A Must Have for Whole Health in the New Year

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It's a New Year.

Time for a fresh start.

Thinking about

  • a new diet?
  • some new healthy changes you should be making in your life?
  • getting your schedule under control?

Come over to The Better Mom and read about New Beginnings that I need – and continue to need.

It's part of my holistic view of health – Because it's more than just our bodies that need to be healthy.

If you are so inclined, I'd love to hear what you think.  You can leave a comment at The Better Mom or pop back over here and share your thoughts.  I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I am working on cutting more carbs out of our diet and bought some Kamut to try. It is a lower carb grain AND my friend’s daughter can eat it. This means we can all eat the same things, which would be nice. There are always improvements we can make and I try not to overwhelm myself.

    • Hope the kamut helps. I think quinoa and teff would be great options for you to try if you are looking for lower carb grains. You are so right about not overwhelming….it’s crucial to avoid the stress.

  2. Not sure about making our own koolaid – I think it might work for people like us who go the extra mile for health – but peeps who are just getting started it turns it into an unconquable feat. Re-read the LEmishine ingredients – all natural. I’m gonna switch back thanks to you!

    • You mean switch back to Lemishine? I wonder what makes the KA work – the citric acid plus the other things??? I’m just wondering if I need to get all of it?

  3. She kinda left it up to me about where I purchased the herbs. I’ve been on a really expensive protocol for over a year now so I have to save where i can.

    Sounds like you’re body got going really fast and furious w/ the detox! Good to be dumping all that crud but absolutely not fun to be feeling so sick.

    Rest, yes, something I had no idea how to do 5 years ago. I was raised in a household where sitting around to read a book for leisure was frowned upon- busy and on the go all the time was all I knew! So after being “forced” to rest I finally feel like I’ve begun to master the art of a contemplative, peaceful life. It takes time but it feels so good!

    No, I’m not eating chocolate right now. I mentioned that at the beginning of the post;).

    I hope to post a recipe for some blueberry crumble muffins using coconut flour and almond flour in the next few weeks!

    • Glad to hear that about the herbs. Maybe I need to revisit that with her. She initially said that I wouldn’t know how to use them if it weren’t for her….but our whole family is on the protocol. I really can’t swing it all. It’s making it very hard for us to save anything. But I don’t want to do wrong by her.

      I missed that about the chocolate :-). Let’s stay in touch! I was Type A my whole life – kind of in self-preservation mode from a super-dysfunctional family. Can I subscribe to your blog? I couldn’t find it.

      Maybe “offline” you could tell me how much your spending (unless you don’t care). My supps are about $100 per month, but like I said it’s the whole family. :-).

  4. I get my herbs through acu atlanta- the prices seem really reasonable. Wow, sounds like you had one humdinger of week- always such a relief when I would come to the other side of those crazy feeling times,(and I always do/did).

    Hum, the low carb vs. grains. I did ask T about this since I noticed all the controversy as well. What I gathered from her was that everyone has different needs- some people would be terribly unhealthy going low carb and other thrive on it. I know when I’ve tried to add carbs back in I get really grouchy where as others totally need those complex carbs to feel well. I wonder as our bodies heal and change, if the nutritional needs we have will change as well. I think it really comes down to experimenting w/ what works best for you and maybe waiting to do so till after these major detox symptoms die down.

    Like my friend and I say- rest, rest and more rest. Oh so glamorous;)!

    • I have bought through Acu Atlanta as well, but I thought Theresa wanted us to buy them through her. Occasionally I haven’t been able to get a hold of her on time so I have bought elsewhere (when I am really “in need” of help).

      I agree on the carb thing. I just have seen some people saying it’s really unhealthy. I am going to have to watch it. I am surprised at how bad I am feeling when taking literally nothing from Endo Met. But Theresa has said that sometimes once the train is going- – it just keeps on going even if you aren’t taking anything.

      And I am getting better at resting. I never was good at that.

      Ummm…I just saw the chocolate cake on your blog. Are you really eating chocolate? :-). And can I get the recipe for the coconut almond flour cupcakes? Like I need more treats in my household :-).

  5. Yep, yoga pants, skirts make out of jersey and some elastic here and there:). Are you taking Extended Health Liver support or any herbal tonics? I feel like I really need both those supports to help w/ all that the protocols throw my way.

    • Thanks, Maria. I need to buy a few more pieces, I think. Yes I am spending a small fortune on herbals. The rest of my family is fine without them but I am not handling detox well. I had a very strange situation this week – felt like a combination of sick and detox and I feel like I’ve dropped a few pounds suddenly. I’m trying the low carb route but I am not sure if that is best for people long term. I’ve read conflicting things about the grain free diet. Anyway, I am just trying to trust that this will all sort out. Hard to know whether to ditch my old skinny things or hold onto them. If that weight was unhealthy then I’d need to get rid of them. I’m still a slow oxidizer but not in burnout any longer (at least I hope I haven’t slipped back in :-).)

  6. I was just talking to T a few days back and she mentioned the 3yr mark being a point at which big changes start showing. I most certainly have experienced weight gain although it’s not entirely foreign to me as I’ve had weight fluctuations ever since my early teens. It can be uncomfortable but I would really encourage you to be gentle w/ yourself, don’t try to fit into your skinny clothes, (that makes it majorly worse!) and accept it as part of the healing process. We can choose to make it more uncomfortable than it has to be.

    When I first started w/ T she had me eating low carb and I dropped about 5-7 lbs w/in a few month of starting. THEN i went into a four lows mineral pattern and gained. Now I’ve dropped a few pounds by limiting the amount of healthy treats I’m eating and incorporating a little exercise into my day. I still am far from my goal but I figure it will all come together the more my bod heals! This has all given me the opportunity to continue working on body image.

    PS: I have a friend whose doing Nutritional Balancing as well and she has gained a little fluff too;).

    • Thanks again for sharing, Maria. The hard thing is that I don’t know where everything is going to end up. My smaller clothes are not fitting and I don’t want to buy too many “bigger” clothes. I haven’t been eating much and so Theresa thinks that it might be the metals. I’ve had to cut out all my supplements for the time being because I feel rotten if I take anything. I suppose I’ll just have to wait it out and maybe sell my clothes later if they don’t fit – or else just buy everything with elastic :-).

  7. I’ve been working w/ Theresa for 18 months. I’m not a practitioner but certainly have been learning a lot!

    • I have just passed the 12 month mark. So I wonder how you knew about the 3 year mark for “real change”. I also wonder if you’ve struggled with weight gain at all. I was quite thin when I started this. I may not have been the healthiest, but now I’ve surpassed my typical weight. I am not huge but it is really uncomfortable. Another friend of mine is doing Nutritional Balancing as well and she is gaining as well. It’s all very curious. Theresa seems to think that it might be related to metals.

  8. It can take up to 3yrs to really see noticeable differences when you’re doing nutritional balancing. It’s kind of two steps forward one back but if you look at the big picture things are still moving forward. This does take a decent dose of faith/belief. Hang in there- it will get better!

    • Oh, thanks again, Maria. I really needed this today. How long have you been doing the program? I think I remember you, but I forget – are you a patient of nutritional balancing or a practitioner?

  9. Adrienne,
    I think you tried to comment me via cheesesalves blog awhile back. I commented back, (about working w/ Theresa!). Don’t know if you saw my comments. Anyways, hi! I’ve had my share of extra hard days, detox can really up the ante on anxiety/panic etc. Just know, there’s others of us out here that can relate;). And all this certainly does make the comfort of Jesus that much more important as we walk this path.

    • Thanks so much, Maria. I really needed the encouragement today. I have felt better than ever some days, but the rough ones sure are rough. I hope and pray that I am getting better through this time. Thanks again!

  10. The Etch A Sketch is perfect for January!! Let’s just wipe out habits, etc. and start anew. LOVE It!!