Free Ebooks, More Healthy Living Deals & a Quick Update from Me 12/28/13

Wowee!  What a week.We lost power for almost 2 days just before Christmas (as the temperatures were headed towards 12.  Yikes!).Then, sadly, we had a brother of a friend pass away.Then, the wife of one of my husband's colleagues passed away suddenly from cancer.Then the power went out again.And today, as my husband returned from one of the funerals with the boys (I was wiped ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks, Great Sales, and Save Money Shopping Online

Hi Readers.For all of you who celebrated Christmas, I so hope that you had a Blessed Christmas Day.  We take our Christmas celebrating slow around here, so we are still doing things to honor the season.  Watching movies (some Christmas-ey--some not.), making a few special things, and such. We didn't even open any gifts today and just one yesterday.Imagine that :). ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks & More Healthy Living Deals – 12/21/13

Hi Everyone.It's another weekend and another chance to get some great Free Ebooks and some super savings on more healthy living stuffola from around the web.First of all, I have to tell you that we are bracing, where I live, for a big old ice storm.  Should hit anytime now through tomorrow morning.  So who knows what kind of power or internet or anything we'll have.  We were going to spend ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks, Healthy Living Deals, and Giveaways Galore! 12/14/13

Hi Readers! It's another weekend. That means another post full of great Free Ebooks and truly a ton of great deals this week. It's such a help to get things for free or super cheap, you know?  And if you win a big giveaway?  Well, that's something in and of itself.  I don't win many giveaways, but I've won some.  And boy is it fun to get something free like that in the mail :). ...Read The Full Post

FREE Ebooks & More Health Living Deals – 12/7/13

Hey Readers!First of all, sorry for having you click through to read the post (if you're reading in your email or reader).  There are a number of reasons I am doing this, one of which is an outbreak of stolen material from my posts.  I've been spending quite a bit of time reporting folks for stealing my posts and reposting them around the internet, and from what I reading, having your blog go ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks Galore, & More Frugal Crunchola Deals – 11/30/13

'Tis the weekend for BIG SAVINGS!Did any of your brave the crowds on Black Friday?I sure didn't. ...Read The Full Post

Can’t Miss Black Friday Healthy Living Deals & Why My Husband Didn’t Want Me to Write This Post

I hope all of you in the U.S. had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. It was a bit of a mixed bag for me, as I really did way too much in the way of cooking. But we had 2 single folks over from our church and the time with them was great. We ate, fellowshipped, and played games. One of them was Chutes and Ladders!  It was such a hoot to play a silly "no skill required at all" game. ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks, Great Coconut Oil Sale, and More Healthy Living Deals Galore! 11/24/13

Hello Readers!Sorry I didn't get this post up on Saturday as usual.  It was actually my birthday yesterday, and while we didn't have any "specific to celebrating" per se events, we did have a very full day.The boys both had hockey and then in between we spent time at a whole foods taste fest in a local high quality organic shop in our downtown area, and then went to a honey extraction ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks and More Healthy Living Deals – 11/16/13

Hi everyone!  I'm back with some more money-saving healthy living opportunities for you. I'm actually sitting at a blogging conference while I type this--my first ever.  It's been a blast meeting some online friends--up close and personal :).Anyhow, here goes---Loads of Free Books, and the Always Much Awaited FREE SHIPPING from Tropical Traditions in here again! ...Read The Full Post

Free Ebooks and More Crunchola Deals Galore –11/9/13

It's another weekend and another huge list of things to help your make healthy living work on a restricted budget. And hey--even if your budget isn't limited, why not save money and do something else with it like bless someone who needs a little encouragement.  That's always a good thing. ...Read The Full Post