Loads of Free Kindle Books, Lilla Rose & Coconut Oil Sales, & More Healthy Living Deals – 3/8/14

Another Weekend.

More Healthy Living Deals for you.  ‘Cause we all need a little pick me up for our wallets these days (ouch–the sticker shock at the grocery store!!!!)

I’ve got the regular line up of loads of Free Kindle Books, plus some great deals from my sponsors, and a Lilla Rose Sale.

So – let’s get going with the savings…..

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Lilla Rose 10-15% off

Lilla Rose March 2014 Sale

Today you can get 10-15% off select Lilla Rose items.

I LOVE these clips.  They make messy hair look nice in a flash.  Even my hubby noticed how nice they are.

Thought about Lilla Rose clips but not sure what’s so great about them?  Read my Healthy Hair Lilla Rose Review here.

Now you can try them out and save.  But there’s not much time.

Just head to my Lilla Rose site, type “Celtic” in the search bar, and you will see all of the sale items.

And from this 1/2 Irish Lass, enjoy the savings :).

25% off Cloth Pads

cloth pads

25% is BIG!!!

My sponsor, Peepods, has dropped their pricing to 25% off.  They had some changes in their company and because she’s a sweetie, she is passing the savings on to you.

I’ve been thinking a lot about emergency prep these days and buying yourself some of these reusable cloth pads is one way you can easily get prepared.

I mean–seriously.  If the electricity or water is out (or this thing in the Ukraine blows up), you won’t have to think about running to the store for your feminine products.

Can you imagine the panic of a bunch of women needing sanitary products in an emergency situation?

Things could get ugly folks.

But these pads are NOT ugly.  Lookie here:

Cloth Pads


On top of the 25% off, you get another 10% off of Peepods with code wholenewmom.

Now that’s a real deal.

10% off Almonds Before Prices Skyrocket

Just Almonds


These almonds are soooo good.

I just ordered a ton of them. And they are here.

I’m soaking a bunch tomorrow to make my yummola Homemade Almond Butter.

Can’t wait.  We’ve been without for awhile.

We LOOOOOOVE these almonds.

Just Almonds.  Great almonds.  Great almond flour.

We’ve been buying from them for quite awhile now, and we’ve been so happy with their quality and service.  Their almonds are sooo sweet (we get the non pareil variety) and they don’t have any Engine Fuel on them.  Yucko, huh?  Fuel doesn’t belong on almonds, but that’s the way the government works sometimes.

I digress.

My tips to you:

1.  Stop eating engine fuel and get Just Almonds almonds instead. The FDA says that the engine fuel all gone from the almonds, but I don’t care. I’m not buying those PPO covered almonds.  No thank you. These taste better anyways.

2. Get 10% off Seriously Sweet Almonds (and almond flour…) with CODE WNM – at Just Almonds.  Because there’s a draught in CA right now and that’s where most almonds are.  So prices have gone up and they are expected to again.

Buy a bunch and save on reduced shipping.  You’ll thank me later :).

Tropical Traditions

Tropical Traditions 250  250

If you have been waiting for a GREAT deal on GREAT coconut oil, Tropical Traditions has a great deal for you.

46% off 5 Gallon Buckets of Gold Label Coconut Oil through 3/13/14. – That’s just $39.96 per gallon!!!!

I know – that’s  A LOT of coconut oil. But coconut oil is one of the most stable oils you can buy.

So either split it with a friend (or friends) or stock up for yourself.

It’s a super healthy fat and you should have this stocked up.

You know – Ukraine and all. Can you tell I’m thinking about this stuff?

If you’re a new customer to Tropical Traditions, you will also get an 85 page book full of great information about coconut oil–and tons of yummy recipes!

Free Kindle Books

A quick note on these books.  They are free at time of posting, but the price can change at any time.

Also, you don’t need a Kindle or other fancy devise to read these books.  Yippee!  One less thing to buy.  Just download Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac at Amazon and read on your computer :).

40 St Patrick’s Day Recipes

I’m 1/2 Irish so I LOVE this book – fun!

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Homemade Beauty Care! 30 Secret Natural Recipes To Creating More Youthful Looking Skin!

I’m all about more youthful skin — the years are creeping up on me :).

Homemade Beauty Care

8 Different Crochet Stitches: Learn to Crochet Something New with Free Crochet Patterns

I learned to crochet years ago…but forgot.  Hope I can pick it up again!

8 Different Crochet Stitches

How to Homeschool College: Save Time, Reduce Stress, and Eliminate Debt

As the wife of an English Prof, this is a little risky posting this, but thought it might be of interest to you frugal parents out there.

How to Homeschool College

Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes: The Complete Guide to Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and More

Yes.  Ditch the gluten if you can. And use the slow cooker whenever you can.  I just bought my 2nd one :).  Now I can have dinner and dessert going at the same time.
Or perpetual broth and dinner…..or….

Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes

That’s all for now.  Have a super blessed weekend.  
I’m plugging through a lot here that I look forward to sharing – loads of healing stuff.  
See you next week!  Love you guys!

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  1. I don’t write many post, but I want to say thank you for sharing free material! I enjoy your blog!

  2. YAY!!! Excited about that crochet book! And also happy you helped me buy a BUNCH of almonds that are in the freezer waiting for almond milk and then baked goodies 😉