14 Super Easy (some slightly weird) Health Tips for the New Year

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14 Health Tips for the New Year

{Hey Readers! Want to get healthy in the New Year? Well, to get you on your way, please welcome back Beth, from Fit2B, who is here to share with you 14 fabulous Health Tips to get you moving towards a healthier New You in the New Year.}

The new year is here:

-the new you
-the new me
-the new clean slate
-the new — SLAP!!!

Anyone else feel like doing that?

Can't we just have a few weeks to catch our breath after the holidays fer cryin' out loud in a bucket?



Yeah, the answer is no. Because your body doesn't take breaks, and your body needs variety yet simplicity all at once, so I'm going to sum all of this up for you before you slap me.

Keep doing the good things you've been doing–of course–but if you're looking for a few more good things to do {now this is me ducking and covering my head and praying you keep reading} then check out this list of 14 health tips I've been doing {read: attempting} that are beyond easy and only just a little weird to others who don't understand people like us DIYers who actually want to be healthy and and in good enough shape to do our own hard work without hurting the next day.

I'll start with the one that's made me famous.

14 Health Tips

#1 Ditch crunches (I know you are all glad to hear that, right?)

Why?  They kill your spine, ruin your posture, overwork your six-pack and psoas (pronounced “Soh-Az” which is what it'll give you if you tweak it) and bulge your belly.

Sit-ups are even worse, and planks should be avoided as well if you have a diastasis recti which is basically like having the Grand Canyon take up residence in your abs. Read Why Crunches Are Bad For You HERE.

Next are a few other suggestions that are fitness-related. So with giving up crunches being my #1 piece of advice, my second, third and fourth exercise tidbits include walking every day, hanging on things, and finishing each day with stretching.

#2  Walk Every Day

Walking is the BEST exercise for your whole body but it's especially lovely to your core and pelvic floor.

#3  Hang on Things

Hanging on things fixes your posture, builds upper body strength, lengthens ligaments, and strengthens your core and pelvic floor, too! No crunches or kegels needed!

#4  Finish Each Day with Stretching

Stretching stimulates the releases of relaxin and melatonin which will help you sleep.

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#5  Line Up Your Bones

But the more research I do, I'm starting to think this could rival ditching crunches for the #1 slot. Are you slouching right now? Stop it! Stack all your major joints so they can build bone density and so your muscles are working, not on vacation! I teach correct alignment and how to integrate it into your day in Fit2B's “Align It Flat” routine found here.

# 6 – Learn how to breathe

Seriously–this chick is telling me  I can't even breathe right?

Well, let's see… If I you read me telling you to “Inhale” what did your chest just do? Go ahead: Breathe in now! Did your chest rise up and did your belly go in when you sucked in air? Or did your chest stay relaxed and your belly move outward as you took in air? Which way is right? Try this free 10-minute sample routine from Fit2B {that's me!} that will teach you how to breathe right and use your core at the same time!

Tips #7 -10 have to do with what goes into your body

As a fitness professional who has been in the industry for almost 20 years now {and to think that must mean I started when I was nine 🙂 } I've seen countless athletes with gorgeous bodies and rotten bellies and teeth. I was one of them once myself, thinking I could get away with putting anything into my body as long as my fires were burning hot enough. These next four items are SUPER SIMPLE things I've been doing to take care of my interior fitness.

#7 – Try Oil Pulling

Just swishing oil around between your teeth for a while to clean them, then swishing some water and brushing with water. My teeth have never looked and felt better!

#8   – Explore ACV (that's Apple Cider Vinegar)

Apple cider vinegar is like coconut oil: you can do a million things with it. I've been putting a tablespoon in my water once a day to help eliminate toxins, reduce sugar cravings and cleanse my kidneys.

Doing this also gives me an energy boost! Be sure you get the kind “with the mother.”

#9  – Start each day with water

Keep a cup by your bed and gulp it down first thing every morning. Your body just went for HOURS without hydration, and I know you want that cup of coffee or juice but clean yourself out first! Maybe add a squeeze of lemon to it for added flavor and cleansing.

#10  -Reward yourself without calories

Have you ever heard (or seen someone's facebook status) say “I'm going to Taco Bell to treat myself for running the marathon”–or cleaning the house, or reaching a fitness goal, or doing homework, or not using foul language for a whole day…

Yes, I've seen/heard this. Calories aren't a reward, though. They are fuel. Everything you put in your mouth either fuels you or flops you. You know, that floppy feeling you get when you eat garbage? Fuel or flop: you choose.

The “mojowoowoopoopoo tips”

Huh? The last four out of 14 tips in this year {that happens to be 2014 thus the chosen number} are a little bit “mojowoowoopoopoo” or MWP as I like to say.

They're “feel good” and a tad heavy on the psycho-babble, but they still apply and always seem to resonate. Besides, don't we all need a little more woowoo in our mojo? And I specialize in pelvic floor fitness, so don't get me started on the poopoo part of that 🙂 Anyway—

11. Get off the paved path

Literally and figuratively, it's not good for us to walk on paved paths.

Our bones and muscles need uneven surfaces to be stimulated to do their Thang {the “Thang” is capitalized on purpose because it's very important}. Next time you go for a walk or take on a project, do it different! Hop from rock to rock, do a cartwheel, crawl, hang from a tree branch, let the creative juices flow! You are unique; your body is unique; figure out what YOU need to do to get YOUR body and life moving!

12. Invest in yourself

Stop saying you can't afford to take care of yourself. Truth: You are probably spending some money un-taking care of yourself (buying treats with nasties in them, paying for movies/shows with garbage in them that pollute your brain, etc.) Why is it so hard to spend money on BETTER quality items/food/memberships that will BLESS your body? Discuss…

13. Set one BIG goal and break it down into 3 small goals

Want to lose 50 lbs? Start with losing the first 20, then another 20, then the last 10. Want to climb a local mountain? Practice by hiking once a week on a nearby hill, take a climbing class, and reward your progress with new gear NOT food!

14. Learn something new about your body

Hopefully you've already done this by reading this blog today, but what else have you been learning about your body?
Hey Readers – Adrienne here again. Isn't Beth great? She's one smart cookie. Or maybe I should call her a smart veggie to get us away from the sweets.  
In any case, you for sure want to check out her site, Fit2B, for some great fitness tips and fitness videos that are geared towards:

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What would you like to learn? Leave us a comment and maybe we can direct you to a healthy starting place!

Beth Learn Family bio photoBethany is a work at home mama to two wild rugrats in the Pacific Northwest. She and her husband just moved to a 7-acre farm where she’s learning to milk 1 stubborn goat and get eggs from 10 hens. She runs Fit2B Studio from her laptop between homeschooling, picking berries, wiping noses, hodge-podging meals together, race-walking with two separate teams, and teaching at her local fitness center. Her hobbies include fitness {duh!} and crocheting rag rugs out of recycled t-shirts she cuts into yarn. Come see her passion for Diastasis Awareness in action over at fit2b.com today!   

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  1. I have heard many times ACV is great for you but what are the effects the acid in the ACV have on your teeth?

  2. I love these – all important and great things to remember and practice!

  3. Great tips! What do you mean by “hanging on things”? Like monkey bars type stuff? Thanks again!

    • Oh goodness, anything! LOL! If you have a local park with monkey bars, sure! I got some trapeze rings and hung them in my sons doorway and EVERYONE uses them! I also know a family that installed monkey bars in their hallway so they can swing down the hall, not just walk! LOL! But at it’s most basic, letting kids hang from things is good for them, even if it’s the bars that divide lines at the restaurant! Ha! Stop saying, “Don’t swing on that!” 😉

  4. Word of caution about daily acv. I tried this last summer and developed a yeast infection that lasted almost two weeks. I think my body was so off balance(this was the beginning of real food journey) that it was a detoxing type reaction. I wanted to share to help others be mindful of this reaction.

  5. I love your suggestion for ACV and would like to add – make your own. It’s the best way to get the kind with the mother. I just use the apple peels that are left when I make applesauce or apple butter.

  6. Great suggestions, but have to disagree withe ditching the crunches, and planks. I have been working out for over twenty years, and still get some of my best ab results from crunches however, I have learned to appreciate the effects of working my abs in other forms. As for planks, I have had lower back pain when standing an hour or more for years. Once I started doing planks, at first I hated them, I discovered that I could stand for hours and have no lower back pain.

    One thing I have learned through the years is we are all different, and what works for me may not be the best for someone else. We need to listen to our bodies when it comes to both food and working out. Do what you need to be the best you.

    • My main point in saying that, Joyce, is that if you have 5 minutes to give your core, I would never suggest crunches. They don’t work your ENTIRE core, and they pull you out of alignment. My training philosophy centers around “form follows function.” Research has proven that crunches increase pelvic floor pressure, raise intervertebral disc pressure, and facilitate abdominal separation. I don’t want any of that! Planks aren’t “bad” unless you have diastasis recti, that ab separation, because planks make that condition worse. I’m all about spending my time doing the BEST moves for my body. Why would I do crunches when I can spend my time in wiser ways that work more muscles without keeping the undergarment business in the billions?

  7. Hey Bethany,

    You mentioned some really useful and basic things about healthy body, but people often ignore it. I’m sure lots of people would aware that drinking water in the morning after your sleep is really essential to keep you hydrated and wakes up your organs too. It also helps to cleanse waste material from your body.