How to De-Gas Beans

How to De-Gas Beans. This REALLY works! Find out how to take the gas out of beans and make sure you don't end up "gassing" everyone else out after eating a bean-filled meal!

Good gut health is key to your body getting the nutrition you need.  Probiotics are key and so is getting rid of things like candida, heavy metals, and toxins. On top of that, however, preparing your foods the right way to encourage proper digestion is key–and that brings me to this post on how to de-gas beans.

Beans, beans, the magical fruit….

It’s a funny little ditty, but a not so funny reality.

Some people try to just eat fewer beans, and some avoid them completely, while others buy things like Bean-o and dump it on their food while eating.

Well, here is a better, and I must say, more effective (and much less expensive) solution to your bean-eating problems.

Having good digestion is key to having good health, whether you or a loved one has chronic health conditions or not.  We have been, for the past number of years, working on our whole family’s digestion by learning more about digestive enzymes, probiotics, fermentation of foods and soaking beans, nuts and seeds and even soaking grains.  It’s all part of the walk towards better health.

There are so many great things about beans, that it is a good idea to try to add more of them to your diet, but most people find that when they add too many of them to their diet that they can’t digest them well.

What is so great about beans?

  • They are nutrition powerhouses.  High in fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates.
  • They are cheap, cheap cheap.  Even the price of heirloom organic beans pales in comparison to that of meat.  Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t eat meat, but beans sure can help you stretch your food budget.  And who doesn’t need a bit of stretch these days?
  • They have a super long shelf life – in these days of concern about inflationary food prices with folks storing up food for leaner days ahead, beans are a logical choice.  They may take longer to cook as they age, but they do not spoil.

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Time Saving Tips

1.  Cook beans in bulk. One easy way to save time cooking beans is to cook some ahead and store for future use.  Read my tips on How and Why to Store Prepared Beans.

2.  Cook for two meals at once (or for dinner and dessert at once!  Make up a super-duper large batch of beans and make some of my great Bean Fudge.  It’s a great no-bake dessert, perfect for summer days (and busy winter ones too!)

3.  Some beans do not need to be pre-soaked.  These varieties are, of course, great for busy days (or days when you just plum forgot to plan for dinner!) 

Varieties that do not need soaking are:  lentils (red, green, French (they take a bit more cooking time), black-eyed peas, mung, split peas (green or yellow), snow cap and soldier.  I’ve tried all of the above except for snow cap and soldier.  Hmmm..gotta get working on that!  I’ll be sharing some nice bean recipes in the future.  Most notably split pea soup, Spicy Black-Eyed Peas and a fabulous Greek Split Pea/Garlic Dip.  Yum!!

More Digestion-Boosting Tips:

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Do Beans Give You Gas? Got Another De-Gassing Tip?

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  1. sorry, just saw the links in the last few comments

  2. Cooking beans with ginger also de-gasses it :-)
    A secret I learnt from my mom

    • Great tips on here, thanks everyone!
      I’d love to try the herbs mentioned here, however, Mt. Rose Herbs shipping is quite expensive (I just found out by placing my first and probably last order with them due to their high shipping fee).
      Years ago I used baking soda, but it didn’t help me at all. Any ideas where one could find a smaller amount of the herbs to try?

  3. Laurel Hueston says:

    to de-gas your beans is to cook them with a carminative spice/herb for example cumin, or fennel, or dill…I will use 1/2 tsp. to 1 teaspoon of cumin while cooking the beans..The spice/herbs listed are great for relieving flatulence, (gas), & helps to promote digestion..I at times will use 1 tsp. of fennel seed to soak with my beans which helps as well, but I prefer using cumin & or fennel for flavor & it relieves the gas as well..

  4. Has anyone ever heard that putting a peeled and quartered potato in with the beans as they soak overnight will also aid in de-gasing?

  5. Surely it’s

    beans, beans the MUSICAL fruit…..not magical fruit.
    Musical as in Toot Toot

  6. Bethany says:

    Ok, I know this is an old thread BUT (ha ha) I have question. I’m looking at your lentil recipe for crackers and it led me here about de-gassing my lentils. On the other hand there is a comment that lentils don’t need to be de-gassed. Then it says if you sprout them that is fine, then it says to do all the above with sprout, rinse, add whatever that stuff is you add that I don’t have on my shelves and would have to order. Can you help? I’m new to all this and am overwhelmed!! I want to make healthy food for my family and really thought I have been but want to get away from gluten and have to get away from dairy and eggs…without making my family gag! :) Anyway, I also need to help our digestion too. I suffer from hormone imbalance and I believe it’s mostly from poor gut function. ACK! So much to learn!! I need protein but can’t eat eggs or dairy and meats other than chicken are hard to are beans, which is the original subject! So, since you can’t put your brain in my head for while I will continue to study your website here and try to learn but if you can help me to know what to do with thee lentils that would be great. Do I have to do more than soak lentils and beans? I hate to have one more thing to spend money on….then again, at the rate I like to make music, especially around “that time” everything makes me musical! LOL!!! It may be worth it! Hope I wasn’t too confusing….thanks!

  7. For those with serious gas issues with beans, try removing the beans skins before eating. Chickpeas are paticularly easy to de-skin.

  8. Genevieve Kearney says:

    How do you sprout lentils? I want to try the Buckwheat Lentil Crackers

  9. OMG!!!!! Have you TRIED ajwain??? I used it in the soak water for two days, then put it all in a pot to simmer for about an hour, then I’ll put them in the crockpot dish. ( it seems my beans NEVER get soft, so I’m ‘overdoing’ it a bit this time!)
    ANYWAY, the ajwain stinks! It LITERALLY smells like sh**eeewww, eeewww, eeewww!!!!
    I bought this because I could not find the epazote anywhere, but I’m throwing it out! I’ll try the baking soda and potato like your readers have suggested next time!

    • We use it all the time and I don’t have any issues w/ the smell. In fact, we find the epazote has an undesirable odor and taste. So odd. I wonder if yours is bad somehow?