50% off Whole Foods and Healthy Living & a $10 Coupon!

You know that I'm always on the lookout for great deals - and I love sharing them with you.I know how hard it is to try to save money on healthy products so it's important for us whole foodies to help each other out.But I really don't jump at just any deal.  Just those that are for products that I know and love.Today's deal is one of those. ...Read The Full Post

Whole Food & Healthy Living Deals Galore! ~ June 23, 2012

I typically don't post on the weekends, but sometimes there are some deals that are so great that I need to share them with you all.This weekend is one of those times.Here are some great deals going on right now to help you save on your whole foods budget: ...Read The Full Post

Up to 65% off Healthy Living and Whole Foods Products!!

If you haven't been around my blog for very long, you may not know that I have a "thing" about saving money.That means I like to do it.  A lot.There are many reasons why I have a real drive to save, and I won't go into all of them right now, but let's just say that living for a year on a salary of $13,500 was part of it :-).  (And that was when I was married and had a baby.)I have to ...Read The Full Post

51% Off Tri-Blade Vegetable Slicer – Great Grain Free | Paleo Kitchen Tool!

I know - I'm not a deal blogger, but I do write about whole foods and frugality and special diets so this post really fits the bill.I've long had my eye on these pasta slicers / spiral slicers.I'm always trying to work veggies into our diets and the more variety of options that I have--the better.And to be able to make pasta without eating more grains?  I love the idea.This Groupon ...Read The Full Post