Free Kindle Books & More Healthy Deals, Including One Your Life Might Depend on – 2/15/14

Hey Readers.

I don’t know about you, but are prices just going through the roof?  Every time I turn around it happens.

I was just about to place a bulk order of nuts and they went up about 50%.

Irks me because while they say it’s because of a drought, you know that the prices aren’t going to be coming back down to the previous level if the drought ends, you know?

There should be some kind of law about that.

Did I say that? Me–the “shrink the government” one?

Yes.  Some laws are good.



Anyhow, if you are trying to save money like I am, here are some deals to help you with that.

One of them is a big ticket item but it is for sure worth your attention.

Please note – the links in this post are likely either affiliate or referral links.  That means if you click on them and make a purchase, I might make a commission. Your support is very much appreciated and it helps keep this free resource up and running.

 Tropical Traditions

  Tropical Traditions has a few good sales going on right now:

1.  Gold Label Gallons – 50% off. Just $59 through 2/16/14.
2. Grass Fed Bison 40-45% off thru 2/16/14 (love their meats).  You can use this meat just like beef.  It’s wonderful and very low in fat.
3.  Organic Coconut Flour – 2.2 pounds for only $9.99 (retails $15.00) through 2/20/14

There are a few other deals that you can check out by clicking on the link in the upper right of the Tropical Traditions‘ site, like: and – 2 16 oz coconut oils for $12.50.

New to Tropical Traditions?  You’ll get a free book with great info about coconut oil as well and a bunch of great recipes.

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I LOVE this Heal Your Gut Course taught by my friend, Lydia Shatney.  And I do mean friend.  She and I correspond electronically regularly.  She knows her stuff and has been through health issues of her own.

Your gut is the core of your health in so many ways.

I am actually doing a pretty intense gut healing diet right now–I’ll share more about that soon, hopefully.

I think I have a ton of work to do.  And I might be having my whole family do it.

Anyhow, even if you are healthy, this course can help to keep you there.

And it you’re not, then likely you would benefit a ton by being in this course.

You can check out the following posts to see more about what it includes and why you should consider it.

What Others Are Saying About the Heal Your Gut Course
Got Stomach Troubles?  Help is On the Way
Healing from Autism, Hypoglycemia, Eczema, and More
Good News, Bad News, and Some Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Gut
Death, and More, Begins in the Gut

The course is $50 off through Monday, so don’t delay :).

Just in case you are ready to join, here’s where you can do so.

Buy Now Button

Seriously, folks.  Your gut health isn’t something to mess with.  I wish I had done more a whole. lot. sooner

Bundle of the Week

Whole Food Bundle of the Week

I don’t advertise many book bundles, but this one is a goodie.

Just $7.40 for all of these books.

And the price of Better Than a Box is $16.95 on its own.

No brainer.

The Breakfast Revolution by Beth Ricci – $8.95
Everybody says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?
Well, in The Breakfast Revolution, Beth shares how she transformed her family’s breakfast experience to the world of possibilities outside of the cereal box.
Discover more than 40 original recipes that taste good and are easy to make, using real, whole food ingredients!

The Veggie Book by Sara, Danielle, Debra, Kayla – $9.95
More than 150 pages of vegetable recipes and information.
The Veggie Book is your handbook for serving delicious, tasty veggies to your family.
Each section includes basic nutritional info and common uses for each vegetable plus tips on selection, prep, cooking, and storage, followed by a handful of recipes featuring that vegetable.

Better Than a Box by Katie Kimball – retail $16.95
Better Than a Box is more than just a recipe book; it’s a tutorial in real food cooking, reverse engineering processed foods, and creative recipe development.
In the first 100 pages, you’ll learn step-by-step processes to transform your own family-favorite recipes by ditching the boxes and cans and using 100% real food.
Through demonstrations of successful recipe remakes and the extensive section of basic recipes — including 25 entrees and 35 pantry staples — this ebook is sure to inspire you.

Back to School Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes by Stephanie Brandt Cornais
Slow cooker freezer recipes cut your time in the kitchen so that you can spend more time living your life. Not only can you assemble a freezer full of meals in just a couple hours, but it will only take you 5 minutes to “cook” them when you’re ready by simply dumping a bag of ingredients into your slow cooker, turning it on and walking away. In Back-to-School Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes, Stephanie offers 6 slow cooker freezer recipes that are perfect for serving your family a warm, hearty, delicious and nutritious meal without slaving away in the kitchen.
This one REALLY intrigues me :).

Daily Desserts: Confectionery Concoctions to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth – by Shaina Olmanson
With beautiful photos and easy-to-follow instructions, Daily Desserts features 50 mouthwatering recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth.
These recipes combine unique flavors and a beautiful presentation for desserts that are perfect for your family or for sharing with others.
Discover recipes for pies and tarts, cupcakes and cakes, doughnuts, fruit desserts, creams and puddings, cookies, bars, frozen treats and candies in this ebook, which is sure to become a favorite in your kitchen!


Free Kindle Ebooks

As always, these books were free at the time of posting, but that could change at any time, so download quickly :).

You can still read these even if you don’t have a Kindle or other fancy reading device.  Just download Kindle for Mac or PC and read on your computer.

Companion Planting Guide, Companion Planting Vegetables

Companion Planting Guide

Meals For Me Cookbook: Cook for Yourself: 37 Quick, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes

Meals for Me Cookbook

Herbs and Spices – Garlic, Ginger & Chives

Herbs and Spices - Garlic, Ginger, and Chives

A Cookbook For Katie: Upon the Occasion of Her Marriage Recipes and Reveries for the Bride

A Cookbook for Katie

8 Easy Vegetables to Grow In Containers

8 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Containers

Twice As Nice: 25 Chicken Breast Recipes for Today and Later

Twice as Nice


Whew – that’s all.  I hope that helps you stretch your healthy living dollars.  
See you next week!

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