$50 Giveaway & Review – Green Polka Dot Box – Online Organic Foods {Giveaway Closed}

Green Polka Dot Box
Late in 2011 I introduced all of you to the Green Polka Dot Box with this post: Save up to 60% on Organic and non-GMO Foods.

It was something that sounded like a great idea to me:

  • Savings of up to 60% on organic and non-GMO foods
  • Free delivery option right to your door (for orders of $99 or more)
  • Great product offerings– they are already delivering organic produce to the west coast, are expanding that, and hope to offer meat, eggs and poultry in the near future.

At the time I was promoting it, the offerings weren’t even there yet, and the website wasn’t functional.

I was putting my reputation on the line, but I really thought it was going to be a good thing.

Ads by Healthy Ads

Like other things, I investigated the Green Polka Dot Box a lot.

You know I really like to dig down into things, right?  Like my series on essential oils?

Anyway, let’s just say I poked around on the internet a lot, made a lot of calls and sent a lot of emails.

And since 12/11, the Green Polka Dot Box has been a real winner.

I really have been able to get great products at a great price – and I feel great about the company.

  • Great prices
  • Great customer service (there have been a few bumps along the way, and each time they have made it right)
  • Integrity (they’ve even taken a loss on products that they offered that turned out to not be non-GMO)
  • Great product offerings with more coming all the time

And today, I am pleased to offer to one of my readers, a one year membership to the Green Polka Dot Box.

Membership, you say?  Yes – they are like the online organic and non-GMO Costco.

Typically the memberships are $50, so this is a great deal.

Great Prices:

There are some really good prices at the Green Polka Dot Box.  And sometimes they have special offers that make their prices even more amazing.  Like one month, they had these Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips for only $.99.  We almost never buy processed foods, but at that price I snagged quite a few bags :-)!

Just to give you an idea of how much you can save (and so you can see that the membership fee is for sure worth it, here are a few quick comparisons of Green Polka Dot Box vs. Amazon’s prices and at times I’ll check another vendor.

1.  Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice.

  • Amazon Price:  $3.46 per pound, and you need to purchase 6-2 pound bags.
  • Green Polka Dot Box:  $1.43 per pound.  You only have to purchase a 2 pound bag!
  • Vitacost:  Not available

2.  Almond Breeze Almond Milk.  Unsweetened Original, 32 oz.


Now, I totally recommend that you save money and the environment by making the Easiest Almond Milk Ever, but if you are still wanting to buy it….

  • On Amazon,$3.98 per carton, and you need to purchase 12!
  • Green Polka Dot Box:  Regularly only $1.94. On sale now for $1.29!!  And you only have to purchase 1!
  • Vitacost: $2.43 per box.

3.  Bionaturae Organic Canned Tomatoes (more on BPA in these cans….But let me assure you that I researched this and am very comfortable with this option. I’ll fill you in more later in a post!)

4.  If you prefer, you can get Bionaturae Strained Tomatoes and have no BPA at all.

5.  Bottled Organic Lemon Juice from Dream Foods.
      I use this all.the.time.  See Sugar Free LemonadeHomemade “Jello” and Moroccan Vinaigrette).
      I LOVE this juice.  My former neighbor drinks it straight :-).

  • Amazon:  $10.36 per bottle and you need to purchase 6 of them to get that price!
  • At Green Polka Dot Box, it’s only $5.29 per bottle (it’s on sale, but their regular price is only $5.50)
  • Vitacost: Not available

Now–don’t get me wrong.  I love Amazon and Vitacost and I regularly shop at both.  I’m just saying that adding Green Polka Dot Box to your arsenal of low price shopping options is a great idea.  It has been for us.
Some of the products that I purchase regularly are:

and they have other great products like
Just buy a number of these things and quickly you will take care of your 1 year membership fee!
I love that you can get super prices without buying a whole case of an item like you need to at Amazon.  (I like Amazon, but sometimes I just don’t want a case. And that’s saying a lot for this bulk-buying mama! – Have you seen my guest post on Frugal Pantry Storage?

And if you don’t win, there may be more where this came from–and you can get a FREE 30 DAY MEMBERSHIP to try out the Green Polka Dot Box right now!  I think you’ll like what you see.

How to enter:

1.  First, make sure that you are subscribed to my email blog feed.  This is mandatory for entering!  I don’t mean to be “demanding”, but I really want to reward loyal readers with nice goodies like this.  And believe me, I’ve got some really great giveaways lined up so it’s worth it to stay connected here!

  •  In the Rafflecopter Giveaway Widget, where it talks about my email feed, just state that you’ve “done it”.
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2. First, see the price of Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Flour by clicking on this image.

  • Second, see the price at Green Polka Dot Box.
  • Third, tell me the price difference in the comments! (UPDATE: The Amazon price lowered since writing this post, but there’s a $4.99 shipping fee associated with getting it this cheap.  I’ll try to update the post if I can :-).)
3.  Third, follow the directions in the Rafflecopter Giveaway Widget below.  Make sure to enter your Twitter name and Facebook name where prompted.  Otherwise I can’t verify winners.
Here’s the Rafflecopter Entry Form:
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Remember.  Even if you enter, take advantage of their 30 day FREE MEMBERSHIP!  You have nothing to lose and a lot of savings to gain!
So….I am interested to hear what you think…..do you find the Green Polka Dot Box’s offerings and prices compelling?
This post contains affiliate links.  Please read my disclaimer here.


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  1. I’ve been on a baking binge recently, so I think I would purchase raw vanilla beans, organic sugar, and Deliriously Delicious Devil’s Food Cake Mix. Yum.

  2. $4.39 savings, wow!

  3. $4.39 savings.
    fresh produce is so good this time of year!

  4. Denise F says:

    I would probably try some of their ultimate baking and pancake mix, Nutvia Coconut oil and Spectrum palm shortening… looks like a great site!!

  5. I’d look at shampoo/conditioner and toothpaste products, and canned good that I typically keep on the pantry for emergency use. Like their site and looks like it could be good!

  6. I would probably get the organic lemon juice, peanuts and organic tomato sauce.

  7. Tiffany A. says:

    I would get Wholesome Organic Sugar (for my kombucha and water kefir,) some Bionaturae tomatoes and Wild Planet Tuna. Great prices on all of these!

  8. Tiffany A. says:

    $4.39 savings on the coconut flour!

  9. Mary C says:

    “done it”

  10. Mary C says:

    I would love to try Green Polka Dot Box out.

  11. Mary C says:

    I would buy pumpkin seeds, coconut flour and cacoa powder.

  12. Hi,

    I’d like to buy the organic raw cacao, the tomato paste and the strainder tomatoes. 4.39 is the difference in the price for the coconut sugar.

  13. Mary C says:

    You would save $4.39 buying the coconut flour at Green Polka Dot Box.

  14. martine says:

    I would like to bye organic dates, tomato paste and gummy bears

  15. martine says:

    I will save 4.39$

  16. Melissa says:

    my son is allergic to dairy, eggs, oats and beef so this would be great! I’d get the Pamelas’s Baking & Pancake Mix (awesome stuff), Spectrum coconut oil, and Coconut secret coconut flour

  17. Lynette Cruz says:

    The earth best’s pouches,Superfood oat based cereal, and I woulkd love the farm fresh produce option,but it isnt available to me yet!any baking items would be nice!! $4.39 savings in the price,I like that!!

  18. Deborah says:

    done it! Buying online will be so convenient!

  19. Lynette Cruz says:

    I just got a vitamix,so i would love trying to make my own nutmilks,baby food,etc.And those ingredients can be pricey,not many organic coupons available!I would love to have that membership!!

  20. Victoria says:

    I’d probably buy Spectrum Natural Palm Shortening, Once Again Nut Butter Tahini, and Lundberg Wild Blend Rice.

  21. Victoria says:

    Price difference of Raw Coconut Flour = $4.39 (based on the Amazon price of the moment).

  22. Nikki V says:

    I would buy palm shortening, coconut flour, and Pamela’s mix.

  23. Dairy free chocolate chips, gluten free cake mix, and coconut oil! And Almond milk. I’m nursing my twins and one of them cannot tolerate wheat, plus I always cut out dairy when nursing my infants because I find it helps with gassiness, so no milk or chocolate chips for me either!

  24. the 3 things i’d likely buy are coconut oil, coconut crystals and almond butter.

  25. $4.39 in savings is huge!

  26. A savings of $4.39 on Coconut Flour from Amazon’s price. I would order Once Again Almond Butter, Bionaturae Crushed Tomatoes, and Lundsberg Organic Brown Rice plus many other items.

  27. Organic powdered sugar, Late July chips, and fruit snacks.

  28. Almond milk, coconut butter and coconut flour

  29. rebekah says:

    Coconut flour, almond milk and fruit snacks.

  30. Heather says:

    i would buy tomato paste, olive oil and chia seeds.

  31. rachel v. says:

    I would buy the sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and GF raspberry twists (yea GF licorice!)

  32. The current price difference is $1.29

  33. Jamie English says:

    You save $2.26….right now I am wanting some sunflower seed butter and sunflower oil….

  34. Jamie English says:

    …and coconut flour :)

  35. Andrea Pires says:

    I would probably get the basics: Coconut oil, Celtic Sea Salt, Nut Butters, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, and a whole bunch of other things that are usually too expensive to stay on the shoping list.

  36. Mary B. says:

    The difference in price between Amazon and Green Polka Dot Box is 61 cents. Looks very interesting and I’m now going to go spend some time looking around :) (I love shopping!) Thanks for spreading the word.

  37. Suzanne Ledford says:

    Not sure if Amazon made a price change but the current difference is $5.91! $5.00 from Green Polka Dot Box and $10.91 from Amazon.

  38. Suzanne Ledford says:

    I’d like to try:
    Nick’s Sticks
    Grass-Fed Beef Sticks

    Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy


    Pizza Flax Snax

  39. Suzanne Ledford says:

    I liked the blog post!

  40. Almond milk
    tomato paste
    coconut flour

  41. stacey says:

    the current price difference is $.67 on amazon versus green polka dot!

  42. Chrystal says:

    Hmmmm….it must be on sale at Amazon because I only see a 67 cent difference! LOL

    • Yes, I just addressed this w/ another person. They have a 4.99 shipping price associated with it. So that’s why. The price changed probably since a number of people were looking at it :-).

  43. Colleen says:

    Amazon currently lists the sale price as 5.67, down from 5.81. Green Polka Dot lists their price as 5.00. I would save 67 cents. Don’t know if I am supposed to include the suggested retail price or not. Seems confusing.

    • It is confusing. There’s a shipping fee associated w/ the Amazon price now – maybe since a lot of people are checking! I know they change their prices sometimes :-)

  44. Candace G says:

    I would purchase organic coconut oil, maple syrup and I’d try the insect repellant.

  45. Amanda says:

    $5.53 + $4.99 shipping = $10.52 on Amazon
    $5.00 on Green Polka Dot Box…..so that’s $5.52 in savings!

  46. The Green Polka Dot Box has so many wonderful items, however I think that the Dried Turkish Figs, Dried Dates, and the Soft Cup.

  47. Susan Smith says:

    Amazon: $5.53 + $4.99 shipping
    Green Polka Dot Box: $5.00

    $5.52 savings!

  48. Martha Hughes says:

    Amazon: 5.53 + 4.99 shipping
    Green Polka Dot Box: 5.00

    5.52 savings

  49. Kristie LaLonde says:

    The price difference is 81 cents Lou’s the 4.99 shipping charge!

  50. I’d love to hear who else has used Green Polka Dot Box and what their favorite items are. Also do you normally spend more than $99 or do you pay the shipping?

    • I’d like to hear what others think. I spend just what I need to and never pay shipping but sometimes have to pay the $5 charge for too much weight b/c I order a lot of heavy items (like the tomatoes and rice and such).

  51. Chris Longfors says:

    Difference is $.81 plus shipping. Going to take a closer look at that website. Can’t get along of organic items in our small town.

  52. Chris Longfors says:

    Meant alot of organic items. Sorry.

  53. Melissa Wagner Pavick says:

    I would like to see oils (cooking or body), raw nuts, and fair trade chocolate. :)

  54. When I looked, the coconut flour at Amazon, it was $5.81 plus $4.99 shipping, for a total of $10.80. Then, at the Green Polka Dot it was only $5.00, so I would save $5.80.

  55. These widget things never work for me, I’ve clicked and clicked “done it” but it will not open the next opportunities to enter. Oh well.

    The three things I would be interested in buying are…

    Pacific Vanilla Almond Milk $2.19
    Deboles Rice Angel Hair Pastat $2.45
    Nutiva Extra Virgin Olive Oil $13.93

    • What didn’t work? You did both of the mandatory entries? Maybe it’s your browser. Could you perhaps try another one?

      • I’m sure it is the browser or something like that because this has happened to me before. I used internet explorer. I don’t know how to use a different browser. Any suggestions would be appreciated as to how to do that.

        • I love Google Chrome. Just do an internet search for it and download it and then you can use it. It makes my work on the internet much easier and it is more secure from what I have heard. It warns me when there is an unsafe website. Hope it works for you! I can’t enter you otherwise….let me know…

  56. Anita M says:

    Well, after factoring in the shipping cost involved: $5.80

  57. I want to start using all organic food so the food is what I am most interested in at the moment.

  58. Sorry I posted the last comment before I read the next entry. I would like to buy Essential Living Foods – Raw Brazil Nut Honey Butter (It sounds yummy),Annie’s Naturals ketchup, and the harvest fresh basket (they look really neat)

  59. Leslie says:

    Pacific naturals roasted red pepper and tomato soup.
    Bionaturae tomatos
    britteny’s thyme insect repellent.

  60. Barbara Beecham says:

    I would like to try the almond butter,palm shortening and coconut flour. The price diff. not inc shipping is $4.39.

  61. I’d buy spices/herbs, Bionature tomato products, and seeds.

  62. tomatoes & tomato paste, pumpkin seeds, palm shortening….looks like there is lots of things!

  63. The tomato paste sounds great!

  64. …along with the raw cacao powder and the palm shortening.

  65. Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap
    Spectrum Refined Coconut Oil
    Bionaturae Strained Tomatoes

  66. I would likely purchase evaporated cane juice, almond milk, and snack foods

  67. Samantha says:

    I wish you didn’t require an email subscription to enter your giveaways. I read faithfully in Google Reader, but just can’t bear any more email in my inbox. I have to save that for other areas in my life.

    • Hi Samantha. I completely understand. You can set up an email filter to put all emails w/ certain characteristics into a certain folder and then go back to read them later. I need to do that myself. Thanks for understanding. Too many folks dump into the reader and don’t read and I really want my real readers to get the freebies.

  68. Thanks! I would like to get vanillla beans, no-stir-natural-sunflower-butter and sun warrior vanilla protein powder. :-). Good luck everyone, buti sure hope I win!!!

  69. Oh probably the coconut flour, some coconut oil, and maybe the pumpkin seeds. I really could find so many…

  70. From what I can tell, there’s a difference of $1.60 between the Amazon price and The GPDB price. Unless the price has changed again.

    I see more comments not referring to the price – maybe I’m missing that part. Perhaps it’s because the rafflecopter widget’s not showing up for me right now, so if I can get it to show up later, I’ll check and see if I’m supposed to comment further. :)

    • Sorry -the giveaway is closed – but I will try to do another one in the near future :).

      • Wow. I can see that now; the date should have clued me in. I just saw the link on my Facebook feed and figured I should check it out.
        Shows that it was posted just tonight, not even an hour ago. But it links to this post. Maybe worth taking a look at, in case someone posted the wrong link?
        Have a great day!

  71. I too thought GPDB would be a great company to get healthy food from. Unfortunately, I am seriously disappointed in the lack of customer service by GPDB. I joined and paid a membership fee with the guarantee that my first order would be given a 50% discount. This was refused because GPDB said the discount had expired, even though they made no mention nor sent out any notice of it having an expiration date.

    A business cannot just ignore an offer whenever they get tired of fulfilling their promise without even notifying their members that there is an expiration date on the offer. This is not acceptable and it bears a lot of similarity to the illegal “bait and switch” type of advertising.

    I cannot believe that GPDB will not honor the agreement offered to me when I signed up and paid my $50 membership. If GPDB does not have to abide by the agreement, then why should I have to? Either my promised 50% discount should be given on my first order or my $50 membership fee should be returned to me, as it was obtained by GPDB under false pretenses.

    I have to ask, is this the kind of company you want to be affiliated with? How much would it really hurt them to honor the promise they made to the few people who joined under it? I thought you would like to know that GPDB is not living up to their advertising promises and if you are promoting them, this could reflect back negatively on you and your site.

    • Hi Joan. Sorry you are having an issue with them. When were you given that discount promise and do you have an email that mentions it? I have had really good customer service from them so I am surprised at this. Thanks and please let me know.

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