“Shop in Your PJ’s” Black Friday Healthy Living Deals – 2016

Black Friday Healthy Living Deals

I hope that you all had a lovely Thanksgiving (those of you in the US, at least :)).

We had a fabulous time with new friends, had a mostly organic meal, loads and loads of food and fellowship, and my kids got to hang out with their children.

We talked music, faith, current events, healthy living, and more…..just great.

Since we stayed late, I did not go to any stores in the wee hours (not that I would anyhow), and well, when there are great deals like this online, who needs to?

So excited about these!

By the way, any of the following links may be affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, I might make a commission. Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.

The Truth About Cancer
Free Showing
The Truth About Cancer Symposium

This weekend, from 9 AM EST today (11/25) through 6:30 PM Sunday (11/27), you can get completely access to The Truth About Cancer’s (TTAC) Ultimate Live Symposium.

This group regularly produces very popular series and contains a lot of great information to help you and your loved ones, including:

Vaccines and Cancer – Is There a Link?
Nutrition and Cancer – What You Need to Know
The Keto Diet – Can It Really Prevent and Treat Cancer?
RoundUp and Cancer – How We Are Poisoning Ourselves

Get your free access here.

Free Lip Sheer and Body Oil

Beautycounter Black Friday Sale

From today through Sunday, Nov. 27, if you spend $125 at Beautycounter, you will get a FREE Lip Sheer ($30 value) — your choice of color!  Beautycounter’s Lip Sheer is the ONLY safe lipstick that works on me.  Their colors are lovely.  I love Twig, Petal, and also Terra.

Spend $250, and get the FREE Lip Sheer AND a Free Rosemary Citrus Body Oil ($103 total value!).  Beautycounter’s products are very safe  – their lipstick rates a 1 on EWG so it’s super safe!  The body oil is lovely – goes on right after the shower and isn’t greasy.

I highly recommend:

Mascara – it’s basically waterproof and is very safe!  I got caught in a downpour and it didn’t run at all!

Sea Salt Spray – LOVE this. I ditched my toxic hairspray (it said it was fragrance-free, but I found “fragrance” on the label!).  This spray is non drying and holds great, plus it adds volume too.  I use very little and don’t find myself reapplying much at all!

Charcoal Cleansing Bar – GREAT for fighting breakouts – without drying!

Tint Skin – Their foundation is lovely and very safe.  Lots of shades to choose from too.

Eye Pencils – Safe and pretty.  I personally love the Navy – not too dark, just right color.  The Black is great too.

Beautycounter has a nice 60 day “no worries” return policy too!

30% off

Crunchi Black Friday Sale

I’m not a “one company fits all” kind of gal, so I’ve also teamed up with Crunchi.  They have fabulous products and are a very young company. LOVE their makeup — and it’s very clean.

Here are the 30% off deals that you can get from today through 11/27:

Foundation – So far, my favorite foundation. Stays lovely even in 90 degree heat.
Primer – I had never worn a primer before, but wow.  What a difference!
Lip Gloss – This is my favorite lip gloss ever.  Smells great, stays on for a long time and looks lovely.
Bronzer – I had never worn bronzer before either – but this gives a nice bit of color without looking overdone.

Plus, you get Free Shipping over $150 :).

NYR Organic
1/2 off Healing Foods Book


Neal's Yard Remedies Healing Foods Book


This isn’t a Black Friday deal (I update the post on Sat.) but it’s a great deal.

For 11/26 and 11/27, you can get the Healing Foods Book for 1/2 off when you spend $60.

This book is loaded with tons of nutrition helps as well as lovely recipes to help you feel your best.

Read more about NYR Organic here.

Rocky Mountain Oils
20% off everything and up to 40% off others!

RMO Black Friday Deals

Through Monday, Nov. 28 (Cyber Monday), there will be great sales going on at Rocky Mountain Oils, the company that I mentioned in my series, The “Best” Essential Oils.

Each day there will be a new sale announced, so come back every day to see what new thing is on sale!  With Free Shipping in the US, you can easily take advantage of all of them!

The whole store is 20% off all weekend, and every day there will be certain products offered at 40% off!

Today (Sat 11/26), get 20% off everything plus 40% off the Frankincense Carterii and Breathe Easy Blend!

Lilla Rose
20% – 60% off everything


Get 20% – 60% off of everything at Lilla Rose!  Plus Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more.

I wear Lilla Rose clips every day.  Read my Lilla Rose Review here.

This deal is on thru 11:59 PST Monday, Nov 28!

My Fave Exercise Routine!
T Tapp Sale

I used to really overdo it at the gym and running, and then exercising at home….then I ended up with adrenal issues.  Boo.

Now I do only T-Tapp and some minimal weight training, and I am able to stay in pretty good shape doing only 15 minutes a day. PLUS it helps give you good posture!

I do T-Tapp’s Basic Workout Plus, but occasionally do the Step Away the Inches as well.

Go here to get all kinds of deals on T-Tapp workouts and more here.

Instant Pot
40% off!

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a favorite of healthy cooks all over!

Right now you can get this amazing pot for

I’ve not done it yet, but I hear you can cook a frozen chicken in 35 minutes!  Woot!

And bonus – – the interior isn’t toxic non-stick — it’s Stainless Steel!  I just used mine for the first time last night and made Shredded Chili Lime Chicken.  It was GREAT!  My family was really surprised at how amazing it tasted.  Just set it and go – no watching :)!

Grab your Instant Pot on sale here.


Vitamix Black Friday Sale

I LOVE my Vitamix!  Seriously, it’s one of the BEST investments we ever made in our lives.

Through Cyber Monday, get their Certified Reconditioned Machine for as Low as $249!

And through December 31st, while supplies last, save up to $90 on a new qualifying machine on Vitamix.com.

Excalibur Dehydrators
20% off

Excalibur Dehydrator Black Friday Sale

I use my dehydrator all the time!  And now you can get one at a great price!

Get 20% off all orders over $100 – use code BLACK2016.

Code expires midnight PST, Friday 25, 2016.

Xtrema Cookware
25%+ off!

Ceramcor Black Friday

I use a lot of different cookware, but one of the sets that I like is the Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Set.

It’s totally non toxic, cooks well, and is great if you’re making things that can’t be cooked in metal (many herbalists recommend not heating herbs in metal).

Get 25% off everything, plus bonus categories are 30% off – through 11/27.

$2.95 a month hosting!

Do you have a blog or are you thinking about starting one?

Now is the time to Go here to get it as your blog’s host – for the great price of only $2.95 a month for 36 months!

You can’t beat this deal!

Go here to get it.

$10 off Books!

Amazon Holiday Book Sale

Get $10 off your book purchase of $25 or more with code HOLIDAYBOOK!

What a great way to add to your healthy living library.  Grab a great cookbook, an herbal book  – how about homeopathy or essential oils?

This book on Essential Oils is one of my favorites and it’s been reduced to an amazing low price!

Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals

Go here to get your savings!

Have a great rest of the Holiday Weekend!
If you have any questions about any of the deals, feel free to ask below…

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