Gluten and–Your Thyroid, Adrenals, Autoimmune Disease, and More. Learn What Women Need to Know

Everywhere you turn someone is going "gluten-free" and more and more there are gluten-free menus in stores and in restaurants -- hey even McDonald's is getting on the gluten-free bandwagon!And there's a reason for that.More and more gluten is being implicated as a problem.For many people and for many diseases.I'm one of those people. ...Read The Full Post

A Surprising Natural Food Allergy Remedy

{In our efforts to reduce toxins in our lives, I try to use natural personal care products, natural home products, and natural remedies instead of medications as much as possible.  We use essential oils, saline spray, and other alternative methods of healing like these natural allergy remedies. Please welcome Erin Ter Beest from Natural Wonderer with a fascinating post about a Natural Remedy for ...Read The Full Post

Wheat Puts Poop in Your Blood – Plus 3 More Strange Wheat Facts

{Please welcome Trisha. She's going to be talking about wheat and answering the question, "Is wheat bad for you?" You've heard about celiac, wheat intolerance, wheat belly and more and you've wondered if wheat is bad for you or not. Find out what is going on with wheat and 4 Reasons You Should Give it Up.}When we told friends and family that we were cutting out wheat from our diet, one of the ...Read The Full Post

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Stop the Cycle Before It’s Too Late

It seems like everyone these days is tired.  And sick and tired of feeling that way.You too?Do you wake up tired and wish you could be like other moms with loads of energy to cart their kiddos to play dates and homeschool co-ops and still have steam left to do a family outing at night? ...Read The Full Post

Gluten. No Big Deal or Silent Killer?

Is the gluten-free diet just a fad or are there real dangers of gluten?I've mentioned gluten a little bit here before, but today we've diving in to some big deal stuff about this term that's being talked about a ton these days.There's a lot more I need to learn--and a lot more I would like to share with you.Let me just start with some facts and a little about my family's history with ...Read The Full Post

Think Food Doesn’t Affect Behavior? You’ve Got to Read This.

{Food and behavior is a big topic these days.  Folks are talking about gluten-free diets, paleo diets, candida diets, and more.  Does it all matter?  Does food affect things like autism, ADD, ADHD and just plain old defiance?Ruth Almon, of Paleo Diet Basics is sharing with us some fascinating information about how food affects behavior.  I was amazed when I read this--check it out and ...Read The Full Post

What Candida Is, How to Know if You Have It, and How to Ditch It

{Candida is a horrible condition that can affect many people causing eczema, bad gut health, skin problems like rosacea, depression, and more.  It has been a huge struggle for me and I so hope that out of my struggle can come some healing for others. Paula from Whole Intentions is here to share more about candida, candida symptoms and how to get rid of it.  ...Read The Full Post

Why YOU Should Join Us to Heal Your Gut–What Others are Saying & Last Chance Savings!

Most likely you read my post from this past week that had the title...Death (and More) Begins in the Gut.And you've been wondering if you should sign up for the course I mentioned in it.Now, I for sure don't want to come across as a pushy salesperson--'cause I'm not. ...Read The Full Post

Death (and More) Begins in the Gut

If you've been around here for awhile, you know that I really.really.really (did I say "really"?) care about gut health.It's been a huge focus in our household over the years, mainly centering on my struggle with candida and adrenal fatigue, and my son's struggle with life threatening food allergies and Asperger's Syndrome.I'm really convinced that, as Hippocrates' said, "All Disease ...Read The Full Post

4 Surprising Ways to Ditch Belly Bulge

(Today we have Beth back from Fit2B.  She wowed you before with her oh-so-earth-shattering and very helpful posts--Lose Your Mummy Tummy and Why Crunches Are Bad for You and A Surprising Cause of and Treatment for Back Pain.This time, she is going to really shake things up with a post about 4 Things that Cause Belly Bulge--aka how to get a flat stomach. Read on--I guarantee this information ...Read The Full Post