Easy Baked Chicken Nuggets – dairy & egg-free with gluten-free & grain-free options

I'm always on the lookout for easy recipes since my life is full. full. full.  And since Hamburger Helper isn't on the menu for this whole foodie family (though this healthy version is) anymore, I have to figure out alternative ways to get dinner on the table in a flash. If you struggle like that, and you're tempted to go through a drive through when time is tough, then this gluten-free chicken ...Read The Full Post

Homemade Decongestant Chest Rub – Compare to Vicks®

Homemade Vapor Rub / DIY Chest Rub I never even thought of making my own decongestant homemade chest rub. In fact, I had completely forgotten that there even was a product like that. Until I needed it. Necessity is the mother of invention, right? In this case, yes.  And though I didn't really invent this, I finally cobbled together information from the internet and made my ...Read The Full Post

Our Family’s Favorite Spice Blend – Chaat Masala

I just love making homemade seasoning blends like: Taco Seasoning Best Basic Chili Powder Cinnamon Sugar Dorito Seasoning Herbes de Provence, and Vegetable Broth Mix. But this one, Chaat Masala is hands down our family's favorite. In fact, I haven't made it for a long long time, since we had a bunch of spices given to use that I wanted to use up, and my husband has been begging for it ...Read The Full Post

Sugar Substitute (Homemade Truvia®)

I've been using low carb sweeteners for awhile now--ever since I found out that I had candida. I was a complete sugar addict, but really had to break the habit and start using sweeteners like stevia and other low carb sugar substitutes. But sugar substitutes like Truvia® and others can have additives included, and they can be pricey. I'm always trying to find ways to make a healthy diet more ...Read The Full Post

Easiest Dairy-Free Condensed Milk

Due my son's life-threatening food allergies and our need to save money on whole foods, I am always looking ways to recreate some pantry basics. I've perfected recipes for: Homemade Chocolate Chips Homemade White Chocolate Chips Easiest Coconut Milk Easiest Almond Milk Powdered Egg Replacer, and 5 Ingredient Salad Dressing. Today, I'm thrilled to share with you another similar ...Read The Full Post

Homemade Celery Salt (and how to use it ~ including a yummy surprise)

I love making my own homemade seasoning blends like taco seasoning, curry powder, vegetable broth, chili powder, cinnamon sugar, chat masala, and even DORITO® seasoning. But why would one want to make celery salt, you ask?  And how do you use it? Well, before you just move on from this post thinking, "What's so great about celery salt?" Don't. I'm sure you'll find something you'll ...Read The Full Post

Natural Dishwasher Rinse Aid ~ Important Update

In an effort to reduce toxins in our home, I try to make as many natural home care products as possible, like my no-streak window cleaner, shower cleaner, fruit fly trap, weed killer, foaming soap, and my not-so-homemade laundry soap. I posted a super simple Homemade Dishwasher Rinse Aid previously, but it's been about a year (I can't believe it's been that long) since and I have a very ...Read The Full Post

No-Streak Homemade Window Cleaner

Our environment is filled with toxins and one of the biggest offenders in the toxin department is household cleaners.  So I've been working for awhile to get and keep as many toxins as possible out of our home. I make and use homemade foaming soap, a natural dishwasher rinse aid, homemade "soft scrub" and even soap nuts instead of laundry detergent. Today I am going to share with you one of ...Read The Full Post

Homemade Chocolate or Carob Chips ~ {Improved} (dairy, soy, and sugar free)

I love making wholesome, allergy-friendly substitutes for many store bought items, including Homemade Taco Seasoning, Easiest Coconut Milk, White Chocolate Chips, and Dairy and Sugar-Free Condensed Milk. One of the first recipes that I posted, and also one of my most popular, is my recipe for Homemade Chocolate Chips. We make these fairly frequently in my home, but honestly, they almost never ...Read The Full Post

Easiest Homemade Flavored Liquid Stevia Drops

I've been using stevia for a long time now--ever since I knew that I had candida. I personally think that stevia is one of the most safe "alternative" sweeteners and I think you can grow to like it even if you didn't when you first tried it. I know it can be hard to know how to use it, but here's a guide to help you use stevia. One of my favorite stevia products is liquid stevia drops. They ...Read The Full Post