3 No-Fail Tips for Gardening with Kids

{Gardening is something that's been a real trial for us - we aren't great at it but we keep on trying. We've had flop after flop, including 3 years in a row of just about no zucchini. I marvel at folks who have so much that they have to give it away!But every year at least one crop does great. This year it was lettuce. Other years it was kale.This past year we had a "bumper green ...Read The Full Post

5 Great Garden Lessons from an Unexpected Place

Are you working on a garden?Finding that your crops aren't growing as well as you would like?I've been mentioning in a few posts and on my Facebook page that we've been struggling this year.Actually, we've been struggling for several years with our garden, but this year our garden has thrown us a few tons of curve balls.In fact, the other week, my husband and oldest were away when ...Read The Full Post