How Much Can You Save On Whole Food at Costco? The Answer Might Surprise You.

{I've written about Costco's coconut oil and have mentioned their products in many posts such as my Sugar-free Lemonade, Homemade "JELLO", and Luscious Lemon Bars, but I've never done a post about how much money you can save on whole foods at this big box giant.  Today, please welcome Annemarie Rossi from Real Food Real Deals as she shares about whole food at Costco and how much you can save on ...Read The Full Post

12 Ways to S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Grocery Budget

Is Saving Money one the things you plan to do this year?I looked up statistics on New Year's resolutions and found that:- getting out of debt and - saving more money and spending lessare two of the most popular.And--34% of all resolutions have to do with money.  (source)Groceries are a big part of any family (or personal) budget.  So I'm sharing today some tips that have ...Read The Full Post

Want to Save Money in the New Year? -Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 & 1 Thing I Won’t Be Making

One of the best ways I know to save money is to "Make Your Own Everything."Yes, I said "everything."Now, I know--"everything" is within reason.  I like Homemade Versions of just about everything, but one can get carried away.For example, I once saw a magazine that did a spoof of Martha Stewart. You know how she has that calendar in the front of her magazine?  When I look at that I ...Read The Full Post

Can’t Miss Black Friday Healthy Living Deals & Why My Husband Didn’t Want Me to Write This Post

I hope all of you in the U.S. had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. It was a bit of a mixed bag for me, as I really did way too much in the way of cooking. But we had 2 single folks over from our church and the time with them was great. We ate, fellowshipped, and played games. One of them was Chutes and Ladders!  It was such a hoot to play a silly "no skill required at all" game. ...Read The Full Post

Real Help for Healing from Chronic Fatigue, Candida, Food Allergies, AutoImmune Diseases, and More

Something has been on my heart a lot this past week.It's that sooo many in this world are sick.And need help.I've been there myself. And, in fact, I am still dealing with health issues in our family.I'll be sharing more soon, but if you've been following me for awhile, you know that we've been / are struggling with:- candida - autism / Asperger's - anxiety - adrenal ...Read The Full Post

DIY Baby-Wearing Wrap and Ergo Baby Carrier Giveaway

Are you a natural crunchy mama?I wasn't when I got pregnant with my first.I was eating a low fat, high sugar, SAD diet.But things changed while I was pregnant.  I'll fill you all in on the details at some point, but here is the kind of parent I ended up being, after being quite "typical" for most of my life. ...Read The Full Post

Our Roadside Emergency–and Ultimate Emergency Giveaway! $3,719+ Value–Two Winners

You've seen it all in the news lately.Tornados. Flooding. Hurricanes. And more.And then there's simple stuff like the power going out in the middle of winter ice storms or spring thunderstorms (just before we moved into our current home, there was an ice storm that had power out in our area for 3 weeks.  Yikes! Can you imagine being without power for that long?)Regardless of why it ...Read The Full Post

$100 Tropical Traditions Gift Certificate Winner!

I love getting to announce the winners of giveaways.It's so nice being the bearer of good news--and being able to bless someone else with something that can help them afford a healthy lifestyle.Plus, my boys like helping me pick the winner using the Rafflecopter doo-hickey (or whatever kind of giveaway technological helper thing I am using at the time). I love getting my kids involved with ...Read The Full Post

Homeschool Giveaway – CM (Charlotte Mason) Live! $265 Value – Two Winners

I haven't written much about our homeschooling, but it is very much a part of our lives.When my husband and I married, we planned to homeschool. Maybe all the way through high school--yikes ?!It wasn't something that I ever really thought of when I was younger (there weren't many homeschoolers around back then), but as I met more homeschooling families, and as we talked about it more, I ...Read The Full Post

Are You Prepared for an Emergency? Me Neither. Here’s Help.

I've thought about emergency food and water storage for a long time, but I for sure don't feel "ready."Basically, when I hear about natural disasters, I get really nervous and think, "I have no idea what I would do if we were without power for a week."You too?Maybe you're not a "prepper" per se, but you've thought about hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, and just plain old power ...Read The Full Post