What Do a Healthy Diet and an Elephant Have in Common?

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Elephant Family

It's hard to eat a healthy diet, isn't it?

Or am I the only one who struggles? (Please tell me I'm not!)

Today, I am sharing over at The Better Mom a way to tackle this problem.  Well, really WAYS.

And I promise – they're all doable.

Because we all need help getting our acts together in the healthy eating department.

Me included.

So come join me over at The Better Mom by clicking here.  Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I am a 54 year old woman with BMI of 20 or less (summer time activities decrease weight). I eat exactly what i want. I eat butter not magarine, chocolate not carob. I eat exactly what I want but I SAVOR, enjoy, take time to eat. For me, better one Oreo that I take time to enjoy, than handful of tasteless diet cookies. This is what works for me

  2. Thank you for these tips. I use whole wheat flour in most cases, but I have a long ways to go in eating healthier.

  3. Adrienne – what an awesome post! I so need this myself….you inspire me in many ways. Would you consider doing a guest post at my blog? Using these same thoughts would be great. We’ll be in touch.

    • Hello there! Sorry – your comment got lost in my pile! I might be able to do a guest post, but I am really backed up at the moment. Keep in touch!

  4. I’m no where near where I should be in regards to healthy eating, but I’ve made some huge strides in the last two years (mostly thanks to my husband). You’re right, it’s a very long process, and if you try to take more than one bite at a time, it’s overwhelming!

  5. Excellent tips. I’ve been making small changes in my pantry and my diet over the years. I’m currently evolving into a vegetarian diet, almost vegan, but not quite. It does take small steps, and time, to make these adjustments, but it is well worth it. Great article.

    • Hi Laura! Thanks for the compliment and glad to hear about the small steps. Just so you know, I was almost vegan for a long time and I ended up finding that it appeared to contribute to my adrenal burnout. I’ll hopefully be posting about it in the future. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but copper toxicity is linked to adrenal issues and vegans struggle much more readily with copper toxicity. I have a lot more to learn about this but I am TONS better now. It’s all about “figuring it out along the way” :-).