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Another week – more savings for you.

Each week I think I might not do a post on Saturday, but each weekend the time rolls around and there are so many things I’d like to share.

I don’t mean to be a doomsdayer, but rough times, they are a comin’.  The economy in the U.S. isn’t doing well and worldwide it doesn’t look so pretty either.  Well, Europe is particular bad.  (Greece’s unemployment is 26.5% from what I read this week.)

From what I hear, taxes are going to be skyrocketing in the U.S. and we need to get our financial houses in order as much as possible.

Save where you can and keep trying to keep you and your family healthy.  Medical bills aren’t cheap.

Here are some great deals I’ve rounded up and a nice treat to bring some heart health to your family this Christmas season.

20% off Truth in the Tinsel

I know I have readers who don’t celebrate Christmas, and I do not mean to leave you out at all – just keep scrolling down. (And if you know of a great resource for talking about Hanukkah, for instance, I would love to know about it.)  We actually celebrate Passover in our home annually.

I just had to include Truth in the Tinsel in my post today.
I know that I tend to focus on whole food recipes, info about health but we need to talk about internal health as well.

It’s important we not just focus on what we are putting in our bodies, or on them, but also what we do with our time.

The Christmas season, tends to be busy.  Scurrying from activity to activity and barely able to breath.
It’s important to slow down and enjoy and not just busy it away.

On that note, I encourage you to check out Truth in the Tinsel to help you slow down and reflect on the meaning of the season.

From the Truth in the Tinsel site:

Spend December impressing God’s Word on your kids’ heart! You’ll get 24 days of Scripture reading, ornament crafts, talking points and extension activities. Plus fun printables and templates!

*** IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO PARTICIPATE!  We just did our first lesson today and are just going to take our sweet time.  Remember, we’re not rushing!  And there are even different schedules in the book that you can follow. 

***YOUR KIDS ARE NOT TOO OLD.  I just did the first activity with my 12 and 7 year olds and they really loved it.  They can’t wait for the next lesson.

– Here is a link to more info about Truth in the Tinsel, including a bunch of interesting How-To’s
– Here is a Sample page so you can get the gist of the book
– Over at the Truth in the Tinsel Facebook page you can see what others are doing!

Boys with Truth in Tinsel Light Ornament

Here are my kids with their finished “Light” ornament.

Boys with Truth in Tinsel Light Ornament

And here they are not being perfect angels :-).

USE CODE WHOLENEWMOM and click here for 20% off :-)!

(That’s just $6.39!)

You might be interested in my post on Slowing Down for Christmas as well :-). 

Tropical Traditions

The always anticipated  – FREE SHIPPING at Tropical Traditions is here.  That coconut oil is pretty heavy so this is what you’ve been waiting for!  Use CODE 112121.

New customers also get a coconut oil informational book with recipes in it as well.

This week there are also some GREAT sales at Tropical Traditions.  I am going to be getting some of their grass-fed ground beef, which is on sale for 45% off through tomorrow, 12/9.

Also, they have a great deal on coconut flour–a nice option for the grain free lifestyle, or to at least eating lower carb.  We tried the 3 Ingredient Coconut Cookies from 20 Healthy Christmas Cookie Collection yesterday.  Easy and yummy!

Grass-fed Ground Beef – $71.50 for 12 pounds.
BOGO Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil – 32 oz – 2 for $25 – Now through 12/13!
Coconut Flour – Goodness. Another error.  Shredded Organic Coconut.  2.2 pounds for $6.99 – Still a good deal.

(Sorry to everyone about that “I wish it were true” typo last week when I wrote that the pastured beef was only $17.50 for 12 pounds.  Ugh!  A reader emailed me and I changed it right away, but the feed had already gone out.  Oh well – mistakes like that keep me humble :-).)


Amazon Books

Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can read these books!  Just download Kindle for PC or Mac at Amazon and read on your computer.

But if you see something you like, grab it because they are only free for a short time :).  Believe me – I was planning on posting 15 books, but one jumped to $2.99 since I started writing this post.

Food 101 – Gluten
I featured this one on my Facebook page yesterday – and it’s a MUST READ.
It outlines what gluten is, why it is a problem for so many and what to do about it.  Fascinating!

Make sure you like my fan page if you don’t already. I share TONS of stuff daily over there.  Healthy recipes, health news, and things to encourage your heart as well.

Paleofied Breakfast
Tons of yummy-looking paleo breakfast recipes.

Vertical Gardening and Container Gardening
Like I’ve been saying, we are working on getting better at gardening.
In fact someone is coming today to help us work hard lump charcoal into our ground.  :-).

Secrets to Natural Radiant Beauty
LOVE this book.  It has loads of info and great skincare recipes. I’m excited to try the toners.

How to Have a Green Christmas
I love this -eco friendly celebrating. We really minimize gifts in our house.  Check out Slowing Down for Christmas for more.

Charting Your Way to Conception
This is great information.  I used Natural Family Planning for awhile and it is fascinating to see the wisdom and science behind our female bodies.

Gluten Free Diet Guide
Info on going GF and great-looking recipes.

47 Irresistible Recipes for Baking with Coconut Flour
**NOTE – I couldn’t link directly to this book for some reason, so just click on the title link or the book and search for it under “Coconut Flour – 47” :-).
Most all of these recipes call for eggs, so if you are allergic, not many will appeal to you (or you can just be like me and try with my Powdered Egg Substitute and make the best of it :-)!).  But there is also a lot of info on celiac’s disease and DIY info for making your own coconut flour.

Paleo Diet 411 – The Quick and Easy Guide
A great intro to the Paleo Diet – why and how to do it. There’s a tad bit of crass language – just so you know.

Raw Food Cookbook
This is another one that I featured on Facebook this past week.  I am not a raw foodie, but I do like to incorporate some raw foods into our diet.
This book has great info and really tempting recipes like raw cheese, lasagna, fajitas, falafel, crepes and more.

Herbs for Health and Wellness
Herb profiles, medicinal uses and dosage info.  I am so wanting to learn more about herbs.  So much to learn – so little time :-)!

How to Declutter and Make Money Now
I am gradually working on this.  Going through stuff and selling it on Ebay and online garage sales.  Little by little we are getting there.
Great!  Great!  Great!  info on how to get things out of your home and get some money for doing it.

Flying Fish and Kangaroo – Worldly Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Absolutely Anything
Worm Stew?  Iguana?  Alligator?  Yikes!  This book is mostly a memoir / story-telling about food and experiences about it, but there are tips for getting your kids to eat different foods throughout.  My sister can tell you sometime about the live shrimp in Japan  :-)!.  (Hope you’re reading, sis!)

The Insider’s Secrets to College Financial Aid
Not about health per se, but this book on college and money is a must read these days.

Lilla Rose Buy 3 Get One

Lilla Rose Flexi of the Month


Now through 12/10/12 all new customers can get 1 FREE Lilla Rose Flexi Clip when they buy 3 (free clip is up to $16).  I know – you’ve heard about these clips and you just don’t know why anyone would spend $12 or so on a fancy clip.
Or you think they are too “foofy”.  I hear you there.  That’s what I thought.  But here’s what happened – Read my Lilla Rose review to see!

If you just know you want to order and don’t need to read the review, here is where you can shop.

If you buy by 12/10 you will still get your clips in time for Christmas!  Not the free one perhaps, but the 3 you will.

Purchase 3 clips then email me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com and tell me what you bought and I will get your free coupon to you!

And that beautiful clip in the photo above is the Flexi of the Month.  It would be so cute in a little one’s hair :-).


Vitacost Deal

All newbies to Vitacost get $10 off their first order over $30 by going through this link.  I love their product offerings and they have tons of stuff on deep discount all the time.

If you aren’t a newbie, you can still take advantage of all of their great prices and I think I get a little bit of money if you start your shopping here so thanks!

Here is their super sale page.

They have

Kirk’s Castille Soap for only $.92 a bar (I think that’s the lowest I’ve ever seen it) and
Organic Canned Pumpkin for $1.84
Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oats – 32 oz for $3.75.

I’d love to know what deals you appreciated the most!

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  1. How long was the free shipping at Tropical Traditions? The code isn’t working for me now (12/19). Thanks!

  2. About to finish my expeller-pressed coc oil and was thrilled to see they are having a BOGO. Can only afford on those specials and free shipping. Thanks so much for your post!!!

  3. leslie borody says:

    i have a question about vitacost.. i signed up awhile ago and went to order something, then i feared away since the free shipping option is not trackable and since i am in canada.. i am too nervous to spend the money to only have my items lost in transit.. has anyone ever ordered from canada? i keep hearing so many good things about this site.. along with great prices.. but i just can’t get past this.. it would help to know if there is anyone out there who lives in canada and used this site and had no problems.. ps. the trackable shipping was around $30 i think.. too much for me.. thanks.

  4. I see 6.99 for shredded coconut but not for flour. Am I missing it too like Beth?

    • Oh my. I can’t believe it. Another typo. More humbling had to be done, I suppose. Sigh. I guess I really did need that extra sleep last night. :(. It is still a pretty good price for organic, but shoot. Please forgive me!

  5. The coconut flour says it’s $11.99 for 2.2 lbs. Not a great price??

  6. Your links for the ebook on coconut recipes goes to the charting book.