Free Kindle Books and More Healthy Living Deals 3/2/14

Hey all. Sorry for getting this out late.  I had an uber busy weekend. But there were sooo many good Free Kindle Books that I wanted to post this asap. ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books, Super Savings on Cloth Pads, & More Healthy Deals 2/22/14

Another weekend.More savings for you.I have a few really nice treats for you of my sponsors has just cut prices by 25%. ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books & More Healthy Deals, Including One Your Life Might Depend on – 2/15/14

Hey Readers.I don't know about you, but are prices just going through the roof?  Every time I turn around it happens.I was just about to place a bulk order of nuts and they went up about 50%.Irks me because while they say it's because of a drought, you know that the prices aren't going to be coming back down to the previous level if the drought ends, you know?There should be some ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books, 50% off Coconut Oil and More

Hey Readers.It's another weekend (can't believe how quickly they are going by) so it's another time for some healthy living deals--and those great Free Kindle Books.It's been snowy snowy snowy here (which I love)--literally we get more snow almost every day.I sure hope it takes its time thawing or we are going to have a flood :). ...Read The Full Post

Need to Get Control of Your Pantry, Finances, Blog, Chores, Menu, & Life? Join Me and Read This.

Do you ever feel like you've been left out in the cold?I do.Check out these things odd factolas about me: ...Read The Full Post

Freebies and a Don’t Miss Deal on Coconut Oil

Happy Weekend, Readers! I sit here in Michigan surrounded by snow.  Seriously. It has snowed soooo much this winter. I love winter, so I am just fine with it.  It's gorgeous.  No allergies. And it isn't muggy. But this is a lot. ...Read The Full Post

Grab These Freebies While You Can!

Hey Readers.  It's another weekend which means time for more Free Kindle Books and other great ways to save on other crunchola deals.And isn't the weather nutso?  It's freezing cold here, which is to be expected, but I heard last night on the radio that it was snowing in Dallax, TX (and that the city was in a standstill because of it), and that it was almost balmy in ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Ebooks, Excalibur Dehydrator Giveaway, and More Healthy Living Deals – 1/18/14

Hi Readers! It's another weekend and that means more healthy living deals for you. I've got a pretty big list of great Free Kindle Ebooks for you, plus some other healthy savings! ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks and More Healthy Living Deals – 1/11/14

So here we are, readers, on the other end (sort of) of the Polar Vortex.It got suuuuuper coooold here, but thankfully we didn't have the power outage that we had during the ice storm.What a winter it's been! ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks, More Healthy Living Deals & a Quick Update from Me 12/28/13

Wowee!  What a week.We lost power for almost 2 days just before Christmas (as the temperatures were headed towards 12.  Yikes!).Then, sadly, we had a brother of a friend pass away.Then, the wife of one of my husband's colleagues passed away suddenly from cancer.Then the power went out again.And today, as my husband returned from one of the funerals with the boys (I was wiped ...Read The Full Post