How to Make Your Drinking Water Safe

In yesterday's post I gave you a lot of information showing that the drinking water coming out of your tap may not be as safe as you thought.Today I am going to talk about water filtration choices and will share my recommendation for purifying your drinking water and doing so on a budget.Our history with water filtration is a long one.  It started years ago (too long :-)) when my husband ...Read The Full Post

Mercury in Fish

A number of months ago, I read an article that highlighted the increasing prevalence of mercury in fish.Now, for many years, I had heard of this problem.  It doesn't affect me that much directly, since I do not particularly like seafood, but I was known in my younger years to indulge somewhat frequently on tuna salad sandwiches, and I would splurge on a hearty swordfish steak if I were ever ...Read The Full Post

Poison in Our Strawberries

I have long known about the problems with pesticides on strawberries and would love to grow my own this year, but this information puts things in a new perspective.Did you know the following? Strawberries grown in fields gassed with a carcinogenic fumigant will be the norm on supermarket shelves, unless new California governor Jerry Brown reverses the approval of methyl iodide, a highly ...Read The Full Post

Easiest Ever Homemade Deodorant

This post comes with a warning....DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.Well, really, what I mean is do not eat your regular deodorant.  And no, I do not know the person in this photo.Yes, I know. You are thinking this is one of those over-the-top blogs about getting all kinds of tubes and scales and measuring tools together along with hard-to-find ingredients so that you can save about $.50 per package ...Read The Full Post

Ajwain and Epazote

Ajwain and epazote are two spices that our bean-loving family couldn't live without.I've highlighted both of them in my post on How to De-Gas Beans, but here is more detail about them.Ajwain is one of the spices mentioned in my post on Savory Hummus.  It, along with epazote, helps with the digestion of beans.Recently there has been a lot of attention paid to other cultures and their ...Read The Full Post

Crispy Nuts: Why and How You Should be Soaking Nuts and Seeds

Today I am going to share with you are recipe for making Delicious Crispy Nuts, which also happens to be an explanation of why and how you should be soaking nuts and seeds.Have you:- heard about soaking nuts and seeds, but you don't why you should do it? or- do you know it is important but think that you just can't fit it into your schedule? or- have you heard about Crispy Nuts, ...Read The Full Post

Embracing Suffering at Christmastime and Always

"May it be to me as you have said." A quote from Mary in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 1, verse 38.It's easy for me to read Scripture without letting it sink in sometimes.  Then I am on to the next thing.  Sometimes I don't even read it.This morning I was wondering what to post about.  Another recipe?  Certainly easier than thinking deeply about the Scripture.  However, I am feeling that ...Read The Full Post

Jojoba and Rose Water Natural Facial Cleanser

Would you like to make your own natural facial cleanser?  Have you heard of using oil to cleanse your face?  Today I'm going to share something that really surprised me -- a Jojoba Oil Cleanser.If you are:Wondering what to use for skin care that does not put harmful chemicals into your skin? Dealing with inflamed skin from rosacea or other conditions? Looking for a low cost ...Read The Full Post