Borax. Is it as Safe as You Think?

{I love making my own homemade home care products like homemade foaming soap, shower cleaner / DIY "Soft Scrub", dishwasher rinse aid, and no-streak glass cleaner, though I will admit that I don't make my own laundry detergent. Borax is a typical ingredient in many DIY projects.  Today, Hilary Kimes Bernstein from Accidentally Green shares why that might not be the best idea.}When I was a ...Read The Full Post

Is There Engine Fuel on Your Almonds??

I'm always interested in what is going on in the food industry, for example with the FDA shutting down probiotics companies and raiding raw milk farms, police squelching lemonade stands, people going to jail for drinking raw milk, and more.Now, there's almonds and engine fuel?  What's wrong with this picture?Everything.Did you know that the "raw almonds" in the grocery store, health ...Read The Full Post

Is THIS Amazing Ingredient Missing from Your Natural Beauty Routine? Plus Natural Skincare Recipes

Do you need to spend a heap of money to have natural beauty?Nope!Strategic marketing tells us we need the most expensive products on the market to nourish our skin. Companies infer that we can’t fight oily skin, acne or wrinkles without their latest innovation.The truth is, beauty care is a multibillion dollar industry that comes with more than a monetary price. ...Read The Full Post

Want to Save Money in the New Year? -Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 & 1 Thing I Won’t Be Making

One of the best ways I know to save money is to "Make Your Own Everything."Yes, I said "everything."Now, I know--"everything" is within reason.  I like Homemade Versions of just about everything, but one can get carried away.For example, I once saw a magazine that did a spoof of Martha Stewart. You know how she has that calendar in the front of her magazine?  When I look at that I ...Read The Full Post

B12 Deficiency — Common, Dangerous, Naturally Treatable

{Today please welcome back Kristin from Nature Had It First.  Kristin is sharing some very important information about B12 levels--why they are important and how to get them where they should be--naturally.}When one of our readers, Karie Kinney, told me about liver pills after reading about it on the web, I knew it was something that I needed to incorporate into my own routine.Even after a ...Read The Full Post

Is Your Period the Pits? Get Real Relief with This

I love finding and using natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals and OTC meds for everything from colds and flus to ear infections and warts. Some of my favorite natural remedies are homemade saline wash, essential oils, and even activated charcoal.Today, Kristin of Nature Had it First is sharing with us a fabulous natural remedy for Menstrual Cramps and Heavy Bleeding.This post came ...Read The Full Post

Green Cleaning from “Down Under” ~ DIY Peppermint Cleaning Paste & Gentle Laundry Powder

 {Today, I'm pleased to introduce to you Sarah Teng of Little Fig. Sarah has a gorgeous blog and today brings you all a real treat--some fabulous green cleaning recipes to you all today. I have relatives "Down Under" so it's a double pleasure to bring her to you today. Note that Sarah is talking about spring...for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, fall is upon us, but things are ...Read The Full Post

Homemade Anti-Bacterial Copycat THIEVES® Essential Oil Blend

Post Update - 9/24/16: If you've heard of essential oils, likely you've also heard of THIEVES®.With all the concerns about germs and antibiotic resistant bugs these days, this essential oils blend is quite the rage.See, the "bugs" mutate and become resistant to standard medications, but from what I've read they don't do the same for natural remedies, like essential oils.That's good ...Read The Full Post

Why I Stopped Using Moisturizer from Stores–and My Favorite Homemade Lotion

{I've been making my own homemade personal care products for awhile now, in an effort to keep toxins off of our bodies.  Now, in addition to recipes for eye makeup remover, alcohol-free hair spray, body wash, hair rinse, sugar scrub and lip scrub, you can add this recipe for a homemade lotion from Andrea of MomsAware.}Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like dry skin either. I do everything I can ...Read The Full Post

Why I Stopped Using Toothpaste

 {There are so many toxins in personal care products these days.  One of the best ways to reduce your exposure is to make your own products like moisturizing cream, homemade foaming soap, and homemade hair spray.  Today I am so pleased to introduce you to Andrea Fabry, of MomsAWARE. Andrea is sharing Why I Stopped Using Toothpaste, along with her Tooth Powder Recipe. Andrea and I have ...Read The Full Post