Free Kindle Books and More Healthy Living Deals – 9/28/14

Hi readers!

It’s time to share with you some more free kindle books and some other healthy living deals that I am very excited about.

I had a really amazing week that I will be sharing more about with you.

Some of it was bad – and some very good.

And I have a big announcement coming up.

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But first, here is something that you don’t want to miss…

The Natural Cures Summit

The Natural Cures Movement

If you’re like me, you just love finding natural ways to keep your family healthy. I visited the doctor’s office way too much as a child and was given way too many antibiotics–so now I try to keep prescription meds and OTC meds to an absolute minimum.

That’s part of why I am so excited about the upcoming FREE Natural Cures Movement, from October 6 – 13. You REALLY don’t want to miss this.

There are some AMAZING presenters, among them are:

– Dr. Alan Christiansen – Healing the Thyroid and Adrenals.
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Christiansen earlier this week, and he helped me through a very rough situation. I’ll tell you all more about that later :).

– Heather Dessinger of Mommypotamus – 5 Must Have Home Remedies.
I also met Heather this week. She is a sweet mom and a great gal and has loads of fabulous remedies that I am sure you will want to learn about.

– Jenny McGruther (The Nourished Kitchen) – Healing with the GAPS Diet
I read the GAPS book awhile ago while looking at healing options for my son and we’ve incorporated quite a bit of it into our lives. The testimonials of those who’ve been healed with this diet are endless.

– Dr. Josh Axe – Natural Cures for Leaky Gut and Hormone Issues
(Guess who else I met this week ;).)

– Dr. Tom O’Bryan – How to Overcome Food Sensitivities

– Katie Wellness Mama – The Coconut Oil Cure
Katie is basically the coconut oil expert on the internet. Plus she’s a lovely lady.

Register Here to Join Me and Get FREE Access

This is really going to be good!


Vitacost Deal

Vitacost is one of my favorite places to save money on healthy living supplements and foods.

They have such great prices on so many things.

Besides their fabulous prices, you can get $10 off your order of $30 or more just by clicking on this link. And if you are already a Vitacost customer, you can help keep this blog going by shopping through this link – I really appreciate it!

Here are some of my favorites this week:

Bionaturae Organic Tomato Paste – Just $1.79 for 7 oz. With glass jar (no BPA) and a resealable lid, this is the most convenient tomato paste you can buy.
16 oz Tinkyada Brown Rice Spirals. – Just $2.35. If you’re looking for a great gluten-free pasta, this is it. Would be great in this Chili Mac or Healthy Hamburger Helper.
Source Naturals Essential Enzymes – 240 for $16.61. Digestive Enzymes are a great tool for aiding in digestive health, and Source Naturals is a well-respected brand.
Twinlab Cod Liver Oil – 12 oz for only $6.52. This is the brand we are currently using. It’s very reasonable and has been tested for heavy metals.


Just Almonds

Just Almonds

I’m just about to soak and dry 35 cups of Just Almonds’ almonds (yes you can fit that many in an Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator) so we can have them on hand for snacking and for almond butter.

We were buying our almonds from the grocery store for years, but then I found out that they almost all have engine fuel on them.

No more.

Just Almonds’ almonds taste much better – and no engine fuel :).

We purchase the Non Pareil variety and their almond flour is great as well.

Shipping is a little pricey so buy then in bulk or share with a friend. Stocking up is a great idea because the drought in California is threatening to send the price of almonds higher.

Get 10% off with Code WNM here.

FREE Kindle Books

Mason Jar Meals

Mason Jar Meals

The Secrets to Cheese-Making at Home

The Secrets to Cheese-Making at Home

Super Gas Saver

Super Gas Saver

Growing Organic Berries

Growing Organic Berries

Benefits of Oral Oil Pulling

Benefits of Oral Oil Pulling

Tomato Planting

Tomato Planting

That’s all for now – see you next week :)!

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