How to Keep Your Kids on a Special Diet

{Today, please welcome Audrey from Gluten-Free Vegan Love.  Audrey is sharing tips for helping kids stay on special diets.  She speaks from experience due to being on a vegan and gluten-free diet herself.  This is something all of us parents need.  And we need it for ourselves too!}At some point in most of our lives, we’ve probably all put ourselves on some sort of a dietary restriction and ...Read The Full Post

Think You Have Allergies? Think Again.

(Please welcome back Erin from Natural Wonderer. Today she brings you the first of two posts full of surprising information about histamine intolerance and allergies. They just may change what you think you know about allergies for good.) Like so many people I know, I have struggled with mild to moderate eczema off and on my entire life. After modifying my diet drastically in order to nurse my ...Read The Full Post

A Surprising Natural Food Allergy Remedy

{In our efforts to reduce toxins in our lives, I try to use natural personal care products, natural home products, and natural remedies instead of medications as much as possible.  We use essential oils, saline spray,  Please welcome Erin Ter Beest from Natural Wonderer.  Erin is sharing a fascinating post about a Natural Remedy for Food Allergies that might surprise you.}In 1831, the ...Read The Full Post

Gluten. No Big Deal or Silent Killer?

Is the gluten-free diet just a fad or are there real dangers of gluten?I've mentioned gluten a little bit here before, but today we've diving in to some big deal stuff about this term that's being talked about a ton these days.There's a lot more I need to learn--and a lot more I would like to share with you.Let me just start with some facts and a little about my family's history with ...Read The Full Post

Why I WILL Have Fermented Foods on My Blog – Probiotic Experiment Update

So, it's been 10 days since I last wrote about probiotics and fermented foods.I've started my experiment with taking more heavy-duty probiotics, and I'm here to give you an update on how my gut and fermented foods are getting along.Keep reading to get all the juicy details :). ...Read The Full Post

Why I Don’t Have Fermented Food on My Blog – Part 2

So today I'm continuing the story of my looong path of trying to get fermented foods into my diet.In Part One of Why I Don't Have Fermented Food on My Blog, you read of my ups and downs with gut health and itching and my basically throwing in the towel numerous times as I tried to add these "health foods" to my diet----and failed time and time again.I can be really stubborn.About ...Read The Full Post

Good News, Bad News, and Some Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Gut

Digestive health is a big topic these days.People are talking about digestive enzymes, probiotics, the GAPS, SCD, gluten-free and candida diet.Truth is, our digestive systems are a big deal and people are starting to pay attention. ...Read The Full Post

100 Reasons Why Breast is Best – Part One (the First 25)

Welcome to the Breastfeeding Support Blog Party! Bloggers around the world have gathered together to share posts which provide current or soon-to-be breastfeeding mothers with a wealth of well-researched information, personal stories, and statistics designed to help you have the most successful breastfeeding experience possible. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to learn more about this ...Read The Full Post

Paleo Toffee Caramels, Grain-Free Granola Bars, Primal Addictive Brownies, & More!

Welcome back to another week of Allergy Free Wednesdays! A collection of yumminess that is aimed at making it easier for you to create healthy, allergy free foods for you and your family. There is no "clear rule" against including processed ingredients in your submission (but we hope you are moving in that direction :-)). So...occasionally you will find some "whole foodie undesirables" in the ...Read The Full Post

Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette – 1 Recipe 5 Ways — vegan, low-carb, AIP

I've been meaning to get this Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe to you all for awhile now.Life has been crazy and things really get in the way sometimes, you know?Anyhow, this one is a real keeper.  And it's a great homemade salad dressing for those with food allergies as well - no dairy and some substitutions that should make this work for anyone.If you haven't already checked out my ...Read The Full Post