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That's me up there in the funny green car with the men in my life.

My name is Adrienne and I am the voice behind Whole New Mom.


– a writer.
– a researcher (sometimes I research way.too.much a lot.)
– whole food and healthy minded
willing to admit when I am wrong.
– a real mom. Dealing with real health issues. Struggling to balance it all.)

What I Write About:

Whole Food that is special diet friendly: My recipes are all sugar free and adaptable to dairy free, egg free, and gluten free diets.  Gradually I am incorporating grain free recipes as well and you might expect to see autoimmune recipes coming too.  Sorta glad about that.  Sorta not.

Healthy, Non-Toxic Living: stuff like personal care, home care, etc. that is free of all the chemical ickiness that really makes me (and the whole world) sick.  Got sensitivities?  This is the place for you.  Don't have 'em?  This is still the place for you.  ‘Cause there are 82,000 chemicals being used in the U.S. alone.  Ick!

Check out my posts on Amazing No Streak Glass Cleaner, Natural Dishwasher Rinse Aid and The Battle of the DIY Eye Makeup Removers – and The Winner for a taste of these kinds of things.

Health topics: toxins, GMOs, vaccines, autism, food allergies, special diets, essential oils – kind of “you name it”.  If it's in the health news, I probably have something to say about it–I just might not have time to blog about it :-).

Frugal, Simple, and Sustainable Living:  That means doing things quickly and without a lot of money or waste.  My Easiest Coconut Milk is a great example of this.

All through my life I've been interested in healthy and healthy living.  I was Pre-Med in college, but decided against it since I thought someday I might want a family and knew it would be hard to do both the way I wanted to.

We know that we should eat healthy food, care for our bodies, care for the earth, love our families (which includes our fellow man if you happen to not be married or have children), impact our world, and do it all on a budget and within the 24 hours that God has given us. 

Tough assignment, especially for us perfectionists :-).

The reason why I started Whole New Mom is to share with others some of the things that I have learned along this bumpy road of life.

A Little Bit About Me:

– My husband is an English professor and we homeschool.

– Our oldest was born at home in Illinois.

– We lived in Oklahoma for a brief period but now reside in Michigan.  We had a different course planned for our lives, one that didn't include life-threatening food allergies, autism, or adrenal burnout.  But then, we aren't the ones in control of our lives.

– I have both the gift and weakness of second-guessing everything, as well as a diverse set of experience and interests that makes it hard for me to pin myself down.  You'll see that diversity in my writing.  For example:

– I worked in the financial industry for 10 years including a stint on an equity options trading floor as well as work in employee benefits.  Ask me sometime about my nickname “the hammer.”

– Our first child was born at home and I am a strong advocate for natural parenting and breastfeeding.

– One of my sons has life-threatening food allergies as well as Asperger's Syndrome.

– Our family of 3 lived on an income of 12,500 for 1 year while my husband was finishing his PhD and we still made it through 2 master's and a doctorate without debt.  Ask me sometime about our “ghetto food” and frugal date nights :-).

– I worked as a tentmaking missionary in Japan for 1 year and served in parachurch ministry throughout college.  Interestingly enough, my husband taught in China for 2 years at the college level.  We both sang with black gospel choirs in college.  And LOVED it.

– I was pre-med in college, but I am not a doctor.  Remember that as you read my posts, please :-).

– I don't say this to brag, but only to share that I am not an “intellectual slouch”.  I went to one of the top universities in the country and was near the top of my class.  Phi Beta Kappa.  That either means I fooled a lot of people or that I have a little bit on the ball intellectually.  I mainly write this because some folks accuse me of not being interested in real research (check out the comments on that post) or even have gone so far to say that I am an idiot.

I don't appreciate that–let's talk civilly, folks :).

So, if you put all of the above into one person and add a lot of other things, you come out with the person behind this blog.

Moving Forward:

I forgot to mention one thing.  I also am a reforming (emphasis on the “ing”) Type A personality.

All my life I have pushed myself to do more, get straight A's, exercise enough, cook the right way, be with my kids enough, be involved at church enough, have a solid family life.  You too?

One thing that has never been perfect about me is having a neat house.  But that's probably because I am usually too busy with other things :-).  I am thinking about starting a Messy Mom's Club at our church.  If you clean before having friends over –you are kicked out :-).

But somewhere after Asperger's and before today, I crashed into the world of adrenal burnout.  And now I am coming out.

We've been down many medical roads en route to better health.  Our current pitstop (and hopefully we are near the end) is Nutritional Balancing to reverse heavy metal toxicity and toxin overload.

So this blog may not be as busy as some others, simply because I need to stay healthy and sane.

I will probably feel guilty about it sometimes, but that too I am working on.  When I go a few days without a post, you will know why.  I am simply trying to take care of myself and not neglect my family.

The Car in the Photo

Oh…and the funny car up there?  The car is part of our life too.  The mascots from our favorite local ice hockey team drive around in it before each home game.  See why we're so happy to be sitting in it?  We got to go on a “backstage tour” of sorts of the hockey rink and this was part of the “tour”.

According to my son, life without hockey would be–well–pretty rough.

Nice to Meet You.  Hope to see you around more and more!

These comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whole New Mom, LLC.


  1. Hi Adrienne!
    I found your website when looking for natural cures for plantar warts. When I first read your post about how you dealt with your son’s, I thought, “yuck!”. I read a little further, then read your “About me” page.
    I like you already. Think I may try the treatment, too.

    Thanks for your website. I’ll most likely be back!
    Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Good morning Adrienne
    I have was recently introduced to DoTerra and was going to place an order. Then I wondered what else was out there and decided last night I should do some research into the various companies. This morning while continuing my search I found you, and from what I’ve read so far this is where I need to be. Thank you for being here ? I fully intend to read all the articles on the various company’s but need to order some oils and am hoping you can give me some guidance around which oils I should consider. If you have recommendations on which oils to use to boost the immune system and respiratory issues I would be grateful. I am vaguely familiar with DoTerra but that’s as far as my knowledge/experience goes.
    Thank you, Jean

  3. Hello,
    I meant pesticides

    Here is what I asked:

    On Sun, 23 Oct at 2:29 AM ,
    Topic: General Questions

    Comment: Hello, Hope your day is going great!

    Are your essential oils
    #1 organic?
    #2 free of chemicals / pesticides / GMO?

    Thank you kindly


    Here is their reply:

    On Oct 24, 2016, at 9:24 AM, Support – RMO wrote:

    Hello Maria,

    Our company seeks out the highest therapeutic-quality essential oils to source and sell. We source oils from locations all over the world where the plants grow in their indigenous habitats, as we feel that this process best cultivates the plants’ natural, therapeutic properties. Because agricultural laws and guidelines vary between countries, and even regions, we have chosen to not label our oils as organic. To ensure that we can provide our customers with only pure and natural essential oils, we have established relationships with responsible farmers and distillery technicians. In partnership with them, we do not use additives, fillers, or synthetics of any kind. We have all of our oils GC/MS tested in an independent, third-party lab to expose all constituents in the oils. Once signed by a certified chemist, the GC/MS tests confirm that the oils are free of chemicals and contaminants of any kind.
    To show our customers our sincere devotion to providing 100% essential oils, we display the GC/MS test results of every batch of our oils on our website. Located on the bottom of each bottle is a six-digit batch code which can be entered on our “Get GC/MS” page to see the test results of that batch of oil.

    Our oils are free of chemicals, and are 100% pure. We at this time however do not test for pesticides.

    Thank you so much,


    1 (866) 493-8159
    [email protected]

    The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
    Neither Rocky Mountain Oils nor its products are intended for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease.


  4. Oh my word! I found your AMAZING blog a few days ago. I have had the privilege of making some of your recipes last night and I am just thanking God left and right for you!! I have been sharing with some friends your blog/ recipies. I just now read your “about me” and I’m speechless on how much I can relate to you! What a beautiful thing to be so encouraged! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Maybe our plaths will cross sometime, I too live in Michigan! 🙂
    Thank you for all the time you have put into these safe recipies and for making them so tasty! I was starving before finding your blog 😉

    Your newest fan-amanda

    • Welcome, Amanda!! So nice to have you here and what a lovely comment! I would love to know where you live – feel free to email!

      I would try the Kima for sure and the Almond Joy and Pumpkin Snickerdoodles. And the Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Balls. More to come!

  5. Nicole Hervieux says:

    I love your blog, how can I be part of it? Does it come through my email? If not where is it so it is accessible and I don’t miss any pearls of knowledge that you have to share. I am extremely interested in what you have to say.
    Let me know please.

  6. Lola Witecha says:


    Love what you are doing! You might want to check out vitB17in your research. Wishing you the best.


  7. Oh my gosh! We are twins! I also have two boys and I couldnt have written most of this myself. SO glad I found your blog!! Egg free gf df sugar free cooking can be tough some days…but so worth it.

    • Welcome!!! Nice to “meet” you :)! Curious what things are the same…..

      • So I am a Christ-follower (former missionary kid),and mom of 2 boys. We have VERY similar health problems as you guys (although my eldest does not have aspergers- he has ADHD and some autistic tendencies- prob related to his multiple food and chemical sensitivities). I have hashimotos, celiac (as well as multiple other food and chemical sensitivities), adrenal burnout, and probably a fairly bad case of candida. I research WAY TOO MUCH, but like you, I care deeply for my family and just want the best for them! I have contemplated starting the GAPS diet many times, but have yet to pull the trigger. I feel like I have gone down so many roads only to find another dead end and I don’t want to throw everything into GAPS only to find it doesn’t solve our problems. Lately I feel like God is telling me to STOP and just trust in Him. I worry 24hr a day about the health of our family and God has been telling me to:
        1. Not be anxious
        2. Be thankful for these trials as they draw me near to Him
        3. Set me eyes on Him
        4. Look for the positives in my kids (health) and hunsband, not the negatives.
        5. Have faith the He ALONE can heal us.
        I am also type A with a tendency to want to control everything around me- I keep thinking the next thing I do will be the answer for us, only to find myself in the same place once again. It’s a daily struggle, but one I am learning to be thankful for 🙂

        • Hi Anna. So nice to connect more.

          It’s all very hard. If we don’t do enough, our health can struggle. And if we do too much – the same thing.

          It’s all a juggling act that I think we will be working on (or rather, that I KNOW we will be working on) the rest of our lives. Balance is something to be strived for but I don’t think it is ever achieved. It’s part of being human. Hope to see you around again!

        • Thank you for your comments! It’s such a relief to find a group of women I can relate to and who are going through a similar journey. That alone gives me a sense of peace.

          • Glad to have you here. I am trying to think if there is a good way to build a community where we can help each other. Hang in there. Happy New Year!

  8. HI Adrienne,
    I’ve read all your posts regarding the EO research, and by the way, thank you so much for doing all that work…whew! Have you researched, or are you familiar with BioSource Naturals? Any input you have on this is appreciated.


  9. Hi Adrienne, love your site. I was wondering about books on essential oils and recipe . What is you take on this ? There is so much info out there would like to have it at hand.
    Thanks Wanda

  10. Hi! 🙂 I just stumbled upon this blog while doing research for my own son who is on the spectrum. We also live in Michigan and I don’t know anyone with an autistic child. We haven’t even gotten into ABA therapies or anything like that yet. We’re interested in parent support groups as well (this is a lot harder than we expected!) I just started reading some of your blogs but if you have any local resources to share, I would be very appreciative! 🙂 (edited by blog owner)

  11. Carla Habeck says:

    Just finished reading your essential oil series and my head IS spining. But I wanted to thank you for all the research you shared so that I have a firm footing to continuing my own research. Always appreciate information from real people and their experience over so called ‘experts’. Looking forward to exploriñg other topics on your site.

  12. Alexandria Anderson says:

    I am so happy I found your blog. You are simply amazing!

  13. I have been following you for awhile and have been enjoying your posts. I actually think I know you from Libertyville???

    • Thank you! That’s possible…..we used to live there. Feel free to email wholenewmom {at} gmail {dot} com – would be fun to reconnect. Assuming you don’t wish to share personal info here, but that’s up to you :).

  14. Dawniece says:

    Good afternoon, do you in anyway benefit from promoting Rocky Mountain oils? Do you get discounts or recieve any type of compensation?

    • Hello Dawniece,

      Yes, I do get a commission and discount. That’s typical for any kind of product that bloggers represent. In fact, however, I was told that I could make $8000 a month with doTERRA but I just didn’t think I could stay with them, and when I chose NAN (now Rocky Mountain Oils), they didn’t even have an affiliate program, so it was very risky for me. I did it anyway because I thought it was the right thing to do. I have done this kind of thing several times — making a move away from a money maker to something risky or less promising since I felt it was better for me and for my readers. I hope that helps. Feel free to ask more if you would like more information.

  15. DeAnna Chris says:

    I am very interested to know if you tested Melaleucas essential oils and what your opinion is. Thanks!

  16. Hi Adrienne, I found your blog when I was looking for some unbiased comparison of Young Living and DoTerra. I see we have similar values when it come to health. I love when I meet someone who is looking deep for answers. I suffered from several health issues growing up (was raised on processed food and lots of sugar!) and discovered as a young adult how powerful food can be in hurting or healing. I reversed ALL my health conditions by changing my diet. I became a nutritionist so that I could help others regain their health naturally, from the inside out. Along the way I also found a whole food concentrate that has become foundational in my life and in my practice. It is back d by 35 clinical studies, most of which are gold standard. When I saw you have dealt with severe allergies and also have a son on the autism spectrum I had to reach out. I have seen remarkable improvements in both these areas with this nutritional support, because it reduces systemic inflammation and provides the body with a rainbow of micronutrients we so desperately need more of. Would love to share more if you are interested. In health, Joanna

    • Hi Joanna. Thanks for writing. You are welcome to email me at adrienne {at} wholenewmom {dot} com. But I am swamped so please don’t expect a quick reply. Thanks!

  17. Jennifer says:

    Hi Adreinne! I am loving your posts on essential oils, natural remedies etc. I am particularly interested in learning more about Neal Yard. I’ve been looking at Young Living but after reading your post am reconsidering. Would you be available for a Skype or phone call?

  18. Lorrie P. says:

    It is so lovely to find your blog! I have scrolled through each section thinking, “Oh my gosh…she thinks a lot like I do on this…and this…and this…”! Your telling about your life and previous studies, your commitment to good health and nurturing your family are so beautiful. I will definitely read more and check back often for more of your wonderful insights. Thanks for sharing the way you do…it helps all of us to keep on pressing ahead!

  19. Shawna Viggers says:

    Looking for some advice- I have an 8 year old son who has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. He has tested negative for antibodies for Hashimotos. My mother, myself, and both my sisters all have Hashimotos and I have celiac as well. My son has tested negative for celiac twice already. He is extremely short and skinny for his age. About 5% for both height and weight. I am 5″2, and my husband is 5″11. I am trying to figure out what possible underlying conditions or issues that could possibly be hindering my son’s growth. he takes a daily dose of synthroid, probiotic, calcium and multivitamin supplements. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    • I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. I can’t advise medically. My son seemed to be growing slowly so we took him to a specialist and they determined it was delayed bone age and he should develop regularly. I would ask your physician for a referral. Take care.

  20. Hey Adrienne! I think we are soul sisters. I feel like I want to just call you up on the phone. lol. It would be easier then all this typing. And thats all I can get into right now. Baby is sleeping, I took apart my kitchen to reorganize the pantry and was researching EO’s at the same time bc my 20 month old WILL NOT SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT and my husband and I are going CRAZZZZY.

    After going through most of your info…..do you recommend Neals Yard for getting the best EO’s from?
    I can’t research anymore…to tired.

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