How and Why to Dehydrate – Part Three (Increasing Nutrition by Dehydrating)

We've already talked about how, with a dehydrator, you canSave money andSave time and spaceWith a dehydrator, you can also increase the nutritional value of the foods that you are already eating. Find out how....Increasing nutrition in your food is especially important today because:the nutritional content of our foods isn't anywhere near what it used to be. Many of us ...Read The Full Post

How and Why to Dehydrate – Part Two (Saving Time and Space with a Dehydrator)

In yesterday's post, I outlined how a dehydrator can save you money -- LOTS of money.And as if that weren't enough to get you to add one of these to your list of "kitchen must haves," as promised, I will continue by explaining how this great black box can:Save you time Save storage space, andBoost the nutritional value of foodToday we'll cover the first two and we'll get to ...Read The Full Post

How and Why to Dehydrate – Part One (3 Ways to Save Money Dehydrating)

Ever since we purchased this sleek, black machine about 1 year ago, I have almost not stopped talking about it.  Well, not really...That's the way that I am about things that I'm excited about -- that's a lot of the reason why my husband encouraged me to start this blog.  He'd say, "Well, you are always wanting to share with others about great things that you have found, so this way you don't ...Read The Full Post

The Best French Press Coffee-Maker

This time last year I was looking for the perfect coffee press.I was still drinking about a cup (sometimes translated as a mug filled up to the brim :-)) of coffee every morning, but now I am not.In any case, every time I used my plastic electric coffee maker, I cringed, wondering what lethal or hormone-altering combination of BPA and other chemicals in the plastic might be doing to my ...Read The Full Post

Reducing Pressure in the Kitchen with a Pressure Cooker

I'll bet that you have often wondered how to use a pressure cooker.I used to too.Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?  Reducing pressure using a pressure cooker?  Well, it's true. ...Read The Full Post