Free Kindle Books and More Healthy Living Deals – Nov 8, 2014

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the weekend.

I have had a whirlwind of a week with a little too much “excitement”.  Maybe I can tell you all more later, but let’s just say I’ve had a little “much”.

One good thing was I got back into having a little fun in the kitchen.  I experimented with some new recipes from a new cookbook and worked on a new one for you all.

Look forward to sharing it with you.

But for now, on with the deals for today.

Please note that there are affiliate links in this post. If you click on them and make a purchase I might make a commission. Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.)

Free Digestion Summit

Digestion Sessions

Today is the last day to get 2 Free Downloads that are just FABULOUS! You can download them and listen later.

1.  The Gut Brain Axis: Overlooked and Under-treated (I shared some about this in this post.)
2.  The Stress Cycle Approach: A Mind Body Approach to Resetting Your Digestive Rhythm.

Plus today is the last day to get the EARLY BIRD PRICE for the Digital Access Pass (the price goes up at 8 am PST). 

You get:

  • 19 HD interviews with digestion experts & 19 mp3 audio files
  • 6 HD video cooking classes
  • The Digestion Sessions Cookbook
  • 19 slideshow videos & 19 downloadable slide sets
  •  Over 500 pages of transcripts
  • Loads of bonuses

Here’s the link to Sign Up.

Starting tomorrow you can hear:

  • Andrea Nakayama on the basics of digestion and “Gut Flora 101.”
  • Dr. Dan Kalish’s make the pharmaceutical companies cringe as he uncovers the TRUTH about heartburn, the common infection that causes it, and how to get rid of it.
  • Dr. Allison Siebecker shows you how gut bacteria may be at the root of symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • and much, much more.


Free Autoimmune Summit

The Autoimmune Summit

Autoimmune Diseases are epidemic these days. Hashimoto’s, Irritable Bowel, Crohn’s, Graves’, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and many, many more.

Whether you, or someone you know has an autoimmune disease, you need to listen to this summit.  I know, it’s a lot of information with the Digestion Sessions going on at the same time, but you can always get the early bird recordings of either of them, or listen to some of each and if you think it’s worth it, purchase the recordings to listen to later.  That’s what I did with the Hashimoto’s Summit.

There are some amazing experts in this Autoimmune Summit as well. I didn’t mean to overwhelm you with too much information, but I don’t want you all to miss out either.

Click here to Reserve Your Spot for this great event.

Starting Monday, Nov 10, you will learn:

– The 5 Key Factors that Influence Autoimmunity
– The Gluten / Autoimmune Connection
– Toxin Exposure and What to Do About It
– Balancing Your Hormones to Restore Your Immune Systen
– How to Detox in the Modern World
– The Problem with Grains and Legumes
and more…….

Make sure you sign up and don’t miss this. I wish I had heard this information a long time ago.

Liquid Zeolite – Detox Supplement BIG SALE

Liquid Zeolite

In Could You Have Heavy Metal Poisoning and Not Know It?,  I wrote about a supplement that I had great results with when I first started healing from adrenal fatigue.

We had some very unusual results from liquid zeolite and we are still using it.

It’s reported to be useful for:

I’m now offering this supplement at a great discount.  The retail price is $25 per bottle, but I am offering them at the lowest price I have ever seen it:

1 for $13, 2 for $24, 3 for $33, 4 for $40, 6 for $54, 12 for $96.  Just email me at to order.  I take Paypal, Credit, and Debit Cards.

Liquid zeolite is used for overall detox, and as such, it is thought that they improve liver health and more. You can read more here and I hope to write more soon.

Please note that this discounted price is subject to change at any time.

Almond Flour Giveaway and Holiday Baking Interview

Would you like to win some wonderful free almond flour?

Plus get in on a live interview and Q&A on Special Diets and Healthy Holiday Baking with Yours Truly?

Head on over here to enter and get all of the details. I’ll be talking with the folks at about making your holiday baking healthier.

They have an amazing assortment of foods that you can order–and it’s not just nuts!

While you’re at it, you can follow me on Google+ too 🙂.

Free Kindle Books

As always, these books were free at the time of printing but the prices can change at any time.

In case you didn’t know, you don’t need a Kindle or other fancy gadget to read these books. Just download Kindle for PC or Mac here and read on your computer.

Homesteading for Beginners

Homesteading for Beginners

Mason Jar Meals

Mason Jar Meals

Herbalist’s Guide to Preventing the Flu

Herbalist's Guide to Preventing the Flu

25 Superfood Smoothies and Juices

25 Superfood Smoothies and Juices





That’s all for this now – will you be listening to the summits or attending the Healthy Holiday Hangout?

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  1. Sorry if I was’ not clear enough. I meant I started following him. They are so many folks following him so I used the phrase – join the team. Had it not been for you and the summit I would have taken a long time to get on board because we here in the Caribbean are somewhat behind in stuff like what is being shared. Thank you so much! Have a lovely week.

  2. Thanks Adrianne I did not take any books today but I want to let you know that I really appreciate your site. I have joined up with Dr Axe’s team and I will be using the info he sends me. Thanks to you for getting me on that las summit. I have learnt so much. I know it is give back time so you are surely going to get some commission from purchases I will be making in the near future. Blessings!