Where to Buy the Best Essential Oils

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I used to think that essential oils were a scam, but I ended up finding out that they are a great resource for your natural medicine cabinet for issues such as headaches, ear infections, tummy aches, viruses and bacterial infections, and more. But I eventually felt I needed to figure out where to buy essential oils that I could trust and that I could reasonably afford.

I spent a ton of time calling companies, asking questions, sampling oils.  Literally, it was a ton.  And it was very exhausting.

I’ve learned a lot with all the time I’ve spent researching oils companies and I’ve covered a lot of what I learned here in this essential oils series, some of which I wrote while I was still trying to figure out which company I was going to be using and recommending.

Where to Buy Essential Oils you can trust
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Previous Posts In the Series:

In this post, I’ll talk about the company that I decided to purchase our oils from.

It’s also the one that I recommend to you as having the best essential oils for the money, with natural healing qualities and no additives or adulterating.

Confused about essential oils? What this blogger found out will surprise you. She tried to find out which essential oils company is best and found out some VERY interesting things about oils and the companies that sell them, including Young Living and doTERRA.

How I Chose Where to Buy Essential Oils for My Family

This all started with my not being happy with the way questions were (or were not) answered by the “Big Guys” on the block.  So I started contacting a bunch of companies and interviewing them about their oils.

If you remember, when I started trying to figure out where to buy essential oils, I mentioned the following about Native American Nutritionals (now Rocky Mountain Oils) in Part One of the series.

“Looks like they carry good products, but they are a bit expensive.  Their prices, for a number of oils, in fact, are almost identical to the MLMs in this group, Young Living and DoTerra.  And I don’t see any difference on the surface in the quality department.”

In this post, you can see that I ended up recommending them, but this was really a surprise for me. After thinking that I was writing them off, I got a call back from the owner of Native American Nutritionals, and I talked with the owner for a few hours (at first….that turned into many hours in the upcoming month) and found that he really “knew his stuff.”

I also found out that there were a lot of differences between his company and many others in the industry. I asked him tons of questions during our first conversation, and then more and more over the course of the next 10 months, while I investigated other companies as well.  (Wow–it’s been that long since I started writing this series…..)

I was intrigued by what he had to say about his company and the oils industry in general.

We had countless conversations from March 2012 – January 2013, during which I literally grilled him about his company and others to figure out which company I wanted to recommend–and if his, was in fact, good enough for my family–and for all of you.

I now can say that I feel very comfortable recommending this company to you and am now using their oils almost exclusively (I have a few bottles of other brands left over :)).

I hope you check them out and I’d love to hear about your experience.

(Disclaimer.  I did not choose this company because I was able to become an affiliate for them, but I am one. I decided to work with them and then we made an partnership agreement. I was the first affiliate for the company.)

Where to Buy Essential Oils You Can Trust–
Rocky Mountain Oils Review

Please note – since this series was written, Rocky Mountain Oils has purchased Native American Nutritionals. Native American Nutritionals was the original company, but the two companies had a partnership. Then Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) purchased NAN and now RMO is a new company.  I am even more confident in the quality of oils now that this all has taken place.

Before we get on with the details about the company, you can Rocky Mountain Oils and see all that they have to offer.

1.  Experience

The owner of Native American Nutritionals (which later merged with Rocky Mountain Oils), Paul Dean, was in the oils industry since 1997, being first introduced to essential oils about 30 years ago.  He started his first full-time essential oils business in 1998.

Rocky Mountain Oils was founded in 2004 by two essential oil enthusiasts, Michael and Leah Vincent. With years of experience in essential oils, the acquisition of Native American Nutritionals, and 14 years of company growth, RMO has become one of the leading direct-to-consumer essential oil companies in the world.

2.  Purity

Quality Oilsall oils have been third party GC/MS tested.

Certificates are available upon request by easily entering in the batch number from any bottle.

Almost all of the oils come from plants grown in remote locations where no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals are used and only natural fertilizers are used.

3.  Indigenous Plants

All oils come from plants grown in their indigenous locations (where they grow naturally).

4.  Oils from Small Farms

Almost all oils from NAN were sourced directly from small farms (many are from third-world countries).  Mr. Dean contracted with locals in the countries from where he sourced the oils, finds a quality farm, sets up a distiller, and extracts the oils.  The oils are then sent to Native American, then sent for testing, and bottled.  The only oils at NAN that are not from small farms are mainly the organic citrus oils.

Since Rocky Mountain Oils purchased Native American Nutritionals, some of the sourcing has changed as the company has put a high priority on the purity and quality of the oils sold. They source from small farms and also from leading experts in the industry.

5.  No Solvents

They use no solvents for distillation except when necessary, as in the case of absolutes like vanilla and jasmine (since the cost of those essential oils is otherwise prohibitive.)  Update 2015: they now sell a vanilla extracted with CO2.

6.  Affordable Pricing

They have affordable prices (not as expensive as the multi-level marketing companies, but not “too good to be true” either.)

7.  Quality Pure Oils

I have a lot of standards for quality and making sure that you are purchasing quality oils. See this post on pure essential oils for that information.

In addition, I prefer buying organic whenever I can, and that includes essential oils. Recently (Nov 2017), Rocky Mountain Oils has included an organic line of oils in their lineup and should be expanding it soon.

8.  Transparency

Details for oils are listed clearly on their site (including the Latin name and country of origin).

The company is working on how to indicate the growing method now that they sometimes have a variety of sources for some oils.

9.  Reasonable Shipping Costs

I found the shipping costs with YL and doTERRA to be a little on the steep side.  I was told several times by customer service reps of one of the companies that it was due to businesses being charged more than residential customers.

That didn’t make sense to me – business rates being more expensive than residential when they have that kind of bulk shipping going on? So I called UPS and FedEx and was assured that this is not the case.  So I don’t know why their shipping is so high.  Maybe they are pocketing the extra?  

Rocky Mountain Oils offers Free Shipping domestically in the U.S. and reasonable shipping internationally, with free shipping over $199.

10.  Common Sense Approach

The companies recommend using caution with the oils — but also make practical recommendations so that you can confidently use the oils in your every day life.

11.  No Adulterating

Oils are not heated, mixed with anything else, or adulterated in any way.

Unless declared on the label, the oils are pure.

No Minimum Purchase

One other reason that I don’t want to buy from an MLM essential oils company is that when you do, you often end up buying way more than you need to.

For example, with doTERRA and Young Living, in order to get the best discounts on their oils as a rep, you need to order monthly over $100 of products (to get free products that essentially reduce your costs).  Do that every month and you end up with way too many oils).

A lot of multi-level marketing oils reps end up ordering other things from the company like personal care products in order to get to that “minimum.”  And I am not thrilled with the ingredients in many of the other products offered.

Undesirable Ingredients in Other Products from Essential Oils Companies

When I was trying to decide where to buy essential oils, I looked at other things besides just oils.

With doTERRA and Young Living, for example:

– DoTERRA’s On Guard toothpaste contains titanium dioxide, a metal that I initially thought that I should avoid due to the possibility of heavy metal toxicity. Now I’m not worried about it for that reason, but it simply because it isn’t necessary.  It’s there just for color.  Overall it is supposed to be pretty benign, but why introduce it to your body unless needed?

The company also has carrageenan (which, depending on the form, is known to cause inflammation) in their capsules and PEG 100 in their Deep Blue Cream.

{Update 2018 – I have been doing some additional research into carrageenan and am not sure where to come down on this. There are two types and it’s possible that the negative effects being discussed are not of concern. I hope to have an update to this in the near future.}

Both companies’ skin care products had ingredients rated 3 and above on EWG’s Skin Deep rating system. I prefer to stick with ingredients rated 2, at the highest. Depending on what you are looking for, that may or may not be acceptable to you. Of course, it depends on their performance too. I don’t think all of EWG’s ratings are flawless, but I do pay attention when I see higher ratings there.

There was, in fact, one essential oils company whose oils I thought looked to be very high quality, but their personal care items were loaded with lots of toxic chemicals.

Also note, if you are used to Young Living or doTERRA oils, Rocky Mountain Oils carries oil blends that are comparable to Young Living and doTERRA blends.

There are other good companies out there.  However, I think that there are fewer “excellent” companies than I originally thought when I started all of this evaluation.

What About Other Companies?

I often receive inquiries asking me what I think about other essential oils companies.

Please read this post on Essential Oils Testing and Quality and this report on 10 Things You Need to Know About Essential Oils to see if a brand measures up.

There are more and more companies out there on a daily basis. It truly seems that every day there is a new company selling essential oils and many are making claims that they are the “only pure oils out there” – which is not true.  My standards are high. I don’t just want a company that says they are pure–when deciding where to buy essential oils, I want to make SURE I’m getting purity. And more.

This post on Pure Essential Oil Testing should be of help too for evaluating any company that you wish to consider.

Free Essential Oils Report

Also, if you go and grab my Free Report on 10 Things to Know About Essential Oils Before You Buy, you will not only get more myth-busting essential oils information, but you’ll get access to my VIP newsletter as well–complete with updates, great healthy living offers, of course new posts on essential oils, and more.

10 things you need to know about essential oils report in ipad

What are your thoughts?
Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Hello,
    I read your entire post on researching comparisons of essential oil companies as well as discussions about/with Dr. Papas.
    I have tried the RMO’s and felt they were of the same strength and quality as YL and DoTerra, etc.
    Anyway, THANK YOU so much for clearing the air on oil myths and essential oil business hype.
    So, today and in the future, RMO’s are for me.
    But…$199 free shipping on little bottles if oils? They could afford to be a but more generous.
    I’m retired and have a limited income and free shipping on anything or at some cost level really takes the edge off. $199? Many online companies have a cost break for shipping at $49, $59, $75, and $100 and those ‘bottles of vitamins and supplements’ can be heavy. It isnot often that I have $200 to drop down on the counter for those precious oils, so I always pay shipping. As a member of RMO’s inside circle maybe you might suggest to them, on behalf of the lower shoppers a purchase cost for free shipping of, let’s say$100 in exchange for customer loyalty.
    Texting is a poor way to communicate and sometimes i cant send a smiley face so ..with a smile..
    Kathy Everett

    1. Hi Kathy! First of all, thanks so much for reading and reaching out.

      They have free shipping at $25 – the $199 is for international orders only. Are you in the US?

      Let me know :).

    1. Someone just asked me about this. I looked into them but not enough. I know there’s a lawsuit of doTERRA vs them and that everyone is saying that they are the best, etc. I hope to revisit this topic soon so stay tuned!

  2. Why do the oils on RMO’s website not give any indications for internal use? For example cinnamon and lemon EOs I would expect would be safe to consume internally but it does not say this when you click on the product description.

  3. Hi! Thanks for all the info! I just wanted to address your saying DoTERRA customers have to spend $100 a month to get better prices? As a wholesale member you always get the 25% off retail. And you don’t have to order at all. If you’re in the LRP program you get a percentage back on the PV spent, if you spend 50 PV, not 100. The percentages range from 10-30%. For example, if I CHOOSE to spend 50 PV, I receive 30% back in points toward free oil. No one has to spend 100.

    1. Hi there! Thank you! I believe that all that I stated was “to get free products that essentially reduce your cost”–has that changed? I know that there are discounts otherwise. Thank you!

      1. No. You made it sound as if someone must spend $100 and be a rep. The free product of the month is about $10-$12 or 10% of $125 but that’s just like a frequent flyer reward, which loads of companies have. The wholesale discount for everyone is 25% off. And all you need to buy is 1 item a YEAR to maintain a wholesale account. Your misleading wording can be edited now….

        1. The reduced cost comes with an account like Costco. Simple business model. You should have said additional savings can be had through various means. And by the way, the shilling is $3.99 and dT gives 50%-100% of that back to everyone in feee oils.

        2. Hi there. I didn’t mean that at all – I meant that to get the best pricing you had to do that. Does that help?

          1. To get the best pricing you have to have a membership (like Costco) and buy 1 item a year. There are freebies for other promos.

  4. I use a lot of Doterra oils. However, there are not all sensible oils there and your consideration of Doterra also often crops up with me and with aromatherapy teachers. But I live in Germany and an advantage of Doterra is that there is international sales. Therefore, I can not use your recommendation for the RM oils, even if I would like to do that because shipping to Germany does not exist. My question would be whether you can also recommend internationally operating companies, ie companies that also deliver to Germany? The other question would be whether there is something against mixing oils from different companies.

    1. Hi there. Are you open to paying shipping to Germany? There is no issue w/ mixing oils from different companies. The only concern would be if there are additives in any one oil.

        1. Yes, I would then put together to make shipping expect, and it would be important that there are no customs problems either, because substances in Germany would not be allowed.

          1. Hi there. I am thinking that since many essential oils are used in Germany that that shouldn’t be a problem. What do you mean by “substances”?

      1. Yes, I would be open for shipping. My concern would be more if there could be problems with the customs, because certain substances may not be imported in Germany. Does not really know that. Have you already shipped to Germany? Were there customs problems?

    2. Love your site but it was very hard to read due to the constant pop up ads that constantly moved/scrolled the page automatically and moved where I left off reading. I kept having to scroll back to find where I left off. About 8 different times. Thanks for your dedicated research though! I agree with all you wrote. However, I havnt tried Rocky Mountain. I’ve been with young living for years and absolutely love them. Their seed to seal and organic certification had me sold! I also used doterra for awhile and didn’t have any complaints. It’s also good quality oils. Digger deeper little things here and there I found young living was better for me.

      1. Hi there. I’m so so sorry about this. I will send you an email as well. I work w/ a very good ad company and I’m happy to dig into this for you to see if there’s anything we can do about it. I hope to revisit this topic more in the not too distant future so I do hope you stay tuned. More EO content coming :).

      2. Hi again, Kria. Can you tell me what kind of device you are on and what browser? Sending you an email as well about this – thanks!

      3. This is what happened to me also as I was trying to read also freezing for a minute( I’m guessing for you to read the ad). UGH, aggravating! Thank you for your research information. I use mostly DoTerra and Young Living.

        1. Hi Lolita. I’m so sorry – I am reaching out to my ad company again – I’m not sure what is going on but no, it’s not for you to read the ad. I assure you! Can you tell me what device you are on and what browser you are using? You can feel free to email too – adrienne {at} wholenewmom {dot} com. Thank you and sorry!! I left both of those companies–more on oils coming hopefully soon!

  5. I’m not even sure where to leave this, but I’m so relieved to see that someone else notices Dr. P’s horrible grammar and spelling errors. I actually reached out to him regarding a very important misspelled word and he still has not corrected the error. I’m sure I posted a graphic somewhere. 🙂 Also, did I just see where he signed on as some expert with Revive EOs? Haters gonna hate and you have stood your ground. Kudos to you.

        1. Hi there. I have heard some things and looked into them some. Not comfortable recommending them at this point. I am revisiting this topic, however. Stay tuned! Where have you been buying your oils until now?

      1. My apologies for the late reply. I create graphics for some friend’s businesses and also for myself. I’m an observer and when I see posts that make me SMH, sometimes I have to share. 🙂 I never admonish anyone or any company publically though.

  6. Hello. I was wondering, did you research about if their farming techniques are environmentally sustainable? Meaning, they do no damage to the wildlife or forests of the areas at which the plants are grown?

    1. Hi there. I was told that that was the case at the time that I started working with them but I can reach out again to see how that is now.

      Of course this is a confusing thing as overharvesting can happen w/ wild crafted unless it’s certified organic and if the organic cert is really what it is supposed to be, there shouldn’t be overharvesting. But no certification is perfect!

  7. I can’t believe that was your takeaway of my post. The ‘corporate feel’ although an unfortunate change, is not the bigger issue, I was hoping you’d address RMOs change from blue to amber bottles, and most especially removing their entire organic/wild crafted line to conventional Those who are fairly new to RMO may not know that RMO used to use the superior but more expensive blue bottles before they switched to amber, and that historically their entire product line was organic or wild crafted, but customers saw no no cost benefit from those changes. Actually, prices went up. Then, about a year +/- ago RMO (re)introduces an ‘organic line’ of EOs, at a premium cost…ugh, it just feels underhanded, sneaky, and downright dirty. I think all that money is going to marketing and not the product. I say ditch the marketers, bring back the entire EO line as organic or wild crafted at a reasonable price. They’ve compromised too much, and lost my business as a result.

    1. Hello again, Marla.

      It sounds like you are frustrated with me. Sorry about that. I just replied to you and hope that you understand my response. You are welcome to show me information about why you think / where you heard that blue bottles are best. I have seen both blue and brown bottles with companies that are well respected in the industry. Thank you and hope that this helps :).

  8. Hi Adrienne,

    I read this blog years ago when I was trying to decide on an EO company. I went with your recommendation of NAN at the time. I loved the oils and the company, I could call and talk with the owner himself! During the merger between NAN and RMO and eventually the buy out, I stuck with RMO , but I’ve become a little disheartened with some of the changes. I recall your mention of NAN’s use of the superior blue bottles instead of amber, and then RMO switched to amber – and the prices didn’t come down; that’s been a while already. It also concerns me that previously all NAN and early RMO oils were either organic, or wild crafted by default, which was an essential criteria mentioned in your blog, and then I noticed the bottles were no longer labeled organic any more. Now RMO offers some organic oils, but at an even higher cost. The company has certainly changed from a mom & pop feel to a corporate one 🙁
    What are your thoughts?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Marla – thanks for writing. I completely understand your concerns. I don’t feel that a company has to be mom and pop to be solid but I understand. I hope to revisit this topic soon. Feel free to reach out if you need more help sooner–are you looking for a different option right now?

      1. The ‘corporate feel’ although an unfortunate change, is not the bigger issue, I was hoping you’d address their change from blue to amber bottles, and most especially removing their entire organic/wild crafted line to conventional, and then re-introducing an organic line of products. Those who are fairly new to RMO may not know that RMO used to use the superior but more expensive blue bottles before they switched to amber, and that historically their entire product line was organic or wild crafted, which changed to conventional after about a year and a half…hmmm… and at no cost benefit to the customer. Actually, not only did prices not go down, they went up. And then, about a year ago RMO introduces their ‘organic line’ of EOs, at a premium cost…ugh, it just feels underhanded, sneaky, and downright dirty. I think all that money is going to marketing. I say ditch the marketers, bring back the entire EO line as organic or wild crafted at a reasonable price. They’ve compromised too much, and lost my business as a result.

        1. Hi again, Marla. I didn’t mean to insinuate that I was only addressing that one topic. I have been under multiple piles here and so will chock it up to multi-tasking on steroids :). I actually had reached out to RMO about their bottles when they made the change but reached out again to ask their thoughts on things as well as about the plants. I haven’t heard back yet.

          As far as the bottles, I did hear from another expert and this was the general response…Basically that he had not done any specific studies into the matter and felt that some of these arguments are quite possibly marketing ploys. His main concern is that the bottle color itself doesn’t matter as much as it does how much light exposure the bottle gets.

          It seems to me that that makes sense.

          As for our other concerns, I hope to have a response, but as I mentioned, I hope to revisit this topic in the future so you can stay tuned for that. I assure you that I’m doing all kinds of research into all kinds of things so I’m a tad busy :). You can sign up here if you’d like: https://wholenewmom.com/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-essential-oils-before-you-buy/

  9. I’ve been following and researching on my own, as I can as the mother of a four year old, and finally purchased a set of pre-mixed roller balls from Eden’s Garden (did you research them?) because I wanted something my son could use on his own (they’re made for children). I couldn’t decide between the YL I saw highly touting from their own homes, the doTerra advertised in our therapist’s office….so overwhelming! I’ve read your series and thank you for all the information, fantastic. I take your recommendation and will purchase. But what I’d love is to find guidance, like all the reps offer in emails and pamphlets, if you sign up! I don’t have time to read EO book how tos, I’d rather just ask or pay a consultant? Are there such things?! Thanks again.

    1. Yes, I did look at Eden’s Garden, by the way and didn’t go w/ them at the time for several reasons.

      It is all very confusing. There are a number of good companies but some that aren’t really. Hard to decipher all of it w/ so many out there!

  10. Have you looked into Revive EOs? I’m a YL member, but like the price of Revive and no shipping charge.

    1. Yes, I did. They just came out and I’m a bit confused about what to make of them at this point. I’m hearing some things and not sure what to think. I hope to have more thoughts in the future.

  11. I have been using essential oil for a month now because so many people have been saying good things in general about them. Saje here in Canada is probably the biggest EO company going. They make the same claims as the rest “100% pure”, “no articifical fragrances, parabens” etc, “licensed natural health products in Canada and registered as OTC products in the USA.” Personally, I have noticed they seem to help reduce inflammation

    I think they are trustworthy, but they don’t post the information like Rocky Mountain does and appear less transparent, so now I’m kind of hesitant.

    What do you think?

    1. Hi there. Thanks for reading. Please do tell me what you like about them. Not really sure what to think. I see them being promoted but I don’t see GC/MS test results and they are very very new. Have you seen this post https://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/pure-essential-oils-testing/? It has some standards to consider. I hope to return to this topic soon–

      Would love to have you subscribe to stay in the loop: https://wholenewmom.com/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-essential-oils-before-you-buy/

      Hope that helps!

  12. Hi, Have you reviewed Florihana Essential Oils purchased through Healthy Traditions. Please send me your thoughts on these oils. Reasonably priced and say 100% oils. Can these be taken internally.
    Thank you for your information.
    Be well,

    1. Hi there. I did look at them when I started this series. I hope to address this topic again in the near future. As far as them being able to be used internally, that’s a matter of whether or not the oils are pure and I don’t recommend that anyone use essential oils internally without working with a practitioner or aromatherapist.

      Also, I’m not saying that Florihana isn’t pure but just b/c a bottle / brand says 100% pure doesn’t mean that they are. I would look at these standards as at least a starting point about things to consider looking for. https://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/pure-essential-oils-testing/ Thanks and hope that helps!

  13. This is all confusing to me. I have a friend that talked me into the YL starter kit and swears by their products and Seed to Seal claim. I want to try oils but don’t want to get ripped off either. I’ll look at The oils you recommended. Thank you for doing all the investigation!

  14. Hi! I’m currently interested in essential oils (but skeptical), and I want to make sure I’m buying the right stuff. I’ve been researching the types of oils for my desired purposes, but I’m also looking at which company to buy from. My sister and mother have YL accounts, and we have some good friends that have started into DoTerra.

    Regarding the companies, I know you looked at other oil companies besides YL, DT, & Rocky Mountain, but I was wondering if you could tell me which of the following you looked at, and, of those, why they didn’t make the cut. If you feel more comfortable emailing me info rather than posting this publicly (given that you’ve apparently gotten some weird/bad threats from some people/companies), I’m fine with that. I want all the “dirt” as it were. 🙂

    All of these brands are on offer at my local favorite health food store or recommended by my midwife. I’ve only looked at the health food store closest to me though. I don’t know if the other two would have other brands, but I might ask you about any others whenever I figure out if there are others and whenever you have time?


    1) Now Foods (which I generally trust for supplements since all of my past looks at 3rd party tests of their vitamins seem to come up clean. They’re also a favorite at the local store and they seem to carry nearly all of their vitamin/mineral supplements line and a large selection (maybe all?? Not sure) of their oils.
    2) Aura Cacia
    3) Pranarom/Veriditas
    4) O My Essential Oil
    5) Aromatic Infusions (Youngsville, LA)
    6) Wyndmere
    7) Garden of Life
    8) Hopewell Essential Oils

    1. Hello Rachel–

      This is the question that everyone wants to know, right :)? First of all, I appreciate you reading. So much!

      To answer these questions it would take me forever. I’m getting more and more of them these days and more and more companies are cropping up. And companies change what they are doing sometimes too which makes it hard to keep up.

      AND they say things that may or may not be true. I can tell you that I spend way too much time investigating companies and it’s encouraging but also very discouraging. I have found an air filter company being dishonest, personal care companies lying about having artificial fragrance in their products, and have heard about EO companies fabricating documents for selling on Amazon. CBD companies are misrepresenting themselves as well.

      Think about how easy it would be to get samples of two oils – one high quality and one low. Then you purchase the low oil and put the GC/MS test of the high quality oil on your site.

      I’m going to have to do a post about this.

      Anyhow, I’m looking into this again so you might want to subscribe for updates. I have some more EO posts coming out soon. https://wholenewmom.com/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-essential-oils-before-you-buy/

      I will say that I looked at 6 of those, I believe. These are just so many things I consider…purity is only one. I hate to say this but treatment of affiliates is another. If a company is going to be dishonest / unethical w/ affiliates then I can’t deal with them. I also have read things in the news about some companies and what they are affiliated with and some of that is something I just cannot align myself with either. As I mentioned, I had a cryptic threatening email regarding one company. And another company gave me information in emails about adulteration and then contradicted it in the comments on my blog.

      This is a messy business.

      Hope that clarifies. I can’t send this to you in an email either b/c that is in print. Hope you can understand.

  15. Hello.

    I think RMO is a good company and they test with transparency.

    But they are too expensive and they limit sales to 1/2 oz.

    Variety is also lacking.

    1. Hello Gary–are you saying you think a company offering larger or smaller sizes would be better–or either one?

  16. Love RMO! Still using up some of my doterra stash, but i like RMO even better than I did doterra. And none of the downsides of an MLM. Question. Who do you recommend for oils not carried by RMO? They are my go to, but there are a couple oils I want that they don’t carry.

    1. Hi there, Liz – I’m sooo sorry for responding so terribly late to this comment. I had literally several hundreds to go through and it’s taken forever. I actually am hoping to redo this series…did you find some companies that you feel comfortable with? I hope to add some to the list to give people other options.

      Do let me know and again I’m so sorry! Hope to see you around again :)….I’m whittling this list down so this hopefully never happens again!

  17. I SO appreciate this blog & research because it IS so confusing! Especially when first starting out! And now…… there are tons more on the market. Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin ( whom I highly respect) has gotten in the game and I’m also looking at Plant Therapy. I don’t see either of these companies on your list. Just wondering if you will update as new and possible contenders surface? Or are you satisfied with Rocky Mountain and have stopped researching?

    1. Hi there– yes I’m aware of them. I’m hoping to revisit this whole topic soon but I’m working on air filtration now and some personal issues as well as dealing w/ mold toxicity. There are so many companies now and there is so much to consider. Purity, and also how companies treat affiliates, ethics, and more. I can’t of course evaluate all companies but I will try to address this again. You can sign up for updates here and I do have 2 posts coming out on EOs soon. https://wholenewmom.com/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-essential-oils-before-you-buy/

      1. Awesome! Thanks so much for your quick reply.
        Prayers that you get those issues taken care of quickly! 🙂