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Free Books, Free Shipping, BOGO Coconut Oil, and Three Super Sales

Hello to all my great readers.  I have a bunch of great deals to share with you again this week. One of them is super popular, so make sure to check out the whole post. ...Read The Full Post

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If you've been around Whole New Mom for awhile, you know that I love making things from scratch.And that doesn't just mean baking from scratch.We're talking everything. ...Read The Full Post

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This week I have another list of great FREE Ebooks for you to enjoy. The list isn't as long as last week's, but it is still worth perusing.  I, for sure, have already gleaned some great information and recipes from these. And on Monday, I hope to announce a great sale on a huge bundle of ebooks for you.  It will be an unbelievable value.  So--stay tuned! But for now, here are the FREEBIES! ...Read The Full Post

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Great Free Books, BOGO Coconut Oil, Eco-Friendly Dish Detergent, and More!

Well, I've had just an incredibly busy week.  I'd hoped to have another handy-dandy personal care DIY post for you, but time wouldn't allow.  I was working on my Which Essential Oils Company is Best? research and had to spend much-needed time with my family last night without stressing about writing another post. So, thanks for your patience. I did think that I should take some quick time to ...Read The Full Post

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Ok - I know it's "old news" but two days ago I almost needed paramedic assistance at the gas pump after filling up our tank.  My son stood outside watching me pump gas and as the price to fill our tank climbed and climbed, he and I watched in total shock.   Makes me want to go everywhere on a bike and never drive. anywhere. again. Meanwhile, the interest on our "super checking account" has ...Read The Full Post

Why I Don’t Make Laundry Detergent

You know by now that I get a real kick out of MYO (Make Your Own) projects, right?My husband says I get this little mischievous smile on my face when I figure out a way to make something that we've been buying (or not buying because it is just way too expensive :-)), or even when I just think I'll be able to do so.I really feel like I am beating the system or something.Kind of like ...Read The Full Post

Simplify and Do It Yourself – Easy Homemade ~ Only $.99! {$3.99 after 8/21)

If you've been around Whole New Mom awhile, you already know I am always trying to "Do It Yourself" (myself -- ahem) or "Make My Own" of almost anything.It's kind of silly really.My husband has laughed at me when I see something expensive that I think I can make myself for waaaaaay cheaper.  He says I get this funny smile on my face.Ridiculous, huh?Read on.  Maybe it's not so ...Read The Full Post