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We use a lot of coconut products in our family.

Coconut oil, Coconut Butter (typically I make my own Homemade Coconut Butter), Coconut Milk (we make this homemade too), Unsweetened Coconut Flakes, Coconut Flour.

Pretty much–you name it.

If it's coconut, we love it.

Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite places to buy coconut products–

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And I have a great treat for you. A giveaway of $100 of wonderful products from one of my favorite coconut purveyors, Tropical Traditions.

I've been using Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil for a loooong time.

We use mainly their Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil, but we also use their Gold Label Coconut Oil from time to time.

But Tropical Traditions doesn't only have coconut products.

And recently I had the opportunity to try a few more of their product lines to get better acquainted with them–

And I love what I got to try.

1.  Virgin Red Palm Oil

For years I've heard that Red Palm Oil is THE oil of choice for popping popcorn.

And if you've been around my blog for awhile, you know what popcorn fans we are. (Check out my Surprise Seasoning Popcorn, Herbes de Provence Popcorn and Dorito® Popcorn for a look at some of our favorite recipes.)

Thanks to Tropical Traditions, I finally got the chance to pop some corn in this oil.

It's amazing.

The taste is superb, it smells fabulous when popping, and the color–the popcorn comes out looking just like the yellow-ey tinged popcorn at movie theaters, only more vibrant.

And it's all natural. The reddish color of the oil turns to a deep yellow that coats the popcorn beautifully.  No “Yellow No. 5” in this stuff :).

2.  Shredded Coconut

We use shredded coconut in my Easiest Coconut Milk, for making Coconut Butter, Homemade Almond Joy® Bars, and for these delicious No Bake Coconut Delights.  I decided to use them to make the Almond Joy® Bars first.

The Tropical Traditions Coconut Shreds were light and larger than most, but not chunky like the coconut chips you typically find in snack mixes.  The topping of the bars required a little more coconut oil than usual, but the bars had a heartier feel to them which was really pleasing.  And if you haven't tried that Almond Joy® Bar recipe yet, you don't know what you are missing :).

3.  Natural Dish Detergent

I really like this dish detergent. We haven't bought a “typical store brand” for a long time (I've been working on a homemade version) but thought I would give this one a try.  And it's great. Gets the job done without all the chemical nasties.  Those chemical nasties and I don't get along. At all.

4. Coconut Cream Concentrate

The label on the Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate says that it really is another name for Coconut Butter.  Even though I make my own Homemade Coconut Butter all the time (it's SUCH a bargain), I wanted to test the quality of Tropical Traditions' product.  I made an interesting apple and coconut treat and it turned out fabulously.  TT's Coconut Butter is a different texture than mine–I suspect it's because they make their Coconut Concentrate from fresh coconuts, and I made mine from the dried variety.

The fragrance reminds me of their Gold Label Coconut Oil somewhat.

So–the giveaway entry is below, but in the meantime I wanted to mention some sales that Tropical Traditions has going on right now.

Special Sale

Right now, through September 5, you can Buy One Get One Free of Tropical Traditions' Gold Label Coconut Oil Gallons.

This coconut oil apparently has more antioxidants than any on the market.

Now you can get 2 gallons for $99 and they typically sell for $110 each–this is a really good deal!

You can click here to check out their site.

Giveaway Details:

1.  One winner will receive a $100 Gift Certificate to Tropical Traditions for use towards any of their great products (including their amazing grass-fed beef products).

2.  The giveaway will run from today through Wednesday, Sept 11, 2013 at 12:00 am.

3.  I will notify the winner by email and will give the winner 48 hours to respond.  If I don't hear back I will choose another winner.

4.  All entries will be verified, so please don't say you did something that you didn't do.  That's not honest, folks :)!

Enter by Following the Directions in the Rafflecopter Widget here….

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Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of these products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product–I simply really love their stuff :)!

Thanks for being such wonderful readers. I look forward to announcing the winner!


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  1. Wow…all this great information! I am still reading and reading and reading. I started out reading about EO’s to get ideas on what were the best. I am attending a seminar on YLO’s and heard from a friend about the controversy. She said they are good products, but don’t get caught up with the selling etc. I said I was just going to listen and see what this person has to say about EO. Not sure if this person is with YLO. I read all the parts of the oils and found myself linking to other things you suggested. Thanks for the info!

  2. I learned that Tropical Traditions offers raw organic pet food and raw meat pet treats! definitely interested in these products!

  3. I didn’t realize that both human breast milk and coconut oil contained lauric acid! The things I learn when I read stuff… 🙂

  4. It is better to eat coconuts from where they are grown. The ones in the store are not fresh, they have traveled several thousands of miles to us. A fresh coconut does not have a long shelf life. If you have allergys to mold, coconuts in stores may have mold. Eat the dried coconut instead.

  5. Danyelle Cotten says:

    Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is slightly heated at the end of the processing prior to packaging to ensure that no moisture is present, and to draw all the oil out of the curds (coconut solids) that are formed by the natural oil separation process

  6. Tropical traditions has so many great coconut products. I want to try them all!

  7. Danyelle Cotten says:

    I love coconut oil and use alot of it when I can,I would love to win some!I have been wanting to try oil pulling as well so this would come in at a great time

  8. I learned about their expiration dates!

  9. I’ve been ordering from Tropical Traditions for years! I’m still waiting for their Cocofeed to be available!

  10. I learned that a coconut can be classified as a nut, a fruit, and a vegetable!

  11. Coconut cream concentrate has fewer carbs than coconut milk :0 great for my low carb lifestyle