Free Kindle Books and More Healthy Living Deals 3/2/14

Hey all.

Sorry for getting this out late.  I had an uber busy weekend.

But there were sooo many good Free Kindle Books that I wanted to post this asap.

Hope this finds you all well and I hope to be back tomorrow with a yummy recipe.

Here goes…..

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25% off Cloth Pads

cloth pads

I’m sooo happy to be able to share this with you.

My sponsor, Peepods, has just dropped their pricing to 25% off.  They had some big changes in their company and now they are able to pass the savings on to all of you.

Amber, the owner, is a real sweetheart and this demonstrates it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about emergency prep these days and buying yourself some of these reusable cloth pads is one way you can easily get prepared.

Just think about it.  If the electricity or water is out (or this thing in the Ukraine blows up), you won’t have to think about running to the store for your feminine products.

Good deal, huh ;)?

I think so.


On top of the 25% off, you get another 10% off of Peepods with code wholenewmom.

Now that’s a real deal.

10% off Seriously Yummy Almonds

Just Almonds


These almonds are soooo good.
I just ordered a ton of them.

Well, of course not literally a ton, but a lot.

You don’t want to know how many.

But we LOOOOOOVE these almonds.

Just Almonds.  Great almonds.  Great almond flour.

And their almonds make AMAZING Homemade Almond Butter.

We’ve been buying from them for quite awhile now, and we’ve been so happy with their quality and service.

Seriously happy, actually.  Their almonds are sooo sweet (we get the non pareil variety) and they don’t have any Engine Fuel on them.  Yucko, huh?  Fuel doesn’t belong on almonds, but that’s the way the government works sometimes.

I digress.

My tip to you: Stop eating engine fuel and get Just Almonds almonds instead. The FDA says that the engine fuel all gone from the almonds, but I don’t care. I’m not buying those PPO covered almonds.  No thank you. These taste better anyways.

Get 10% off Seriously Sweet Almonds (and almond flour…) with CODE WNM – at Just Almonds.

Free Kindle Books

How to Make Probiotic Drinks for a Raw Food Diet

How to Make Probiotic Drinks for a Raw Food Diet

Pest Control for Organic Gardening: Natural Methods for Pest and Disease Control for a Healthy Garden

Pest Control for Organic Gardening

Whole Grains, Empty Promises: The Surprising Truth About the World’s Most Overrated ‘Health’ Food

Whole Grains, Empty Promises

The Definitive Way to go Gluten-Free

The Definitive Way to Go Gluten-Free

Essential Oil Magic For Quick Healing

Essential Oil Magic for Quick Healing

25 Days to an Organized Home Challenge

25 Days to an Organized Home

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    Thank you and best wishes!

  2. Mandy Pena says:

    I love that you are able to get discounts for your subscribers!! I was at the Just Almond site this morning. Which whole almonds do you recommend?