Easiest Coconut Milk Recipe – Improved

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I’m all about DIY versions of kitchen staples like almond milk, homemade rice milk, powdered sugar substitute and dairy-free condensed milk.

Basically, if I can make it myself, I pretty likely will do it :).  Anyhow, it’s been awhile since I first posted my Homemade Coconut Milk Recipe.

It is, for sure, the easiest way to make coconut milk that you can find, but it did leave a little something to be desired.

Well, thanks to one of my super duper ingenius readers, I have a fabulous update for you!

Read on for the details :-).  You’ll be glad that you did.

We love coconut milk around here.

For me, my original Coconut Milk Recipe was just fine.

I mean, what can be easier than blending some dried unsweetened coconut with some plain water?

No need really to strain through a nut milk bag or strainer.

And really, this super busy mom really can’t deal with buying a whole coconut, splitting it open, and then blending and straining the contents.  Maybe once in awhile for a fun homeschool project, but not on a regular basis.

But if you read the comments on my original coconut milk recipe post, you will see that some readers weren’t thrilled with the final product being a little grainy.

For me, if I blend the mixture on high in my Vitamix for 3 minutes (of course, any high speed blender will do), I really found that the graininess wasn’t a big deal, but there was quite a bit of residue in the bottom of my jar in the fridge.

Since I’m so cheap frugal, I would just stir it up before serving and call it good.

And then I would just add more filtered water to the stuff at the bottom of the jar and use it in a recipe or make a smoothie out of it.

Sure, it’s not as “amazingly thick and creamy” as the expensive stuff in the stores, but then, when you are saving something like 90% off the price, I can deal with a little graininess, you know?

Well, one of my readers shared something this past month that made the “Easiest Coconut Milk Recipe” just a tad less easy but a whole lot better.

So I am sharing that with you today.

The result?

A much creamier coconut milk for you and yours.

One reader even shared with me that she was having troubles with her coconut milk separating out a bit in her morning coffee, but since she started using this method, it wasn’t doing that anymore and she was really thrilled.

If you really want to make this smoother, you can strain it through a nut bag or cheesecloth. I don’t bother doing that.  When it gets thick I just add some more filtered water and stir it up. We’re pretty use to “not perfect” coconut milk now :).

How to Use Coconut Milk

- In recipes as a dairy free alternative, if you are dairy allergic, vegan, or just plain out of milk
– In a smoothie
Plain – my son LOVES coconut milk with some stevia extract or my Liquid Vanilla Stevia
– Make frozen coconut milk ice cubes and add them to your favorite drinks so they aren’t diluted by regular ice cubes.  This is great in coffee or tea.
Over hot or cold cereal (we love it over my Baked Oatmeal / Oatmeal Cake)

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How do you use Coconut Milk?

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  1. This is what I do. I got the fairly big ‘chips’ of coconut (about fingernail size) from tropicaltraditions and then I just throw it in the magic bullet (hi-speed blender) for 30 seconds with some water and then do whatever else I want to do. Works great!

    As for the canned stuff, there is mostly a lot of crap I don’t want to put it in my body that relates to some of that texture. When I want something much thicker, I use real coconut — coconut cream concentrate also called coconut butter. When I get it, I heat the jar till it’s fairly liquid, pour it into silicone cupcake pan, and when cooled, I have a big ziplock full of coconut butter chunks. Just throw one in a pan and melt and add curry and shred chicken or whatever and it’s the best, purest ever.

    Prefer sweetened shreds? Throw a handful of the big chips into the ‘dry blade’ of a magic bullet-etc. just barely, shaking, and then pour into a little bit of water sweetened with whatever you like and let sit to absorb. Best homemade Mounds bar base ever.

    Those two base ingredients (coconut cream concentrate [butter] and coconut chips, if you have a handy high speed blender with both wet and dry blade, cover every possible need!

  2. thanks for the great recipe………….i read what all is in coconut milk that we get up here ( midland ontario canada) and going on the old saying…..if you can’t read and understand the ingredients do not use it…….and since there were such ingredients i have stayed away from using coconut milk………..now thanks to you i can quit putting in regular milk in recipes that call for coconut milk……yeah!!!!! thanks again adrienne

  3. This may have been asked already but how long will the homemade coconut milk last in the fridge?

  4. This is a great price on Amazon for coconut…I love Subscribe and Save! 20% off and delivered to my door. Make sure you sign up for “Amazon Mom”…. “Let’s Do…Organic Shredded Coconut, Food Service Size, 22-Pound Bag” ends up being $0.13 per ounce.

  5. Hi,
    when making the milk, does the fat seperate after chilling so you can use it to make whipping cream like you can with the store bought cans?

  6. I have tried straining it, and leaving it as is, and for me they both leave something to be desired. Wondering if anyone has tried grinding the shredded coconut into coconut butter and blending that with water instead? I’ll be trying it this way next, and hoping it results in the kind of creamy coconut milk I’m looking for!