7 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Fat

Think lard is "Ick" and a high fat diet is unhealthy? Have you seen the Time magazine cover that was recently circulating on the web? You know, the one that says "Eat Butter." Some people's minds were TOTALLY blown by that concept. Some were thinking, "What in the world is going on? I thought fat was bad?!?!" Or they were thinking, "I thought if you were eating fat you should eat something like ...Read The Full Post

What’s for Dinner? 30+ Grain-Free Beef Recipes

About 2:00 every afternoon, my 9 year old son asks, "Mom, what's for dinner?"Too much of the time I respond, "Umm... I don't know yet. Any good ideas?"Can you relate to this scenario? ...Read The Full Post

5 Foods that Can Wreck Your Thyroid

 {Hypothyroidism. It's a big topic these days. Seems almost everyone has thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue these days .  In fact, I'll be writing about my own thyroid issues soon, hopefully, and will share some of what I've learned. Today, let's learn about 5 Foods that might be a problem for hypothyroidism from Trisha Gilkerson of Intoxicated on Life.  If you have thyroid disease, ...Read The Full Post

Got Hypothyroidism? 5 Questions You NEED to Ask Your Doctor.

Finding a doctor that will adequately test for and treat hypothyroidism can seem like a daunting task.Indeed, I've gone to more doctors than I can recall searching for one who would work with me to adequately treat my hypothyroidism.Along the way, I've discovered there are some good questions to start with when interviewing your doctor.Yes, you can interview your doctors.They work ...Read The Full Post

Why Your Thyroid Test is Wrong–And What to Do About It.

{More and more, people are being diagnosed with thyroid issues.  From Hypothyroidism to Hyperthyroidism to Graves' Disease to Hashimoto's, it seems like issues pertaining to the thyroid are everywhere.  I myself have had several diagnoses over the years and never realized the implications of how important it is to take care of your thyroid -- because the health of your thyroid affects so many ...Read The Full Post

Wheat Puts Poop in Your Blood – Plus 3 More Strange Wheat Facts

{Please welcome Trisha, one of my contributing writers, today. She's going to be talking about wheat. You've heard about celiac, wheat intolerance, wheat belly and more. Find out what is going on with wheat and 4 Reasons You Should Give it Up.} When we told friends and family that we were cutting out wheat from our diet, one of the more common reactions we got was, "That's crazy. I mean, if you ...Read The Full Post