Good News, Bad News, and Some Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Gut

Digestive health is a big topic these days.People are talking about digestive enzymes, probiotics, the GAPS, SCD, gluten-free and candida diet.Truth is, our digestive systems are a big deal and people are starting to pay attention. ...Read The Full Post

Top 10 Posts from 2012 ~ Health & Tips

This is the final post in the "Top 10 Posts of 2012" series. First there was the Top 10 Recipes and then the Top 10 DIY posts. So--what's left? Hmm...The "other" posts :). Mostly health related with some kitchen tips mixed in... Which Essential Oils Company is Best? - Part 1 Yep - the one that started off this whole series on the Best Essential Oils. I really had a lot happen in my life ...Read The Full Post

Don’t Make Another Dental Appointment Until You Read This

Need answers to tough dental questions?Wondering about fluoride? Root canals?  Mercury fillings?Wondering what the connection is between your dental health and the health of the rest of your body is?Me too.Real FREE help is on the way. This post contains affiliate links.  Please read my disclaimer.  I'm an affiliate for the Summit and if you end up buying anything I will receive a ...Read The Full Post

Autism, Anxiety, and A Real Miracle

 Over the past four months or so, I've shared with you all on Facebook a number of times that my son has been dealing with pretty severe anxiety.   And you all have been very helpful offering recommendations.  Thank you!  If you haven't "liked" Whole New Mom on Facebook, please do join us.  It's a very supportive community over there.You see, my son suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, a ...Read The Full Post

Why You Might Be Missing Me (and Others) on Facebook ~ and What to Do About It!

I love interacting with my readers on my blog, but I also like interacting on Facebook.(I'm not much of a Twitter gal, so at least for now you probably don't want to try too hard to keep in touch with me there :-).  What do you think about Twitter, by the way?)Anyway, I don't know if you've heard about it, but Facebook has made some changes recently that have made it:easier for them ...Read The Full Post

Saving Money on Special Diets, Vaccines, Autism & ADD, & the Best Probiotic ~ Whole New Mom Q&A

I'm back with another installment of Whole New Mom Answers Your Questions.I so love hearing all of your thoughts and questions.  I feel honestly inadequate to answer them sometimes, but I will for sure do my best.And I hope that all of you super sharp readers will chime in with more information on all of the great questions that were goes with your great questions ...Read The Full Post

Did Vaccines Cause My Son’s Autism ~ Part Two

Today, I continue where I left off in yesterday's post, "Did Vaccines Cause My Son's Autism ~ Part One".If you didn't read that post, you'll want to.  The comments there, and on my Facebook page, are compelling - and some get a little feisty.So we vaccinated our son--with several vaccines.Starting sometime after his 5th birthday.At age six, almost to the day, things changed ...Read The Full Post

Rich and Delicious Coffee Substitute

Why bother with a coffee substitute, and a homemade coffee substitute at that, when the real thing tastes so good?For folks without health challenges, there may be some reason to think it is OK, but for anyone with candida or adrenal issues or thyroid disease, coffee can be a real problem.We can touch on that in another post, but today I would like to share with you a naturally ...Read The Full Post

Top 10 Posts of 2011 (Kitchen Tips, Health, Food Freedom and More!)

So here is my final "Top 10" post of the year.I have to say, these have been a lot of fun.It was so neat seeing what interested you all!Anyway, I already shared the Top 10 Recipe Posts and the Top 10 DIY / "Make Your Own" Posts, and these are well, the others :-).  Everything from autism to food freedom to kitchen tips.I really hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them ...Read The Full Post

Top 5 Reasons to Eat Healthy (one of them may surprise you!)

Do you struggle sometimes with eating the wrong things ? Or just eating too much?I struggle with this all.the.time.  Think just because I have a whole foods blog that it is always easy for me to make the right choices?Think again.Anyone else out there like this?  I've never understood those women who say, "I just don't remember to eat sometimes.  I'm too busy taking care of my ...Read The Full Post