Good News, Bad News, and Some Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Gut

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All Disease Begins in the Gut Course

Digestive health is a big topic these days.

People are talking about digestive enzymes, probiotics, the GAPS, SCD, gluten-free and candida diet.

Truth is, our digestive systems are a big deal and people are starting to pay attention.

Isn't it hard to know which one you want to hear first–the bad news or the good news?

I typically would rather the bad first, so that I have something to look forward to.

But first,

Some Amazing Facts about our Digestive System

Did you know…

1.  If you were to lay your digestive system flat, it would cover the area of a tennis court?  That's so your intestines can do the job of absorbing nutrients in to your blood stream.

2.  You have about 3-4 pounds of bacteria in your intestines.  Their job is to produce vitamins, make your metabolism work, and protect you from infections.

3.  About 70% of your immune system is in your gut.  Wow.  So you can see how important it is to make sure it is functioning at peak performance.

4.  90% of the cells in your body are gut bacteria and other flora.

5.  Your gut is your “second brain”. It has more than 100 million neurons in it and even if your brain were severed from your digestive system, your gut would still work. Unbelievable.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Getting a handle on gut health is CRUCIAL for overall health.

Yes, there are other things that I am thinking about too….emotional health and heavy metal toxicity, to name a few.

But digestive health is super important.

So now—for the Good News / Bad News part.

The Bad News about Digestive Health

1.  The nutrients in our food supplies are severely depleted.

What we get from our food today is NOTHING like what we used to get.  Check out these statistics:

  • calcium levels in vegetables have dropped 12% from 1995-1997
  • iron levels have dropped 37%
  • vitamin A levels have dropped 21%
  • vitamin C levels have dropped 30%  (Source)

2.  Auto-Immune Diseases and other diseases are on the rise:

  • Between 2001 and 2009, Type 1 diabetes has increased by 23% (Source)
  • The increase in cases of celiac disease has increased five-fold since the 1950s (Source)
  • diagnoses of autism have increased 72 percent in 2011-12 from 2007 (Source)
  • Cancer rates are on the increase and a French study suggests they could increase by 75% between now and 2030.  (Source)

Now, I know there are other factors involved in all of these diseases, but I think it's pretty clear that our digestive systems are key in all of this.

I wrote about many issues that are compromising our health in my series on Candida and Gut Health.

You can eat all the grass-fed beef, whole grains (or no grains), organic fruits and greens you want, but if you can't get the nutrients out of your food, then your body doesn't get the fuel it needs to do its work.

So—that's pretty bad news, isn't it?

I have some good news to share.

6 Weeks to Gut Health Course Registration Extended

Heal Your Gut Extended Registration

Remember the 6 Weeks to Gut Health I shared with you earlier this month?

The course started on April 10, but registration has been extended through Monday, April 15.  Sunday, April 21.

Before I go any further, I know you are likely thinking, “Money is tight. Is this really worth it?”

Well, I have to tell you–I am the Queen of Cheap Frugal, and the answer is, “yes”.

It's $117 for the course, but it's money well spent. (And if the course price will be going up the next time it's offered.)

Here's a little bit about me..

  • We lived on $12,000 per year when my oldest was born. We lived with my in-laws and made it work.
  • We lived on $32,000 for 2 years when my son was a toddler.
  • I know what it's like to agonize over small purchases and to return things to a store because I feel like I shouldn't have spent the money. In fact, that's something I'm still working on.

But health is really important.

My current practitioner says about health expenses, “It's like paying rent for your body. You've just got to do it.”

She's right.

But I've also spent loads of money on probiotics that didn't work and alternative care visits that were too short and didn't heal anything.

I wish I'd taken this course sooner.  It would have saved me a TON of money.  But at least I can share what I've learned with you to save you some of the financial bleeding.

It's time to get serious and heal where it counts, and I really think this course is worth it.

I got the first lesson in my inbox on the 10th and read it earlier today.

It's great. Really great. I learned so much and even shared some of it with my sons.

If you can come up with the money, I strongly recommend that you do it.

Anyone who registers between today and Monday will get their materials emailed to them on Monday, April 15.

And all the materials are sent to your inbox so you don't miss out on anything by registering late.

If you'd like to hear Lydia in action, here is a podcast of her with another whole foodie blogger whom Lydia has helped a great deal with her health conditions.  Just click on the link and you can hear the entire thing.


You can check out all the course details here, but here's a quick summary of what we'll be learning:

Week #1: Digestion 101. How it works and how it can dysfunction. Proper nutrition and diet, a ‘Clean Up Your Diet’ exercise and the best place to start healing.  How stress affects digestion and what to do about it.

Week #2: Elimination, Bowel Movements, Constipation, and Diarrhea. How often bowels should move, what a healthy bowel movement is, an exercise to test bowel transit, and how to support constipation or diarrhea.

Week #3: Absorption. An exercise to find out if  you are digesting your foods and absorbing fats properly, fat digestion, suggestions for foods and supplements to support digestion.

Week #4: Food Sensitivities, Intolerances, and Allergies. Elimination diets done easy, reintroducing foods systematically

Week #5: Probiotics. Their role, different types, and what to get.

Week #6: Fermented/Cultured Foods. Health benefits of properly fermented foods, how and why to make them.

And a private Facebook forum where Lydia will answer your questions.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Please join me and let's heal our guts together.

New Gut and Overall Health Info Coming

I'm also planning:

I think you'll find it very interesting and empowering.

I sure have.

I can't do everything, but I really want to share what I've learned and I hope that it benefits you all in some way.

Together let's work on taking care of the bodies we've been given in the best way possible.

What did you think about those amazing facts?

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  1. I wish you would have given us more information instead of sounding like an infomercial. I have appreciated other information you have posted, especially your research on essential oils. I have been ordering from NAN and am impressed with their oils. I found out that I have to go through your site each time I order, in order for you to receive benefit, and I am doing that now to help pay you back for all your time. I was hoping for more information about gut health from you; I do appreciate your research and your time very much, so I was disappointed with this article. It just lets me know that I better do something, but I missed the seminar and was hoping for more info.

    • Hi Kari,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have been really busy and am not trying to go back to older comments. I’m sorry you felt that way about the post. I went back and changed a few things – it was hard b/c the course registration got extended so I wanted readers to see that information but didn’t know how else to do it. I have done other posts about gut health – hope to have more soon. It’s a big topic. Looks like you can still take the course if you’d like :).

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