Smart Meters are Coming To Your Neighborhood. What Should You Do?

In my post "What the Electric Company Doesn't Want You to Know - Smart Meters EXPOSED", I told you that I didn't know much about Smart Meters until I got the notices in my mail about their upcoming installation in our city.Now, I did know enough to know that when I get a notice about new technology and it's called "Smart" that I should look into it.Typically when something has the name ...Read The Full Post

What Your Electric Company Doesn’t Want You to Know – Smart Meters EXPOSED!!

We've had to go against the norm many times in our quest for better health. I've gone sugar free, gluten free, stopped eating foods my breastfeeding son was allergic to, and have tried all kinds of natural treatments in order to avoid antibiotics and other meds when dealing with conditions such as sinus issues and ear infections.Now I'm not getting a smart meter.Why not?If ...Read The Full Post