  5. Monique Poole says:

    THANK YOU! I have been wanting to get into using the oils for about a year, my daughter had some of YL and she loved them. I think natural is great. I take organic herbs that are dried either in tea or I make capsules, I order some and I grow some, I go to a chiropractor and the only MD I have been to in 27 years is a dermatologist. OH and I am a registered nurse. I have been wondering about the quality of the oils even though I was told YL was the best I usually dig into things on my own, that is how I found your site, and I’m not into MLM I am already to busy, I just want the health benefits, so thank you so much, cant wait to get started.

  6. Heather Diewert says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! It’s challenging to know where to go for quality, cost effectiveness and honesty when it comes to purchasing oils.
    Thanks to this article I am now buying oils through RMO.
    Peace, HD 😉

  7. Thanks for the information. I want to start using oils and you saved me hours of research!!

  8. I have been using Native American Nutritionals/Rocky Mountain Oils since they were recommended to me by my massage instructor over 15 years ago (as a great company selling quality oils). I am a nurse who believes in combining holistic and complimentary medicine into my healthcare routine. I have had only incredible experiences with this company’s customer service and the quality of their products. I’m glad you had the same experience with the owner that I had many years ago. His knowledge of oils and quality of product have kept me a loyal customer. Helichrysm oil is one of my favorites and WELL WORTH the money.

  9. Thank you for you website and diligent research into all things essential oils!
    I’m looking for a high quality frankincense oil. Is the one sold by NYR good? The price seems too good to be true, especially when compared to Rocky Mountain. I will be usually it topically for skin care.

    • You are so welcome and thanks for reading. Yes, NYR has great oils. I believe that they buy so much of it that their pricing is lower. Plus their bottles are 10 ml instead of the typical 15 ml. I believe RMO told me that their last batch was a smaller one and that that is part of why it was more pricey. You will notice that NYR has a whole Frankincense Skincare line that is great. Really lovely – so they use it in there, in some body care, and they have a perfume that is my favorite – I haven’t worn perfume in years b/c of the artificial scents. This one is dreamy. Hope that helps!

  10. Andrea Hall says:

    Hi. Have you ever done any digging with Lemongrass Spa’s Essential Oil line? I would love to hear your thoughts on them. They fit the bill with your RM Oils but are DS. The companies monthly quota is $25 but their products are in fact all natural, gluten free, vegan and cruelty free. I truly would love to hear your thoughts.

  11. Hi, Thanks for all of this! It’s a great read. I only just started using essential oils in November, and probably sourced 95% of them through YL. I don’t have a lot of bad things to say about YL. Even if they are expensive, I figured it would be the same with most other “quality” essential oils companies. So that was November 2016, I came across your blog a couple of weeks ago, around March 2017. Today is April 5 and already made my first purchase on RMO. Happy with it, can’t wait to get the package. Curious though, but i sort of came across a comment which says RMO oils are diluted with FCO, which is why they’re less expensive? Did I get that right?

    • Hi there. Thanks for reading!

      Some of their blends are diluted. Apparently that was something that customers wanted to make it more convenient to use and less pricey when buying more expensive blends. I haven’t talked w/ them about it in awhile. It is clearly disclosed. Young Living dilutes some of its products as well. Thanks again and hope that helps!

      • Most of the oils on the Rocky Mountain Oils link above are more expensive than Young Living Oils. Young Living also has farms around the world where they grow their own plants to ensure they are pure. If you are a distributor for Young Living you can tour any of the farms and distilleries any time without notice. Many people I know have been and I hope to go some day. It is very reassuring that their members are welcome to the ground soil/floor where the plants are harvested. You can literally see the whole process from “seed to seal.” Pretty amazing.

        • Hi there. Can you tell me what oils you are seeing that are more expensive? I just checked 4 oils the other day and the price of YL was more. Thanks much.

  12. Thank you so much for your information. I am a RMO frequest customer since the day I read your blog on which company to go with and I am a big skeptic like yourself.

  13. Wonderful information! Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into doing this! I myself have been comparing YL, Doterra, RMO, and Plant Therapy. My conclusions so far are that RMO and PT are overall better for your value. Do you have any information on Plant Therapy? I would love to know your conclusions on how they compare to RMO.

  14. Have you researched Plant Therapy oils?

  15. Morningstar says:

    Hi Adrienne, You are amazing. Your clarity, peace and presence in the face of internet bullying is inspirational. I also admire the depth of your research and your dedication to giving as balanced a perspective as possible. This is rare in these times when it is so common to use personal attack to vilify those who disagree.
    I have been using Young Living Oils for 25 years. They have saved my life several times. Over the years I have encountered some of what you are describing. I sometimes buy from Flower Essence Service FES in Nevada City California, because they are local and their reputation is stellar. I was surprised to see that the prices at this small, high quality company were similar to what i was paying as a YL distributor. I tried DoTerra and like you found their prices and quality to be similar. I also encountered some derogatory information about YL from DoTerra while never hearing anything like that about DoTerra. At one point when I did my version of you looking for answers to some of these questions, I also discovered that the “unbiased expert on oils” worked for DoTerra. So I stick primarily with YL because of ease, quality and variety.
    I appreciated all the time you took and the effort to offer me so much information in one small place. And I especially appreciate the way you handled the dissent. For me the good news about the product is a great sales tool and the negative talk about another company will send me right out the door.
    You have helped many people get more clarity about oils (which are my primary medicine) At 74, I am a traveling healer and feel that my good health is directly related to choosing alternatives when possible and appreciating western medicine for the gift that it is. Thank you so much. I look forward to reading more of what you have to offer.

  16. Hi Adrienne,
    “Haters gonna Hate”. It’s encouraging to see how you’ve managed to press on and deliver unbiased, tested and researched information in spite of the bullies out there who’d like to derail you from this insightful journey. Well done, keep pressing on and I pray you will be shielded from the negativity out there, confident that you are going forward with integrity. All the best,

  17. Wow! I’m so glad I came across your page. You sound like me…lol. except I spent one whole day doing researched on my seems too slow computer and my brain fried, so I stopped. 10 months! thanks for the work you have done and the info you have provided. I started using oils when my son was wrongfully diagnosed with asthma and put on inhalers. I told the doctor I didn’t feel he needed it and asked if she was sure it wasn’t anything else? they made me feels like a horrible parent. A friend of mine sent me samples (and a bunch of info) of DoTerra…..and so began my obsession with EO. As much as I liked them, I just couldn’t afford them. I then found AuraCacia at a local health food store. they seemed to work the same. still a bit pricey, but doable. One day, at the same store, they didn’t have one in that brand and the lady working there said, “try the other brand, its the same thing… cost less.” So I picked up a bottle of the NOW brand. More for less sounded great to my pocket. At the time I was full time volunteering and running PTO at my son’s school, so only one income was taking care of things. I have been using NOW for 3 years. We love it. I use a lot, so the price is good for us. They have some in organic now, but are $10 more than the non organic. We have been switching to organic wherever possible, and I know certified organic seal means it has to be truly organic, no chemical or bad stuff standards… but the skeptic in me wonders if they are just slapping a label on the same thing and making a killing off of it. I’m always on the lookout for other oils, trying to compare. There are sooooooooooo many, I always end up with eyeball pain. (I’m sure there’s an oil for that) lol! We homeschool now and my computer is still slow, so I’m grateful for all your research. I don’t have a bunch of time to look things up, but I’ve seen an organic company call Bulk Apothecary and one called Plant Therapy. There was another one that claimed he would go to all these countries to find the best sources, but for the life of me I just can’t remember.
    I’m wondering if you have looked into these? Also, when you were doing your research, did you use Now oils at all? I’ll definitely check out Neal’s and RMO.
    Sorry this was so long.

  18. Good morning. After reading your insights, I clicked through to RMO. It seemed (I could be mistaken and just didn’t spend enough time) that most of the RMO products are as expensive as the Young Living. So, I checked out Neil’s Yard Remedies which seemed much less expensive. How do you feel about Neil’s in comparison to RMO and YL? Do you get what you pay for, or will Neil’s work as or almost as effectively? Thanks so much!

    • Hi there. I am wondering what oils you are looking at. I just checked 3. Lavender, peppermint and Frankincense (Sacred). For each of them, my choice was lower and you don’t have to pay a membership fee.

      As for NYR, I trust them and love their oils. They are going to be expanding their line. Yes, you do get what you pay for but there are reasonably priced solid companies. I have more posts coming soon but this one might be of interest:

  19. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve gone through with this! I am a little confused about Neal’s Yard Remedies. Do you prefer that company, or is your preference still Rocky Mountain Oils? Perhaps you were recommending Neal’s for those who want a certified organic company? Thanks again 🙂

    • You are so welcome. I am confident in the purity of both companies. However if you are looking for certified organic oils and a real focus on sustainability then I think that is another great choice.

  20. Thanks for your investigation. I was trying to figure out which company to go with. This topic is so confusing and difficult to really determine which oils have’undesirable ‘ thing’s in them. I appreciate your time and willingness to help us.