Free Ebooks and Free Shipping ~ January 5, 2013

Another weekend is here–and I have some more free Kindle books to share with you.

Along with a FREE Shipping deal at Tropical Traditions.   Sorry this is coming to you late.  I had a super busy morning and sometimes I just can’t get a post done before the afternoon :-).

In case you aren’t familiar with the free Kindle books, if you are interested in a book, download it right away.  They can switch from FREE to not FREE suddenly.  I have even had books change status while writing a post :-(.

And you can read these books even if you don’t have a  Kindle.  Just download Kindle for PC or Mac at Amazon and read on your computer.  Super easy.

Amazon Free Kindle Books

Defeat Cancer – 15 Doctors of Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How

I shared this earlier this week on my Facebook page.
Become a fan now if you aren’t already.  I share free books whenever I find a really good one!
Cancer is a big deal now.  I plan to read this.

Coconut Flour Recipes: Delicious Recipes for Baking with Coconut Flour!
All of these recipes call for eggs (except one)–but they look great.  I would try them with my Powdered Egg Replacer.
Worth a try!

How to Go Gray Gracefully and Look Fantastic
Good info about the health dangers of dyeing and how to love where you are in life.

HCG Diet for Foodies: 40 Gourmet Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss
I am not a real fan of HCG stuff, but these high protein recipes look wonderful.

Raw Food Diet: A Quick Simple Guide to Help You Lose Weight, Look Younger and Boost Health More Effectively
Whether you want to go all raw or just add more raw foods to your diet, this is a good resource.
Some yummy recipes too.

House Cleaning Tips: How to Clean and Declutter Your Home Fast
Less clutter — less stress–better health

5 Ingredients 15 Minutes Prep Time Slow Cooker Cookbook: Quick & Easy Set It & Forget It Recipes
Not too many whole food subs needed for this one.  5 ingredients and 15 minutes – this is my kind of cookbook!

The Easy Way to Invest: Start Small, Get Rich Investing with Small Amounts
I used to work in stock options.  Really.  I even taught options’ valuation in a large bank.
I am very interested in money – saving it and using it wisely.  This is an interesting book.
I do think times are quite strange right now, but this is an interesting read regardless.

30 Moan Inducing Raw Vegan Breakfast Recipes
A great list of very tempting recipes.

Hanna’s Quick & Easy Vegan Cookbook: 50 Trouble-Free Recipes
Even if you aren’t vegan, there is bound to be something in here that you like.  I used to be vegan and just love these offerings.
Great for dairy and egg allergic as well!
She does use quite a bit of tofu and some soy foods, but just ignore those if you wish.

Wheat Belly Low Carb Gluten Free Recipes
These recipes look great!  Grab them now – yum!

Tropical Traditions

My source for expeller-pressed coconut oil is having its much-sought-after FREE SHIPPING days – now through midnight 1/7/13.  Use CODE 13711.

Some other great savings at Tropical Traditions right now include:

– Organic Shredded Coconut – $6.99 for 2.2 pounds.  That’s 3.17  per pound
– Organic Coconut Flour – $9.99 for 2.2 pounds.  That’s $4.54 per pound.

Coupled with the free shipping, these are great deals.

New to Tropical Traditions?  You will get a free book with great info about coconut oil as well as a load of great recipes. 

As always, I hope this helps stretch your healthy living dollars.
Did you find any other great deals this week? 

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