Could This Happen Today? A Whole Foodie Fairytale

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A Real Food Fairytale - Great "Food for Thought" :)!


{Today, I bring you a special treat.  A Whole Foodie Fairytale featuring marzipan, a sweet treat made primarily of almonds, sweetener, and sometimes almond extract. It can be eaten as is or used as an icing on cakes and is often made into shapes like fruits, vegetables, or animals (see the cute little piggies below :)!}

Once upon a time, not so long ago, people delighted in an enchanting treat called marzipan.

It was simple to make and needed just three magical ingredients:

Lots and lots of lovely, fresh almonds.

– A little sugar, to make sugar syrup.

– A teeny tiny amount of wild, bitter almonds.

Near and far, children and elders savored the delicacy (except for those who didn’t like marzipan – but we’re leaving them out of our fairy tale).

Yearly marzipan festivals were held, and children were thrilled to receive gifts of marzipan when grandparents dropped by to visit.

This treat was painstakingly produced by generation after generation of candy makers–with the help of their elves.

As time went by, some of the candy makers were bought out by manufacturers and the non-union elves were laid off.

Eventually, the manufacturers were bought out by great and powerful conglomerates. Sometimes their CEOs and CMOs (chief marzipan officers) didn’t seem to care about the quality of the treats. In one of these factories, the following conversation was overheard between Mr. Wolf, CMO and one of his candy makers.

The Marketing Dilemma

Mr. Wolf: Why are there so many almonds in our marzipan? Almonds are expensive!

Candy Maker: But that’s what makes the marzipan so enchanting!

Mr. Wolf: Put more sugar in it. Sugar is cheap. People love sugar.

Candy Maker: Oh, no, but you’re wrong. The people wouldn’t buy it. It would be too sweet.

Mr. Wolf: People are stupid. They won’t taste the difference.

So they put a little more sugar, and then more sugar, and even more sugar, and because the wily Mr. Wolf had increased the sweetness a little at a time, no one really noticed.

But even this didn’t make Mr. Wolf happy.

Mr. Wolf: Why are there so many almonds in our marzipan? Almonds are expensive!

Candy Maker: But we’re already using so much sugar. There’s now more sugar in our marzipan than almonds!

Mr. Wolf: Add high fructose corn syrup. HFCS is cheap and sweet. People love sweet.

Candy Maker: But that’s made out of genetically modified corn! People won’t buy it.

Mr. Wolf: Oh, you’re so naïve, candy-man. Did you think our white sugar came from organic cane sugar prepared by fair maidens on night of the full-moon? It’s made from GMO sugar beets.

Mr. Wolf: Truth is, people don’t know and people don’t care. All they want is cheap marzipan. Oh, and you might as well know about this now, candy-man, we’re replacing some of those expensive almonds with soy lecithin.

Candy Maker: But that filler has no taste. Where will our marzipan flavor come from?

Mr. Wolf: You fool! Have you never heard of flavor packs? I can make any combination of ingredients taste any way I like. I can grind up your shoes and make them taste like Turkish delight! (yikes!)

The wolf laughed and laughed, but the candy maker had heard enough. He took off his apron, folded it, and quietly told the CMO that he could no longer work for him.

Marzipan Pigs - Read this Whole Food Fairytale featuring Marzipan!

Oink Oink!! Cute little piggies made of marzipan.

A New Way of Making Candy

The candy man knew he’d done the right thing, but how would he support his children? All night long he thought and thought about what path he should follow.

With morning light the answer came to him. He was a candy maker, and make candy he would.

Not with chemicals, GMOs, HFCS and heaps of sugar – he would make candy the way his parents made it, and his grandparents before them. And he would make it with love.

He couldn’t compete with the giant companies, but maybe, just maybe, someone would buy his treats.

He started making small quantities in his kitchen. It was more expensive than the factory marzipan, but it tasted very special, just like the marzipan the elders remembered from their youth.

Soon he was able to afford a little marzipan shop, and was even able to hire some of his old friends, the elves.

Read this Whole Foodie Fairytale about and Old Fashioned Marzipan Shoppe :).

An Old Fashioned Marzipan Shoppe – much like the candy maker must have worked in.

wondrous real food fairytale ending

This should be the end of the story, but then a strange and wondrous thing happened. After people got used to the taste of the real thing, they couldn’t eat the conglomerate’s marzipan any more. They would take a bite of the factory-made marzipan and say:

“Why does it taste like chemicals?”

“I can’t believe I used to like this stuff!”

Inspired by the candy maker, one by one, people started relearning the traditional ways of food preparation.

– Greta, the old pickle maker, left her factory job and started fermenting pickles at home.
– Percy, the farmer, left the factory farm and began to raise pastured chickens.
– Roland and his two brothers bought a plot of land and started growing organic vegetables.

Taste buds changed. People across the land began to value food from farmers, not from factories.

Not only did people slowly lose their food amnesia as they rediscovered the taste of real food, another miracle took place.

Slowly but surely, people started healing.

– Cedric’s headaches disappeared.
– The pimples on Gwendolyn’s face went away.
– Henrietta’s arthritis got so much better, she was able to tend her rose bushes again, and
– Rodney no longer needed to take his blood pressure pills.

Now everyone could afford good quality marzipan because their money was no longer going to doctors, medications, and special therapies.

The candy maker was overjoyed.

The marzipan eaters were delighted.

Foods tasted so much better.

The people rediscovered what being healthy felt like. And you know what? Being healthy felt very, very good indeed.

But what happened to Mr. Wolf?

When his revenues went down, he lost his job.

Not to worry. He found employment selling used cars and can get you a great deal on a 4-door sedan.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret. When he’s certain no one is looking, Mr. Wolf slips into the backroom at the dealership and enjoys a real marzipan treat, made by his old employee, the candy maker.

Want to make your own marzipan? Check out this recipe here.  No HFCS or GMO sweeteners included!

If We All Do Our Part, We Just Might Live Happily Ever After.

Do you have your own “Whole Food Fairytale” to share?

Marzipan Pigs Photo Credit: Karen Sandler Photo Stream

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