Stevia – What it Is and How to Use It

Stevia is quite the "sweetener in the news" these days.It used to be something most hadn't heard about, but now it's showing up all over the place--in bottled drinks, in the sweetener section of your grocery store, and on blogs (such as mine :).)But what is stevia, what are the different forms it's available in, and how can you use it? ...Read The Full Post

The “Straight Poop” About Probiotics

{Post Updated 8/16:}Information about probiotics is everywhere.  While they are for sure beneficial to your health, it's important to know how probiotics benefit your health, and also what the best probiotics are.Gut health is crucial to overall health - and fermented foods and probiotics are apparently 2 things that are very useful for improving gut health. I've had issues with fermented ...Read The Full Post

Winner of Jerky Direct’s Organic, Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

Someone is going to be a very happy snacker this week.Just as happy as my boys are in the photo above :).Who wouldn't be happy with six packs of super yummy organic, grass-fed beef jerky coming to your door?Is it you? ...Read The Full Post

A Great Healthy “On the Run” Snack – Grass-Fed, Organic Beef Jerky – Review and Giveaway {Giveaway Closed}

If you're like me, snacks can be a toughy for the whole foods family. You're tempted to reach for cookies, crackers, or (gasp) candy.Well, I've got lots of Homemade Snacks that I make regularly, but often my kiddos eat them up so fast that I need to work to keep up with them!It's nice to every once in a while have something available for them to snack on that I don't have to make.I'm ...Read The Full Post

Announcing the Best Essential Oils Company

I used to think that essential oils were a scam, but I ended up finding out that they are a great resource for your natural medicine cabinet for issues such as headaches, ear infections, tummy aches, viruses and bacterial infections, and more.But I eventually felt I needed to make sure that I was buying from the best essential oils company that I could reasonably afford.I spent a ton of ...Read The Full Post

Which Essential Oils Company is Best? ~ Part 6–Personal Attacks, Bias, and Distillation

Before I move on to the controversial issues in this post, here are the links to the other posts in this series. - Which Essential Oils Company is Best? – Part 1 – Best Essential Oils -What a Good Oils Company Should Have – Part 2 - Which Essential Oils Company is Best – Troubles with the Oils Industry – Part 3 – Young Living vs. doTERRA – Part 4 - Are Multi-Level Marketing Oils Worth It? – ...Read The Full Post

Which Essential Oils Company is Best? Are Multi-Level Marketing Oils Worth It? – Part 5

If you've been thinking about, or already are using, essential oils, at one time or another you've likely wondered if you should be part of Young Living, doTERRA, or some other multi-level marketing (MLM) company to get "the best essential oils" at a discount.Today let's talk about these Essential Oil Direct Sales companies up close to see the pros and cons of joining--and whether or not what ...Read The Full Post

Which Essential Oils Company is Best? Young Living and doTERRA – Part 4

Post Updated 4/26/17:Here we are again - moving toward finding the Best Essential Oils Company.To clarify, what I'm after here is the Best Essential Oils Company for the money.So you can work on natural healing without breaking the bank--and I think I've found a good one.Just being realistic:I'm one person looking into a bunch of companies--with some help.  So I'm leaving the ...Read The Full Post

Save a Ton on Your Food Bill – Two Days Left for This Great Opportunity

Sorry for the late notice, but I figured I should get something out to you all about a great opportunity to seriously cut your food budget.Cut it in half.I recently did a Green Polka Dot Box review and also gave away 2 free memberships.  Didn't win?  Here's another way to save. ...Read The Full Post

Up to 60% off Organic and Non GMO Foods–2 day Giveaway ~ 2 Winners–$50 each {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

 {Want to save up to 60% on organic and non GMO food?I've got a super quick 2 day giveaway right now to one of my favorite online retailers--The Green Polka Dot Box."What's The Green Polka Dot Box," you say?  Glad you asked! ...Read The Full Post