Healing from Autism, Hypoglycemia, Eczema, and More — Come Find Out How

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Heal Your Gut Wmk

As I read that title, I am amazed.

We have made so much progress in our health journey over the past years and months.

Are we completely healed of everything that ails us?


But come read about what we have been healed from–and see how you can join us on this amazing journey.

**UPDATE**–This course is now offered regularly so you can sign up anytime.

First of all, I want to apologize to you all for not writing as many posts recently.

And I ask you to stick with me and read this post all the way to the end.

I've shared this course information with you before, and if you're anything like me you sometimes “tune out” when a blogger is recommending that you spend money on something.

Please don't.

This is really worth it–

– more than an ebook bundle (most of them, anyways)
– more than a Free Shipping Deal
– and more than a special deal on a kitchen gadget.

I shared over the weekend that I've been super busy and just haven't had the time I've wanted to write posts, but this course is such a big deal that I knew I needed to get this info out to you.  I've been working on an Easy Homemade Ketchup post, but just had to put that on hold to get this crucial information out to you.

I wanted to give you all the chance to:

– learn all about the course
– think about it
– talk it over with your husband (if you're married) and
– have time to make a decision rather than be forced into a split-second decision.

So I hope you can forgive me :).

And I hope to have the Easy Homemade Ketchup posted later this week. It's pretty easy to write the post–it's getting a nice photo of ketchup that might be a little challenging :).

Anyhoo, please hang with me through another longish post. I want to share some about us–and tell you about our next step in healing.  And the “join us” part is about gut healing in general, but an amazing course in particular.

Please don't click away. This is really important.

In fact, it might mean the difference between life and death–for you, or for someone you love.

Our healing journey has being going on for a long time, and it can be discouraging at times, but when I think of all the improvements, it amazes me.

Eczema, Autism, Hypoglycemia, Candida and More

Before Treatment

1.  Eczema–  My oldest was covered with eczema as a baby.  So much so that he would stick to my arm while he nursed. You can read more about Eczema and Food Allergies–From Despair to Healing to get the full newborn story.

About 4 years ago, the eczema resurfaced. My son was itching so badly that he was lifting his shirt in public constantly to scratch himself. It was embarrassing.

His skin is now almost perfect (if you don't look at the mosquito bites he got while camping this weekend :)!)

2.  Autism— My oldest was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome about 5 years ago. At that time, he wouldn't leave our side, never made eye contact, talked only about things that interested him, and had no friends.

Our son isn't completely healed, but many friends tell us that they don't notice any difference between him and other boys his age. He just got back from a Scout campout and my husband reports that he interacted very well with the other boys.

3.  Hypoglycemia-– 2 years ago, which I was in the midst of a horrid health crisis, part of my diagnosis (I figured this out myself–my physicians missed it) was hypoglycemia.

My fasting blood sugar was 55 (A blood sugar reading below 60 is recognized as being hypoglycemic.)

I just got my latest lab work back.

My fasting blood sugar? — 90!

4.  Lactose Intolerance-– When my husband and I were dating, I figured out from his dietary habits and the physical effects of them (I am using clandestine language here) that he was lactose intolerant. Let's just say that you wouldn't want to be around him after he had a cheese pizza :).

Today, he eats cheese within moderation and has no digestive problems.

5.  Candida-– At about the same time that I was hypoglycemic, I had candida.  Badly. You can read more about it starting at What is Candida? – and The Beginning of My Sugar-Free Life. I had an itchy scalp, bloated belly, itching privates, brain fog, and mood swings.

Today, I am free from all of that.

6.  Varicose Veins-– Ever since before my youngest was born, I had a painful vein in my right leg.  Not horrible, but enough that I wore a stocking year round. Believe me–trying to figure out how to wear a stocking in the heat of summer isn't fun.

I would take it off occasionally for a few hours or a half-day if I really felt I needed to for an event, but the pain in my leg would appear pretty quickly.

About 3 weeks ago, I decided to take my stocking off.

It hasn't been back on since.

I've had about 2-3 slight tinges of pain during that time, but nothing more. And I stand a lot at my computer and in the home doing–you know–home stuff.

Are we completely better? No. We still have a ways to go. More on that later.

But where we are today is much better than where we were.

What changed?

Our Guts Got Healthier

It happened at different times, and each person was a little different, but these are the basics:

1.  Probiotics (Check out The “Straight Poop” about Probiotics for more information.

2.  Digestive enzymes (my son and I took these).

3.  HCl (hydrochloric acid — stomach acid).  See how stomach acid helped my skin in Just a Red Face–or Something More?

4.  Diet change – We removed almost all sugars and high-glycemic foods from our diet, and almost all refined foods, with the exception of an occasional sample at Costco or something at a potluck or gathering–and even then we are super careful–and we don't shop that often :)!)  We also really limit grains for my son and me.

5.  Detox work.  Read Could You Have Heavy Metal Poisoning and Not Know It? for starters.  I hope to share more soon.

So–what do these all have in common?

Gut Health Is Crucial to Life

All of the changes we made are related to the gut. Even the detox, because toxins affect your whole person. I shared some of this in 5 Causes of Gut Dysbiosis.

Going back over the list of our healing accomplishments, I am just amazed.

I still have bad days (I have adrenal fatigue), but the good days are getting more frequent and the bad days aren't as bad as they used to be. Some day I hope to share more of my path with adrenal fatigue with you. For now, you can read Just Tired, or Something More?  Take This Quick Test.

Anyway, I am more and more convinced that gut health is crucial to life and good health.

How Crucial is Gut Health?

If any of you joined in on the probiotics teleseminar, you heard a lot of claims about how important gut health is:

most of our immune system resides in the gut
almost all disease originates in the gut
our digestive systems have been wrecked by toxins, poor diet, antibiotics, and stress

If my family's experiences aren't enough for you, consider this:

1.  In Minnesota, there is a nurse who works on healing folks from systemic candida.  She says that she can stop mild MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in its tracks by working on digestive health.

2.  Remember the H1N1 flu scare?  It was folks with underlying health conditions who were the ones most likely to suffer greatly and die.

3.  Two friends of ours contracted West Nile Virus this past year. One weathered the illness moderately well. The other already had digestive disease and almost lost his life to the virus.

Yes, gut health is a big deal.

– Build up your gut and you build up your immune system.

– Build up your immune system and you are less likely to get sick and more likely to weather challenges to your body.

(Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for the Heal Your Gut Course. If you purchase through my link, I will get a commission. Thank you for your support of my blog.)

This is why I feel so compelled to share the Heal Your Gut course with you all again.

I recommended it to you the first time it was offered earlier this year, and a number of you signed up.

Well, it's back and I am basically imploring you to:

– think about how important this matter of gut health is to your life–and that of your loved ones
– look at all that you can gain in this course for a relatively small amount of money, and
– come participate in the course with me to take your health to the next level. (I was just swamped the last time the course was held and I need to go through the material again. This time with my whole family to take us all to the next level in our healing.)

Heal Your Gut Course Contents

Lesson 1: Digestion 101. How it works, how it can dysfunction. Proper nutrition and diet for optimal digestive health. We’ll do an exercise with information and guidance on the best place to start healing your digestion, and we’ll discuss stress and digestion – (Yikes!)

Lesson 2: Elimination, Bowel Movements, Constipation, and Diarrhea. How often should bowels move? What constitutes a healthy bowel movement? Learn how to test bowel transit time and constipation or diarrhea.

Lessons 3 & 4: Absorption. If you can’t digest and absorb your food, it doesn't matter how healthy you eat–you won’t gain what you hope! Learn to determine if you are digesting your foods properly, discuss fat digestion, determine if you are absorbing fats adequately, and get suggestions for digestive support.

Lessons 5 & 6: Food Sensitivities, Intolerances, and Allergies. How to do an elimination diet and feel great in a short amount of time — how to reintroduce foods systematically to find which may be problematic and which are helpful to your body.

Lessons 7 & 8: A talk with Certified GAPS Practitioner on the fundamentals of the Gut & Psychology Syndrome protocol. Plus a Q&A session to go deeper into some common concerns and questions about implementing the GAPS diet.

Lesson 9: Fermented/Cultured Foods. We’ll discuss the extraordinary health benefits of properly fermented foods with a guest expert.

Lesson 10: Probiotics. Their role, different types, and how to best obtain them from supplements.

Lesson 11:  Supplemental support for Elimination diets and healing leaky gut.

Lesson 12:  The role of magnesium in digestive health.

Lesson 13: How to integrate course material into your life.

Lesson 14: Holistic treatment options for candida

Plus bonus talks, TBD.


For all the course details, click here.  It's a ton of information, eh?  See why I think it's a great deal?!

Need More Convincing?  Here Are More Reasons to take this course

1.  The information in this course is super-extensive. Just the information in one lesson alone is amazing.

2.  Having all of this information in one place will keep you from spending hours on the internet doing searches that likely won’t get you to a solid conclusion. Lydia's done the work for you and has digested (pun intended) all the information into an easy-to-understand format.

3. Save Money over an “in person” conference. No need to travel, get a sitter, or pay for a hotel. Just do the lessons when you can.

4.  Comfort.  Learn in your PJ’s, sweats. Or whatever suits you. No need to dress up –just learn in the comfort of your own home!

5.  Continued learning in the Private Facebook Forum where Lydia personally answers your questions. What a resource!

6.  The course has GREAT reviews.  Click here and then click on the Testimonials tag to see what previous course participants have to say.

What a value!

If you tried to get this same information outside of this course, you'd likely only get:

– 3-4 15-minute specialist physician visits (if your copay is what mine is), or

– 1-2 visits with a natural physician.

Believe me, this is worth it. (And I’m really cheap er frugal.  I don't recommend things unless I really think they are worth it.)

I have a love/hate relationship with technology, but I have to say, this kind online learning option is one of the big plusses of the tech age.

So how about it? Are you game?

Want to come and learn in your PJ’s with me?

The price of the course does change from time to time which is why I have updated this post to not have pricing information in it any longer.

It sounds like a lot up front, but you are going to be armed with some tools to improve not just your health, but your whole family’s health.

For a lifetime.

Register for the online course here and you can get more details there as well.



I sure hope you will join me.

For better gut health.

And a better life.

What do you think? Ready to join me for deep healing?

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  1. Will you be offering this again in the future? I’d love to take it, sadly it’s not in the budget right now. It’s something I’d have to save up for. I do hope you’ll offer this in the future.

  2. jada sarfate says:

    HI, I’m considering registering for the class however we have been on GAPs in the past for about 6weeks then I became pregant and could not do the diet. Way to much work for me ecspecailly with 2 little ones to run after and maybe to much meat for me to be eating as well because by the end of 6 weeks i was having alot of stomach burning and nausea.
    I also believe I have POTs so I can’t overdo the kitchen activity ecspecially while I’m pregnant. So my question is….Is the main point of this class to convince people GAPs is the way to heal their gut or does Lydia talk about other ways to heal?

    • Hi Jada. The point of this course is not to convince folks to do GAPS. There are a myriad of helps and test and lessons. I think you would for sure be well served by it. Please take care of yourself!!

      • jada sarfate says:

        Thanks! I went ahead and purchased the ecourse so I’m hoping I will learn alot. I have been looking at the fast trac and probiotic powder you have mentioned through miessence. maybe you can answer this….For the fast trac I notice it’s $84…yikes! How big is the bottle??? Is that for 1 bottle? the powder is a lot to so I’m wondering how long the bottle will last a person?

        Thanks for your help!

        • Hi Jada. You will love the course! Yes, the probiotics are pricey, but you can get a discount. The bottle isn’t that big but it is supposed to be a 30 day supply. I didn’t understand what you meant by “the powder is a lot”. Do you mean price or amount? I am heading to bed but I can help you tomorrow. You can get a 20% discount fairly easily through the end of the month by becoming a Lifestyle Member. They typically require a $150 order to do that but through the end of June you can get it with a $100 order with code “lifestylejune”. You also get 20% off all future orders with that code, provided you order once per year. Hope that helps and please let me know if you need anything else :). There are other discounts, but this is the easiest one. Otherwise you can sign up as a rep.

          • jada sarfate says:

            I’d be interested as sigining up as a rep If I had great results with the probiotics. What kind of discount to reps get? I’m hesitatnt because I have used bio kult, custom probiotics, ya know all the “best” ones without noticing ANY difference so I worry.
            My children are needing some gut work so I want something useful for them too.
            so the drink and the powder are meant to last a month and I”m assuming that is at a maintence dose??
            Thanks so much, Jada

          • Hi Jada. Just about to head to bed here, so you caught me :). Lifestyle Member is like a Preferred Customer and you get 20% off for life with that. It’s super easy. Reps get b/t 20 and 40% plus other perks (like referral commission). I haven’t used Custom but I did look at Bio Kult and I honestly need some more questions answered. They have numbers after their culture names and from what I understand that means they are basically patented. They’re not, but it’s odd. I didn’t quite get to the bottom of it but someone told me it means they are GMO. So – I can’t say but that troubles me. I have never had the results I am getting now…

            Anyway, the powder at a heaping tsp is a month’s supply. Some people take more and some take less–of course. I give my kids 1/2 and 3/4 tsp respectively. I know of folks who take what they can afford. Fast Tract is 1 month’s supply at 2 Tbsp per day.

            It is a totally no pressure company. I would be happy to talk w/ you more about it if it interests you. Take care!

          • jada sarfate says:

            Thanks again! I went ahead and ordered the fast track. Here’s hoping it does some good! my 5 year old has some issues I’m hoping they will really help her.

            Question…I’m concerend about the shipping in this heat. I live in Az where just today it was 115 so do they ship with ice packs and ship it quickly?


          • Hi Jada. The company tests for heat and cold effects on their product, but I have emailed support about the temp where you live to make sure :).

          • jada sarfate says:

            thanks Andrienne! This heat is no joke! I’ll be looking forward to your reply.


          • Hi Jada. Here is the response I got from headquarters:

            Yes, our products have been tested for both extreme heat and cold conditions.
            They are able to withstand these extreme temperatures for two weeks before
            anything will start to become compromised. We have ensured this as we
            understand that many of our customers live in harsh climates.

            Hope that helps–don’t leave it on your porch for 2 weeks :).

          • jada sarfate says:

            Great! Thank you so much!

    • Hi again. The system kicked out part of my comment so here I am again. I wanted to mention that I think the stomach burning issue could for sure be addressed in the course. I am not a dr but my guess would be needing enzymes or HCl or a better probiotic. Did you happen to see my post on probiotics? I am hearing many reports of people feeling so much better on it – including myself :).

  3. I am interested in the name of the nurse in MN who is treating candida in order to treat MS. I live there and have been searching for someone who is practicing this way.

    Thank you for your wonderful work!

  4. Hi Adrienne

    Very interesting article!

    I have been fighting eczema in my baby for 6 months now… a doctor suggested my baby to take HCL with pepsin (sprinkle it on food) but I am wary that it may burn my baby’s throat, I don’t know… so I am on this quest to solve eczema here for good.

    What Digestive enzymes were you and your son taking? Cannot see the link.
    Are they safe for toddlers?

    Please answer me 🙂

    All the best,


    • Hi Maria. We have taken different ones at different times. I am sure Lydia could help you regarding the HCl and your infant.

      We used to take one that is no longer made. Then we tried others. I am taking these now. (That’s an affiliate link.) I would think they would be strong for toddlers. One option might be to cut them into quarters if he can swallow. Will you be able to join us in the class? I think you would for sure get some good answers. I really am not one for ecourses, but this one I LOVE.

      • Hi Adrienne

        Thank you for the quick answer! My doubt is… can I sprinkle it (HCL with digestive enzymes) in my baby’s food so she can eat it safely? No danger of burning her throat or esophagus?
        I would love to join the course… but I have to see. We are on a tight budget now… let me see.

        Thank you once again for answering 🙂

        • Hmmm…I don’t know. HCl is a little strongish. I could ask someone.

          • Could you please do that for me?
            Thank you!

            You would be amazed if I told you what I already did so far… only to avoid steroids and all the other meds. All the money spent that went down the drain, to no avail.
            The eczema comes and goes… it is driving my baby crazy… and me, insane, searching for answers. It has been tough.

          • I just did. Well, you can tell by my posts that I do everything I can to avoid meds. We have spent tons of money on our health and some of it has been sadly wasted. Please read my eczema and food allergy post if you haven’t already.

          • Maria, Lydia said she wouldn’t do it. Can he swallow a tiny thing? Maybe if you break it into 4 small pieces he could swallow one?

          • I don’t know Adrienne… 🙁
            I feel all the roads lead me to dead ends… this is sooooooooo frustrating 🙁
            Thank you for your help! I will definitely read your posts!

          • Hang in there. Comment back after you read the other posts.

          • Hi again, Maria. Lydia said she would consider the enzymes as being a good shot and hopefully being a help. There is one of my blogger friends who says she used HCl for her young child for about 6 weeks to deal w/ reflux. I can share what she did, but I can’t endorse this medically (well, I can’t endorse anything medically). I am just telling you that I know a mom who did this.

            “I gave my younger dd hcl when she was about 23 months. However we tried enzymes first and had not benefit to her reflux. What I did was mix it with 1-2 bites of food and feed it too her asap after it got mixed up. That worked quite well. If it sits very long the food starts to taste like vomit.
            It was a huge benefit for her reflux and I would do it again. I wish enzymes would have helped but they simply didn’t.”

            ” I always did it at the start of the meal and followed it with a drink of water to wash out her mouth and throat.”

            The concern here is that perhaps doing this could put acid in the throat so this will have to be your thing to think about. Again, I can’t recommend this but I am telling you what another mom has done.

            Lydia said that enzymes would be what she would be thinking about as well as ferment of probiotics. If you make them yourself that you can do. The class will be talking about doing that and the probiotic that my family is taking is a fermented food probiotic. If you haven’t read about it on my blog yet you can check it out at this link.

          • Hi Adrienne

            Sorry for answering later but I only saw your post now.
            Thank you SOOOO much for helping!

            I have been giving homemade fermented sauerkraut to my baby regularly like twice a day or more) and I see a bit of improvement but it is almost not noticeable. Two days ago I was so desperate that I tried giving 1/2 a capsule of HCL with pepsin (Solaray brand, 250 mg) to her with her two meals before bedtime (so, 1 capsule)… afterwards I gave her a bath with epsom salts (1tbs) and, my God!, she slept a bit better almost without scratching! Her eczema improved a lot too!
            The thing is that I only gave her 1/2 capsule more since that episode because I felt she was having cramps or discomfort in her tummy I don’t know… so I stopped giving it to her, I only bathed her with epsom salts (that was yesterday). Result: she got way worse 🙁
            and I don’t know what to do…

          • I forgot to add that I also give my baby homemade yogurt twice a day too and she simply loves that… I also give her probiotics with her homemade formula. I already took her to a kinesiologist (not helpful) and we are doing a homeopathic treatment (3rd week now out of 12 weeks) but nothing is working. Only HCL with magnesium did help tremendously.
            If she has a really strict diet things are controlled… but she is a growing baby so I cannot put her on a severe restricted diet much longer!

            I don’t know what else to do 🙁

            I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

          • Maria – I can’t medically advise, of course. Have you seen the gut health course that is going on starting tomorrow? It might be a good idea to contact the teacher to see if she might be able to help you. Could this be candida perhaps? Could you tell us what is in the homemade formula? Thanks. I am thinking the course teacher would think enzymes would be a good idea.

          • I followed a Weston Price formula with cows milk from pastured cows, homemade whey (from yogurt), fluoride-free water, nutritional yeast, acerola, probiotics and homemade gelatin or homemade broth. I have to skip the lactose, the olive oil, the sunflower oil, the high vitamin butter oil and the coconut oil (otherwise the eczema flares like fire). I give her fermented cod liver oil with a spoon and she loves it too.

            Before this eczema flared up (when she turned 12 months) she was thriving with this formula!

            I already tried to give her homemade almond milk (she refused it), homemade goat’s milk formula (she threw up) and liver homemade formula (maybe it is too much protein for her). While I gave liver formula she did not eat any dairy and her health began to decrease very quickly – she came to a point where she would not smile or play, she would be really very fussy all the time and only wanted my lap. When we reintroduced milk from pastured cows she blossomed again very quickly so removing dairy is clearly not a good idea.

            Yes, we know it is candida overgrowth too. We limit her sugar intake (no grains, no nightshades, no rice, no fruit) for months now and there are no visible results. What we realized with the HCL experience is that she cannot digest her food properly. I know that she will be 100% eczema free within a week *if* I give her HCL with pepsin and bathe her -with Epsom salts for that period of time… and then what? Giving HCL to a toddler (who does not speak yet) for extended periods of time does not seem to be a good idea to me.

          • Did you consider that your child might be allergic to dairy? That was the case with my son. I know it’s late now but were you not able to nurse? It is much easier to control your child’s diet if you breastfeed. I know it might sound crazy but I have heard of mothers who are able to start lactating again. Would that be something you would consider? I just read a fascinating article about a mother who successfully did that.

            I am not a dr., but I have seen new allergies develop so I wouldn’t rule it out personally. But again, you know your child. Does she eat sugar? It sounds like you are being really careful. I would really recommend checking out the gut class. Lydia is very very smart. You can get $30 off the class right now. The post doesn’t state that, but there is a deal starting today for $30 off. You can ask her questions on the course FB page throughout the class.

          • The enzymes alone will never work because they need stomach acid “to wake up” and function as they should. That is why your friend did not had success with them alone.

          • No, I don’t think so… if she was indeed dairy allergic we would be able to see a major improvement within the time span (I am talking about 3 weeks) we removed dairy and we didn’t. She actually got worse from her eczema and from her overall health.

            I cannot breastfeed her (I wish I could), in fact we had a lot of problems regarding breastfeeding 🙁

            I will see the course, thank you for being available to help!

          • Sure – Lydia talks a lot about HCl and enzymes in her course. I also would take a look at this probiotic post. I am plugged in with some knowledgeable folks – hopefully you can find some help.

          • I meant allergic to dairy, sorry… I am too tired.

          • I completely understand. Don’t worry.

          • In fact, I made an experiment… I tried to give my baby homemade formula for 2 consecutive days and her eczema improved a bit, we noticed it very clearly. I tried to give her more nutrient dense foods and the more (variety) she ate (I am talking about quantity of foods in a soup for example) the worse she got.

            The less she eats the better she becomes (or more controlled the eczema will be).

            Those results make me really think that she cannot digest food properly even if these are good nutrient dense foods.

          • Hi Maria. Again, I really think that Lydia’s course would help. I can contact her if you would like but I think so.

          • I give her homemade sauerkraut daily but if I give her more than 3 coffee spoons then she will have a bad diarrhea. She already has loose stools.

  5. I am breastfeeding and have concerns about detoxing while doing so. Will this be addressed?

    • You can ask Lydia any questions at all related to the course material. I am sure she will be happy to talk about this. The Facebook group is very active and she responds quickly to questions there. Hope you can join us!

  6. Kathleen says:

    Adrienne, I only have internet access at work. I don’t have a lot of time to look at the material at work either. I usually go on line approximately 15 minutes a day during lunch time. Would it be stupid for me to sign up for the online course? Or is it something that I can download and put on a flash drive to see at home on my (non-internet) home computer?

    • Hi Kathleen. This is from the course director: “She can download the talks and also print out the lessons if she wishes…the one thing that will be tricky is to follow through on all the links I add.” I think it would be worth it and then you could do the links later to get that info and print that out as well. Hope to see you there!