Free Kindle Books, More Deals, and a Video that Made Me Cry

Another weekend with more healthy living deals and Free Kindle Books for you all.

I had a really loaded week getting a project finished for you all that I hope to unveil in the next week.  So that’s mostly why I’ve been fairly silent and this post is up late.

(oh – please note there are affiliate links in this post so if you click on them and purchase I might make a commission. Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.)

But first….

I hope to tell you more details about it soon, but please don’t skip down to the Free Kindle Books without watching the video for the Wellness Family Summit

and without Reserving Your Seat.

Wellness Family Summit

Wellness Family Summit

If you haven’t seen this trailer, well, get out your tissues and watch it.

I got to see it this past week and I literally broke into tears (thankfully I wasn’t the only one in the room crying :)!)

Wellness Family Summit

I am so humbled and privileged to be one of the speakers in The Wellness Family Summit.  I got to meet Katie of Wellness Mama this past week at an unbelievable meeting of some top notch bloggers and health professionals, and I can just tell you that this summit is a Must.  Watch.

It’s FREE.  And you get to see me in my first ever online interview…..(well, maybe that’s NOT a selling point :).?).

I’m sooo humbled to be included in this summit.  It’s chock full of super informative, practical help to get you, your family, and the world healthier–starting now.

Anyway, I’ll tell you all more later, but here are some of the talks that I am looking forward to:

– Thyroid, Health, Adrenal Reset and Figuring out Your Hormones
– Why Gluten Is a Bigger Problem Than You Think
– Liver and Gut Health
– Recovering from AutoImmune Disease and Healing With Food
– Chocolate and Salt Can Be GOOD For You

I bet that last talk is going to be a popular one :).

You don’t want to miss this….click here to Reserve Your Seat and get yourself armed to fight for better health –

– for you

– for your family

– for the world.

10% off at Just Almonds

Just Almonds

In case you are wondering where to get almonds without engine fuel, I get mine at Just Almonds.  They taste much better – and no engine fuel :).

We purchase the Non Pareil variety and their almond flour is really tasty too.

Shipping is a little pricey so I recommending buying then in bulk or share with a friend. Stocking up on almonds is a really great idea because the horrible drought in California is threatening to send the price of almonds higher.

Get 10% off with Code WNM here.

Thrive – Discounted Food Storage

Thrive Emergency Food Storage

I haven’t written about this yet, but I have been working emergency prepping a bit and finally found a great place to get high quality, non GMO and gluten-free emergency food storage.

I’ll be sharing more in the near future, but if you are looking for a place to get reasonably priced and GREAT tasting food storage (I seriously can barely keep my kids out of this stuff), Thrive is the place to go.

Just click through here to get 20-30% off of retail pricing and if you would like even more of a discount, you can set up a “Q” (a monthly order) to get even lower prices.

And finally, as a special offer to my readers, if you set up a “Q” of $100 or more, OR you order $400 or more in one order, email me at wholenewmom {at} gmail {dot} com and I will set you up with 10% credit towards a future order.

FREE Essential Oils Report

Wondering about essential oils? Get this guide to buying the best essential oils from a mom blogger who dug deep into the industry to find out what's really going on.

Trying to sort out all of the essential oils information on the internet?

I just came out with a FREE Report – 10 Things You NEED to Know About Essential Oils — BEFORE You Buy.

I will be following this up with more essential oils information soon (I have a few neat things in the works), but this short guide will help you ask the right questions and get the answers you need before you spend your hard-earned money.

Click here to Get FREE Access.

Free Kindle Books

As always, these books were free at the time of publishing, but the prices can sadly change at any time.  Sorry about that!

But you don’t need a Kindle to read them on – just download Kindle for PC or Mac here and read on your computer anytime.

Healthy Eating On a Budget

Healthy Eating On a Budget

The Ultimate Guide to Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners

Ultimate Guide to Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners

I Can Can Beef

I Can Can Beef

Recipes for Natural Homemade Deodorants

Recipes for Natural Homemade Deodorants

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Herbal Remedies Guide

Herbal Remedies Guide

Prepper’s Pantry

Prepper's Pantry

Fall and Winter Gardening

Fall and Winter Gardening

The Frugal Prepper

The Frugal Prepper

Get Prepped

Get Prepped

Vegetarian Cookbook

Vegetarian Cookbook

How to Handle Stress

How to Handle Stress

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  1. Neat, neat, neat! Congratulations on being part of the summit.

  2. I’m thinking about the Summit. It sounds interesting. A couple of questions about it:

    Is this online only, where I have to watch live as it is streamed, or will it be available to download, either videos or transcripts to those who sign up?

    We have very limited internet (speed and data cap) where we live, and a lot of live streaming wouldn’t work I also work days, and can’t spend a lot of time watching at work.


    • Hi there. I am trying to find out if there are transcripts for you but there will be the option to watch for awhile after the video goes live (I think they will each be up for 48 hours) and then you will have the chance to purchase the whole lot and there will be a bunch of freebies included in w/ the purchase so it will be a fabulous value. I hope to find out about transcripts for you…..

    • I just got this answer for you. I hope it’s helpful.

      We will have a package available that includes transcripts, audio and video. We also have a package that will have a USB drive with all the info for those who can’t stream or download.

  3. 1BaseballMomOf3 says:

    Signed up for the wellness summit and the EO report. Super excited! Thank you for everything!

  4. I’m signed up! And thanks for the books, too!