Healthy & Beautiful Hair – Easily ~ Lilla Rose Review – And a Giveaway! {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

Lilla Rose


Have you heard of Lilla Rose before?

I’d heard about them for awhile and seen their hair products around the internet.

But I just never thought I’d like them.

Like with other things, however, I’ve had to eat humble pie change my mind and realize that I was all wrong about these clips.

All wrong.

Read on to find out why….

Why I Thought I’d NEVER Buy a Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip

1.  Price

You know, I’m the type of woman who won’t spend more than $2.50 for a pack of 8 barrettes at Walmart (yes, I shop there very occasionally (as in — almost never).  Please don’t leave me any mean comments about it if you’re super opposed to Walmart, OK?).

So when I saw that these Lilla Rose Flexi-clips cost about $14 for just one barrette, I thought, “No way would I ever spend that.”

2.  Too “foofy”

Whenever I would look at the Lilla Rose Flexi-clips I would just think that I would never wear something that decorative in my hair – that somehow I just wouldn’t look good with it.

You know what I mean?  I’m just not that fancy of a person.  My barrettes, until now, were just the plain kind.  Like I said, $2.50 for a pack of 8.  Super Plain Jane.

I mean, Lilla Rose even had a Fourth of July Flexi-Clip.  No way would I ever wear that.

Like I said, however, I am now needing to change my tune.  

Admitting I Was Wrong

If you’ve been around my blog for awhile, you know that I am a “straight-shooter.”  I tell it like I see it, but that also means that sometimes I have to change what I’ve said, admit that I was wrong and say how my thinking has changed.

Like in the case of:

Natural Dishwasher Rinse Aid – I had to do a new post sharing how what I had told you all was a good option just maybe wasn’t that good for your dishwasher after all.

Essential Oils – How I used to think essential oils were a bunch of hooey – but found out that they most certainly are not.  Now after promoting Young Living, I am going to have to once again “Change My Tune” and do an update to Which Essential Oils Company is Best?

– Autism – I used to think that all this hype over autism was just doctors overdiagnosing.  Then — when autism hit out home, I realized how real this catastrophic condition is.  Here’s my post on Autism Healing.

Well, now, I am here to tell you that I’ve been wrong about Lilla Rose Flexi-Clips.

A number of months ago, I received a free Lilla Rose clip.  I got the Celtic Knot.  I put it in my hair and — well, I loved it.  My husband and kids did too.   I was just so surprised.  (Part of why I like it is it’s so pretty.  But my father immigrated from Ireland so that helps too :-).)

Lilla Rose Celtic Knot

The clips add just the right touch of prettiness to your hair without being overpowering.

In the morning I typically run around the house (or walk :-)) with my hair pulled all up but I never really liked it that way.  Now, when I use a Lilla Rose clip, I love how it looks.  It has a nice femininity about it without being too ornamental or cutesy.  Just right.

I loved the clip so much that I signed up as a consultant. I get a nifty discount and any income I make from sales goes towards helping this blog keep on going…..

And about that Fourth of July clip, I even think that it’s pretty cute now.  Too bad it’s not available anymore.

What I Love About Lilla Rose

1.  Simply Pretty

Like I said above.  These clips are really pretty — without being too much.  You can wear them around the home, out and about, or even to a fancy event.  They fit right in no matter what.

Seriously I’ve always been a “Plain Jane” accessory type.

I basically have:

2 pairs of earrings
– 1 barrette
– 1 purse / bag

so that I never need to think about what goes with what and I can just get out the door quickly.

The only problem with that is it just gets a little boring and I really enjoy now having something not-too-extravagant to “dress things up a little.”

These Flexi-Clips have given me a nice way to dress up without being too fancy.

2.  Durable

These clips are not going to fall apart like some of my barrettes have done.

3.  Promotes Healthy Hair

When I was using my old style barrettes and clips, I would always rip out several pieces of hair each time I took my hair down.  Now — even at one strand per day, we are talking about 365 strands of hair per year :-(.  I really don’t like losing hair.  Say goodbye to ripped out hair with the Flexi Clip.

4.  Affordable

Yes, I did think that there was no way that I would spend $14 or more on a hair clip.  But when you think about all you are getting, these clips are very affordable.  Great for yourself, presents….(and Christmas is just around the corner (well, sort of).)

5.  Stay-put-edness

These clips hold your hair.  They come in a bunch of different sizes so you can choose what size is right for your hair and the style that you hope to wear it.  I personally use an XS to put my hair partially up and either an XS or a S to put all my hair up – depending on how loose I want the style to be.

Here are some of the great ways you can wear your hair with these clips:

Lilla RoseLilla RoseLilla RoseLilla RoseLilla Rose


And here are a few more clip styles that I have my eye on.

 Lilla Rose Dangle

Lilla Rose Gold Clip

Lilla Rose Clip Colored Beads

Lilla Rose Small Clip


And they have more than just clips.  Check all this out:

Lilla Rose Products


Today I am offering two lucky winners a Flexi Clip of your choice (up to $16).

To enter, just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below.  The giveaway will run from today until 12:01 am on 10/24/12 EST and is open to US and Canadian residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh– here’s something important…when you go to the website to look at the Lilla Rose products, please watch the sizing and styling videos before ordering, since it’s very important to have the correct size in order to be completely happy with your flexi. However, you somehow order the wrong size, or you’re just not happy in any way, Lilla Rose offers a no-hassle, one-year guarantee with free return shipping for an exchange or refund.


And if you are at all interested in becoming a consultant with Lilla Rose, just drop me a line at wholenewmom at gmail dot com.  It’s a great company and very easy to work with.

(Sorry I haven’t been doing many giveaways recently.  I plan to do more as I have time, with a few really good ones coming up!  Believe me, you won’t want to miss them!!  Make sure you’re signed up for my email feed to stay up on what is coming down the road!)

I look forward to seeing who wins and sharing these clips with you!


    Speak Your Mind


  1. Ooh! I’d like the Who’s Hoo and the Celtic Clip. Thanks!

  2. Love these clips for my daughter

  3. Flexi Clips are beautiful. My daughter is going to bea bridesmaid in a wedding and these would be perfect for her hair. I am going to show the bride the site and see if she wants all her girls to wear these.

  4. Christina says:

    I really like the “simple band black nickel” and the “spring bouquet”!!

  5. I really would like to try these clips!

  6. would love to get the silver scroll-work heart and the fancy blossom dangle!

  7. I LOVE Flexi-Clips! The Eternal Infinity and Fascinating and Fun clips are great!

  8. I would also love to try the Celtic Knot (we’re even thinking of moving to Ireland!) and the Who’s Hoo? is adorable!

  9. Hi Adrienne. When I clicked on the link inside the “Leave a Blog Post Comment” it won’t open. I’m using google chrome and it tells me it can’t find you.

  10. I love the “Etched Tiger Lily” and the “Elegant Ornate Center.” Beautiful clips and I would love to try them.

  11. I have seen these clips all over the internet. They look cute! I love the medium celtic knot.

  12. judith rodriguez says:

    these are very pretty and will go
    with anything.

  13. And I LOVE the divinely framed medium clip

  14. Jamie English says:

    My daughter would love these. She has long, beautiful hair and is always trying to do fun things with it. I think the freestyle princess tiara would be a good start for her. And for myself, I like the divinely framed jewel :)

  15. I like Freestyle Princess Tiara (Large) and Freestyle Princess Tiara (Small). I love that they both have different colored beads :)

  16. Thanks for fixing the link. I’m like you; I don’t spend a lot on hair accessories.

    It’s hard to pick just two items because there are so many flattering ones. But with my bangs growing out, I’ve been browsing bobby pins and love the Flower of Hearts and the Princess Tiara.

    Thanks for having a giveaway.

  17. I would love to fancy up my hair on those days when I just throw my hair up on top of my head and band it with a slovenly scrunchie! Yay for quick ways to de-frumpify my appearance! I would love to try the “Skull and Crossbones” and “Celtic Knot Black Nickel” in the small size!

  18. I LOVE the divinely framed medium clip, and the celtic knot large clip

  19. Renaissance Cross and Simple Danglie Garnet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I would love to get the celtic knot or the Roman style cross. thanks

  21. Love the Celtic Cross and the Celtic Knot!

  22. I have my eye on the “Etched Tiger Lily” and “Hawaiian Flower” flexi-clips. They are so beautiful!

  23. I really love the who’s who and the silver multi-colored cluster. These are so fun and a great way to get a little bling without overdoing it.

  24. I like the Antique brass princess tiara and the Prominent Dragonfly Gold flexi-clips which I think would be beautiful on my daughter’s thick red hair.

  25. I’m liking the large single danglie garnet and the large silver scroll work butterfly. These would be perfect for keeping my hair up with the new baby!

  26. Hawaiian flower multi and the scrollwork heart Thanks for letting me know that I should select two…guess I missed that part

  27. Kym Johnson says:

    I love the celtic cross and the butterfly.

  28. I really want to try the hair sticks! And I love the celtic knot one, would love to get one large enough to put all my hair up with!

  29. How do I pick just two? My hair is short now, but I would try them anyway! Celtic Knot is wonderful, and so is Single Band Black Nickel. But I have to put Dolphin in there, since this year my daughter and I swam with the dolphins!!!!!

  30. I like the Silver Summer Sunflower hair sticks and the Celtic Knot.
    There are so many to like!

  31. My girls would love any of these products, the headbands and bobby pins are top of the list.

  32. I would love the Freestyle Princess Tiara for my daughter! They are all so pretty, it is really hard to choose just one!

  33. Ooops, I was supposed to pick two. The other would be Roman Stone Lite Sapphire. They are all beautiful!

  34. I love the flexi-pin & the decorated bobby pins…I would seriously use these every. day. :0)

  35. There are TOO many to choose from. However I will start with the Simple band black nickel and the fairy aurora borealis. Thank you for the chance to win Adrienne!

  36. I like the petite dragonfly and the Roman Cross… although one of the horse ones would be great for gifts.

  37. My daughter gave me one of these clips and I LOVE it! I would love to add the Mini Multi Colored Stone Cluster to my wardrobe and get the small Celtic Knot for my daughter. Thanks! ? p.s. LOVE your Whole New Mom blog and have shared it with so many! Keep up the great job!

  38. Barbara19 says:

    I like the extra small filigree heart and extra small Princess Tiara.

  39. These are beautiful!!!!

  40. Susan Jonell Roragen says:

    I would like the stone-set badge holder; and the Hawaiian flower bobby pins

  41. Etched Lily and Hawaiian Flower are ones I’ve looked at for some time!

  42. I agree with others that there are too many beautiful choices! I would love the simple band black nickel and the Celtic cross. I have nieces and great nieces and son’s girlfriend and these would make great gifts. Good timing for a giveaway to start thinking of Christmas. Thank you!

  43. Love the Celtic Knot & the Roman Cross. I especially love the
    simplicity of the Celtic Knot.

  44. My favourotes are Princess Tiara Dangle and Intricately Designed Dangle

  45. Those are lovely! I would love one for my daughter.

  46. Opps, Thanks Adrienne! I love the high quality of the materials used in their products and the beautiful detail of their designs :)

  47. Heather H says:

    I like the Celtic cross and any/all of the cute headbands!

  48. I like the Hawaiian Flower bobby pins and the Vibrant Cluster of Hematite flexi-clip.

  49. I really like the Horse Head and the Etched Cross.

  50. I really like the silver etched lily. That is my favorite flower. I have never seen these before, they are very pretty. I love how you are so transparent and real, thank you!

  51. : ) Kate ( : says:

    Love your review of the flexi clips! I too like to keep things simple, but pretty and it’s nice to change the boring occasionally!
    I like 3-2024 Festive Fallen Leaf and 3-1221 Freestyle Princess Tiara in LARGE! And it is very important to watch the sizing video closely to better insure your satisfaction. I purchased one in a medium and was not happy with it and almost returned it (I should have exchanged it!) but later realized it was because it was just too small. Whether I win or not, maybe someday I’ll get another one, maybe a gift!

  52. Michelle in Colorado says:

    I like the Who’s Hoo and Festive Fallen Leaf.

  53. Trisha Ham-Ying says:

    They are so beautiful. It would be hard to chose just one.

  54. I have short hair and like the Celtic cross bobby pins and the rose head band.

  55. Oh I so love these, they are so perfect for my daughter (11) and well even me on those days I manage to pry one of the handy clippies out of my hair. The Celtic Knot is my personal favorite but so many looked as if they would appeal to my daughter, the Silver scroll-work butterfly in particular.

    3-1018 Celtic Knot
    3-0147 Silver scroll-work butterfly

  56. I would like to have the Deep Rose Set pin 1-0274 and the Hawaiin Flower BPI-1572.

  57. Choosing is hard…but I love the Celtic knot and the festive Fallen Leaf hair clips.

  58. I like the Who’s Hoo small Flexi and the Elegant Silver Beads Hair Sticks!

  59. Wow! These are lovely! I especially like:
    – The Lovely Circle-Stone Set in metallic green
    – The Antique Brass w/Roman Cross

  60. Hawaiian Flower Multi and Charming Rays of Sunshine re my faves! beautiful works!

  61. Dragonflys and the Celtic cross

    And anything with autumn colors

  62. Pam Marshall says:

    Love the Who’s Hoo and the Daisy Dangle for any of my 3 daughters that have long hair!

  63. I love the “The Flexi Hair Clip – Extra Large” and the “Hair Sticks” .. thank you for this giveaway!

  64. With two little girls and my big ol’ mess of hair we need all of the help we can get!

  65. All the clips are so pretty and I love how many different hairstyles you can do with them. I have my eye on the Celtic Knot Gold and the Filigree Dragonfly. I would get one in extra large for all my hair and one in large or medium for the half-up styles. :)

  66. I have always loved my headband from Lilla Rose. I hope to win!

  67. Hi –
    I love my crystal headband, and would love to get the Flexi-Clips, especially the small size. When I wear the crystal headband, I get compliments. In fact, I just got another one this morning! Thanks for the chance to add to my hair collection.

    • Hi again, Paula. I don’t mean to be a bother, but my son was going through the comments today and felt bad if you wouldn’t qualify to win….could you please pick 2 specific styles? Thanks!!!

  68. I love the Celtic Knot and Prominent Dragonfly Gold. Would love to win. They’ve been tantalizing me for months!

  69. These are so beautiful. I agree with you in being more of a plain jane, but I’m wanting to branch out a bit and these seem perfect for it. I’m going to show my bride friend for her wedding party. :) The two..or four..that I’m most interested in are the: roman stone lite sapphire, purple stone cluster, tree of life, scrollwork butterfly..oh yes, and crown of hearts. Haha. :) If I had to go with two, I’d pick from a hat. One in small, and one in either extra small or medium. Gosh.. :)

    • :-). I know. I really for a long time thought I didn’t like these and now, when I look in the catalog, I am completely stumped on which to get. I so try not to be a materialist but I do think that getting a few nice things is OK. Just not 100 :-).

  70. I also consider myself simple when it comes to accessories. I found out that I do like a clip with a little more flare to it when someone gave me this fancy clip I never thought I’d wear. Unfortunately, my son Brandon recently broke the clip (which was made from beads and plastic bands). I was so sad! Now I am looking for a new clip to dress up my hair when need be. I love these clips. I am interested in the Vibrant Cluster of Hemetite because it will go with a ton of my outfits. Also, I love the Celtic Cross clip because it will match most of my other jewelry and accessories. Good luck in your new endeavor as a consultant! xoxoxox

  71. Michele Hood says:

    Love the celtic knot too. Question, how do we judge what size we need? I have very thick hair, most standard barrettes do not fit on my hair. I usually wear ponytail holders. They get stretched out after a bit and finally I toss them in the trash and get a new one.

    • There is a link to the sizing video at the bottom of the post. Let me know if it’s not obvious. I can also put it in the post if you think that would help. :)

  72. Shannon Barbian says:

    I definitely have my on item numbers: 6-1868 and 6-1805!

  73. Shannon Barbian says:

    Oops! Try that one instead! LOL

  74. These look so perfect…! I would love to win the XS tiger lily clip and the S fancy blossom clip! Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. I was given a flexi clip for my birthday last year, and I love it! I have super thick, curly hair that regularly snaps claw clips and “normal” barrettes, but my flexi holds my hair super securely. I’d love to have the Celtic Knot in black nickle and the freestyle princess tiara to add to my collection of pretty hair things!.

  76. These are so pretty! I would love the Celtic Knot or Classic Oval hair clip. The hair bands look pretty too…are they comfortable? Have fun!

  77. Illya Gonzalez says:

    I would love to win one.

  78. A friend introduced me to these and I love them. The trouble is deciding on which one to choose. I like the flexi clip in the Etched Tiger Lily or the Princess Tiara Crystal design. Thanks for the giveaway.

  79. hey Adrienne, I think we are twins!! that’s exactly what I think about the clips… and why I have never bought one (too much money for my pocket!) but I do need a prettier way to do my hair instead of a play Jane pony tail with a rubber thingy.

    I would love to win one and again agree with you that they are so worth the money! I like the golden one with the cross and the silver one with the colorful beads!!

    I hope I win!! :)

    Ps Every time I bake your oatmeal cake I think of you. Got some fresh coconut in the fridge so I can make more!! :)

  80. I like the Etched Tiger Lily in Small and and the Hawaiian Flower Bobby Pins!

  81. These are so gorgeous. I have hair almost past the middle of my back and it’s so hard to find things that work in your hair. I love the Simple Band Black Nickel & the Celtic Knot. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  82. Hey Adrienne, I use fresh coconut (the one you buy that has brown husk) and blend that with hot water to make my own homemade coconut milk. Instead of using the dried coconut flakes I use fresh coconut meat.

    anyway, then I soak the oats in the coconut milk. It’s the best ever.

    The other day, I made the oatmeal cake and I used almond milk and skimped on it…added water. I added cocoa powder but the cake did not come out moist and yummy. It was pretty hard… i think it lacked the fat from the coconut milk. I will experiment again.

    the best recipe so far was was coconut milk and I added chocolate chips to the 24+++ hour soaked oats… yummy!! I was gone before the day was over!! :) So yeah, I think of you often!

    • Gotcha! I use coconut milk almost all the time, but I do use pumpkin seed milk sometimes since it has plenty of zinc. Take care!!!! I’ll have to try the choc chip idea sometime :-).

  83. I like the “simple danglie” and the “lovely circle stoneset” my twins would LOVE them!

  84. I would love the Celtic Knot and Princess Tiara! Thanks for the opportunity!

  85. I would love the enchanting copper rose clip and one of the o-rings.

  86. I like the celtic cross and princess tiara

  87. The horse flexi in small or medium and the celtic cross in small

  88. Susan Smith says:

    I’ve had my eye on a Flexi Hair Clip for a while; would love the Celtic Knot and the Floral Design (I know you said two, but there are so many cute designs…also like the Princess Tiara, the Etched Tiger Lily, the Celtic Cross, the Roman Cross Antique Brass)

    • :-). Did you notice the sale on through the 21st? Or maybe you should become a consultant. No pressure – just a thought. You have good taste. I like all of those.

  89. Plumeria Flower and Silver Dragonfly Brown Metallic. They are beautiful!

  90. I like the Celtic Knot Gold…ooh and the Native Filigree Copper. I think that’s new – LOVE the copper color!

  91. I’d love to try the simple band :) Love flex-clips!

  92. I am not a very frilly person, but I like the Celtic knots and the “simple band.” Would love to replace the “scrunchie” I always wear!

  93. These flex-clips are beautiful. I think I’ve found something that will stay put in my fine hair! I would love to try the prominent gold dragonfly and the starfish!

  94. I’ve drooled over these for several months now too, but besides being really busy and not having a lot of extra money, I’ve not figured I’d be able to figure out how to use them enough to make buying one worth while. I’d sure love to try one though, cause they sure have some beautiful ones!!! I’d especially love to try the celtic knot or tiger lily I think. :)

  95. I would love to win a clip.
    My two faves are “floral design” and “freestyle princess tiara”.
    Thank you!

  96. I would love to win the “Silver Island flower” and “Silver princess tiara dangle”

  97. i really like the eternal infinity and the parade of color hairband.

  98. colorful barette & roman cross

  99. Laura Lane says:

    1-0679 Prominent Dragonfly


    1-0728 Princess Tiara

  100. I ordered my first flex-clip just before the sale (Hawaiian Flower). Argh! I really like the Celtic Knot and the Classic Etched Cross. Can’t wait to try it!

  101. Alicia Sperrya says:

    I would love to have the classy oval or the Celtic knot with the brown beads!

  102. I love the Who’s who clip and the Multi-colored Stone Cluster clip.

  103. I’d like the silver celtic cross or the celtic knot.

    I, too, was wrong about Lila Rose clips and was very delighted with the garnet dangle clip I purchased earlier this year.
    I was even considering becoming a consultant/rep for them as well.
    The only thing I don’t like about them is that they are made in China. :(

  104. rachel v. says:

    2-2089 Roman Stone Lite Sapphire and 2-1447 Renaissance Cross

  105. I’d like the ‘tree of life’ or the antique ‘princess tiara.

  106. These clips are so pretty, it’s hard to choose favorites! However, I couldn’t get over the Celtic Knot and Simple Dangle Jet clips. :)

  107. I would love the 2-0999 Festive Poinsettia, just in time for the holidays!

  108. Celena Thomas says:

    I like the Infinity motif flexi-clip and the Aurora borealis headband

  109. I like the So Many Swirls hair clip and the Petite Dragonfly bobby pin.

  110. I have one flexi-clip and love it! doesn’t pull on my hair or fall out. Would to love to have another to swap out :)

  111. I’d like the hairband and the silver and black flexi clip. I never have time to do a lot with my hair and I like what you said about simply putting it up with a Lila rose clip makes it look fancier. I like to live simply, not with many things but with those things I love. Thanks for the post and the giveaway.

  112. I would love the Flower of Hearts bobby pins and the Parade of Color head band. Beautiful stuff!

  113. I like the Who’s Hoo? for a friend who loves owls and for myself…one of the celtic knot styles.

  114. Love the Celtic Knot & Simple Band.

  115. My daughter would love the horseshoe!

  116. I liked the large copper rose and xl celtic knot gold.

  117. Genevieve says:

    I like the Topaz and Pearls & the Divinely Framed Jewel. Your blog is very well put together. Thanks for the invite from Monday Mania!

  118. I like the celtic knot and the simple danglie.

  119. I really liked the ones shown in this article…the Roman Cross and the Simple Dangle Jet. They’re both simple yet elegant looking!

  120. Jennifer S says:

    Im interested in the orings and the clips

  121. I have one flexi-clip and LOVE it! I really adore the Who’s Hoo and the Simple Band in Black Nickel. Thank you for this opportunity!

  122. I have been wanting to try these!!
    I like the Hawaiian flower and scrollwork heart.

  123. Who’s hoo and Etched Lily with Amethyst are my two favorites, but seems the little owl is gone. :( So Roman Stone Lite Sapphire is my other second choice (both in medium, since small couldnt keep all my curly hair!)

  124. I am interested in the opportunity but the kits don’t tell you exactly what is in them. I do not intend to be selling a lot. Only when someone mentions they like the one I have on. But I do like a lot of the clips, wear clips a lot and therefore would like a collection for my personal use at a discount. So can you give me more information on what is in the particular kits, cost, how income (bonuses) works, ect. Thanks, Glenda

    • Hi Glenda. Do you mean the kits to sign up? I bought the $50 kit and you just get 6 clips in it, of different sizes. That way, you can wear some and show the different sizes to people who are interested.

      You make 30% off any personal sales and you get extra bonuses as you sell more and as any recruited consultants sell as well (provided you meet the minimum requirements, which aren’t that steep.)

      Let me know if you need more information. Happy to share!

  125. My hair is really fine and most…no, nearly all, clips, barettes, etc do NOT stay in my hair (or my daughter’s hair)….will theses work in super fine hair, or will they constantly slip and move? They are pretty, but at $15 each, I can’t afford to spend money on something neither one of us can use. thanks.

    • They will work in super fine hair. Just get the smallest size. I have also seen ladies put a pipecleaner around a mini to make it even smaller. I will put a photo of that on my Facebook page now (Lilla Rose one). Head over there and check it out. There is also a money back guarantee and shipping isn’t that much to get it back to them so you have that option as well.

  126. I had problems placing an order over the weekend. It took over an hour to place the order due to a slow server, possibly due to to many using the site because of the sale and Christmas coming up? Anyway, when I finally got to the end it said an error had occurred , unable to process my request, call support dept or retry request. I went through the process again and this time it said internal server error. I tried to call the support dept, but no answer. Now my credit card shows TWO charges even though the website said neither went through. Help!

    • They are in CA. What time did you try to contact them? They are very good with customer service. I can help if need be but it will likely be quicker if you contact them.

  127. i think these clips are great and am wondering how well they do with shorter hair. I could not find any videos for shorter hair demonstrations.
    thank you

  128. Made in China , they have enough room on the clips to put their website and their patent number but leave off that vital info.

    • Hi there. I have read that the law requires them to put it on the bags that they ship the clips in so I hope that helps.

      Additionally, this is an official statement by the founder of the company that I think helps to explain their situation further.

      Thank you for your phone call. I share your concern with working conditions at factories outside of the USA and in Asia in particular. As you noted we do import from China.

      An important fact that most people aren’t aware of is that China actually has strict work rules for their workers. Employer requirements such as minimum wage, severance pay, unemployment, their version of Social Security, etc. are laws there too. The problem of skirting employee work rules generally resides with local companies. These companies occasionally operate outside of the Chinese work rules. Being “local” means they are Chinese and they are able to hide their practices much easier than a foreign corporation.

      Another way a local vendor can skirt work rules is to use a “sub factory”. When you hear about issues with companies like Nike, they hire a local factory to manufacture for them. However, unbeknownst to Nike, their local vendor with use sub factories for production. It is with these sub factories where you see the majority of workplace problems.

      We use a Korean vendor, Cho Yongsun. I have known and worked with Cho since 2006. Cho isn’t from China and holds a Korean passport. Since Cho is a foreigner, the Chinese government has much more control over his business practices. Essentially one false move and he can be kicked out of the country. His entire business enterprise down the tubes.

      Cho Yongsun doesn’t use sub factories. Every employee he uses works directly for him and he is responsible for their care as their employer. He only uses adults to assemble our products and pays them according to Chinese labor laws.

      I hope this helps you.

      Best regards,

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