Free Ebooks, Buy One Get One Coconut Oil & Healthy Living Deals – 7/27/13

Happy weekend, readers. We continue to be a little too busy--hence my late posting today.  Gardening and events with friends. And then we purchased a used trundle bed for our boys which turned out to be quite the event.  Hope to share a photo with you all soon. ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks, Free Shipping, and More Healthy Living Deals – 7/20/13

Hello Readers!  It's the weekend again - time for another listing of healthy living deals to help stretch your budget. One thing we did this week was to get a huge bulk purchase of organic cherries.  We have a great local store that offers bulk orders of organic produce throughout the year. We bought a TON of cherries. I was very excited, but they came in early so we were really scrambling last ...Read The Full Post

Buy One Get Four Free Whole Food Cookbooks– and a $325+ Giveaway.

 Note: I am an affiliate for this book bundle and will earn a small commission for every sale made through this post (there's no extra charge to you!) Thank you for supporting my family this way!Hey readers.I have told you before that I am not one to promote tons of book bundles.  There are sooo many on the market today it's hard to sort through them all and get the really good ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks, Buy 1 Get 1 Coconut Oil and other Healthy Living Deals – 7/13/13

Greetings, readers! I can't believe the weekend is here. We had a super busy week - my hubby and oldest son were out of town at scout camp all week, which made for an "odd" week of just me and my youngest.  It was sure quiet around here. Then our garden had troubles galore. Sigh. 4 raised beds of tomatoes struggling horribly and our whole bed of kale and chard being eaten by something. ...Read The Full Post

Free and Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coconut Oil {Update: Deal Still On!}

Happy Independence Day to all of my readers in the United States!We had a wonderful brunch with friends and then marched in a parade with our local U.S. Congressman.  It was a great time.  We've campaigned for him since he first ran for office as a U.S. representative and now he is in D.C.Anyway, I hope you all are having a blessed day, regardless of whether you are in the U.S. celebrating ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks and Weekend Health Living Deals – June 29, 2013

Hey everyone.It's the weekend again. Time for some ways to save money on your question for whole health.You know, this money stuff really has me down.  I have always been a cheap er frugal gal, so it really burns me up to see gas prices climbing sky high, food prices ratcheting up, and medical expenses going through the roof.  I mean, we almost never go to the doctor (I take care of most ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks, Free Shipping, Discounts on Gut Health Course, Lilla Rose, and More! Healthy Living Deals– 6/22/13

Happy weekend, readers.I'm sorry I've been a little scarce these days.We've had a lot going on again.1.  hockey2.  no sleep3.  garden--lots of gardening.  And we're already harvesting. Kale chips anyone :)? ...Read The Full Post

Free and Discounted Ebooks and Healthy Living Deals – 6/15/13

Hi Readers! Sorry you haven't heard from me much this week. We've been totally overwhelmed with gardening stuff. We've really been up--down--and all around with our garden plans and finally settled on some vinyl raised beds that we've been arranging for and putting in all week. And it's still going on today. ...Read The Full Post

Are You Ready for an Emergency? Preparedness & Sustainability Resources–on the Cheap

Do the recent tragedies like the tornados in Oklahoma have you shaken up?Do you wonder if you have have everything together to provide for your family in a time of need such as that?I know I can answer "yes" to both of the above questions. ...Read The Full Post

Free & Discounted Ebooks, a Giveaway, Coconut Oil Sale, and More Healthy Living Savings – June 1, 2013

Greetings, wonderful readers! What a week it's been. I must say, I am pretty enthused, but also a little worn out from all the excitement this week from the probiotics series I was working on and the probiotics teleseminar we held on Thursday. I learned more than I expected and feel like this is a whole new world opening up for me and my family in terms of our health. ...Read The Full Post