Did Vaccines Cause My Son’s Autism ~ Part Two

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Wondering about Vaccines and Autism? I am too - Here is what happened to my son after getting his vaccines. Do you think there is vaccines cause autism?

Today, I continue where I left off in yesterday's post, “Did Vaccines Cause My Son's Autism ~ Part One“.

If you didn't read that post, you'll want to.  The comments there, and on my Facebook page, are compelling – and some get a little feisty.

So we vaccinated our son–with several vaccines.

Starting sometime after his 5th birthday.

At age six, almost to the day, things changed radically in our home.

His unstoppable panic attacks and anxiety ruled our lives.

I'll never forget the day that I knew something was really wrong.

The day I knew our lives had changed forever.

The history–For weeks, or maybe months, our son had been developing an anxiety about his clothing being wet. He would repeatedly ask us if he could change his pants, shirt, or socks if he got even the smallest amount of water on them. It was sad to see him so distraught about it and to wonder if this obsessive questioning would ever end.
But one day we were at a business outing (for my husband's work) and my son decided to play on the playground.

My husband and I were eating and chatting with his colleagues, when we heard a blood-curdling scream.

Running to see what had happened to him, I expected to see, well– blood.

What I found was instead, my son with wet pants.

It had been raining earlier in the week and so the ground was–very wet.

He had slid down the sliding board and into a huge puddle.

The resulting panic-stricken screaming was ear piercing and wouldn't stop.

He was terrorized.

We left the gathering. Humiliated. Scared. Petrified.  Mind spinning, heart pounding.  

What was happening?  What would my life become now?

No matter what we tried, it didn't work.

Calming thoughts, praying, threatening discipline. 

Nothing.  The screaming and panicking continued.

The whole way home, an indescribable eeriness filled my mind and the entire car.

Something had happened to my son.

Our lives would never be the same.

The unending panic attacks continued in the months ahead.

I was on the computer daily. Nightly. Late. Very late. – looking for answers, for anything that might help.

Was it OCD? Anxiety disorder? Panic attacks? Had I done something to him? Were we just bad parents?

One night I found our answer.

I printed the diagnostic criteria for Asperger's Syndrome off of the computer, walked over to where my husband was working and tossed the papers triumphantly (?) into his lap saying,

“We've got our diagnosis.”

He had Asperger's Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism.

Three “official diagnoses” later and my suspicions were confirmed.

We went from having a child with peculiarities to being a family trapped in our home with a severely anxious and perseverating child who defied all means of discipline and behavior modification. We were truly prisoners in our own home while our son suffered from up to 30 unstoppable tantrums per day.

One of my worst memories were of the days when he would lie on the floor screaming, “Mommy, what's wrong with me?! What is happening to me?!

To this day I wonder about…
Vaccines and Autism

  • Did he have autism the whole time?
  • Was it the vaccines that threw him over the edge?
  • What if we hadn't vaccinated?

Looking back, I think he was vulnerable.  Maybe borderline autistic.   And I think his vulnerabilities were triggered by the vaccines.  They “threw him over the edge.”

My thoughts are that autism is a complicated ailment involving many parts of the body and many “causes” or triggers like:

  • congenital issues
  • toxins & heavy metals
  • vaccines
  • leaky gut / digestive issues and related dietary complications

I personally think that vaccines may not be the cause, and are not in all cases, per se, but that there is a groundwork laid for the damage and in some cases the vaccines “do the child in”–and autism happens.

In truth, I am not really anti-vaccine, but I am concerned about:

  • the frequency that vaccines are looked to as a solution to a health problem (instead of more natural options)
  • the amount of vaccines that are dosed (too many – do we really need a chicken pox or papilloma vaccine?)
  • the dosing of vaccines in combination (done to save time and money, but the assault of multiple viruses being injected into our babies might just be too much for their fragile systems)
  • adjuvants and preservatives found in vaccines (like mercury and aluminum – yes, there is still mercury in some vaccines – and aluminum isn't something I want in me either.  By the way, I am full of aluminum.  And my son is full of copper and more.  Here's more info on heavy metals and how we are working to get them out of my son–and our whole family.)
  • vaccine contraindications. There are simply situations in which a vaccine just might not be a good idea.

Perhaps some or many children can handle vaccines, but I think that children with fragile immune systems can't.  And I think our society has gotten vaccine happy and that it is financially, and not health, motivated.

In the near future I'll share more of what Asperger's looks like in our family and what we're doing to heal our son. And me.

And if you'd like to read more now about our journey with autism, you might wish to read:

And if you're looking for a good read on vaccines and autism-related disorders, you might want to consider the books I recommended in my first post on autism and vaccines as well as these:

Lynn Hamilton speaks from her own personal experience after her son was diagnosed with autism. This book will have you on the edge of your seat.

When we thought we were on the verge of an autism diagnosis, a sweet mom (with a grown autistic daughter) spent tons of time on the phone with me. When I asked her what I should do, the first thing she recommended was buying this book.

Another book that speaks of the possible causes of autism and remedy options is:

I have not read this entire book, but the theories in it are compelling and worth a second look.

Together we can all help raise awareness and help heal our children.  They truly need our help.

What do you think about the vaccine / autism link?  What would you like to know more about?

And keep in mind–I love discussing controversial topics – let's just keep open minds and talk kindly and seek the truth, together, OK?  I reserve the right to delete comments that don't observe common courtesy.

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  1. My son was diagnosed with autism very young but officially diagnosed this year. He is high functioning. He has such repetitive behavior. He started acting very different around age 7 months. He had his first MMR at 6 months not 2 years. He couldn’t sit up until around 8 months old, he didn’t start talking until around almost 3, but now he is brilliant. He has a photogenic memory. Around 7 months is when he started acting different. He had First Steps in his life from age 18 months on. He has his MMR due very soon, and I am so afraid to get them done. I am afraid he will get worse. Any suggestions or advice?

    • Hi Holly. I’m sorry but I can’t give medical advice. Have you seen the movie VAXXED? https://www.facebook.com/vaxxedthemovie/ I would see if there are any vaccine choice groups on FB that you could join – they tend to have helpful information. There is some information on how to help your child deal w/ vaccines as well. Typically I try to talk w/ my physician about risks vs benefits.

  2. https://realfarmacy.com/22-medical-studies-that-show-vaccines-can-cause-autism/
    From the article: “..if we take a look at GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer, they are owned by the same financial institutions and groups that own Time Warner (CNN, HBO etc.) and General Electric (NBC, Comcast, Universal Pictures etc.).(1)(2)(3)(4) This is seen throughout all of the major vaccine manufacturers and all of the 6 corporations that control our mainstream media. Keep in mind that these are the major funders of all ‘medical research’ that’s used to administer drugs and vaccinations. Despite these connections, medical research and documentation exists to show that vaccines might indeed be a cause for concern.”

    Adrienne, most people are still naive when it comes to how the world works. They still believe everything the “authorities” tell them. So, they tend to mock and belittle people who think for themselves. This is the herd mentality.

    Scientific research has become as corrupted by corporate money as Washington DC. The editor of the most prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, stated as much. So every study must be critically analyzed. Who funded it? As you might guess, very little funding is available for researchers interested in vaccines and autism that is not provided by the manufacturers themselves.

  3. Hello,

    I just stumbled upon your site when I googled for an egg free And Gluten free chicken nugget recipe…:which was a very simple one…:but spent 3hours on your blog so far…after I saw a link abou heavy metal toxicity….which caught my attention..::and then..reading about your son’s health struggles!!

    This post brought tears in my eyes… I swear as I can only imagine as a mother what you must have gone through! Prayers and hugs to Mama??

    How old is your son now? Hope he is doing better…I can’t wait to read your other related posts to learn more about the progress.

    I have a 6yr old son. I just learned 3 months ago that he has a homozygous c677t mutation….I am trying to educate myself as much as I can so I can help him.

    Goodluck and best wishes for sound health.

    Sending prayers for your son!
    This will now be my regularly visited blog!

    • Thank you so much! Welcome! My son is a teenager now. We have had other challenges but some things are better. I haven’t written as much about him since -it’s been something we’ve tried many things for but not a lot has helped. However some things recently did. I am trying something new now too for gut health and hope to write more. Thanks for your prayers – thank you for reminding me that I should update you all. Blessings!

      • Yes, would like to read more about his progress!
        Also would like to let you know that the link for your “my store” isn’t working. When I clicked on it, a new window opens up but don’t see anything….just blank.


        • Hi there. Oh no. What link do you mean? In this post or in another one? Thank you!

          • When I clicked on “my store” from the left side main menu…,nothing happens…please reread my comment from March 18th….I explained what I meant. Thanks

          • I think it works now – can you give a look? We have to make another update to the site to make it look better on mobile, however. Working on it!

  4. Mandy Smith says:

    Please look into PANDAS!!!!


  5. “Starting sometime after his 5th birthday.
    At age six, almost to the day, things changed radically in our home.”

    From the above quote, you seem to be saying the autism symptoms didn’t get worse for about 1 year after the final vaccinations. That’s a long time and difficult to believe the two events are strongly associated.

    From my understanding of autism, it can progress as a child ages, for no apparent environmental reason.
    It might be the brain having some compromised capacity to develop normally.

    There’s no doubt autism rates in Western civilization are going up alarmingly.
    But so are changes in the lifestyles of parents – illicit drug use, alcohol abuse, pregnancies later in life, higher stress levels, more sedentary lives, poor diets, exposure to hard metals and other toxins.

    One interesting fact is that Pennsylvanian Amish have a significantly lower rate of autism, but a slightly lower rate of vaccination. This indicates other lifestyle factors may be at play in causing autism.

    • Hi there.

      I wrote it that way b/c I don’t recall the date of his immunizations. I should contact the doctor to find out and amend the post. I’ll try to do that. There are of course a lot of things that are possibilities, but I am firmly convinced that we are seeing increases of autism, cancer, autoimmune disease, and more bc of all of the toxins in our world and that includes vaccines. I’m not against vaccines but I am not happy w/ the amt that they give out nor the ingredients and lack of safety standards, nor the possibility of them being mandatory which is already happening in CA. I’d be interested in your thoughts on the matter. Thanks for reading.

  6. I wanted to share my story because it may shed some light for whoever needs it. I believe children should be vaccinated BUT my son definitely was affected by his MMR. He was on time for everything .Then we went to his pediatrician who was giving him his MMR and she asked if we wanted a flu shot as well. I told her No. That night his leg began to swell up on the side like a baseball and I called the dr’s office.The dr got in contact and told me that was the flu shot. He was overloaded with shots that day….. the next few days he couldn’t speak when he used to have a few words, couldn’t hold a bottle, couldn’t sit up, wouldn’t respond to his name .From that point on he was significantly delayed. I think he had an epi-gentic event. The CDC study does not look into that issue. They can’t see who is predisposed to these events so they can’t rule out that certain vaccinations unlock those predispositions…. that is a Fact! Until we can with certainty find those markers all parents should push drug companies to redesign the MMR so that we can stagger this vaccination. Look at the studies nobody even addresses in those studies epigenetic events and it’s possibility.

  7. Gretchen says:

    How very timely your post is to me. Like you, I held back on vaccines. Mostly just a gut feeling, but when there was concern that my son might be on the spectrum, there was no way I could let my son have the MMR. It turned things upside down for a little while — I had to find a new ped when he was 5 as the red he’d had his whole short life “fired” us for refusing it. My son is now 12, and despite a lot of flack from various people, I’ve still held out on this vax. This year, as he starts up 7th grade, I had to go back to the board of health to make it official that I was opting out of the MMR. I spent years trying to find any sort of evidence that the MMR could trigger the spectrum and while I found nothing, that meant little to me as it seems like either parents give it to their children on schedule at age 2, or not at all. First, let me say that I am so sorry for all the struggles. I know too well the fierce protection and associated fears. Second, thank you for your blog, which I came across in a hunt for DIY laundry soap. If I hadn’t been curious and read other parts of your blog, I wouldn’t have known your story. I have prayed so many times for direction on this. Finally, I think God is sending me an answer. Thank you.

    • Hello there. I am glad you are here. I can’t say for sure what happened but I am convinced it had an effect on my son. Have you seen the movie VAXXED? I hope to see it with my family this coming week. They are coming out w/ DVDs soon as well.

      Blessings and hope to see you around again.

    • The other issue is when issues occur there are a lot of Dr that don’t know to report these minor symptoms or even severe symptoms as they don’t know what to look for. But when a child is getting more than one shot how can we rule one out or know if the many shots are causing the issues when combined. If you go to the VAERS Site they give some on there report. And when you look up the vaccines report suck as MMR you get a huge packet and not everything is clear on it and I am sure Dr don’t read these either.

  8. This is a letter from an M.D., please read– http://www.aapsonline.org/testimony/hepbstatement.htm.

    Dr. Jane Orient is the author of a homeschooling spelling book I use and I found this letter while Googling her. It’s good to know there are M.D.s fighting on the same side as parents. I also thought it was interesting that in the letter, she wrote that vaccine injuries are more common with Caucasians, yet their “safety” was tested on Alaskans and Asians.

    Do you know about titer tests? They can lower the number of vaccines a child needs– http://drtenpenny.com/titer-test-information/titer-tests/

    I agree 100% that the cause of autism is disposition + vaccines, not one or the other. Thank you for being so level-headed about this topic!

  9. Ien in the Kootenays says:

    I love your rational, balanced approach. I am sick and tired of the dogmatic mentality, either/or thinking and name calling we find in both the pro and anti vaccine people. No, we do not want to see a return of diphteria and polio. Yes, we support the science of vaccines in general. AND experiences like your’s happen. Questioning the wisdom of an intense and early vaccination schedule on sensitive children does not make one an “anti vaxer.” I would like to see recognition of potential damage to those sensitive children. If they are less than 15% of the population we can still maintain herd immunity even if they do not get the jabs.
    I am grateful I had my offspring in the seventies, when I still trusted ‘the system’ and the vaccine schedule was less intense as well. You are doing good work.

    • Thank you so much. You literally made my day, Ien. Have you heard of the movie “Vaxxed”? I am totally with you. There is something going on …. I don’t think it’s all vaccine caused but we need more transparency and more docs willing to think outside the box.

    • By the way, found your blog. Very interesting!

      I was a little lost on the underwear post — why were they going to tax them if they were for you?

      • Ien in the Kootenays says:

        Lol, you found the personal blog. There is also a garden blog and one with more serious reflections. Yes, in B.C. adult clothing is taxed but children’s clothing up to age 14 is not.

  10. I realize that this post is several years old, but I think that in light of all of the recent research, it would be responsible to update or even delete these posts. You’ve made it clear that you do not believe that vaccinations CAUSE autism, but you also make it very clear that you do believe that it HELPS cause it.

    With so many people looking for an excuse to avoid vaccinations, we need to remove the misguided information so that people can make good, non-emotional (and not fearful) decisions.

    All of the older “studies” that pointed to a link between vaccinations and autism have been proven fraudulent. More and more studies and research being conducted increasingly point to other factors (like genetic links). Anyone who still tries to make any connection between the two (even when saying it isn’t the only factor, just a contributing one) is on a witch hunt.

    I’m not going to deny that there are situations where a limited, modified, delayed, or even canceled vaccination schedules are needed for the child’s safety. And if there are parents who are concerned for other risks, and would prefer natural or alternate health protection measures, I won’t judge. However, I do believe that if you make that kind of decision, it needs to be well informed and you need to base your decision on accurate information. To make that easier on overwhelmed parents, we need to remove outdated, incorrect information, like this post.

    There is currently no medical connection between vaccinations and autism. It doesn’t mater if you think there is.. There isn’t. Saying that there is, and using outdated and unproven information to make your fraudulent point is very irresponsible.

    • Hi Jane. Thanks for commenting. I will in fact not be deleting this post, but am planning an update in which there is a scientifically documented proof of the MMR vaccine causing autism. I don’t know if you heard about it in the news or now, but this video will show you some of it. I am very disappointed with what is happening in corporate America, and in our government, that allows this kind of thinking to proliferate.

      My son watched this video and started crying out, “Mommy, shouldn’t we be able to sue them b/c of what this did to me?”

      Yes, I think we should.

      Let me know what you think about this. I hope to post about this in the coming week. http://www.c-span.org/video/?c4546421/rep-bill-posey-calling-investigation-cdcs-mmr-reasearch-fraud

      • I watched the video, but I didn’t see or hear any admittance or mention of documented proof that vaccines link to autism. I heard him mention the Wakefield study, which is the completely fraudulent study that has been universally discredited. The gist of the video seemed to be that a little over a decade ago, when they did a study, they hid information that showed race to significantly affect the statistics. That’s still bad, and I’m glad that all of the information is being revealed and I do hope that they get thoroughly investigated for hiding some information – but that’s not quite the same as hiding a proven link between autism and vaccines.

        After the study mentioned in the video was published, more have been conducted and published by different sources. I have heard of the link between race (previously hidden as mentioned in the video) or genetics and autism, so at least someone, somewhere was being honest. The later studies that I’ve seen have largely pointed away from the link between autism and vaccines (some directly discredited the idea).

        I still haven’t heard of any published study that has been accepted by the medical community that definitively shows vaccines to cause autism, so I will be very interested to see what you post!

        • Hi Jane.

          The video talked about a whistleblower, Dr. Thompson, who has come forward about documents that were destroyed that proved by a large margin that the MMR vaccine led to much higher rates of autism in black boys. I don’t know, but perhaps you missed it?

          In fact, the video talked about how Wakefield but didn’t state that he was wrong. In fact, with this new information, it seems that Wakefield may have been correct after all.

          The study proved the link for black babies and in fact, I would suspect it will be extrapolated to carry to others as well. I have a friend who is very much “up” on this and I am going to be getting more up to speed and will likely post about this in the near future. The reason for the coverup was “statistical significance was huge” – which means there was a large correspondence of the MMR with autism in black children.

          I have personally talked with Temple Grandin, a PhD and the most famous autistic person in the world, and she stated that there has never been a valid study done on autism and vaccines. I don’t know if you have seen her video, but she is one sharp cookie. And she knows what a valid study is.

          • Sorry, all I have to go on right now to understand your argument is the video that you linked to. The video said nothing about documents that “proved by a large margin that the MMR vaccine led to much higher rates of autism in black boys.” The only thing it said about the destroyed documents is that “for the non-birth certificate sample, the adjusted race effect statistical significance was huge” and they decided to “not report any race effects.” The video didn’t mention that the there was any proven link between vaccines and the cause of autism, just that they omitted the fact that the outcome varied by race.

            Stating that the “adjusted race effect statistical significance was huge” is not the same as saying “there was a large correspondence of the MMR with autism in black children.” That just means that the outcome varied widely dependent on race (which I have seen suggested elsewhere, especially because studies are suggesting that genetics are a much larger component than originally thought), but still doesn’t prove direct cause between autism and vaccines. Actually….the fact that the outcome was very heavily influenced by race does suggest that genetics, and not the vaccine (which is the same for everyone, regardless of race) would be a much more influential cause. If anything, it hurts your argument.

            Although, if you know that it specifically had to do with black boys, then maybe you have more information than what was provided in the video. I look forward to you posting more about it later.

            The reason why the CDC conducted and published the study in 2004 was to determine whether or not there is a direct link between autism and vaccines because of the Wakefield study (as mentioned in the video). They (like many other studies) were trying to see if the Wakefield study had any validity behind it. He did not need to discredit the Wakefield study in his speech, because by now it has been widely debunked by the scientific field. Even if we do find a definitive link, nobody will credit Wakefield with the discovery because scientists and medical professionals who reviewed his study have criticized it for being very poorly handled. It is not just the outcome that has been criticized, but HOW the study was conducted, and his fraudulent practices. His study has been completely retracted, and Wakefield has been barred from practicing medicine in the UK. Anyone who sites the Wakefield study positively to support their argument is woefully uninformed.

            While Temple Grandin is a very smart lady, her doctorate is in animal science, not in human medical studies. Her books and conferences on autism are well respected because she can combine her intelligence with her own personal experience with autism. However, her fame shouldn’t mean that we need to blindly trust her personal opinion on whether or not any valid studies have been done on autism and vaccines. That is not her area of expertise.

          • Hello Jane,

            There is more information out there. Did you see VAXXED The Movie? You might wish to check it out.

            As for the race issue, apparently, according to the movie, there was a highly statistical correlation b/t the MMR vaccine and autism in black boys. There was also the same issue in those without co-morbid health issues.

            From the movie, Wakefield stated that he only recommended having the MMR vaccine broken out. Why should that be a big problem?

            Wakefield being barred doesn’t hold water for me. Now the State of CA is going after Dr. Sears for recommending a medical exemption from vaccines for a child. And wasn’t there a doctor who was barred for stating that there were health risks associated with homosexuality? What do you think about that?

            As for Temple Grandin, yes I know that she doesn’t have a human medical study background, but she knows research and how a study should be conducted. There has NEVER been a Vaxxed / Non Vaxxed study done. There should be. Does that help?

      • I wrote in a few months ago, telling my story about my son and why I think it is vaccines that caused my son’s “on the autism spectrum”.. as the dr’s call it. Not sure why it was not shared, maybe it was too long… But I read this post and completely agree with being able to sue when it comes to the MMR vaccine. I have been looking at pictures and videos of my son up until around 2 years old and he was a happy, healthy “normal” baby, and it was after he received a “combo vaccine, with the MMR vaccine in it that he stopped talking, and became different in little but noticeable ways. I really hope that there is enough evidence to start a “reversal treatment” so that we can heal our children from the damage the vaccines have caused, as well as get justice when it comes to being pressured to administer these vaccines to our children; as I was definitely pressured into it with little-no information or precautions.
        I am a first time mom of a wonderful 4 year old son and I just wish that I could have had the option instead of being pushed to give vaccines, and in combinations, which just seem to be too much for our babies tiny bodies! I would appreciate any feedback or more info if anyone has found any on the links with autism and vaccines!

    • Lucy Brenton says:

      Well, now this post is several years older…and the tired refrain of commenter Jane is made even more obtuse as admissions by the #CDCWhistleblower have made it clear that profits were more important than health outcomes.

      Anyone who still vaccinates themselves or their children likely live under rocks, stuck their heads in the sand or simply refuse to do the research and investigation needed for a subject such as vaccination.

      Vaccinations are not safe, those who claim otherwise are disproven easily. In 1986, vaccine manufacturers went to Congress and admitted that their products are so harmful, that nearly every time a victim of vaccine injury sued the manufacturer for the disability or death caused by their products, the plaintiff would be awarded a large judgment, sometimes even in the millions of dollars. Vaccines were no longer profitable and manufacturers threatened to discontinue manufacturing these admittedly harmful products…unless Congress intervened. The manufacturers demanded a liability waiver on the harm their products were causing. Congress gave it to them. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was born.

      Let’s be clear: victims of vaccine injury did not go away. The manufacturers were still selling harmful products. The difference now was on the ability of the victim to hold the manufacturer financially accountable for the disability or death caused by their products. Next up: Congress creates the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Those who are aware of the legislation and program can now sue the government in a special court created just for vaccine victims. Where does government get the money to pay victims for their documented and admitted death and disability? Taxpayers. Yes, you read that right. Manufacturers have zero financial liability for the harm their products cause, yet they keep 100% of the profits. Victims have a very short 36 months to figure out their injury might be caused by a vaccine, then to sue. If they miss the time limit, too bad. The taxpayer will continue to pay for their medical needs and injuries via social security, medicaid and other programs. Manufacturers reap billions in profits. Taxpayers pay billions to victims.

      Never, ever would I allow anyone to inject myself or any member of my family with any vaccine. Would you buy a product whose manufacturer has zero financial incentive to make sure that product is safe? I sure wouldn’t.

      I grieve with my friends who have lost babies to VIDS – Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome. I grieve with my friends whose children have living bodies but brains and nervous systems damaged by toxic vaccine ingredients. I grieve for the taxpayers whose time and wealth is stolen from them to indemnify rich pharmaceutical companies. I grieve that the average person still can’t think independently and simply follow the herd down the wide path to ill health.

      Thank you for your blog posts, I have enjoyed these and others! Thank you for courageously writing about this issue and sharing the story of your sweet son with us.

      • Thank you so much. The situation is terrible. So (and you know that I am very concerned about vaccines) what do you say to people who say that vaccines have rid us from many diseases. My doctor, for example, isn’t pushing them on us but he thinks some are warranted. I want vaccines to be safer and am appalled at what is in them but want to make good medical decisions as well and not regret something later. Thanks.