Which Essential Oils Company is Best? ~ Part 6–Personal Attacks, Bias, and Distillation

Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!

Yes, I knew that title would grab you.  I am typically not a fan of sensationalist titles for posts, but in this case, I kind of couldn’t resist.

First of all, I need to apologize that I am going to have to push out the “announcement” day of the Best Essential Oils Series–just one more day.

Why?  Let me explain.

I really didn’t want to do this, but I felt that with all the controversy going on regarding my review process that I should take time to address more issues that have come up during this series.  I want you to know that I am doing my homework and that I take what I am doing very seriously.

If you’ve been following along with the whole Best Essential Oils series, and have read the comments, you’ve seen that there have been a number of statements made, mostly by Dr. Robert Pappas.  What you may not know is that he has been commenting about my posts, and my blog, on his Facebook page, and has private messaged me on Facebook a number of times.

I’ve had a load of stuff on my plate these past few weeks (meh–still do), so it has taken me awhile to do enough research into some of his more scientific statements so that I could respond intelligently.

Today I am going to do so.  Because of the subject matter, this is going to be a much more lengthy post than usual, but I really thought it all needed to be addressed.

 1.  Source of Information

Pappas has insinuated, or directly asserted, that some of my statements with which he disagrees originated with Young Living (YL).  That is completely not true.  Here is one of his quotes from the comments on Part 4 of the Best Essential Oils Series:

Hi, just wanted to clear up some things concerning your comments about 1st, 2nd, 3rd distillations because this is an area of misinformation that, as far as I can tell, originates from the YL reps going back quite a number of years and just never seems to die down.

This is just one of many claims that I am repeating information from YL.

Yes, I was a Young Living rep, but interestingly enough, the information that I got about these distillations of peppermint came from doTERRA’s support.  You can see this in the next section about distillation.

2.  Distillation of oils -1st, 2nd, 3rd and Complete

At the center of a lot of the controversy regarding my oils series is the distillation methods of oils, particularly peppermint.

I stated in Part 4 that doTERRA’s peppermint oil was a “complete distill.”  Here is Pappas response from the comments:

“Who was it that told you their oil was “complete”? The word “complete” is not even a word that anyone in the essential oil industry would even use to describe a peppermint oil. Complete is used to describe a grade of Ylang Ylang oil and thats [sic] about it. Generally the best therapeutic oils also smell the best, at least thats [sic] been my experience.”

Here is an excerpt from the email that I received from the assistant to Dr. Hill, Chief Medical Advisor for doTERRA.  Please note that she both uses the word “complete” and also discusses the 3 distillation stages to describe doTERRA’s peppermint.

Please apologize to her [Adrienne], I’m not sure why she didn’t receive the
response.  You can let her know that our Peppermint uses complete
distillation.  There is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and complete and we use complete.

I hope this is helpful!


Haylee Caplin
doTERRA Product Support

Pappas also commented:

Anyway, regarding peppermint (and essential oils in general for that matter), there typically is no such concept as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd distillation.

and then later in a comment that I hadn’t approved until now (because I wanted to do more research before putting the information out there):

As for your question about the “1st distillation” I am guessing you might not have read my post completely about this or perhaps you just don’t believe me but this term is NEVER used in the industry and I would strongly recommend that you not use it either because its [sic] a misleading term. There is typically only ONE steam distillation of an oil to remove the oil from its plant material. When people say 1st distillation or 2nd distillation it conjures up images of redistilling the already spent botanical to get a less inferior oil. Nobody does this.

Well, this is a lot of info to digest, but here goes.

First of all, there are a host of references to these 1st, 2nd, and 3rd distillations that I found.

References to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Distillations from Oils Companies

These are references to this kind of distillation that I easily found doing an internet search:

1.  “Even an oil which is quite truthfully described as pure may be of poor quality, and therefore of less value  therapeutically.  IF AN ESSENTIAL OIL COSTS MUCH LESS THAN YOU WOULD NORMALLY EXPECT  TO PAY FOR IT, the oil may well be a third or fourth distillate from a batch of plant material which has already  yielded the greater part of its properties to the first or second distillation.” Aromatherapy An A-Z, by Patricia Davis, 1988, reprinted 1994, Saffron Walden, The C.W. Daniel Company Ltd., England, pp. 278-280.

2.  “LOW PRICES MAY ALSO MEAN THE OIL IS A SECOND OR THIRD DISTILLATION OF THE PLANT  MATERIAL, in which case it will have far less therapeutic value.” – from Holistic Aromatherapy, A. Berwick, 1994, Llewellyn Pub., St. Paul, MN pp. 168.

3.  Brambleberry.com sells different distillations of peppermint oils.  From their site: Peppermint Essential Oil (1st distillation)This is an herbaceous, sweet smelling peppermint. It is less brisk smelling than the 2nd distillation and contains slightly less menthol

4.  From Mountain Rose Herbs’ website: “All of the oils offered by Mountain Rose Herbs are derived from the first distillation–never the second, third or fourth!”

5.  From The Herbs Place:  “Oil comes from the first distillations of the raw plant material.” when referring to why their oils are therapeutic grade.

I personally spoke with several people in the EO field and this is what I have heard (of course, given the scope of this post, this is a summary only).

1.  Most plants are distilled only once because they don’t produce enough oil for multiple distillations.

2.  Peppermint is an interesting plant in that it yields more oil than most others.  As such, large farms and distilleries extract a bunch of oil from the peppermint plant

Smaller farms do a first distillation of peppermint that they sell to oils companies for the highest price.

The peppermint is then re-distilled at a higher pressure and higher temperature for a 2nd distill, and the resulting oil is sold for less money to soap companies, and the like, that want a lower cost oil, but still desire a slightly “herby” smell.

The plant is then re-distilled one more time at a yet higher temperature and pressure for a 3rd distill, which is sold to companies wanting the candy-cane smelling oil.

3.  Ylang Ylang is an exception to this rule.  It is distilled first for a short time, yielding the most coveted “ylang ylang extra.”  The distiller is shut down, the oil collected, and then it is distilled further to produce “ylang ylang 1.”  (UPDATE: I just heard that most distillers don’t shut down the distiller, but merely change out the containers to keep the oil grades separate and continue distilling.)  This continues to subsequently produce “ylang ylang 2″ and “ylang ylang 3.”  Then, all 4 varieties of ylang ylang are combined to make “ylang ylang complete,” which is preferred by some, but is priced lower than “ylang ylang extra.”

 3.  Bias and Motivation

On his Facebook page, Pappas and his followers have talked about what my motives are:

Perhaps it will all be clear on Tuesday when she makes her great reveal….I can’t help but question the motives here.

There were also numerous statements by Pappas that his company doesn’t sell oils, but that he is merely an unbiased chemist who educates and tests oils for various companies.

He is the man who tests oils for doTERRA.  That means he is inherently biased.  doTERRA pays him to authenticate the quality of their oils so, I don’t see how it could be that he doesn’t have an interest in their oils being represented as being superior.

If doTERRA does well, Pappas does well.  At least on some level.

Again, as for my bias, it is for finding an oils company with the best qualities that I can find, at the best price.

Nothing more.  If the company that I recommend ends up having ethical or quality issues, then I won’t recommend them anymore.  Plain and simple.

There are loads of money-making opportunities that I have passed up because I can’t, in good conscience, take them.  I have blocked the URL’s of companies whose ads I disapprove of, all which have led to less income for me.

One other point that I am a little confused about: Pappas has said over and over again that he is very concerned that I am putting out wrong information about the oils.  I am a lover of information as well, so I appreciate that.

However, in one of his comments to me, regarding my questioning why Emily Wright and David Hill are spreading apparently incorrect information about their peppermint oil, his reply was:

What they say in their marketing is not something I concern myself with with, just as its not my concern what any other company who sends me samples for analysis does with their marketing descriptions.

I don’t understand why Pappas thinks it’s crucial to correct apparent misinformation that comes from me, but not misinformation that comes from what is likely his main employment source, and one of the biggest sources of EO information in the U.S.

4.  Vomit and Peppermint Oil

Sorry for the sensationalist title here.

In the comments section of Part 4 of the series, Pappas states:

The thing about peppermint oil is that when its [sic] freshly distilled it contains very tiny amounts of some sulfurous components as well as some small aldehydes (namely isomers of isovaleraldehyde, also found in vomit) that, while minuscule in percentage, are such powerful components that you can smell them at ppm levels. The effects of these components can be minimized with age and evaporation because they are very volatile, but another way to get rid of these undesirables is to take the crude freshly distilled oil and then use a different distillation setup to fractionally vacuum distill away this tiny amount oil, thus giving the remaining oil a much better flavor, sweeter aroma…

Well, again, I am not an expert here, but I looked up isovaleraldehyde and vomit and there were no mentions of isovaleraldehyde being in vomit.  The only connections between the two seem to be that exposure to isovaleraldehydes can lead to vomiting.  I would need to see sources for this information because I couldn’t find any.  In fact the main (almost all) results of my search were only Pappas stating this on my blog and on various Facebook pages.

Additionally, even if isomers of isovaleraldehyde are in vomit, that does not make them problematic.  For example, water and stomach acid are in vomit and so is food.  I drink water and eat food daily and I even take stomach acid to aid digestion and it basically served as a cure for rosacea for me.

I can understand some people finding the “herby” smell of 1st distill (or non re-distilled) peppermint to not be as pleasing as the “candy cane” smelling peppermint (like doTERRA’s).  However, that does not mean that it induces nausea.  In fact, peppermint oils that have not been redistilled, or adulterated / changed by vacuuming are regularly used for nausea and digestive upset.  See my post on Peppermint and nausea.

5.  Moderating of Comments – Am I Just Censoring?

Pappas and his followers have commented numerous times that I am not approving his and other related comments.

Here is one quote from his Facebook page (which contains numerous postings which insult me):

In case anyone has been following the discussion over at The Whole New Mom blog there was a post from Adrienne directed to me that never did get answered. I actually did answer her questions but for some reason my answer was never approved to be public. Since there where people here waiting for my response I am posting it here how it should have read, in case anyone was wondering what my answer was.

and this:

Wonder why she is too afraid to let me post unmoderated and she let you right on through. This is just too weird. It feels like I am dealing with YOU KNOW WHO LOL

The “YOU KNOW WHO” that Pappas is referring to is Young Living, at least that’s the best I can ascertain, based on his previous comments.

and this:

Thanks Syl [meaning Sylla Shephard Hangar, mentioned below] great to see you back into things as well. She had posted here, unmoderated I might add LOL

First of all, comments on Facebook, to my knowledge, can’t be moderated once they are posted.  They can only be deleted (or edited) by the admin of a page or edited or deleted by the person who posted them.  So Facebook comments and blog comments are completely different things.

On my blog, I do have all comments moderated.  I do that so that I can monitor what is going on on my blog and keep folks from link dropping (some of which can go to places w/ malware or simply be blatant self-promoting), plus I keep foul language, etc. off of my blog.

When there are particularly intense comments, I take awhile to respond and yes, sometimes comments fall through the cracks.  But I am not moderating them in order to censor people.  To the contrary, I think that I approve many more negative comments than most bloggers.  I enjoy the back and forth of ideas and think it’s healthy for the “marketplace of ideas.”  Many bloggers consider negative comments to be from trolls and so they delete and and all – but I don’t do that.

But I do not think verbal abuse and rude behavior is OK.

Many bloggers moderate comments and I have only once, in 2 years of blogging, had someone email me to ask why I hadn’t approved their comment.  In this case, Pappas private messaged me on Facebook several times, asking me why I wasn’t approving his.  (I have heard that now you need to pay to private message non-friends on Facebook, but I haven’t verified this yet.)

However, one thing that really concerns me is his (and his followers’) accusations on his Facebook page  that I am not willing to get the truth out or that I have something to hide.  To the contrary, that is why I held comments in moderation–because I wanted time to get to the bottom of things as best as I could before posting their information.

Some examples of what has been said about me:

By Pappas:

Wow, I guess this is what happens when people start fearing having other people around who know more than they do. Instead of wanting to learn more themselves they turn to protection mode so they can be the star of the show. Sad really. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, even defended her a couple of times. It is upsetting though when she directed questions specifically at me and I attempted to answer but she won’t let me respond so people think I just chose to ignore her. Oh well, I have enough to keep me busy anyway. Thanks for trying.

I am not someone who fears having others with whom I disagree around.  I thrive on learning and have been interviewing many companies in preparation for this series.

And I will do so again in a future series on Heavy Metal Toxicity.

Here is another comment by Ann McIntire Wooledge:

She has really started a stir and I guess that’s what she planned on, but she is ultimately making herself look rather uninformed and UNeducated. The best thing she could do now is to just admit she doesn’t even know what a chemical constituent is and much less how to decide where would be the best company to buy essential oils – and stop this stupidity.

and more (this by Pappas):

That blog site is the most confusing I have seen in a while. I cannot even see a link to Part 5, how the heck did you find it?

and yet another (by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger):

scrolled thru the nonsense of her facebook page to find

one more by “Cher Aromapothecare”

Excellent reply Dr. P. (The girl could use a class). I agree, CO2 (or perhaps florasols) would be maybe a little closer representation of a plant but even that’s a stretch.

more (this by Pappas):

What really ticks me off about is that she makes some honest mistakes concerning essential oils in general that alot [sic] of people make, then I go on there and write an in depth post to clear some things up and she doesn’t let it through. I don’t know maybe I am taking this too personal. I really don’t care who she concludes is the best oil company I only wanted to clear up misconceptions and general points. It reminds me of when I posted on some YL rep sites to get them good info only to be banned because the facts were not jiving with the programming from their messiah [sic].

and finally (again by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger)

 all we can do is expose her and better yet the statements….its given me plenty of fodder for my new blog series!!!

Enough,eh?  I frankly am really disgusted by this behavior.

I am really disappointed at the behavior and negative comments thrown my way throughout this and hope that they will stop.

6.  About Me

Just to set the record straight, I don’t typically post my own “credentials,” but in this case I think they are warranted.
I don’t have an advanced degree, but the learning I have done since my undergraduate degree has been extensive.

Here is my background:

1.  Top of my class in high school from a top level school.
2.  Phi Beta Kappa from The University of Virginia, one of the top 15 schools in the country.
3.  Echols Scholar at The University of Virginia.  Admission to the Echols Scholar program is made based on “In brief, the Office of Admission looks for academic excellence, intellectual leadership, and evidence of the ability to grapple with complex topics.” (Source).  Apparently this group is representative of the top 2% of the University.  Graduated with a 3.97 GPA.
4.  Taught Equity Options Valuation at the Chicago Board of Trade to options traders and MBAs
5.  Worked as a Manager in Employee Benefits
6.  Independent Life, Health, and Disability Agent for 7+ years
7.  Taught in Japan for one year and achieved near conversational fluency.
8.  Research-minded mom of a child with life-threatening food allergies.
9.  If I might jokingly add this, one of my local friends has called me the “investigative reporter” of health food and products.  ;-).

Basically, what I am saying here is…I am not a genius, but I am not an intellectual slouch either.  I don’t mean this to discredit anyone else, but I am a deep thinker and am very concerned about excellence in research and learning and in conveying accurate information to you.

One final point.  A few folks on Pappas’ Facebook page have commented that I have removed links to Pappas’ Facebook page and website.  At first, I left all links left by Pappas and his followers, but I ended up going back through and deleting them because they were:

1.  excessive and
2.  resulted in basically blatant self-promoting.

Pappas doesn’t allow advertising for oils companies on his page and I am choosing not to permit promotion of sites that deride my character in this manner.  At the beginning of this matter, Pappas seemed to be congenial, but as you can see from the comments above, that has changed.

If Pappas’ and his followers’ behavior changes and I receive an apology that is not followed by more maligning, then I will consider allowing the links.

7.  Troubling Questions

One thing that surprised me is that I think that the concerns I posted about Young Living were more controversial, and yet, to my knowledge, I haven’t received any negative comments from any YL reps.  When I signed up with doTERRA I heard from a lot of reps how negative and accusatory they felt the YL reps were.
Not in my experience.

ust to make it clear: I am not saying that Robert Pappas doesn’t have significant qualifications.  He has extensive studies in the chemistry of oils and I don’t (though I am on my way :-).)  Clearly there must be a reason or reasons for the differing facts here, or the different way of looking at the industry.

– Is it because he is mainly a chemist and the former owner of The Perfumery?
– Is it because he works for doTERRA?
– Why does he concern himself so much about what “little old me” says when the owners of doTERRA contradict each other–and him–while speaking around the world, via meetings, videos and more, to audiences much bigger than mine?
– Why has he spilled so much electronic ink to challenge and insult me when none of the other oils companies that have been critiqued in my posts have expressed any concern?

I don’t know.  I am just trying to share what I am learning so that you can make a better decision about what kind of oils you want to use for therapeutic usage for your family.

To see the other Best Essential Oils Posts:

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- Announcing “the Best” Essential Oils Company – Part 7 

I’m sure your head is spinning just like mine was.  I really only wanted to find the company that would provide high quality oils for my family at a decent price, without a bunch of headaches and extra costs attached to it. But I ended up with quite a headache here.
One thing that really interests me is making my own essential oils blends.
This book has loads of essential oils blends in it as well as information about sourcing your own medicinal herbs.  Fascinating!
The link to this book is an affiliate link so if you purchase after clicking on it I might make a commission. Your support of my blog is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running. 
The Essential Oils Book
 Thanks for hanging in there with me.  
I’d love to hear your thoughts (but I reserve the right to moderate comments :-)).
The information here is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a medical professional before changing your diet, exercise program, or before trying any natural remedies.


    Speak Your Mind


  1. I am oh, so, very new in learning about oils. I am not up too much on the “politics” of oils, but I do understand there is plenty :) My experience (just my experience so far!!) is YL reps are very protective/defensive. I do not know any DoTerra reps.
    My main question is, have you looked into Heritage Essential Oils? They don’t have “reps”. I have spent much time on their website and have a few of their oils I have been trying out as I educate myself on them. But I was really wondering if you have checked them out in your research and what you think about them compared to the others.

  2. OMG- Adrienne! Did you ever imagine in your wildest of dreams that by doing a blog post on EOs that you would be opening up such a can of worms???! My heart goes out to you because as a huge fan of your site, I appreciate all the research you do into the many topics you cover. I really don’t think you deserve any of the cr@p this Pappas person has thrown your way and I believe he is in serious need of a life!! Hang tough Sister, and know that we all love you!! :)

    • No, I didn’t. I have been shocked and really so disturbed by the negativity. I thought about leaving it alone but felt I had to respond. Thanks!!! Love you guys too.

      • I’m right w/ Susan on this one. How crazy! Hang in there.

      • Well, the way I see it, human nature is very predictable and most times, when one feels backed into a corner or a light is shone down on “truth” (truth that certainly is not putting THEM in the best light), people lash out in the only way they know how—and unfortunately, with a particular caliber of people, it is done in an ugly way by degrading and patronizing (this makes them feel superior—makes them feel good). And of course, this is also when ones “true colors” are revealed. It is quite clear, and very unfortunate for Mr. Pappas and his “followers”, that they have not only revealed just who they are, but they are also displaying their lack of class by their mere juvenile tactics / comments (seems they have reverted back to their days of high school) at their attempt to discredit you—the one who is simply revealing “truth”. Again, predictable and quite pathetic. And I would think this of them even IF I were in their camp. They should be embarrassed.

        Anyway, my hat is off to you Adrienne for your thorough research, tenacity, and your level of class. Applause, applause! :)

        • Thanks, Dana. I still need to do some more legwork, I think…. there is another comment in my Pending file from Pappas saying I am wrong, but I am just sharing what I have learned. So I have to figure out where to go from here. Thank you so much.

        • Typical fight or flight response. Everyone has it, although honestly, in this day and age, I’m not certain many people benefit from it. In any logical search for truth, it’s almost completely useless. Since Pappas probably has no route of “flight” from his current position with doTerra(at least, not without significant impact to his financial wellness), his best remaining option is “fight”.

  3. You are AWESOME! I have used EO’s for years but before the WWW never had access to info like this. Whatever a company hawked about their oils I either believed or not and bought or not.
    I have 50 or 60 oils maybe more. I am so excited about your research and all you have discovered. Hope you will continue with subjects concerning EO’s like best diffusers, best carrier oils, etc
    Sending you a big THANK-YOU

  4. Hang in there! I truly appreciate what you’re doing, and I’m looking forward to your final results.

  5. keep up the great work adrienne! i have just begun reading about Essential Oils and am reading every single word/study/fact that you post about them. i appreciate all your hard work and discussion!

  6. Good grief! It sounds like Pappas and his “followers” need to get a hobby. I appreciate what you’re doing, and I’m looking forward to hearing your final choice. Thanks for all of the research.

    • Thanks, Kimberly. We need to consider the circumstances. doTERRA is likely a big part of Pappas’ income. So my criticisms against doTERRA likely don’t sit well….I still welcome and apology. We all do things we regret. It just really saddened me that it kept on coming even after I confronted them in what I thought was a kind, but firm way.

  7. It is pretty sad that you have to spend a week addressing all of this man’s criticisms rather than just sharing the info with us. You seem to be a fairly popular blogger but I can’t imagine why in the world someone would take so much of his time to argue and attack you. I have appreciated the info so far and am interested in the rest of what you find out! I look forward to next week and I hope the attacks stop.

  8. You’re an amazing pioneering woman! Keep true to you, can’t wait for the next post! :)

  9. I have enjoyed all your posts about oils and am awaiting the final reveal. Sad that adults have to act this way – as if he was the leading authority on all of this. I will say this. When someone has to go out of his way, the way he has, to ‘defend’ the company works for – that tells you something. If he truly believed that what you were saying wasn’t true, then why bother defending yourself? The truth would be apparant to anyone who took time to investigate like you – and we’d all find out what you shared was false. I believe you are posting what you have learned and that’s awesome. His character and integrity are questionable and because of his actions alone, I’m not sure I’d want to do business with the company he works for. He should better represent that company instead of acting childish and spewing hate over you/your blog/your research over social media. Completely childish. Cowardly at best.
    Thanks for your personal time investment into all of this. I was getting ready to order from a certain company when I read your first post on this topic and I have held off until I read about your conclusion!

    • Thanks, Kari. I really appreciate your support. I am calling doTERRA today to officially rescind my distributorship. I think I need a rest but hope to share more soon!

    • Lisa Kasper says:

      I could not have said it better. The man is acting very childish and unprofessional. Not attractive in any way.

      Adrienne: Please know that your followers appreciate all of your hard work, honesty, and tenacity! Keep up the great work!

      • Thanks for the encouragement. Let’s all remember to be careful what we say. I don’t know what is going on w/ Pappas and his followers and he was seemingly supportive at the beginning. But I didn’t like where it ended up going with a bunch of mocking and assumptions and ridiculing. Thanks.

  10. I am so very sad to read this post. I know the series has caused quite a stir, but I never thought it would go this far. I too am a doTERRA user and IPC because the oils have literally changed my health and my life. I only “sell” because I like to share what I learn with others. It is hurtful to me as well that this has turned into such a controversial argument. I have followed your blog for some time now and while not everything applies to me, I do appreciate the effort you give in providing the information. I sincerely hope that the negativity caused by the few does not hide the benefits of the products themselves. We are all just people, and often make poor choices, but we are not all rude and needlessly defensive :(

    Blessings to you!!

    • Thank you, Rachel. I hope no one thinks that I think that all doTERRA reps are this rude. I don’t. I love(d) my upline and really considered her to be a great friend. I just can’t believe myself what has come of this. Thanks for the encouragement and I am glad they have helped you so much.

  11. I was just going to look into essential oils (I’ll start with your posts for sure) what a bunch of drama! People can be ridiculous. Thanks for looking into it though, you’ll save me a ton of time!

  12. Adrienne, you are amazing. Almost two months ago I was googling Young Living vs. DoTerra and found my way to your blog and this essential oils series. I have loved the information you have put out there and I can’t wait to hear which oils company you have decided on. I have been using essential oils for almost 13 years, but have started studying herbs and I am currently on my way to becoming a “Master Herbalist”. I will never fully give up oils and I am glad I have them to help alongside the herbs. As I have read your posts and the many comments I have grown to trust you and your research. I will be trusting your decision and can’t wait for it. Thank you, thank you! I am sending happy thoughts and positive energy your way.

    • Wow – the Master Herbalist certification is something I have considered. Bravo! I would love to hear your thoughts more as we go on! Thank you so much for the vote of confidence. It is really humbling.

  13. Hi, Adrienne. I often read your blog but don’t really comment. After reading your post today, though, I felt very led to tell you that I really appreciate the time and effort you are putting into this and I believe that your research is not biased.(Looking forward to the conclusion though!) If I were you, I would be really upset with the comments to and about you…I’m sensitive that way though ! Firstly, I need to remember that not everyone has the same morals, especially in regards to how one should treat other humans. I remember when I was little, I used to think that when people grew up they became adults and acted like adults were supposed to…not like children. It didn’t take me long to realize my completely erroneous thinking, and even though I know better now, I still find myself so disappointed in people like “Mr.” Pappas. One would think that he’d be embarrassed to have his character displayed for the public to see. Maybe he and the others that are talking about you don’t actually realize that they are just telling everyone who and what they are? (Kind of like that verse that says, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”.)All that rambling to say that for whatever it is worth, you have a supporter in me largely due to your composure and behavior. Hang in there !

    • Thank you so much. I struggle with whether to put their comments on my blog, but they were on a public Facebook page, and sadly I have a few friends on that page who were not sticking up for me. I am grieved. (Well, a few friends went over and said a few things in my defense. I really appreciated that.) Thanks again. We all have things that come out of our mouths that we need to deal with. Myself included. I guess this is a lesson to all of us, eh?

  14. The EO comparison brought me to your blog. I NW subscribed via email TP your updates- dont let the negativity drag you down! Looking forward to reading your conclusion

  15. Why would you even worry about what they say about you? They are obviously having a major problem with your research. From my following this research, you are quite thorough, citing both the good and the bad. You just gave them LOTS of ink they truly do not deserve! Just ban their butts and keep on doing what you are doing!!! I may not agree with everything you write (though first time commenting), but I truly appreciate the work you put into all of your research and writing. Thank you!

  16. Hello again Adrienne,
    Well, you have become very dear to me, the spirit of your work is evident, and you never did need to qualify yourself. I find you to be a seeker of truth, eagerly sharing your findings while at the same time being honestly teachable and best of all sealed with the Spirit of Grace. Wowza. What a treasure. Two things I would point out, I am surprised when I find professionals acting in these childish ways (FB? Really?) and also some of the spelling errors, maybe it’s just a pet peeve, but I cannot understand this in people of higher education. ALSO, the following statement does not reflect an opinion that I have of ANY person real or imagined, just thought I’d throw it out there: I bumped into a high-school friend of mine who told me that he had gone on to become a chemist. I was so impressed, it reminded me of the kind of work that changes the world and receives Nobel prizes. He stopped me mid-wow to inform me that his job is making dyes. I still thought it was quite admirable, but him, not so much. Titles & descriptions sure can conjure up some big ideas in our brains. Peace, Love & Joy to you, dear sister.

    • Thank you for the kind and warm words. You know, I really want to be as charitable as possible to those who were speaking this way, but I need to be wise as well. I sought counsel on whether or not to respond and decided to do so. Interesting you mention the degrees thing. My husband has a PhD as well and he never ever talks about it. He is super humble and really thinks it’s just not a big deal. He serves our family so much and has published a lot, but much less than he could have if he were “in the office” all the time. If you ask him about his degree, he shrugs his shoulders and says something like “Oh, whatever. It’s not really a big deal.”

      • Wendy Powell says:

        I am working towards my PhD (my FIFTH degree) and I get comments all the time with “oohs” and “aaahs” about all my education. What I tell my students is that it is about determination and persistance and time, not uber intelligence. I think your husband and I are of a same mindset. But … that being said, there are always Professors / Professionals who behave the opposite, who with great conceit correct Mr or Mrs to Dr… who wax on and on about their extensive education in a field. All I can think regarding Mr. Pappas is “Pride goith before a fall.” Even if all education being the same, your research appears to be maternally health motivated and he apparently is motivated otherwise. While this thread is a year old, I think it is still relevant and Mr. Pappas seems to learn a great deal about appropriate behavior on a blog. Good luck to you…

        • Wendy Powell says:

          CORRECTION: I think it is still relevant and Mr. Pappas seems to learn a great deal about appropriate behavior on a blog.

          I MEANT TO SAY: I think it is still relevant and Mr. Pappas seems to [need to] learn a great deal about appropriate behavior on a blog.

        • Hi Wendy. You and my husband are totally the same in that regard. I think this post will be relevant for a long time. I do hope to add to it, however. I am tempted to add Pappas’ 1000+ word comment in a blog post. It’s silliness. Asking me if I ever visited a peppermint field. As if that would determine whether or not I could write what I did. Oh well.

  17. Julie Snow says:

    This has become more drama filled than a season of “The Real Housewives”! Hard to believe the extent this man has gone to. However, I am grateful for the time and effort you have put into this and am looking very forward to seeing your recommendations.

  18. I use doTERRA oils and could not be happier with the quality and results that I have seen. I have never had any issues with reps. I am sorry that you have been treated so poorly by some people. I understand your desire to address criticisms made toward you. I hope that you will take this up with someone within the doTERRA company.

  19. katharine says:

    like many of your readers, i am not a commenter, but i would feel like a total jerk if i didn’t weigh in. i sincerely appreciate your efforts. i, like you, just want what’s best for my family. what i think is best may not be what another thinks is best. i don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with me. i’m sure you don’t either. i’m sorry that your search brought out such pettiness. perhaps it’s time for others to grow up a little bit. bravo to you for sticking up for yourself. keep up the good work.

  20. I wish I could like comments…ditto, ditto, ditto to what everyone is saying! I love your honesty and all the research you have been doing! Keep it up! One word for Mr. P. “Karma.” :)

    • I think liking comments is a great idea. Maybe there’s a way to install that kind of function. Let’s be kind. I hope he realizes what he did and is willing to apologize. He has a lot of knowledge and I respect that. But not this kind of treatment.

      • If you switch over to FaceBook commenting (which has a lot of advantages, frankly,) you can like comments. :)

        • Hmmm…tell me more you great blog host, you!!! Now, one thing I wondered – wouldn’t that pull the FB comments to my blog? I thought I heard that would take up blog resources….. Anyone need a good blog host? Talk to this lady! But go to my Blog Resources page and use my affiliate link first :-).

          • Hey, thanks! :)

            Implementing FB comments is a little trickier than most bloggers might want to deal with, but it’s something I do recommend (and we can help our Black Chicken Host customers do it!)

            It won’t pull all of your FB comments to the blog, but it will offer people the option of posting their comments to their own FB wall, which gives you more publicity. :) It also displays on FB that they Liked your post.

            The main benefit I’ve found, though, is that it almost completely eliminates all comment spam! Because posters must have a valid FB account to post, it discourages the casual-to-intermediate comment spammers. Works great.

            It does take some work on the part of the blogger, but we can provide a step-by-step guide for our customers.

            • I’d love it….Now, the Share This plug in installed does allow one to post to FB – so this is one step further? I am all ears. You are great and I finally put your new badge up on my blog. See folks – I am swamped. I was supposed to change that about 2 weeks ago and it still wasn’t done. Sigh. It’s not just comments I’m behind on. :).

      • Karma is simply you get what you give. I hope he remembers that and in turn, takes a step back and realizes the impact of his behavior and words. Knowledge is power and needs to be used appropriately. Honestly, he’s gotten enough ink for his negative behavior and YOU need more for the positive that is coming from your learning and in turn educating. Thank you again for all your work.

  21. Dear Adrienne, A friend just told me about your site a few weeks ago – now it’s on my google reader and I check it out every day. I’m finding your articles about the different eos are very interesting. And I appreciate the way you deal with the hateful remarks you are getting. You seem to just stay calm, look at the facts and respond to the issues at hand. Calmness, patience and firmness by staying on point and sticking with your principles is such a great correction for those who need it. Maybe they’ll see it, maybe they won’t. But you win either way because it makes you stronger and better able to deal with the stresses of life. That is so neat.

    • Well, thanks…I haven’t always been calm but I am learning through life about trusting in God and not letting this kind of stuff shake me. I need to keep doing what’s right and move forward. Thank you!

  22. All I can say is WOW! I cannot believe that you are being treated this way by other adults. I admire you for your research and commitment to find the best products for you and your family. Keep up the good work. :)

  23. I am so sorry you’re being bullied. I also am disgusted. I recently started using YL oils after much of the similar research findings you have revealed with the help of a good friend who is in her final year of naturopathic med school at Bastyr (her undergraduate was in biochemistry so she is well versed). She herself uses YL. Please know people can see through the nastiness and unnecessary defensiveness and appreciate your commitment to objectivity.

  24. When people resort to personal attacks, it’s because they don’t have facts or evidence to present. Keep up the good work, Adrienne. I appreciate your willingness to look for the truth despite having people mistreat you.

  25. I too buy from DoTerra and YL. I also buy from Mountain Rose, I have no problem with ANY of your research. In fact I REALLY appreciate it. I think once you are in any MLM company you get in and there are people who can not take criticism on their product. Every thing in life has its good and bad things, nothing is perfect. I hope that his “followers” will keep an open mind and not follow the sheep. I do not find it a good thing when people jump on someone else online, it as if they lose their filters of common courtesy and it becomes a high school click bully gang. You are not personally attacking HIM, you are researching like any good Mom should do. Especially in this day and time where “Organic” does not truly mean everything in the box is. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY do appreciate your open investigation on all of them. I am waiting to see what you found with Mountain Rose, I kind of like their products and the way they handle their company. Recently they became a zero waste company, they recycle everything and I am impressed with the way they take care of the environment around them. The thing with YL they only getting their stuff in the USA, I feel is not a good thing. I feel like a plant should grow in the environment that is originated from to get the true benefits. OK, sorry to ramble LOL I can’t wait to see more of your research.

    • Thanks. I was on the phone w/ MRH again today. I like a lot of what they do. There are some YL oils overseas, but not enough in my opinion. Thank you.

  26. Thank you so much for all you do for your readers. I have used some oils over the years but have not been real big into them. I was just looking into other companies as I had really only used the NOW brand oils. I have been excited with your posts to learn about the different companies. What do you think of the NOW brand? I had a doctor tell me if it is 100% pure, it is 100% that all companies distill the same. So if this is true than what is the difference? There is definitely a difference in price. Sorry to hear your being attacked for this.

    • 100% doesn’t necessarily mean that all of what’s in the bottle is 100% of that thing. We can touch on that. Look at a 100% pure vanilla extract bottle and read the label – you’ll get a surprise.

  27. I don’t normally post either, but I wanted to say “Thanks” for all your research on this topic. You’ve done an excellent job. It benefits us all.

  28. I am not a poster, but I know how bad it hurts when others say such negative, untrue things about you. Please keep up with what you are doing. This series is why I have kept up with your blog. I really want to know what your thoughts are! May God bless you! Remember, evil talks about people, good talks about ideas, places and such. You are good, don’t worry about the evil!

  29. It is so sad that people sometimes act in the way they do. Perhaps Mr. Pappas’ work has exposed him to too many oils and made him daffy. Too much of a good thing isn’t good either!

    As these responses indicate, there are many of us who appreciate your efforts more than we can express. You have a lot of time invested in your research and we will all benefit from your hard work.

    I am looking forward to your final conclusions.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Well, thanks Dianna. I honestly don’t know what to say but one thing is that from what I have heard, there are the big farmers and the small ones, and they operative very differently. It’s possible Pappas’ work is only with the big companies. I am open to hearing more, but I am going to move forward now…to my recommendation and something waaay less controversial…Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Cupcakes! (GF, SF and Vegan!)

      • YUM!

      • I am with Jewel and her comments – I could not have said it better myself. You are noble, indeed, to rise above the character assassination and devote so much time to your rebuttal (way to go!) I use a Canadian company for EOs because it is easier not because they are better (although they may be).
        With respect to cheese cake – there was a review of a cafe in my town that has a repertoire of 125 cheesecakes that can be ordered 2 days ahead. I am drooling over one called Chipotle Chile. Maybe you could put that on your to do list? :)

  30. Wow, I’ve been to busy to follow the comments on your posts, but wow, I can’t believe your posts have generated that much hate! I’ve really been enjoying your posts on EO’s, and really appreciate them. I’ve not had the time to do the research, so really appreciate you telling us about the different main companies, and why you don’t like them. I’m looking forward to seeing which one you go with!

    I totally understand the feeling you had that you needed to address the hate…totally understand. I think it was uncalled for, even if he really believes you are wrong, I’d think he and his followers could have disagreed with you in a much better manner…but it seems that people today prefer to cause hate and discontent. It kinda makes me think you are on to something, with as much as he’s bad mouthed you…so I think I’ll trust YOUR word, over his any day!

    Keep up the good work, and Thanks!! :-))

    • Well, thanks. I just read that comment stating that one lady felt, after looking at 3 peppermint oils, that the doTERRA one worked best. We’ll see. I’ve asked her what companies she looked at and we’ll just keep moving forward. I think we’ll all get a good education for sure.

  31. Hi Adrienne

    I found this topic very interesting. I feel you are doing a very honest job getting your information out to others. I am so sorry that there seems to be so much negetivity over this topic.
    About 4 years ago I got into EO through a friend and found for myself that every one has their own experiences. Personally, YL did not work out for my family although I did like Thieves. I wanted more education on EO so later I was introduced to doTerra.
    So I did a blind test with peppermint from both companies with three individuals. All three found that the doTerra worked better for them (not smell).
    I decided to take the education provided and personally use the oils for various conditions that my family take medication for, but continued our medication during this time. Since then some medications were found to no longer be needed. I do not take over the counter medications any more and have reduced prescription medication. I feel better and healthier. So I am all for essential oils if used appropriately with the right education.
    The oils can be pricey (over the counter is not cheap either), a little goes a long way (our first bottle peppermint lasted a year).
    I do not concern myself with the MLM, am more interested in my family’s health.

    Thank you for your willingness to share your experiences and research.

  32. I’ve been following the Essential Oils posts (but never comment on blogs!)- I use YL and the oils have helped me tremendously (I have MS). Thank you for delving into these murky waters- a lot of us are curious as to your conclusion. Don’t let the negativity get you down. Thanks for really looking into this (especially for those of us who don’t have the time or resources to).

  33. Hi Adrienne,
    just wanted to message and say thank-you for all your work. I am sad to see that you’ve been attacked. I have been using essential oils for 12 years and I appreciate the in depth information you have shared. I think it is important to be informed and to be that there needs to be close examination of the good, bad and ugly. Unfortunately some people get defensive and lash out, which is incredibly unfair to you since you’re just trying to share information.
    I have been lucky enough to support a local aromatherapist in my city because I trust his knowledge and integrity when bringing in various oils. Because oils have become so popular- home party like I have been looking into the big names to see if it is something I may be able to get behind. So thank-you again for all of this work, its given me a lot to think about.
    Cheers and Blessings,

  34. Kathryn Arnold says:

    You do a great job…very thorough. Keep up the good work (and raspberries to any who can’t be civil, kind, and truthful in their comments!).

  35. http://roberttisserand.com/2010/04/therapeutic-grade-oils-read-all-about-it/

    Boy is this discussion timely! Please see the above link. Robert Tisserand ( if you haven’t encountered him already) may be a good resource for you. I found his site and info before I found yours in my search to see if there were excellent, more economical oils that could be trusted. He gives more info as you get into the comments . At his recommendation, through the comments, I’ve been checking into Appalachian Valley oils http://av-at.com/ and they have been very helpful.

    I, also, am awaiting part 7 :). Thank you for your diligence and all the info.

  36. Oh my goodness, I am so sad they took it out on you Adrienne. I too have been following, I am appalled at the behavior of professionals, they act like children who are caught in the cookie jar. Why are the so upset. They should not be unless there is something they are witholding or hiding. I am glad you stuck with it and held your head high! As for the so the others who did not stand behind you. Not really what I look for in a friend. I am proud of you ! Courageous, I will always stand behind honesty. I was looking into a couple major company mainly to get a discount, but I really like MT Rose, for all my soap supplies and what they stand behind. I keep their wrap and pass it on to packaging my customers boxes. Can not wait till the end ( not as much as you I am sure) lol. Hugs to you and thanks to your family for sharing their time with us!

  37. So glad to read all the positive responses and support. I strongly agree with them. Keep up the GREAT work.

  38. I, too, appreciate all the hard work you put into investigating this subject. Every time I get to the end, it’s like a cliffhanger. Ahhhh… I have to wait… But I truly understand and commend you on your professionalism. Keep up the great work and don’t pay him any mind! I also never comment ;)

  39. It is refreshing to see REAL information…. not from a trail of money and influence.
    I never comment either but wanted to encourage you not be shaken nor moved from doing what you know is right, with a clean heart :-)
    Praying for you! and Thank you for sharing your work and findings.

    • Thanks!! Well, I just yesterday told the owner of the company that I am going to recommend that if something goes wrong I won’t recommend him anymore either. So….I am not loyal to the point that I will not do what’s right.

  40. Linda Barnhart says:

    Dear, dear Adrienne…I am so sorry that you are getting such hateful responses. It just breaks my heart as I’m sure it is hurting you. I guess you have to consider the source.

    You just started out to make a fair comparison of essential oils. It’s turned into a horrible beast. I think I’ll just stick with Mountain Rose Herbs and Uncommon Scents here in Eugene, Oregon. This is just getting all too serious. There are bigger problems in the world than arguing over this. Mr. Pappas and crew need to back off on the attacks, it’s just not kind. I would never, ever buy anything associated with him. Hateful man who thinks he’s quite funny. The worst kind.

    • Well I haven’t heard of Uncommon Scents. Interesting. Too many to keep track of! I’m OK now. I felt like clearing my name was important. Hopefully that’s done now.

  41. I follow your blog ( and love it!) and I normally don’t comment, but I just wanted to thank you for all your work and research, and encourage you that you are making a difference- looking forward to your conclusion….keep up the great work!

  42. Can’t wait to hear your favorite! I’ve been looking into different oils as well- not quite as in depth as you, but…- so I’m excited to hear if we have come to the same conclusion! Thank you for all your hard work and research. I greatly appreciate it :)

  43. hugs!

  44. Thanks so much for all of the hard work that you are doing. Sorry you have to deal with all of this other stuff. Praying for you.
    God bless.

  45. Adrienne – I’m sorry that they are giving you such a hard time. That’s ridiculous. I’m glad you are sticking with it. I just wanted to say that I have many many books written by very reputable professional aromatherapists and not one of them recommend doTerra or YL. That should mean something! Also every book that I have read which talks about how to look for reputable companies and find high quality oils warns to make sure that you are only buying the first distillation. So my conclusion is that any person who states that there is no such thing as first, second, third, etc distillations either is dumb and doesn’t know what they are talking about or thinks they are talking to someone who is dumb and doesn’t know what they are talking about. Thank you for all your hard work. You have many readers who appreciate it. Don’t let the “haters” get you down!

    • Wow – thanks for sharing that. Would you mind sharing with me either here, or in an email, the books that you have found to be the most valuable? I am looking to expand my library. Right now all I have are the YL book and the doTERRA book and one other that I mentioned on my blog already. I’ve found one that I would like to buy but I would love a recommendation. Thanks in advance. I am at wholenewmom at gmail dot com if you prefer email :-).

    • Yes, Could you share some of those books, Amanda!??? Really appreciate your comment! Thx!! :)

      • I have a few great books on this topic. Here is a review I wrote for one of them, which includes the names and authors of the others:

        “I first checked out the hardback version of this book, Aromatherapy Through the Seasons: Restorative Recipes and Sensory Suggestions by Paula M. Bousquet and Judith Fitzsimmons, from our local library. I found it by browsing the stacks in the call number for aromatherapy. It caught my eye with the word “seasons.” I fell head over heels in love! I renewed it as many times as possible while my daughter and I had fun mixing up various recipes from the book. Her favorite is “Sweet Dreams,” which she used every night for a month this past summer.

        I have three other Aromatherapy books (all different authors). My first is a general overview with nice pictures and charts (Practical Aromatherapy by Penny Rich) and includes information on different ways to apply EOs. My second purchase was an A-Z reference manual (Aromatherapy: An A-Z by Patricia Davis), which focuses on using EOs in massage therapy and describes a lot of EOs. My third is specific to children (Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child by Valerie Worwood). I like all three of these books for different reasons and I refer to them often.

        What I like so much about this book [Aromatherapy Through the Seasons] is that it has a completely different tone and approach from my other books. It is a practical usage book… akin to a cookbook! I like simple recipes for therapeutic purposes and this book delivers in a unique and FUN way.”

        I also have Healing Home Spa by Valerie Cooksley, which I enjoy a lot, as well!

  46. I am so sorry that you are going through this. Did you ever believe this would happen. I don’t know you but you have been putting a lot of time and work into this project. There is good info here. Thank you so much for it. Keep up the good and honest work. Blessings.

    We may have met by chance…but we become friends by choice.

    • I expected some upset, but not this kind of derision. But I understand it. A lot of Pappas’ followers on his FB page have signed up with doTERRA and they either feel they need to make money with doTERRA or they just can’t bear thinking that something else might be better. Thank you so much!

  47. Following you on bloglovin’

  48. Adrienne, you know I have followed this particular blog subject from the very beginning and I so appreciate the research you have put into finding the best oil at the best price. I’m still looking for that myself, so I’m grateful you are willing to share your findings with us.

    It’s really sad that others can’t just appreciate your efforts and stop attacking you when your opinion (which I believe you are entitled to equally as much as they are to their own opinions…) doesn’t jive with theirs.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your hard work. <3

    • You are so welcome. I am thinking we are all going to learn a lot from this…not just about oils. Thanks and I look forward to sharing this coming week.

  49. Hi Adrienne!

    I think your research on essential oils is great! I would suggest that you ignore any of the negative comments and naysayers as they will just consume your energy. You have a right to blog about what you choose and you do it in an honest and straightforward way. So, I would not even give anymore thought to those who are saying rude things. You have ruffled some feathers and that is okay! It gets everyone to think! :)


    • Thanks, Jennifer. I think you are right. I am so thankful that I was led to the information that I found and was able to share it in what I thought was a pretty cohesive manner. I am sorry that some people had to see this issue that is unpleasant but I felt it was the only right way to stop it. :-).

      • I apologize for saying your nonsense on FB I had to scroll. Ii have since looked more closely and you have a LOT of information on your page and site, and it is not nonsense. Your essential oil information however is slightly skewed, thus our attempt at correcting you. I dont sell oils, I use them in my practice, and educate people on essential oils and aromatherapy via courses and books and have done so for over 40 years. It appals me to hear some of the mis-information you posted concerning the distillations, grades and such. these things just dont exist and are words from the MLMs. I am not a “follower” of anyone, we posted on EOU because you moderated our comments and we wondered what was up. I agree with Rob that your research left out some important sources of info, and just checking oil companies info leaves a lot to be desired. I too wish you best of luck, and if I can be of any help in the future please dont hesitate to ask.

        • Sylla, I appreciate your apology. However, perhaps you see my EO information as skewed, but I am just pointing out what I have learned fron people in the industry. Can you please point to something specific that I have said that you think are skewed? (By the way, you say “our attempt”, by the way, as if you are a cohesive force. You can see why this felt like a group attack to me. Because it was.)

          The people whom I talked with and the sources that I have cited are not “fly by night” organizations. They have been in the oils industry for a long time and care sincerely about it.

          What exactly are you saying “doesn’t exist”? I assure you that these words are not coming from the MLMs. I have carefully cited my sources, so I need to you to come back with specific information about what you are taking issue with.

          That being said, I have so many other things to deal with, so I can only spend so much time going back and forth.

          You are a “follower” of EOU on Facebook. That is the term for someone who likes an organization or corporate page on Facebook. That is all I meant by it and that is where I got the quotations from.

          I addressed the moderation issue and “wondering what was up” is different than attacking someone’s character.

          At this point, the help you can give (not promising how quickly I will moderate, however) is to be specific about what in my last posting you take issue with and why. Thank you again for the apology, but you did say more than just the “nonsense” part. The “fodder for blog post” and “expose her” comment was particularly heinous in my opinion.

          I am still just surprised at how this turned out, but perhaps it is a lesson to all of us to watch what we say and how we say it. Thanks and if you care to respond again, I welcome it.

          • Sylla Sheppard Hanger says:

            Adrienne did you get my reply to this, i couldnt post on your blog so i replied to the email notifying i had reply from you!! if you didnt get then i will try once more to post here but its long, let me know if you didnt get that. it is just every time it wants me to log in or something and it says my posts are waiting moderation so i figured wasnt much use to keep posting, I dont mind if you moderate.

  50. Thank you for all the work you’ve put into this. I signed up with YL but want it for health and not wealth. I wish the prices weren’t so high. I am sad to read what the chemist and others wrote about you. Their actions do not speak well about their character. I am anxious to read your recommendation. Thank you again for all your research!

    • Thanks, Donna. I personally tried hard to recruit both for YL and doTERRA, at different times, because I thought I had found something really great that I wanted to share with others. It wasn’t that I thought I’d be rich doing it, but it is fine to get rewarded for advertising and doing it well. Anyway, I do hope that you all like the company I have selected and I think as we go on we’ll have the chance to learn more about oils and such. :).

  51. Thanks, Adrienne! You are doing a great job informing us! Keep up the great work!

  52. Thanks for your hard work and the time you put in to help educate the rest of us.

  53. Wow. Just… WOW! I applaud you for taking the high road!

    I know when I first looked into THAT company based on the mention on some of the blogs I read, I felt things were a bit “too good to be true,” and just too stinking expensive. I’m glad I never pursued further.

    I appreciate you taking the time to research and risk, in order for the rest of us to have enough information to draw our own conclusions.

    God bless!

    • Thanks, Jenni. Well, I really appreciate the outpouring of support. I really wanted to support doTERRA as well, but now I just don’t think I can. I am open to changing my mind, but most likely not. I look forward to sharing more and seeing what you all think.

  54. So sorry to hear you’re being attacked by a bully – I’ve never understood how someone could feel so small inside they need to spread nastiness to feel better. I understand why you felt a need to write this post but I hope now you’ll be able to just stop giving him/them any of your energy. It’s your blog and there’s no reason you need to approve anymore of his comments (imo)

    I like to do my own research before I try something new that’s health related – I rarely consider a blog post “research” because who knows where most bloggers are getting their information. But I’ve always liked how thought out and informed your posts are.

    I rarely post comments so I’m not very eloquent – just wanted to offer another voice of support.

    • Hi Tanya – I sure hope you comment more because your words were more than fine. I have just approved one more of the comments of Pappas’ Facebook page followers and there is one more of Pappas’ here so I am going to have to think this over.

      I don’t wish to censor anyone, but I have to guard my time and be careful that this all not take over my entire life. I have to get on to those Chocolate Chip Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes at some point, right :-)?

  55. Hi, Adrienne – I’m a doTERRA rep. I signed up to learn about the oils and try some about a year ago. From the beginning, I was disturbed by the lack of information or difficulty in obtaining information on their website regarding the oils. Like country of origin, for instance.

    When I went into the doTerra Google group and followed different discussions, any time someone was even remotely questioning about some aspect of the oils or products, the moderator was so defensive. This seems to be a hallmark of the company.

    While I understand the need to be positive when you’re in a position of leadership or influence, not everyone’s questions are meant to bring down the whole company and may in fact be helpful if investigated further. I find that sort of attitude just muddies the waters and makes one suspicious.

    Off topic just a tad, do you or anyone reading this, know exactly if Dr. Hill is a medical doctor? I googled him and honestly can’t find a CV on him. On doTERRA’s site it says DC next to his name which I believe means he’s a chiropractor? But then it says he was a physician in family practice for 10 years. That makes it sound like he’s an MD.

    This sort of thing makes me feel like what it should say is David Hill, CSOS (Chief Snake Oil Salesman). Unfair perhaps, but that’s how it makes me feel. Just say what his credentials are.

    So, while I don’t have a dog in this fight, I just wanted to let you know that my experience mirrors yours. I wish you hadn’t felt compelled to fight back with them specifically and give them more exposure, but I understand that you needed to do what you needed to do.

    It’s too bad because I find the doTERRA oils to be very helpful, although I don’t know another company’s oils wouldn’t be. Looking forward to hearing your conclusions on the matter. Thanks for what you’re doing.

    • Thanks for sharing.

      I honestly feel badly that I didn’t look at Dr. Hill’s qualifications more closely. This is where things get muddled for me. I feel that folks are throwing around their degrees with the weight of a medical doctor and it just shouldn’t be so. Well, truthfully, so many medical doctors don’t deserve a ton of respect either, in my opinion. It doesn’t matter what degree you have before your name. It matters what you do and what you say.

      Case in point….one could graduate at the bottom of the class of the lowest level medical school, and still have the title of “doctor”. But another person could be much more qualified to deal with medical issues and be called a “nurse” or in fact, have no title at all. I have been blessed by solid medical and alternative personnel, and my family and I have suffered greatly due to poor care as well.

      From what I can tell, Dr. Hill is a chiropractor and there is some debate as to whether or not he was practicing without a license in Utah when he was working with Gary Young of Young Living. There was a huge lawsuit over a death in Young’s clinic and Hill was named as a defendant. Now, just because someone is named in a lawsuit doesn’t mean that they did anything wrong. I have seen lawsuits filed by folks with absolutely no solid grounding and I pity those on the other side having to deal with such nonsense.

      I think what you read about Hill is that he was in charge of a clinic (like these words from doTERRA’s site: “As a licensed practitioner of Chiropractic Medicine and the former administrator of a large health clinic,”) which a DC could, in fact be. Does that bear up with what you read? Perhaps you could copy the text here that you are referring to.

      As for his CV, I have no idea. I have Pappas’ CV in my comment moderation screen (being moderated because it would take me awhile to respond to it and I don’t feel I need to post it at this time–I addressed my concerns with being flooded with comments and links promoting Pappas and any blogger worth his or her salt does not allow the blog to be taken over by folks who are just trying to steer traffic to their own sites), but nothing about Hill.

      I too wasn’t pleased with the aspect of the Google group that you mention. Some of the information was super helpful, but negative comments need to be dealt with or the whole thing takes on the feel of a cult, or at least a group based on misinformation.

      That is what I am being accused of by Pappas and his Facebook followers (that is what I meant by “followers”, but in truth they do follow his teachings about oils as well, at least it seems pretty clear that they do)–not dealing with negative info by taking awhile to moderate comments. In truth, I think I am very fair about presenting all sides of issues and correcting myself when I find out I am wrong about something.

      Look forward to hearing more from you!

    • Susie Larson says:

      You might want to research where ” Dr. ” Gary Youngs credentials came from as well. Last I heard, the Bernadean University of which declared Gary Young an MD was a diploma mill. This university isn’t even accredited by the AMA.

      I also find the implication funny that those who follow any person’s teachings is considered a cult. I’m going to add that everyone reading Adrienne’s blog, and accepting her “teachings” and opinions might also be accused of being in a cult as well.

      • Susie, I am concerned about anyone having an MD from a “diploma mill” have their degree taken too seriously. However, accrediting is for sure desired but there are some folks w/ degrees from non accredited institutions that have good knowledge to share.

        Regarding your statement about my blog possibly being considered a cult, the definition of a cult by Merriam Webster is “A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.” I actually understand some people talking about YL as having a cultish feel. A lot of EO companies make spiritual-type claims about their products and encourage devotion to their product b/c of what they promise will happen spiritually if you use their products. Of course, this is a little different than folks following a strictly religious leader, but you can see how the lines get blurred in this instance.

        As for my blog, I am not, by any means, encouraging religious veneration or devotion towards myself, my blog, or any product that I recommend. So I don’t see how the analogy can be extended to me or my blog. And for the record—if anyone is considering anything of the sort, I am a totally flawed person. So don’t do it :).

  56. I am also in shock!!! Adrienne, I started reading your blogs, etc about 2 months ago, and I truly love you!!!!!!!!! I am an optometrist, and I truly want you to know there are so many of us out here who SUPPORT YOU and LOVE your daily articles!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work, as we truly appreciate your advice and discernment when it comes to giving our bodies the natural and wholistic care they need to survive in this very toxic world!! Hang in there girl!!!!!

    • Thank you so much, Annette. I appreciate your comment now and the ones in the past. I am doing the best I can and look forward to sharing more…hopefully Tuesday, I am thinking. The owner of the co that I will be recommending is out of town ’til Monday and I want him to be available for questions, etc. So….maybe cupcakes or something of that nature between now and then:).

  57. It is so unfortunate that this has turned into something so negative. Unfortunately some people seem to flourish on negativity and drama. I am a firm believer that we can learn from each other, however why would you want to listen to anyone so belittling? Debate is always great, but bullying is not! I just hope that everyone can move on from this and get back to what is important here. I m very much interested and starting to use essential oils as are many of your readers I am sure. I can only hope you can put this behind you and continue with your research : ) Many blessing you way!

    • Thanks, Chrystal. I am saddened as well, but we all need to deal with junk along the way. And more unfortunate is that we are all the cause of muck in others’ lives. I really really struggled with whether to post this all or not, but I felt they were being very public and that I needed to address it in a public forum as well. Thanks for the support.

  58. Adrienne,

    Like I said on my page 5 comments post, being online sure does bring out the bullies that would never be so nasty to your face. Makes me think somewhere in a very elderly woman’s basement, sits a fat, ugly man-child typing away on his computer as he grins with delight at how “big and bad” he is in the online world of saying whatever he wants without consequence.

    If I were in upper management at Do Terra, there’d be a few less employees at that company. I work too hard for my money to give it to people that act so horrible! Yikes!! You have many followers and I’m sure the line to buy their products is short right about now. You are obviously a class act and I am appreciative that I did not have to abandon this blog because it became a playground “you’re a poophead! No, YOUR a poophead!” game of stupidity. I thought I left that behind in 2nd grade, but I guess you never outgrow that kind of behavior online.

    Please make sure when you call Do Terra, you mention that at least one other of your followers will never buy their products because they have unprofessional people in positions where being professional is kinda sorta important. Especially when it’s obvious there are plenty of other options out there. Thanks for making my EO list of possible providers one name shorter! Keep up the great work!!!

  59. I used to be a YL rep but changed to doTerra because a rep convinced me they were better. It was an easy sell because I never liked Gary Young and I was happy to say goodbye to him. Since joining doTerra I have seen nothing but negativity coming from both sides and I am sick of it. I am done with these two MLM companies and will be promoting the best non-MLM oil company. I know many others feel the same way.

  60. The following is from a reader who is having trouble leaving a comment, so she emailed me instead. My blog host is working on new security measures for my blog and there appears to be a glitch. Sorry about that!

    Hi Adrienne,

    I tried to post a comment and was told I need to log-in. I just want to do a quick note. I know you are reputable, and I have always found good information on your site. What I was told years ago by a facilitator for a special needs mom’s group is this: Work to know more than the doctors do because you have a vested interest in your child’s health and well-being. Well, through the years I have not always been respected by the very people who were supposed to be helping me because I was not a professional in the field. But, I was a professional in the field of knowing and helping my daughter and and understood what works for her and our family. It does not matter if you attended all of the prestigious schools in the nation, (but you are truly gifted and talented) but you have a motivated, unbiased interest in your health and your family’s health. You will go the extra mile to help your family, and making the dollar will not motivate your decision. A person who is truly interested in informing without a personal interest in himself will correctly privately, tactfully, and compassionately. They were using intimidation techniques and hoping to ruin your reputation and following. He/she is threatened by an outsider. I am so sorry for the ugliness and name smearing they are trying to cause on a public forum.

    I too asked questions of a rep of doTerra a while back because I have been working with alternative medicine for a while, and he honestly could not answer my questions. It was how can their be such a difference in the herb remedies/tinctures and the a completely different herb EO suggested for the remedy for the same ailment? He sent me to someone else and they could not explain why? Just the same rigamarole. I still will use EO for some things, but stick to tinctures when I know the remedy works and has for us for years.

    I thank you for the hard work and research you have done and made public for us all. Those who truly follow you will know this is an attempt of defamation of character and won’t be swayed. It doesn’t change the feelings that go along with the attacks you’ve experienced.



    • Thanks, Joanne. I so appreciate all of the encouraging emails. I am OK if reps can’t answer questions, but they need to know their limitations. Are you saying that they recommended different EOs than what a normal tincture recommendation would be?

      I haven’t used tinctures. I would love to know your thoughts on why they are preferable if you do, in fact, think that they are. I will reply to your email so you get this :).

      • Hi Adrienne,

        Let me qualify that I don’t know everything about herbs, tinctures, and EO. I do know what works for my family. I also have some philosophies that I adhere to first. I change the diet first, I use food as healing when possible, ie drinking 100% cranberry juice to prevent bladder infections. I had been prone for a while to bladder infections, which I realize had to have been partially due to stress. I also as part of the whole regime manage my stress and the manner in which I think and respond to situations.

        The the next step is using herbs or tinctures. I can off the top of my head list some things that I know work for me. Tinctures quickly enter the bloodstream when administered under the tongue. They are gentle, and I am not as concerned with getting too much. I have used motherwort tinctures under the tongue when I have hot flashes and also chaste tree berry for regulation of periods. Now, with that said, I also know people who can’t take chaste tree berry, it causes more symptoms for them. I also though found a change in diet helped me too.

        Then I use EO. Such as for headaches, I have found feverfew just does not cut it for me, but rubbing lavender oil on my temples depending on the headache is gone in no time. But, there are times when I reach for the over the counter medication when it is very intense.

        With all of that said, I find it preferable in certain situations. I have talked to people who I trust, and I have books that I have referred to again and again which work for us. I know herbs/tinctures in many cases cross over for many different uses. I use local herbs or buy salves that use local herbs because they are effective for what I am using it for and it is a resource readily available. Such as plantain for drawing out dirt, or for relieving an itch. We don’t fertilize, or herbicide or pesticide our lawn and it is available for free, and many would consider it a weed, but we use it for healing. Jewel weed is also good for itching and grows where I am.

        I am still out on the jury concerning using herbs only where they are first found because for instance, California can grow very good grapes with the same conditions as France and Spain using the same grapes for excellent quality, the same applies to olives and olive oil.

        What concerned me is me not recognizing the herbs made into EO as one of the sources for healing that I am familiar using and also listed in the reference publications I have used for years. The reference book using EO did list sources and studies for their recommendations. But, I not being an expert was not familiar with what they were recommending, and also not convinced this would be in the best interest for me to switch over to EO when I had done my own research and the EO herbs were not the same as the reference publications. To be fair, it was a while ago and can’t remember more than a couple of specifics. One of them was for immunity using frankincense using EO, when echinacea, goldenseal, and ginseng worked well for my family in tincture form. I had always heard that Tea Tree Oil should not be ingested and now Tea Tree Oil can be ingested as EO. It is a possibility in the purity, but I am still wary. I truthfully can’t remember for women’s issues, but recalled it being different.

        I also use silver gel and suspended silver, because it works for my family.

        I didn’t intend for the e-mail to be this long, but I hope you understand better which angle I am coming from. I know what works for my family and for me.



  61. Hi, Adrienne –

    Where did you find your info on doTERRA’s site re Hill? That verbiage I could live with.

    Here’s the link to the info (also included) I found on Dr. David Hill:



    “David Hill, DC
    Chief Medical Advisor
    Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board
    Extensive experience qualifies Dr. Hill to stand at the head of a new era of education and understanding of natural medicine and essential oils. He remains on the cutting edge of technology by immersing himself in research, and is dedicated to educating and empowering others to take control of their own health.

    For nearly a decade Dr. Hill worked locally as a physician in family practice to provide valuable essential oil insight into the traditional protocols and practices of modern medicine.

    Dr. Hill is well recognized in the field of integrative medicine and essential oils, and as such he has been invited to interact with a number of large, established hospitals including Beth Israel and Vanderbilt University Medical Centers, consulting with them on ways to integrate CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®* essential oils into modern medical practice.”

    I did hear about his heading up a clinic and yes, also something about the lawsuit regarding a death.

    I totally agree with your points re credentials; credentials do not an expert make necessarily for sure.

    Not everyone knows what DC means and a “worked as a physician in family practice” makes it sound awfully like he’s a MD, wouldn’t you agree? Does it make him less knowledgeable if he’s not an MD? Absolutely not. But it makes it seem suspicious when you use semantics to make someone seem like something they’re not.

    Perhaps I’m reading more into it as I have from the beginning felt a little duped by doTERRA. Not that the $35 is going to make me any richer, but I do also regret not looking into things a little further before I signed up although I did get a nice little package or oils from my upline for doing so, so it wasn’t a total loss.

    As I’m old and have worked for a VERY long time, one thing I’ve become passionate about is making sure I work for a company that stands behind their people whether they’re employees or independent contractors doing sales for them.

    This means no funny stuff about who the CEO’s are, and no funny stuff about the products. Neither has to be perfect, but tell me why and what you plan to do to correct that, if anything.

    So too bad. Sigh.

    • I just realized it looks like it was copied from the doTERRA site and they have now changed their website. It is owned by Tom Anson and he is a doTERRA distributor. His site looks strangely like doTERRA’s site and I wouldn’t like it out there if I were doTERRA. It is very confusing and hard to figure out that it isn’t doTERRA themselves.

      I agree that the wording they have chosen sends a very wrong message. He is not an MD and it shouldn’t be listed that way.

    • I don’t know anything about Dr. Hill, and am not attempting to comment on his trustworthiness, one way or another, BUT our chiropractors have told us that they were actually trained in school for family practice, and the only reason they can’t do the whole “family practice” thing is that chiropractors aren’t legally licensed to do so in our state. So it is not necessarily stretching the truth for a DC to be listed as family practice, and it’s quite possible that people local to him would know exactly what DC means, depending on his location.

  62. I have been trying to figure out the whole (complete) part of distill. I diffently was confussed on Dr. Pappas therory. I knew 1st,2nd and 3rd did exsist. I found info about complete on Auria Casia that I believe might be the same as the way Doterra distills their peppermint. Aroma Web also has a good explaination on complete distill. I also looked up Dr. Pappas. Very very interesting how after watching him at a conference with Doterra it makes me wonder why the lies? It seems, by the comments on your blog, that many people like Doterra oils. After, reading the amount of stuff I did on D. Pappas I would be extremely concerned why doterra picked him. I wanted to go buy first distill and see if it smelled like vomit. I think Dr.Pappas has made a mess for Doterra. Anyway, I need oil and hope to see your review on addional companies in your next post.

  63. Hey, I really appreciate Pappa’s comments! At least now I know where NOT to buy my oils. They shouldn’t be worried about YOU doing any ‘damage’ to doTerra – THEY are doing a great job at it themselves!
    Sarcasm aside, I am sorry you have to go through this!! I love your blog and trust your advice. Don’t let any bullies throw you off course. Integrity always wins over insults.

    • Thanks, Marion. I really appreciate all the support, but let’s be charitable. I’m not angry about anyone’s responses, I just don’t want a bunch of mud thrown around from here either. :). There is another 1000+ word comment of his in my “pending” folder but it is going to take time to respond to and I am really swamped. Thanks!

  64. Adrienne, thanks for all the research you are doing. Will you be addressing any like Aura Casia? I considered selling EOs last summer and then discovered that a close friend had signed on with doTerra, so I nixed that. Also, I am leary of MLM companies, since I think mostly they are really overpriced, I sold Mary Kay for a couple of years and the rep marks it up 50%. Nobody I know personally makes a living selling thru MLMs and end up with tons of inventory and money wasted.
    I personally have been using EOs from Earthfare and Vitacost for a couple of years–mostly Aura Casia and Simplers. I have had outstanding results from both, although we only use basics such as lavender, ecalyptus, lemon, etc.

    • I will address AC but I’ve not heard of Simplers. The list goes on and on, eh? Hang with me. I do know a few people making good MLM money, but some are just raking it in w/o much support. One of the commenters on this post–Lacey–is a very thoughtful MLM rep. She is going to be publishing a post this coming week on the MLM model and I hope to read her whole series on it. I think it will be great. I am, in full disclosure, a rep for the same company she is with, but I haven’t put it on my blog yet. I have found it to be a refreshingly different company. I also am a rep for Lilla Rose and have been thrilled with them. Never saw any ugliness or “over the top” marketing. Just simple, good stuff.

  65. What a mess! Can you just get the the point and tell us which essential oil company is best in your opinion? This discussion has been going on for over a year!

    • Hi Maria. I would like to get to the point and I will be. But I think you can understand that there is little value of saying “Buy from this company” without explaining why I think so. I would think a lot of folks would just think it was self-serving. I did consider it, though.

      And actually, it’s “only” been 10 months. :). If I started telling you all we’ve been through it would fill up another page. And I know plenty of other bloggers who have started series and never finished them. Let’s be charitable, OK? :).

  66. Well! I’m pretty new to all this truly healthy lifestyle stuff, and I’m very new to EOs. I’ve appreciated what you’ve had to say, I’ve learned a lot! Thank you!! (I mean really new, I started on week 4 and had to backtrack! LOL). Anyway, thank you for the information.

    Being as how I’m new to EOs (I never liked them at all before, however after just ordering some from Mountain Rose and stopping again by my local health food store (in a very small town) I now realize I’ve never liked EOs because all the ones sitting on the shelves in the stores that I’ve smelled are rancid!!). Anyway, being as how I’m so new, I had no idea who YL & doTERRA were. However, from *other* experience I’ve had in MLM companies, it can be an [i]extremely[/i] vicious world out there. The “brainwashing” and condescending attitude towards all others can be very repulsive. I’ve done more than one different MLM company, all of which I’ve left with ZERO intention of doing another one again. I’ve found in my experience, people who work with those products can only think within the very small tunnel that exists of their product. Granted, I’ve always tried to blow it off as I figure they are just trying to make money, of course they’d be biased! But when attitudes turn from superior to mean, well, it’s always been time to walk for me.

    • I should have clarified in my post.(and I can’t figure how to edit)…I don’t believe the attitudes and nastiness comes from the companies. As with anything, people are passionate about what they chose to be passionate about. And while I’ve known many people who do MLM products that are moderated and balanced, as with all things in life, there are many zealous ones as well. I believe it is the individuals, not necessarily the company.

    • I’ve just been reading about the shelf life of oils so that’s a new arena for me. Rancid is not a good thing. I think MLM reps come into the business thinking they’ll be making a ton of money with no work and it just isn’t so. And when you have just one source of income it’s a big deal. You need to be willing to walk if you find the product isn’t that good, in my opinion. But that’s hard once you’ve put in a lot of work. Thanks.

      • That’s it! Every time someone asks me about one that I have done the first thing I say is “it’s work. Just like real life. You won’t make any money if you don’t work really hard to make it.” I think sometimes the trap that people get into and the unfulfilled expectations can bring out nastiness. Sad. (And again, I don’t mean it’s everyone who sells MLM products).

        Anyway – thanks for ALL your information. It’s been helpful to me. I’m sorry it turned personal on you, that doesn’t accomplish anything.

        • Thanks, Amanda. Basically, isn’t it that many MLMs think that they have created just THE best product and that they are THE best company and you need to believe it with all your heart and soul in order to sell it. I have been in some in the past…one of them actually sang “Carry Your Candle” (of their company) at their national convention and it was pretty ridiculous. I quit soon after.

    • Sylla Sheppard Hanger says:

      @Amanda, EO’s dont go rancid, that is a faction for vegetal or carrier oils, like almond and other fatty oils. Fractionated coconut is one carrier that does not go rancid, thus its use as a massage blend. Essential oils odor can go off when old, and some become more sensitizing (citrus/pines) but they do not go rancid!

      • Interesting you say this, Sylla. I was just reading a few things on this this week. I assume you would agree that Tisserand is one of the world’s foremost EO experts, correct? He says that they do go rancid.

        I am looking into this further. Thanks.

        • Sylla Sheppard Hanger says:

          of course I know Robert Tisserand, we are some of the vintage people!! Im sure he was referring to carriers, vegetal oils, they combine with oxygen over time, thus people recommending vitamin e in blends (of eo and carrier) that may sit around. Show me where he says this, and I will turn a back flip….:-)

        • Sylla Sheppard Hanger says:

          good article, no backflips! he is saying eos get oxygenated not “go rancid”, though there can be rancidification of fatty oils from oxidative damage (or microbial and hydrolytic ) it’s just a confusion of terms. So oils do get old and the citrus and conifer oils can get oxygenated making them more irritant and sensitizing, but we dont call that rancid.
          Please email tisserand for clarification if you don’t believe me! His blog is full of great clarifications and myth busters.

          I cant post on your site anymore because original comments have yet to be approved where I shared some educational links, and my reply to your comments after I apologized. hope you get this thru here. But you can send me private email if you have further questions

          • Sylla,

            I have always thought that oxygenation equals rancidity and so that is why I cited that article. Of course, you know that I am very new to this, but likely now know more than the average EO Dabbler on the street.

            Anyway, now that I have looked it up more I see that most sites say that EOs don’t go rancid but there are a few that do. I did find that one site said that there are a few oils that can go rancid and they are plants that are high in plant wax or aren’t distilled properly.

            I do think I had a conversation with someone in the industry this week about this so I would like to get that info before feeling I’ve looked into it enough.

            I appreciate your info. However, I am concerned that you are bringing up the moderation of comments again. Are you still taking issue with me about this?

            Can you please explain to me what you mean about “I cant [sic] post to your site anymore”? Are you saying you won’t because of how I am choosing to moderate comments?

            I didn’t post your links because you didn’t respond to me about saying you were going to “expose me” and that I had given you a lot of “fodder for your blog”. I don’t consider that kind of treatment to be ok to merely gloss over and so I decided not to post a comment with merely links of information and no further reply to my question to you about that rude comment. That needs to be addressed before I can continue this conversation since, as I said, maligning my character is something I just can’t tolerate here. I’m sure you would feel the same way if I were to treat you this way about your blog.

            I look forward to your reply and I hope you can understand.

  67. Hi

    I am not a commenter, generally. However, I hate that Pappas’ has ruined the tone of this post, and all comments. I love your research, don’t know if at this point I will change from doTerra because of the experience I have had. With that said, I deem from all this that doTerra won’t be your pick. since you answered a comment that you were cancelling your distributorship.


    • Thanks for commenting! Well, I don’t know what else to do. It is very hard for me to remain with a company that obscures or obfuscates so much information….oils used in blends, sourcing of oils, why peppermint smells the way it does…and I do now think that the details of who David Hill is on their site is misleading as well. I’ll be interested to hear what you think about my choice. What do you think about those details?

  68. I am so impressed with how you have handled this. Some of the comments have been very condescending and you definitely took the high road.

  69. Thank you so much for all your work! This is amazing. I’ve been obsessively reading online about all these things and was so happy to find your blog. I came to EO’s through doTerra, but I have been stocking up through Mountain Rose. If you can believe everything on their site, they seem like a good merging of quality and price. “IF!!” I wish I wasn’t such a skeptic and could relax and just buy stuff with out thinking about it! Anyway, thanks for your help and I really, really look forward to your conclusions!!!

  70. Kudos to you for tackling this subject, and doing so with courage and objectivity.

    It’s hard to maintain an open mind about a company when a perceived leader or spokesperson of that company seems to be behaving in a defensive and irrational manner. From personal experience, I have observed that some MLMs can develop cult-like characteristics. In my view, one of those cult-like characteristics can be a tendency for a leader or figurehead of the company to react with complete intolerance to anyone whose opinion doesn’t conform with their image of the organization. This is followed by unquestioning, single-minded agreement by the sales force. This type of drama is a red flag, at least for me.

    From reading your blog, it seems clear to me that you are posting your observations and any information you have found on the subject. Your conclusions are your own, and I assume that you invite your readers to check the facts for themselves if they choose to, and draw their own conclusions.

    Which is why rational responses from essential oil companies would be understandable and wonderful. Drama and accusations are disturbing and do not reflect well on the company.

    As a person who strongly believes in the values of aromatherapy and essential oils, I’d prefer to see a high level of professionalism within the industry.

    • Thanks for commenting, Susan. I really appreciate your sentiments. Of course I invite my readers to check the facts for themselves. I am just one person with a loaded plate. Too loaded sometimes, hence my posts on adrenal fatigue. All in moderation, right? I hope to see you around again!

  71. Hi Adrienne! I found your site while Googling for YL this evening and I’ve been reading information here for nearly 2 hours now. My friend sells YL, swears they are the best (as most members of MLMs do) but encouraged me to do research on my own before making any purchases of their products. This is the year that I start a new journey for my family for more all natural products and getting away from the unhealthy medicines/foods that are poisoning us slowly. While my journey has just begun in the world of EOs, your site has provided me with some great starter information. My friend also told me of the YL/doTerra disputes, sad that two companies would get into airing their dirty laundry out at one another but that must be the nature of the game. I’ve made no decisions yet on what I plan to do with purchases but I have gained a lot of knowledge in my time here. Thank you for your hard work researching the details. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi there. I can’t believe your comment got lost in this pile – so sorry! It also ended up in my spam file for some reason. Anyway – hope you are still hanging around and hope to hear from you again!

  72. Wow, Adrienne – I am just amazed and appalled. Amazed at the grace with which you have handled the mud-slinging, and appalled that you have even had to handle anything at all. I am so sorry to have to read this blog post where you have to address such issues and defend your blogging. But the good thing that has come from this is you know you have a tremendous backbone of support from your readers!

    I have been following your blog for awhile, and have been waiting anxiously for your decision! At this point, I am using Aura Cacia, Wyndmere, and NOW EOs simply because they are the ones available at my local health food store. I’m looking forward to the revealing! Keep your head up :)

  73. I found your blog about the time you posted the first article about which essential oil company is best. I was intrigued because I have been trying to decide for myself what essential oils are best so that I can incorporate them into homemade body care items and cleaning products for myself. I have waited patiently, checking back numerous times, and honestly can’t wait for your final verdict! It seems you must have rumpled some “feathers” along the way, but I am here to tell you that I appreciate all the hard work and phone calls you have made to get to the bottom of the matter. I believe your work will ultimately help me decide which essential oil to purchase. I had already concluded that I would purchase from Mountain Rose, but I did not do anywhere near the amount of research that you did. It seems to me one of your detractors must be driven purely by his reputation and ultimately, money. It seems the question must simply be this: Que bono???

  74. SpawnOfSnape says:

    I’ve been reading all of the comments to see if I can find out what you think of Ananda? I can’t really find anything. I am not loyal to any one company, but have purchased a few oils from Ananda. They seem to be good quality, and the price is lower than the YL oils (even with my discount).

    Any thoughts on this company?

    • I’ve mentioned them a few times. I will be happy to answer more on individual companies after I share where I’ve chosen to go….hopefully that works. That way all can compare where I am going to where I didn’t go. Does that work?

  75. Hi , I feel so inundated by all of this bickering..You get paid to write this Dr.Pappas gets paid to research E.O. You both know what you know…why twist it and make the beauty of the oils power into just something to write about.The (whole) reason I started using E. O. ‘s to begin with was to have some control over my own well being.Do you know that the ancient meaning of that sense of wholeness and completeness is Peace?

    • Hi. Sorry this has bothered you. I am just trying to write what I have learned and my character has been attacked. I felt I needed to respond and get things out in the open and addressed so that it would hopefully stop. It’s not about bickering to me–it’s about finding out the truth and then defending my character. Does that make sense? Thanks. I think letting someone attack your character is not peaceful. It is letting people do wrong. Happy to respond if you have more thoughts and thanks for reading.

      • SpawnOfSnape says:

        I really feel like you have been very good at handling this. I read the comments on #4 and was shocked. I really don’t think I could have pulled that off with such dignity.

        After reading the comments, I cancelled my order for doTerra products. If I saw such things from the YL peeps, I would cancel my account with them as well.

        How you treat other people is of utmost importance, after all.

        • Thank you for the encouragement. Just because a company is associated with folks who aren’t kind doesn’t mean that their product isn’t good, but I would prefer to work with those who are kind as well :).

  76. Hi Adrienne, I just recently found your website and I have been reading with great interest your posts on EO. I can’t wait for the final recommendation. I just have to say how impressed I am with your level of professionalism, objectivity and research into this subject — finally a source of unbiased, thoroughly researched and documented information! It is truly shameful how obnoxious and unprofessional Pappas, Sheppard-Hanger, McIntire Wooledge and others are behaving. It appears to be all self serving, but their comments should not have turned to vituperation. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You indeed have my respect and full attention. Best to you!

    • Thanks, Kathy. Well, I am doing my best. I will say that I can’t for sure visit fields, look at every single company and do oils testing myself but I am relying on folks whom I think are trustworthy to sort all of this out. Thanks!!!

  77. Adrienne,

    I just want you to know I am totally and completely on your side! I think this may be the first time I’m commenting, but I have been an avid reader of your blog for a while now. I too am dealing with candida issues and possibly adrenal fatigue and I appreciate SO MUCH all the time, effort, and energy you put in to sharing all of this wonderful information with us. There have been times I feel like just collapsing in despair, not knowing how to get myself back to better health. But every time I read your blog I feel hopeful that I can find answers. Thank you. These attacks on your character are absolutely shameful and ridiculous. I don’t think I have anything else to say – I just wanted to let you know that you have another person cheering you on! And these commenters who are complaining about various things – for heaven’s sake! It’s not like they’re putting in this time and effort to share information with us!

    • Thank you so much. I am really feeling like I am getting better from candida and AF. Did you see my heavy metals post? I hope to do a series on that soon. If you need more info let me know.

  78. I am so sorry. The personal attacks are ridiculous and such low behavior to fall to. I am shocked that you are getting this much slack from simply sharing your own research. Seems like you have hit a nerve. I am so glad you are doing this series.
    I’ve felt the virtual violation as well, I pray that you keep a tough skin and remember all of us who appreciate you :)

  79. Beth in Nebraska says:

    I’ve enjoyed this series and really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into the subject. It is something I’ve been meaning to investigate for myself and you saved me a lot of time and effort. I generally ignore comments because all too often they devolve into the sort of dogmatic nonsense and name-calling you are experiencing. Not this time. IMHO, you have been thorough, honest and unbiased in your research. When disagreement turns into personal attacks you can be certain that someone is feeling threatened. Odds are they have run out of facts so all they have left are insults and lame attempts at intimidation in order to silence you. Stay strong!
    Again, thank you for these posts. I’ve learned a lot from them.

    • Thanks, Beth. I think that, in this case, some of these people think they are right. I am willing to assent that I am wrong, but I am hearing these things from too many reputable people so I will keep digging as I can and try to sort it out. Thanks!

  80. Sylla Sheppard Hanger says:

    Adrienne oxidation of essential oils is not going rancid though, oxidation does occur as i said before. why cant i post a reply anymore…..

    • Thanks. Finally getting to some of this. I did see that in a number of places. There are a few sites that do talk about rancidity of oils if they aren’t distilled properly or have a high waxy content. The reply issue is something I can fix internally. It limits how many folks can reply in a thread. I’ll go expand it a little. Thanks and sorry about that.

  81. Hi Adrienne,
    Thanks for the great info – I have just begun using essential oils and I have learned a lot from you. Thanks for the time and effort you put into your blog!

    I would love to have you share this on Thursdays at Tasty Traditions: http://myculturedpalate.com/

  82. This has been quite something. I haven’t commented as yet through this series~ you have had quite enough of that. I was pleased that you said you haven’t had attacks~ or something to that degree~ from YL reps. I am personally a Young Living girl (Have been for 12 years) and have been very pleased and impressed with the oils and business. From colds, flu, to broken bones and Congestive Heart Failure…the oils have it covered. This has been my personal experience with quite a few DoTerra reps I have met towards YL. So, that has left a bad taste in my mouth, because it leaves me wondering if that is the way they are trained? I hope not and that it is just maybe a pocket of people. I know people are awaiting your decision from all the research you have spent many hours doing. I am thankful I have found a company that meets the needs of my families and clients and I am very happy with. Keep your chin up!

    • Thanks for sharing, Mary. I honestly felt that YL reps were more pushy even when I was one, but I guess this kind of stuff can be in any MLM organization. And to be fair, it appears that a number of the Facebook followers of Pappas are not doTERRA reps, but I do know that some of them are. I hope to continue with all of this and keep learning. It is a lot of information to sort through. Take care!

    • Hi Mary,
      I just wanted to let you know that I use doTERRA’s oils, but I use them because I see the difference. Now, each person is going to find oils that THEY prefer. I simply prefer doTERRA’s. My mom has used EO’s for as long as I can remember, and many different brands. She has found doTERRA’s to be the best fit for her also.
      Ok, so this may sound pushy, but I honestly think everyone should use doTERRA’s. Not because I want everyone to do what I want, but because I think they work the best, and I want everyone to have better health! I know, however, that not everyone chooses this, and that’s ok. I know not everyone chooses a home birth, which I chose. This is why we have free will. To find the answers, present the answers, then let everyone choose for themselves.
      And thanks to Adreinne for the hard work. There is a LOT of information out there!

  83. OMGosh! I’ve tried to keep quiet… I’m just tired… very very tired. I’ve tried to hang in there for the big reveal… but it just never happens. Now instead of thinking of your regular readers, you’ve been baited by people who really don’t care what you have to say, at the expense of those who do. When will this ever end. I’m thinking I may have to spend my limited online time somewhere else. I bet I’m not alone in that. If you will PLEASE wrap this up, I’ll try to hang in there with you. I do feel duped and I hope you can get back on track here.

    • Hi Heidi. I really didn’t want to have to post that but I felt that to ignore the accusations made it look like I didn’t want to address anyone who didn’t think differently than I did. That’s exactly what I was being accused of. I think that deciding about EOs, when a lot of folks invest a lot of money in them, is important and I don’t take it lightly. I really think you’ll have your answer this week. If you feel you need to go elsewhere, then of course, that is your decision. I do think “duped” is a poor word choice in this situation as it means “to be deceived or cheated” and I am for sure not deceiving. As far as cheating, I think that’s not going on either. In fact, I am putting a ton of time and info out there so you can see the different levels of thinking in the oils community and not just hear what I think. I hope you consider that to be valuable. I, for one, would rather wait a little longer and know that my information was solid than think that someone is just recommending something based on shallow information. Hope you’ll stick around!

  84. Jeannette says:

    Wow, they (Dr.? Pappas and his cronies) have certainly spent a lot of time dissecting a blog that they feel is worthless and uninformed! Evidently he does not “have enough to keep me busy”…his words.
    Keep up the good work Adrienne and don’t waste your time with hecklers.

    • That’s kind of what I thought. I really want to believe the best – that they care about wrong information going out there, but there are so many horrid blogs out there promoting oils companies with bad information. I can’t figure out why the big deal. Thanks. I hope to get to at least sharing more later this week.

  85. I wonder about a company that has to lie. YL’s Sacred Frankincense, proven in studies to fight cancer, comes from Oman. NO OTHER COMPANY has access to this particular frankincense. Once a plant/tree is grown in a different environment, it changes. This other company needs to fund/conduct the research on “their” frankincense before it can say it does what Sacred Frankincense does.

  86. Hi there…I just wanted to add in my support and thankfulness of all of your research. I too am a YL rep who signed on just for the benefit of the percentage off. After some research by a friend and then by myself, I started searching the internet for other oils companies, because I felt that YL’s prices were astronomically high! I thought, “there has to be a company out there who will give a fair price!” Then I found your blog…AMAZING! I love that you are digging into all of my questions…I am SO appreciative of this. I want Essential Oils to be a big part of my families wellness plan, but I just could NOT afford it using Young Living. So…THANK YOU. You’re doing a great job!

  87. Wow! I just “happened” upon your blog tonight. I have used both Doterra and YL in the past and find them very comprable. Who knew trying to help out the general public with their knowledge on the business of EOs would leave you victim of the “Oil Mafia?!” Sheesh! THanks for your research, from a Mom who hasn’t made the time to research it all herself!

  88. I was looking into EO’s for the first time this week and found your blog. Such amazing timing – I am absolutely on bated breath waiting for your recommendation! I actually signed up to receive your blog through my e-mail so I wouldn’t miss it :). Thanks for everything you’ve shared – love your blog and am looking forward to reading more of what’s there.

  89. Allison Brenn says:

    Gah. A friend sent me to your blog to read some of this series on EO a few weeks ago. She and I have both purchased from a few companies and have been doing our own research about them. I am so sorry to see how controversial this has been for some people. I appreciate your honesty and I am so sad that people have felt the need to publicly be rude when your opinion differs from their own. I personally purchase the bulk of my oils from Butterfly Express and I appreciate their transparency. I look forward to seeing what company you feel is best for your own family and I hope that others will use this information to also learn for themselves which company might be best for their own family. Thank you for taking the time to do this, despite the very rude actions of a small minority, I would hope that the majority of us are here to learn and support one another!

    • I think that’s great. Like I’ve said..I could be wrong, but I have learned quite a bit for just diving into oils a short time ago…and what I have found is very interesting. I look forward to what is coming!

  90. Adrienne,

    I am a YL Distributor and happened upon your blog. I am very curious to see which company you choose after all this. I will admit I am biased towards Young Living because I believe (from personal experience and family experience) YL is the best…..HOWEVER!!!! (had to emphasize so you would keep reading….lol) I think your blog comparing the Essential Oil Companies is very excellent!!! I think it is very unbiased and very thorough. I think you are doing a great job with looking into all the aspects of Essential Oils. I am looking forward to reading the next post…..and just so you know, I believe I will still like your posts even if it’s not Young Living that you choose ;)
    God Bless!

  91. I appreciate all your amazing time you are spending on this investigation! And I know at this point, you probably don’t need any more companies to investigate, however, I just thought I would mention that I use “Be Young” essential oils brand created by Dana Clay Young who is the brother of Gary Young from “Young Living”. Dana saw the wrong things that were happening at Young Living company and didn’t want to be a part of it any longer so he started Be Young. I understand you may not want anymore companies to throw into the batch. Just thought it may be worth your time to check them out. Look forward to reading your results.

  92. Good grief. Some people are ridiculous. ‘Though I find it rather interesting that this is the chemist who tests oils for DoTERRA and he apparently is either unfamiliar with, or lying about, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd distillations – and he is claiming that you don’t know what you’re talking about and/or are hiding the truth. Sure sounds to me like *he* is attempting to hide the truth!

    (And to add to your evidence that this is not unusual terminology: I wrote to Beeyoutiful, to ask them if their oils were first distillation. The customer service rep had never heard this question or this terminology, but contacted their nutritionist, who said they are all the first distillation. So clearly a) not everyone knows the terms but b) they are not foreign to the industry.)

    • Interesting – thanks Rachel. I don’t know….this is all very confusing. I am swimming in a bunch of stuff here but I am going to talk with more people about this. It seems to me that only a few companies do it this way (the first distillation) but it’s confusing, eh? It is possible they are talking about their oils not having been redistilled. Perhaps you could ask them? From the info in my post it says that only ylang ylang and peppermint would be oils that this language would be used for – thanks!

    • Heritage Oil also told me the same thing.

  93. Just ran across your blog for the first time today. I’m always impressed by those who are striving to cut through the mess to get as close to the truth as humanly possible on this stuff. My family is on it’s own journey trying to find what works after following the wisdom of western medicine nearly killed my mother, and because of our own health issues/reasons stuff.

    I’ve had some good successes with essential oils. Midwife got me started as she used some EO’s (but I didn’t like what she used, no idea of the brand but the lavender was very chemically to me) which she denied and insisted they were good oils (her own personal bias). Later I learned they were not and why, not that you’d convince her. But it did get me curious at least.

    I have an acquaintance who did YL (tried a few of them- oh, about five years ago) which seemed good, but was a bit cost prohibitive for my budget. A relative who does DoT (tested out what she had a couple years ago) but aside from expense this time, they didn’t smell right (at least to me). Plus I wasn’t impressed with their addition of coconut oil to one of them I noticed. I don’t want to pay for something already diluted with a carrier oil, thanks. Tried a few other things early on, but they were the health food store ones that I quickly learned were not so good.

    I’ve currently settled on using Butterfly Express Essential Oils. They are a word of mouth company. No MLM or fancy advertising and stuff (they say this saves them $ so they can charge less for the oils). Anyhow, they are more in my price range, and they seem decent enough. My extremely sensitive to chemicals mother has never had a bad reaction to any of them, so I take that as a very good sign.

    I don’t know they are among the best or not (I always felt they were) but they seem to work quite well for me and are the best bang for the buck I know of at the moment. There are a few things that bug me- like the over emphasis (IMHO) on blends and some of the info in their EO book is a little out there for me. But I work around that and the customer service has been good to me so far at least.

    Anyhow, I don’t know if you’d ever heard of them or not. Maybe you have and already eliminated them or aren’t interested in yet another company amongst so many. That’s okay, too. Just thought I’d point them out, just in case you’d never heard of them and just in case you might be interested in a look sometime.

    Good luck in your researching!


  94. Adrienne,
    I never comment. But I always read your blog and have been following your series. I felt I absolutely needed to comment now. I am so impressed with your character and response to such ridiculous comments. I have been disenchanted with Western Medicine for many years and have used essential oils for at least 10 years. That being said, I am not an expert and was excited to find out your opinion. Through all of these EO posts and comments, I have decided one thing: I will NEVER purchase doTerra products again. They were the company I had chosen to go with before all of this, but I don’t care what products they even carry now. They have “shot themselves in the foot” as far as I’m concerned. A company who relies on or allows such tactics is not even an option. So thank you for your grace and researching what your readers could not, and for enduring until the end! :)

    • Well, thanks. I still feel that perhaps their quality is OK and not all of the folks on Pappas’ Facebook page are doTERRA reps, but he does have a strong following from them due to his association with doTERRA. DoTERRA is very proud of their relationship w/ Pappas and so a their reps like what he has to say. Thanks for your confidence — I am trying to do the best I can.

  95. Adrienne,

    Thank you for standing firm graciously and factually. Good job! You have been a blessing to me. Thank your family for me. Keep supporting your mom, kids!

    Blessings to you and your family,


  96. Adrienne,
    I’ve been reading all your posted for a while now and find them so interesting. You have alot of information to share. You are my go to website.
    I’m sorry that you had all this negativity to put up with re: Essential Oils. But, I’m looking for the outcome and haven’t found it! Thank you for all your time and hard work!!

    • Hi there. Should be coming by Thurs or Friday. I just took delivery of our raw almond order so I’m under a pile…at least it’s not of almonds :).

  97. I came across your site because I am trying to decide between YL and doTerra. I have been using Rocky Mountain Oils and wondered if you ever looked into them. They are also based in Utah like the other 2 companies. They are much cheaper. Thanks for all your research on this topic. I look forward to reading your conclusion.
    Thank you again. Blessings!

  98. Hi I really appreciate all the research you have done. I am trying to decide between the 2 companies and your posts have been very helpful. I see you did not mention trying Rocky Mountain Oils. They are also in Utah and much cheaper than the other 2 companies. Had you heard of them? Thanks again for all your research. Blessings!

  99. Any hints on where to find reliable info on EOs to avoid during pregnancy? On one site, almost all say Avoid During Pregnancy. From another, almost any is useable during pregnancy in moderation. Thoughts?

  100. So, what is your final say? Have you chosen the “best” oil? It seems to me that your following could have an answer if you spent time writing out your final decision rather than responding to all of these comments. No one can tell you what to choose, so why worry what they are saying? You have a job to do as a blogger and mother.

    • I guess you found out today that I have chosen a company that I am comfortable with :-). I felt I had to respond to the attacks and let those who were saying them know that I didn’t approve of them and that they shouldn’t throw those kinds of words around casually. Sometimes ignoring things is a good idea, but I felt I needed to do it. It wasn’t that they were telling me what to choose, but that they were attacking my character and calling me dishonest and insinuating that I was ignorant as well. I don’t take that kind of accusation lightly. I appreciate your encouragement about my roles as a blogger and a mother. They both are complicated roles, however :-).

  101. Adrienne,
    I stumbled upon your site after doing research about EO. I started using YL and then did research on my stock that I had and found out the wintergreen oil is considered poisonous and should not be used frequently, if at all. Since, no info was available in the YL literature I did some digging around and that opened the Pandora’s box for me. Thank you for your info and I must say that I’m impressed with your blog and it has given me great info to try! Keep your head up and great job with your blog!

  102. Kaylee S. says:

    Wow Adrienne! I’m sorry that you are getting attacked for this series. Some people just enjoy trolling, I suppose. Ick! Most of us really appreciate what you are doing. I’m glad you have done the research and posted it here so we can also look it up. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this. I still can’t wait to hear which company is your choice.

  103. Wow! I feel really naive in assuming all essential oil brands were the same, but it makes sense that they aren’t. I better do my research by reading up through your series. Thanks!

  104. I would just like to clarify doTERRA’s stance on distillation that was taken out of context in your post. doTERRA’s peppermint essential oil is not distilled more than once. What is meant by complete is just that, careful consideration to the temperature, pressure, and time is taken to ensure one “complete” distillation. doTERRA does not and has not every claimed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd distillations. There is an exception with the ylang ylang oil which can have different grades. I think the product support representative that you referred to was trying to express that many refer to the names of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, distillation but that doTERRA focuses more on getting the proper chemistry of the oil by careful “complete or whatever you want to call it” distillation. Thank you!

    • Joe, first of all, I don’t know if that is your real email address, but I doubt it :-). Anyways, I didn’t take anything out of context. That is the email that I got from David Hill’s assistant. That is the whole of the email so I don’t know how it could have been taken out of context. I was asking why their peppermint smells like a redistilled peppermint and this was their answer. I guess I am a little confused b/c they mentioned the 3 distillations. Could you clarify please? Thanks! And like I said, she was more than just a support rep. I know some support reps aren’t that well-informed, but I would hope that Hill’s assistant would have good information. Don’t you think agree?

      • The great thing about the blogging world is that we can express our opinions. I just thought I’d put in my two cents because I have found great success with the doTERRA essential oils for my family and have come to know and appreciate the integrity of the company in my experience as a consultant.

  105. Just read the above, but not the comments, just skipped down here to comment myself. I don’t know diddly squat about essential oils and it’s not a subject I am interested in, per se, but I AM interested when anyone is attacked simply because they are publishing their own knowledge and/or opinion(s) about a product or a subject that may ruffle other people’s feathers! Been there, attacked that is, for an entirely different subject — doesn’t make any difference what the subject is, the modus operandi is always the same. The more fearful the attackers are, the more vicious they become in their snide comments, insinuations and outright attacks, and they’re mostly ignorant rah-rah forces rally to the cause too. All too easy to attack someone anonymously/using a totally false name on the internet these days. So, chin up kiddo, I think you gave that Dr. Pappas schmuck a good one-two and a great upper-cut. Just keep doing what you’re doing and eventually the schmucks will just shut-up. They won’t ever go away, but they don’t like people who fight back with truth and dignity.

  106. Hey Adrienne,

    I hopped on here this morning to see if Part 7 was up yet, and for whatever reason, an exchange mid-way down this comment thread popped out to my eyes, where you said, of MLM reps, “You need to be willing to walk if you find the product isn’t that good, in my opinion.” I SO agree (did that myself back in June 2010)…

    One of the biggest problems with most MLMs is that they teach people to sell to friends and family because of the trust factor – but then this trust factor leads many people to not do their due diligent research into the claims, and the cancer spreads on down the line, often quickly thanks to the big money hype and lure… until they start getting good questions from savvy contacts… If they can’t find suitable, logical answers to reconcile with the questions, reps either quit and cry “scammed” or they stick and carry on in the half-truths or deceptions, further spreading the cancer.

    However, that doesn’t invalidate the MLM industry, or necessarily even Company XYZ – it just means people need to get “super savvy” about how to tell the difference between the good ones (and that IS plural) and the bad ones (which is most definitely plural). And one step further, within a good company (with good products etc), there can still be “good” and “bad” reps – people really need to hard-core interview the Reps they consider purchasing from (as customers) or working with (as reps).

    Anyways, I did get up my first post for the year on “sustainable network marketing,” if you want to check it out (Absolutely Rejected)… It’s the first of many, since it’s a meaty topic with many variables to consider.

    Lacey :)

  107. angel spreitzer says:

    Hi, was wondering if you have heard anything about Eden’s Garden essential oils? I used them and they seem to be essential oil pretty good and moderately priced. I’ve talked thru email with a rep and she assured me their oils are 100% therapeutic, but they don’t recommend ingestion. I thought skin application was better because it doesnt have to go thru your digestive system first?? The only other brand I’ve tried is NOW and they are no good.

    Thanks for your time!

  108. angel spreitzer says:


  109. I wish I could say “unbelievable” but the truth is, when it comes to Pappas and his “followers” it is VERY believable. For a short time I joined an essential oils group in order to learn more about essential oils. The group was hosted by Pappas and it wasn’t long before I BEGGED to be removed. Arrogant, self-righteous, and self-serving are the nicest things I can find to say about Pappas.

    Good for you for removing his links, why would he expect to be able to promote himself on your page when he’s belittling you?

    And good for you for standing up to him.

    Don’t worry, except for those who have drunk his kool-aid, no one who knows him listens to him anyway. Most people have too much common sense.

    Sorry you received the brunt of his ego. :(

  110. Thank you for taking the time to do all of this research for “us” the “public”. I am a homeschooling mom and I would probably not ever have enough time or patience :) to do all of the research you have done, when it’s not only benefiting yourself and your family, but others as well. Personally I tend to go with a person or company(providing information) who is not being compensated for doing so. I believe you have been honest, fair and thorough in your research. And because of the negative comments that have come from this one company, I will most likely chose not to buy from them. If this guy was employed by my company and I got wind of his unprofessional conduct while representing my company, he would be fired immediately. Thanks for sacrificing your time to help the other busy moms out here who, like you, wish to do what they can to keep their families healthy! You are a blessing to many of us!

  111. Thank you for the very informative posts! I feel excited to have stumbled onto your blog, I can tell by your self description we would be kindred spirits in frugality and skepticism =D. Having just been to a Young Living presentation this morning (it was NOT a major sales pitch type, more of a friend-sharing-info type at someone’s house who had experienced healing with EO) I’m very curious to know your final verdict. I also have a couple questions I haven’t seen asked or addressed (If I skimmed or missed them somehow, please forgive me! I have pregnancy brain, 4 kids in and out, and homeschool as well).

    At the presentation today, the two people who had used the YL EO for years were very avid EO fans-and mentioned taking a number of them internally, but suggested that you never take any other brand oils internally b/c they aren’t “therapeutic grade”. Is that just a judgement call? Shopping EO sites I see that most specifically recommend not ingesting, even when mentioning high quality standards such as 1st distillation and purity. Do you have thoughts on what would be the requirement to take internally (or should you ever?)

    Secondly, I wondered if you had ever reviewed or looked at Nature’s Sunshine brand EOs. I’ve been very pleased with their quality control with herbal products, and their company in general, for many years (I didn’t realize before today that they sold EO as well, when it was mentioned at the party).

    Lastly, because I hated to waste more time on it, I’m so sorry that so much of your time has been wasted by people with intent to detract from your character and your research. I look forward to your conclusion.

    • About internal use…I think you really need to be comfortable w/ the company. That is why I am choosing whom I chose. YL says it’s OK and so does doTERRA and so does NAN. Apparently there are a few others out there who say the same thing. I don’t like the overemphasis of internal oils by the MLMs. I think you need to look at this like choosing your farmer.

      About NS, I didn’t look at them but a quick glance….they don’t list country of origin and I don’t see anything about wild crafted or organic so it is really hard to tell what they are selling. Thanks!

  112. Good grief…what DRAMA!

  113. I just happened on your site today because I was searching doTERRA. Wow – what a lot you have been through! I can’t believe you have been dragged through the mud like this. Personally, I would like to thank you for all of the WORK you have done in researching essential oils. I am just now learning about them and have a couple of books on the way from Amazon, plus a few oils on the way; but WOW – your series has been the most informative! I actually have never even used essential oils yet (like I said, mine are on the way), but I have various health concerns (fibromyalgia being the most pressing), so I thought I would give it a try. A friend is a DT rep, so I ordered 3 through her. After reading your recommendation, though, I am certainly going to give Native American a shot too to see which one works the best for me. I really appreciate all of the work you went to so that all of the rest of us could benefit! :)

    Many blessings,

  114. Hi Adrienne :)
    I just came across this blog last night and was amazed at all the negativity that you endured and responded to. I suppose I can’t say I am TOO surprised though…people are people and we are sinful at heart, only by the grace of God are we redeemed!

    I’m in a couple farm/garden and farm animal groups…and it gets pretty dicey on those forums too ;) You should see the muck flinging when they get into dogs, horses, or breeding of any animal, even rabbits and chickens :)

    Anyway, I have been an doTerra IPC for about a year now, and I just wanted to address a couple things I read among your blog and comments(sorry, I can’t remember precise quotes, there was a lot to read and I am a mom of 3 under the age of 4 myself!), but I promise I am by no means criticizing or defending in anyway…just wanted to point out a couple things.

    In one or two of the comments, you and some other person said something about mlms saying that a truly pure oil does not need to be diluted no matter how hot the oil…If you look in doTerra’s product guide, they actually have a usage chart for single oils and oil blends that tell you their recommended usage(topically, aromatically, internally) and whether they should be used Neat, could be Sensitive(recommend some dilution), or Dilute(they are HoT!)…The lemongrass that you used that caused a burn on your skin is actually listed as one of the Sensitive oils. Needless to say, everyone is different, I know some people who put the lemongrass on their neck and face and absolutely love it, but my skin stings if I put it on my face undiluted :) BUT I do use all the hot oils like cinnamon and oregano on the bottoms of my feet undiluted.

    The other thing I wanted to point out was, I THINK it was in your blog about the pros and cons of MLMs…you said one of the cons was that not everybody wants to give out their social security numbers. doTerra actually has a Preferred Member option which is only a one time fee of $10 and you get 20% discount for the rest of your doTerra life, you can even participate in their loyalty rewards program as a preferred member and get the additional 10-30% savings. Only downside to that is that you don’t get a free website to manage all your orders from.

    None of my points justify the bad attitudes and rudeness you encountered, but then again, I was surprised by the number of negatives from doTerra reps…my experience has until now been the complete opposite. One of the things my husband and I love about our doTerra business is that they built their business model in such a way that it benefits everyone to help their downline become successful, so we have been having a very positive experience with both the product, the company and our upline as we are for the first time in our lives seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of getting out of debt and having some semblance of financial freedom so that my husband can work from home and help me homeschool our kids!…of course that all depends on each individual person, as I can see how any business model can be abused by the wrong people.

    Anyway, I am glad you found an oil company that works for you. I am disappointed that the company that I have had such positive experiences with has let you down in such a manner :( But then again, my husband coming from a family of small family business entrepreneurs, we have learned that it is not possible for any business to please EVERYBODY. Mistakes happen and it is inevitable that some clients will fall through the cracks :( And then, there are also the jerks in this world :)

    I hope I haven’t said anything offensive to you…my brain has not been the same since the first pregnancy and I am still nursing our 3rd :) I can literally feel my brain power being sucked away at times! So, if there is anything here that rings offensive to you, please allow me the benefit of the doubt…articulating my feelings have never been a strong point for me and I am often baffled and hurt by the strongly negative reactions to my well-meaning words :(

    Thanks for all your time and commitment to this subject!

    • Hi there. Well, I just replied to you and it all got erased. Boo.

      Anyhow, I don’t think I ever said anything about MLMs saying to use all oils neat, but if I did, I was wrong. I did say that they recommend more internal usage than I am comfortable with.

      Re: the SS#’s – thanks for clearing that up re: doTERRA. I didn’t know that about them.

      Re: the doTERRA reps, not all of the negative folks were doTERRA reps, but most were followers of Mr. Pappas, in the sense that they follow him on his FB page. I found the behavior tough to stomach. I do need grace myself and offer it to them, but when the behavior persists, even after an apology then it is tougher still. The comments continued to come on his FB fan page and I found it really disconcerting.

      You said nothing offensive at all. Hope to see you around again!

  115. Hi Adrienne,

    I happened upon this blog upon doing some of my own research. Prior to happening upon this, I happened upon Dr. Pappas’s facebook page. I liked it under the assumption that it would provide valuable essential oil info I could share with others, as I have been using essential oils myself for years, and only know of the benefits they have offered me. What I was expecting to find was just posts on good, well-researched, general information. The more I poked around the site, I discovered that he seemed to be very argumentative. I don’t doubt that his information isn’t valuable (he is a scientist), but I was quite disappointed at all the argumentative comments. I’m sure he has valid points, but he would better get them across by showing some respect to people instead of making them feel inferior. I only deal with people who can be respectful of others, and if someone needs to be corrected, to do so in a diplomatic manner with evidence to back it up. Thank you for your respectful and open opinion on the matter at hand.

    Have a great day!

    • Nicole, thank you so much for sharing this. It means more than I can say. I too was very disappointed in his behavior after hearing so many good things about him while I was with doTERRA. It sure was a tough series with that kind of interaction. Thanks again for reading and taking the time to share. It means a lot.

  116. MLM’s always have an adgenda. They want your money and they want it on auto ship lol. I was hoping for information here and it came off as something else no listening and a lot of time invested in he said she said – who cares. The 1st and 2nd 3rd and complete distilling is all a bit of nonsense is usually only used in the EO world as a reference to Ylang Ylang EOBBD refers to one lab’s in France seal and on and on. Pappas was trying to get rid of miss information which is freely offered through the MLM’s but he handled it all very badly. I’m glad you mentioned the info finally on ingesting oils especially the hot oils I cringe when I see all the oregano oil going out of the health food stores… You need to read the oath any aromatherapist must take especially about ingesting oils Robert Tissand a world renown expert would have been insanely upset by some things said here… Quite frankly I have had amazing results using essential oils on the bottom of feet only with consistent daily use for the last 10 years. I doubt you will ever come close to Dr Pappas knowledge base as he starts with plant material knowledge and goes on up from there and that being said I’m sure this is okay too… we don’t all need to be the expert chemists to have usable knowledge to benefit from the lovely beautiful oils and their subtle healing properties! I was disappointed your only sources where oil selling companies you consulted and not some one like Kurt Schnaubelt an advanced aroma therapist or any other aromatherapist with published books. Well at least the stress that this must have brought to you is over and you did stick it out girl. Good for you! So I hope your back is out of the corner now and your thoughts can be about the lovely oils enhancing your life. MLM oils are ALWAYS grossly over priced in my humble opinion. They do get people opening the tops of essential oil bottles though – the hardest thing about using essential oils is opening the bottles themselves lol Be well be Happy, PEACE HARMONY LAUGHTER LOVE

    • Hi there – sorry for the delay.I think there are some MLMs that are more ethical than others, personally. I don’t think this is wasted time and “he said she said.” I presented a lot of info and I think it has been a help to a lot of my readers. The distilling language does mean something regarding peppermint oils and ylang ylang. Many companies talk about it but it appears they are referring to redistilling from what I can tell. Except, perhaps, in the case of peppermint.

      I don’t think Pappas’ info is all correct. He might mean well about the information but the personal attacks were uncalled for.

      I never claimed to have Pappas’ chemistry knowledge. And I am sure he doesn’t have my knowledge about food allergies, frugality and blogging. And more. But I think I have presented valuable information regardless. I hope you feel the same way – and I completely agree with you that we don’t need to be experts about oils to benefit from them.

      I guess your comment about consulting with an advance aromatherapist is a little confusing. For it seems to me that some of the companies selling oils are staffed w/ folks who are aromatherapists. At least, I would consider the owner of NAN to be that. I hope to have him on my blog later so maybe you can come back and see what you think then.

      I would be very interested in hearing what you think.

      You are right about the MLMs educating about using oils. Maybe not in the best ways, but they did bring them to the forefront and for that I am grateful. Take care.

  117. D Burchfield says:


    Is doTERRA aware of the image he is presenting – directly affecting how people view the company? Reading his posts, all I could think was – how OLD is this person? He sounds like a teenager throwing a temper tantrum. This is certainly not the caliber of person I would expect to be an expert for a well known company.

    I feel your post was well written and addressed the attacks in a professional and calm manner. Well done.

    Thanks for putting up with the nonsense for the rest of us that are just starting out.

    • You are so kind. I don’t know what they know. His is actually likely in his 40s from what I can tell.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate it.

  118. Hi Adrienne,
    I came to your blog after researching Pappas. I’ve been here before but this time I was looking for information about Pappas. You might know that Lea from Nourishing Treasures is sending off samples from several essential oils companies to Pappas laboratory. She is hoping to find out which one is the best on the market. After what I read about Pappas here on your blog I’m not sure he will be a non-bias tester to determine the best oil on the market.

    It’s quite interesting what you write here.

    • Hi Jo. I do know that Lea is doing that. My understanding is that she is trying to see if all 5 Frankincense oils were from the same source. Unfortunately, GC/MS testing will vary from batch to batch since the composition of oils can vary from batch to batch. There are differences due to so many factors. Additionally, folks in the oils industry know how to fool the tests so GC/MS testing won’t pick up synthetic lookalikes or if different oils were blended together to result in a consistent fragrance–so I don’t see how this testing will be conclusive at all.

      Is your understanding about the testing she is doing different?

  119. I agree Adrienne,
    The GC/MS testing is not a sure way to see if synthetics are added or not so her testing will not be conclusive at all.

  120. I’m a new learner as are many of the readers of this EO series and appreciate the legwork you’ve done to save me some :) I honestly, wish more bloggers would list their credentials and site their research especially those looking to set themselves up as an “authority” of sorts in the field they are talking about (particularly what I’m following right now being holistic living). So I really appreciate you posting yours here (and your sourcing through the series)…it definitely shows that your research is more than just biased opinion. Thank you.

    • Wow – thank you so much! I really try. But like anyone, I can miss things. There are only so many hours in the day and I can’t have this be more important than family. :).

  121. This certainly is a worthwhile task to review the different companies. I was intrigued until Quackwatch was given as a reference. I don’t believe a word he says and no one else should either. What person would leave their baby for an hour underwater? That is ludicrous. I’ll believe it if it can be found under a different source.

    • I shared that I have concerns about QW as well. I do think some of his points are worth looking into, however. He clearly has an anti-natural agenda that must be sifted through when looking at his info. Thanks. I think I keep a pretty open mind. Had I stated that I believed everything QW says, then that would be a good reason to not be intrigued. Thanks again.

      • No need to defend your position. That isn’t why I posted. If it were me, I would delete his link because it is poison. I appreciate all of the work you have done, I am also a dig deeper kind of gal. Have you considered lyme as being part of your family’s health issues?

        Here are some more topics to add to your list of research, non-oil related: active Primitive Reflexes, CFT (Craniosacral fascia Therapy, Gillespie Approach, Book to read, Kids Beyond Limits (Anat Baniel Method), Bio Cranial, Brain Time, Serrapeptase.

        These are all modalities that are inspiring and address the brain. I have learned about them because of my son who also had skin outbreaks, and severe allergies, birth defects and ultimately brain trauma. CFT is my absolute favorite therapy which I am going to learn in May. Many of the practitioners complement CFT with EO to help with the emotional releases as well as the detoxing. There is a whole nother world out there.

        • Hi Joan. I did think about Lyme shortly, but I don’t know what to think. I am honestly doing so much better now that I don’t know why I would consider that. If you have thoughts I am open. But it is daunting to think of some new thing.

          I have heard of some of the things you reference but not all. I know of some people who use CFT – interesting but I haven’t had it on my radar right now. Thanks.

  122. Hi Adrienne, I assume we are off line. Most of the maladies your family has come under the lyme umbrella, especially autistic spectrum. I had lyme, so I am quite familiar with it. At one time, I took MSM and it fixed everything that ailed me which made me think it was the answer to good health. It wasn’t until I became post menopausal that I hit the wall. At that time, large doses of iodine was the only thing that helped me with my energy levels. I am now lyme free but have neurological issues that took me on a whole new journey, the journey of active Primitive Reflexes, then Gillespie Approach.

    By the way, I signed up with Young Living two weeks ago, with someone who has known Gary Young and his wife for 15 years. It is very hurtful to them that such slander is printed. People are influenced by lies. It is important to share what is true.

    • Hi Joan. Could you explain what you mean by “off line” please? I will consider looking at Lyme again. My son’s issues started very young, however, and I don’t recall mosquito bites that young. Possible, I suppose?

      Regarding the Youngs, I don’t know how to respond. I completely understand about slander as I have been a victim of it myself and am dealing with it right now. I think I was careful to print my concerns on both sides. I brought up the Quackwatch article b/c it is in the forefront of so many people’s minds regarding YL that for me to ignore it would be suspect journalism. And just to be clear, there are those who are/were close to the Youngs who have concerns about YL as well.

      I am in a hard place trying to walk the middle of the road and be fair to all. There are other companies and causes I have deep concerns about and I need to be cautious how I write things and how I ask questions and what I choose to listen to and what to dismiss. I hope you can understand my viewpoint. Thanks for reading and sharing and I am so glad you are doing better.

  123. Hi Adrienne,

    What I meant was we could keep our conversation private if you want. I just don’t want people to think I’m attacking or anything. It happens a lot. I appreciate your openness.

    You can find the answers to your questions about lyme on the internet. Dr. Klinghardt’s websites are some of my favorites, the Better Health Guy is another. Anymore now, I google all health issues with lyme just to see if they go together.

    The only reference I would make about Quackwatch in respect to the Young’s is to advise people to disregard it. It is evil, pure and simple. The reason why people use Essential Oils is to become well not to read that kind of slander. It would have been enough to report your conversations with the different companies and left Quackwatch alone. I wonder how many people have made bad health decisions because they believed what he writes? He is a hired gun, basically.

    Have you thought about researching how important it is for the plants to be grown where they are native? I’m thinking, it might not be so important, is just a marketing manipulation.

    Lyme isn’t fun. People are having good results with Essential Oils. Herbs or Homeopathy can also be effective. I had a tick lodged in me when I was young but there are plenty of people who never know when it happened, besides the fact that we all have it in our DNA. Not everyone presents with it. Good luck in your research, Joan

  124. Heather M. says:

    I just came across your site. I have long been wondering if there was a site that had reviewed all the oils. I am new to EO and have been using Aura Cacia. I don’t have much time to research myself, so I like to read what others have done. Why reinvent the wheel? Thanks for all your hard work. Regardless of all the crap you’ve received, there are many people who appreciate what you’ve done.

  125. Thank you so much for all of this great info! I am confused about the peppermint stuff though. Can you just say what to look out for with peppermint oils that *may* cause vomiting? Thanks!

    • I don’t think that makes any sense at all. I looked all over the internet for it and I think it’s wrong information. Keep reading and find a good company that deals direct w/ the farmer and distiller so you know you are getting pure stuff :).

  126. I went to a free doTerra class Monday night, and was very impressed, but I’m unable to afford to buy without looking into things first. I had stumbled on this article a while ago and only skimmed the last page, but the entire night I was thinking about looking into the Native American company I’d remembered mentioned. After reading your series of articles (I gotta admit, as someone who doesn’t really read comments the defensive one made me a bit uncomfortable – but I understand) I’m pretty convinced about that company. I think you may have saved me a lot of money this weekend as I was looking to go to a doTerra touch therapy certification which was quite pricey. While the 8 free oils they give does make it worth it, I’m thinking now I’d rather just let my friend who’s going share her knowledge and invest in the oils you’ve recommended.

    I don’t normally comment on these kinds of things, because what could I say that someone else wouldn’t touch on, but after reading your series thus far I feel more informed and that makes me feel better about delving into this area of healing. I’m grateful that you took the time to write the articles and share what you found out with all of us.

  127. First, I must say I love doTerra ever since my Midwife a few years ago helped educate me on EO’s and I have been using them since. I still have so much to learn. Thus I found you!

    I have to admit, the back and forth and character attacks I read here, on both sides, saddens me, and I think distracts from the facts.

    I love how you have explored information about many of the companies. Even if you don’t have it “all right” so say some people, the point is your trying. You spent a lot of time on those people though, and they on you, and again I think it distracts from the facts and exploration. I could be wrong though, maybe there is a lot more to be said about the people connected to a brand or topic.

    As for credentials, it is well known that if your not a trained and experienced scientist, and even if you are, people will not give you credit. Don’t play their game with credentials! Just keep asking the right questions and exploring.

    On a side note, I have been trying to get ants to avoid coming in my home. Always the same spot. I have been trying peppermint EO from doTerra, near daily, at higher and higher potency in a small spay bottle. The ants could care less it seems, though research says they should avoid it. I want to try a different brand and see what happens! What brand would you try next for my little experiment? I am trying to avoid chemicals and really want to see if oils can be used this way!

    I rather have your opinion on this than ask a chemist. :)

    • I hear you on the “back and forth” and there is more in my “pending comments” that I still might share. I felt it was wrong to leave the accusations w/o responding. I know most bloggers would ignore and delete, but I didn’t want to do that. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope to have a lot more to share in the near future.

    • For the ants, put down some Borax, then rub orange peels or spray a commercial product like “Orange Guard” around the area where the ants are getting inside. That will give you the ol’ 1-2 punch to get rid of them.

  128. I haven’t read the final post yet, but I had to pause and say this: unless people have some kind of internal motivator, they seem to always take the easy way to money, power, recognition. Whatever their grail is. It is much, much more difficult to follow internal motivators of truth, character, and integrity. But it’s much more rewarding, and infinitely more admirable. I hope you have stood firm in the face of adversity. It does each of us well to remember our places. I hope Dr. Pappas realized (or realizes) this, for his sake. Truly, for his sake. I may comment on the reveal post; we’ll see. I have found the series helpful and appreciate what all you’ve been trying to balance in this endeavor.

  129. Michelle Livingston says:


    I don’t have a website.

    I am just wondering what you found out about Gary Young’s claim that he takes more time in the distilling process, thus producing better quality oils. Lower temperatures and longer distilling times, I think is the claim. Is there any truth to this, and how do we know which companies use these best-results methods? Thanks.

    • The company that I recommended has done a lot of research about the best way to distill and they do whatever is best for each plant. I can only say that I have heard different things about YL’s distilling and without visiting their plants unannounced I can’t know for sure what they are doing. Thanks! Did you read the final part where I discuss the recommended company?

  130. Sage Marie says:

    Just wanted to thank you for being unbiased and thorough. I signed up with Young Living because, after using essential oils for more than 20 years, I wanted to be sure that I was getting high quality. To be honest, it was their peppermint that won me over. I’ve grown peppermint for years – I know what real peppermint smells like :-) As for your “haters”, I have no time or energy for snarky controversy and give you loads of credit for wading through it with such patience! Looking forward to more blog posts ~Sage

    • Welcome!! I honestly heard that YL’s peppermint used to smell more like doTERRA’s (not sure why), but it does smell like real peppermint now. :).

  131. Nickelle says:

    Wow, I am really disgusted by the comments made against your characters over eo company reviews! I’m glad I found this series though as it certainly opens my eyes to the type of people working for the company and makes me question whether or not I want to use their oils. I was just googling doTerra vs. Young Living when I found this blog series and now I realize I have a lot more research ahead of me before making a decision.

    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of those who want unbiased information.

  132. Terri Ogan says:

    Hi ,
    Thank you for your essential oils series , Its 2 am and I googled the big question which essential oil company is better. I have been using YL for several years and I love them . I ran into an ex coworker and she uses dt and thinks they are better and has classes and a website etc. I doubt I will change as I love thieves, abundance , joy , release …..and a few more! I wear abundance as a perfume now and I’ve had a ton of compliments. I didnt think googling that question would of gotten me a series! Ha ! Its funny or not so funny to me the “can of worms ” you opened . Thank You though I got a good chuckle and just made me realize I do not really care any longer which one is “the best” , I will continue with what I like and what does work for me . Thank You …..your a brave one….smart too!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I hope to have another posting that I think you will find interesting. Maybe today – if not, tomorrow or early next week. You might want to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss it :).

  133. Glenn Austin says:


    I think you’re missing an important part in your blog and that is the vibrational frequency of essential oils will determine what is a fraud and what is not.

    Each essential oil gives off a different vibrational frequency (Tainio); basil 52MHz, Myrrh 105MHz, Rose 320MHz, etc. If the peppermint (Mentha perperita) process is tainted (distilled more than once) then the corresponding vibrational frequency of 78MHz would be incorrect.

    The smell of the oil might be a sign that the process is tainted, but everyone smells different and therefore smell is not a control factor, but frequency is a control factor.

    Does the GC/MS test for vibrational frequency? Thanks.

    • I will get back to you on this. GC/MS does not test for that.

    • The GC/MS testing does not address the healing energies associated with the essential oils. This is a wonderful but complex subject that has its pros and cons too. It also does not guarantee your oil is pure since manipulation of the energies is possible. Maybe I can try to simply address more about those things in another blog.

  134. Hi Adrienne, I’ve very recently (like a few days ago) started looking into essential oils. A friend recommended doTerra and after doing some research I came across your blog (as well as several others) and found myself coming back to yours several times. I find your information to be extremely helpful and unbiased, which is quite frankly, refreshing!!! Honestly, I was about to jump on board with doTerra because of my friend, but after reading up on the company and all the negative feedback that was directed at you, I’ve definitely changed course. I am really leaning towards Native American Nutritionals and a few specific EO blends from YL. I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the investigative reporting you’ve done on behalf of all consumers! There’s always going to be the a-holes out there that are willing to slander and defame anyone that questions their practice. You’re doing a great thing by educating the rest of us. Thank you and keep up with it!!!

    • Hi Nina. Thanks and welcome. I hope to hear from you again. There are quite a few NAN blends that are like YL and DT so I can send you a list if you email me. Wholenewmom at gmail. I just used one called Sportspro this week — on an almost excruciating muscle thing in my chest. It cleared it up very quickly. I was honestly shocked.

  135. This post isn’t about the best company, just about part of my EO journey. About a year ago I got an email from YL setting the record straight on Frankincense. I’ve been a YL distributor since their beginning, and have used nothing but YLEO for health and healing for that same amount of time, so I know YL oils work for me and my family. But after receiving the email, I felt the need and excitement that “hey, there’s another EO MLM, I’ve got to check them out!” I felt like a traitor but told myself I needed to experience our competitor’s oils so I would know the difference. Turns out I really liked many of the oils and blends from DT! I was uncomfortable with Dr. Hill acting like he was the one who brought EO to the world, the EO king But, I was always hesitant to promote YL for “some” reason, never really knew why. But lately, I’m finding it very easy to send interested people to my DT website. I’ve been in both companies for the last year, watching, listening, using both companies oils. I’ve tried other oils (as I am in the healing arts field and use oils extensively in my practice). Some of the oils I have tried are NOW, Lotus Touch, and some from Whole Foods, but I always went back to YL. I will say that the Raindrop Technique made my hands break out (according to YL I was getting rid of something in my body), but when I do the Aroma Touch I just love the smells of the oils, and no problem with my hands. I am concerned about DT oils being adulterated which is why I was searching for info. about the law suit, and that brings me to your blog. Thank you for your research, I know it’s painful at times, and people can be very cruel. Reading all of the comments is very interesting and enlightening. Bottom line is, essential oils are a wonderful alternative to conventional medicine, I haven’t been to a doctor in at least 25 years. Everyone has to do what resonates with them, your body, mind, and nose will lead you to the right oils for you :)

  136. i’m still trying to sort thru your stuff.. and other stuff. so for example rose mtn says steam distilled. does that not mean 1st distillation then? and does organic mean anything? rose mtn is organic. I have a couple of doterra oils, thieves from YL, a couple from rose mtn and one from Jessie ?? anyway considering what i might stock up with.

    • That doesn’t mean 1st distilled. That just means they use steam as opposed to CO2 or chemicals. Have you looked at my final post where I share my recommendation? I prefer that company to any of the ones you mention.

  137. I’m not a blog follower and usually just scan blog posts, but I have been very intrigue with your essential oils posts. Thank you for going where no other blogger (to my knowledge) has gone before. I have been struggling with the same problem you initially were, which company provides quality products and is fairly priced. Several of my friends have become reps or have started using Young Living and have tried to persuade me in doing so as well. I have been very reluctant. I’m not against the use of essential oils, I’m against buying from and supporting a company that has questionable practices and background. After a lot of research, I still am unsure of which company to use. My understanding is there is no governing body to oversee these companies, set usage guidelines and no outright accountability. That’s a bit bothersome to me. It seems most companies establish their own set of standards and don’t readily disclose much information. They tell you what they want you to believe. They are great marketers.
    One thing I have noticed, is that whether its been on your blog or other websites, often the most critical comments come from reps or users of the DL and YL. It seems counter-productive if these companies are really all that they say they are. I’m sure for some but not all, they were once in our shoes of figuring things out. Representation like that doesn’t win my vote. Also, when I read comments about companies, I want facts not opinions of how products work. You have done a good job of being objective and I appreciate that you disclose the fact of your association with various companies.

    Thank you for being brave enough to tackle such a ridiculously complex issue.

  138. Huh, well.. I’d been considering ending my relationship with DoTERRA but I’m pretty sure this just sealed it. Ticks me off when people can’t handle the pressure and act in a less-than-classy manner. Shameful.

  139. splinters says:

    Hi I stumbled across your posts about essential oils and was wondering what do you think of this uk base company called base formula. They seem to be very legitimate, they inform you about the various grade of oils they carry, for example ylang ylang and whether or not it has been distilled once or twice. I would love to hear your opinion on them. Thanks!


    • From what I can tell (just glancing) they look good but I will run them by the owner of Native American. However, their prices are higher than Native American and their peppermint is from the UK – I don’t know about UK peppermint but in general the US peppermint is supposed to be the best.

      Their peppermint is US $21.49 and Native American’s is $16 for the US peppermint.

      • I think they mentioned about having different peppermints from diff countries, usa is one of them. I do not quite understand what you mean by lavender 40/42. I’m new in this and would like to know more. It seems that they do have different lavender as well. Absolutes, from croatia as well. Thanks

        • Here is what the owner of Native American said about 40/42 lavender.

          According to my French testing expert he tells me all Lavender 40/42 is a combination of synthetic and some natural. He says the normal is 5% natural and 95% synethic but you will find some that do more and some that do less. If the lavender oil is pure but with a 40/42 makeup, they will label it different and never 40/42. So basically in the industry you know if your purchasing a perfume or lavender 40/42 you know your getting the synthetics.

          Please let me know what you are asking about the different countries.

    • Hi. This is the response from the owner of Native American:

      1. They only sell 12 oils that are organic.
      2. The Birch oil is from Russia. I do not know of anyone getting pure birch oil out of Russia. This may have changed, but as of a few years ago it was not happening.
      3. They sell adulterated oils — example: Lavender 40/42.

  140. Hi again! I’ve really enjoyed this series! I just recently ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs. I saw them mentioned as one company that you would review, but I never saw any info on them, unless I just missed it. Were they any good? They have all these nice claims, lol.

  141. I think your this blog could have been done in 1-3 sessions, you put alot of fluff in the posts repeated yourself too much and went on and on about defending yourself, when most of us do not care about the drama, I started reading this blog to find out information that you said you was collecting and all I read was 5 pages of drama and useless information, not even going to finish reading the rest. You would have done better to stay on topic and give the info not worry about what people say and feel you had to defend yourself, you only would have to defend yourself if what they was saying was actually true. Good luck to you and all the drama you are into/created. DULL

    • Thanks for commenting, Lori. I disagree with your assessment, however. Most bloggers simply delete the mean and insulting comments so that they don’t need to deal with them. I tend to approve and address then so that people need to be responsible for what they say. I am doing it in this case as well :).

      I personally don’t think that my posts being attacked by doTERRA reps and the scientist who tests doTERRA’s oils is “DULL” or “useless information” at all–and apparently neither do a bunch of my readers. You will notice that this series has been shared by a lot of people so there is clearly inherent value in it. I think I hit a nerve w/ Pappas and doTERRA. They asked for the interaction so I made it front and center so the rudeness couldn’t be hidden in the comments section anymore.

      Sorry you disagree. Would love to have you back sometime but I would very much appreciate your using more kind communication at that time….I’m a person too, remember :).

      And you are missing some really good information by not reading to the end of the series, if I may say so myself.

  142. BaseballMomOf3 says:

    Hey! I have recently found your site while researching a bit on EOs. You information is great, since I started by knowing 0! Thank you so much for sharing what you have found! Secondly, you do NOT have to defend yourself against these people! You state in your bio that you are not an expert and you are stating your opinion. Personally I think these people should mind their own business! If they dont agree with what you are finding, then they should close the door and walk away. Dont let rudeness ruffle your feathers!

    • Thanks much. Well, I want to defend when I should. Happy (pretty much) to admit if I am wrong but I am very bothered by the insults that they cloak themselves in. I still am pondering publishing Pappas’ 1000+ word comment that is still sitting in my moderation screen. It’s pretty ridiculous. Sigh :).

      • BaseballMomOf3 says:

        I do have a question about the oils. Where do I start? There is so much info to take in. So much to learn, I feel like a small child in this big world of info! Besides ADD I dont really have any ailments so what would I need to start my arsenal?

        • Well, what company are you thinking you will shop with…if it’s NAN I can tell you what oils I use that I kind of consider the basics. Thanks! It is confusing and I have so much to learn as well.

          • BaseballMomOf3 says:

            After reading your review, I will definitely use NAN. I have Clarity and Attention Assistance in my cart so far :-) But am looking at Focus also… for the ADD… Thank you so much for the help!!!!

  143. Thank you so much for these posts! I am new to essential oils and the information in these posts helped me tremendously! I can not thank you enough.

  144. Phi Beta Kappa, University of Virginia, and Pre-Med! I actually came looking for info about essential oils, and greatly appreciate the quality of your research–thank you for that. I never comment on blogs, but I feel such a strong urge to encourage you to finish that education! There are med school prep courses, e.g. through Harvard Extension, for you to brush up your science and your adult learning skills before applying to med school, and in the small city where I now live there is an osteopathic medical school [D.O. degree instead of M.D. degree but after med school they train in the exact same internship and residency programs] that routinely admits students in their 40’s and even 50’s. If going to med school was your dream, please don’t dismiss it as somehow impossible now, because it isn’t. Even a B in Organic Chem is not the kiss of death everybody says it is–I’m the proof of that! And starting in 2014, there’s going to be a change in the MCATs that will de-emphasive the science demands, so even your classmates will be more like real people! I do hope you’ll look into it.

    • You are GREAT! Thanks! Well, for right now I am homeschooling so it’s a no go. I think the residency would kill me. Plus not thrilled about the gov’t involvement right now. But I am signed up for a natural herbs course (super intensive) and if I do that then something else might be next.

  145. I appreciate your willingness to do this. There are many in the EO industry that would have many of us UNeducated simpletons not able to understand or have the ability to learn on our own. Dr. Pappas is extremely smart, but extremely arrogant. I have bumped heads with him myself and I find his ego gets in the way. Although he is a third party tester for doTERRA he is bringing a lot of negativity to their company. I hope they can find another. No company needs to keep such individuals around them. You are doing your best and doing a valiant effort at that!

    • He’s not simply a 3rd party tester for them. He has spoken at their convention and he is, in a way, very much their face to the outside world. Thank you so much.

  146. What, food allergies? Us too! And homeschooling as well. Cool beans. Honestly, I can’t believe this guy took the time to concern himself so emotionally with your blog posts. You remind me a lot of myself, just an EDUCATED mom who wants the best, affordable product, and to lay it all out there for others as well. That’s what I’m doing in my own realm of holistic living. I couldn’t imagine other professionals in the business being so concerned about my little mommy blog. Pleaaaase, they are obviously scared of you for a reason. Sheeeesh! Ok, I’m off to read more. :)

    • Hi took time b/c he is the scientist who works w/ doTERRA and he is a big name in the oils business. I think he thinks that anyone who disagrees w/ him must be wrong. I don’t know. Anyway, thanks.

      • Juliefleurs11 says:

        I got my certification in aromatherapy in 1991 after the death of my mother. My teacher was Kurt Schnaubelt from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and all oils came from Original Swiss Aromatics. I found those oils to be incomparable and bought a ton of them. Two years ago, I somehow found a website that offered EO’s as well. They have some great blends and the company is called Organic Infusions, Inc. Their purification blend is so phenomenal that when I was in rehab hospitals for two years after shattering my tibia, I would put it on myself, on Kleenex, and anything I could find to get rid of that hospital smell. The nurses used to tell me they loved to come into my room as it smelled so good. I think both of these companies are phenomenal and wish you would look into them. I love your blogs, your posts, your information and just wish it wasn’t 2:12 a.m. so I could stay up all night reading about your ideas, blends, recipes, etc. As far as the negative posts and comments, they’re like A-holes, everybody has one. Or to quote my grandfather “As long as they’re kicking you in the a**, they’ll never get ahead of you”. Be well and Be Blessed!

  147. You are brave and amazing. Thank you for your work!

  148. I am so sorry you have had this experience with people. I think to each their own on the whole oil subject I personally am with YL and have stayed with them for the past 7 yrs mainly because when I had talked to DT people ( which has been many over the years) all I heard was bashing on how bad YLs oils were and yet in the 7yrs w/ YL never did I hear that from the YL side about doterra and secondly because they worked for me any ways like I said to each there own lol I did just want to let you know I found a response to the quack watch thing on Gary Young don’t know if you were interested or not but there is one out there.

  149. Hi

    I have been reading your blogs about essential oils with interest.
    I had a look at the Native American Nutritionals oils, and I have a question:
    Their Potential (Magnify) oil is $21.50 for 15ml which is a lot cheaper than YLO BUT if you click on it the drop down arrow then there are other prices for Neat which are quite a bit more but I couldn’t find what the differences were.

    Hopping you can let me know what the difference is or where I can find it.

    Thank you


    • Neat means with no carrier oil. They blend some oils w/ a carrier b/c customers wanted it for ease of use. It’s like YL does for some blends like Valor. Hope that helps :).

  150. Cynthia Garfunkel says:

    Just wanted to male you aware that You g Living has posted tje lawsuit they have against DoTerra k. Their website. It seems that former executives and workers from Young Living founded Do Terra. Yoing Living is challenging their claims comcerning the purity of their oils. It’s worth a look!

    • I saw all of that. Not sure what to think. I heard doTERRA has a lawsuit against YL claiming they falsified testing of oils that were apparently from doTERRA but they weren’t. Did you hear about that?

  151. Within the past two weeks I stumbled across your site while researching essential oils. You have taken a lot of heat, and I appreciate that you have gone above and beyond to discover both the good and ugly truths within the essential oils industry. I have just received my first order from Native American nutritionals, also known as Rocky Mountain oils, and I am more than satisified. Some recent events have taken place in my life over the duration of less than a year, one of them being the discovery of your blog, to lead me to start a blog. Thank you for inspiring me Adrienne!

  152. I was suppose to go to a Yule party tonight. My plans changed and I stumbled on this blog. Funny how things work out. I value this evening reading about your journey and what you have learned. I really appreciate all the hard work that you have invested. I am learning so much from this . I have been passionate about Aroma Therapy for almost 20 years and started a business 9 years ago. Thank you!

    • I appreciate all the work that you have done to provide all of us with good information, good recipes, etc. Thank you!
      I deleted my facebook account long ago because all it was, was people saying mean things to other people, and a lot of spam.

      Now a question, have you researched BulkApothecary? I am just getting into EO and found their prices to be outstanding. I did write and ask them a few questions about their products. Did not know about the distillations though or I would have asked!
      Also, I want to learn how to make my own oil blends. I found a recipe for a thieves oil type, but having difficulty finding amny others. Have you tried making your own?
      Thanks again!!

  153. Sally Grunkemeyer says:

    I have found your blog very interesting and informative. I am looking for a company to represent and am considering Native American and NYR Organics. Did you do any research into NYR? I can’t seem to find any info about them on your blog. You may just reply to my email if you wish. Thanks, Sally

  154. Susan Valenzuela says:

    I for one appreciate your blog and am referring other moms of autistic children to it. I feel like you are handling all of this unnecessary backlash extremely well, kudos! Another mom at my son’s school turned me on to essential oils to use for myself and for my son’s autism. She has been giving me samples of doTERRA and I was really impressed, although I was uneasy with the high price. I considered becoming a rep myself in order to receive the 30% discount. Before committing I began my own research of the competition. I wanted to know how other people felt, the pros & cons, etc. I enjoy researching as well. I had already concluded that I liked Native American Nutritionals business practice the best before I even began reading your blog. You simply reinforced my decision, thank you!

    I am frugal myself and also desire a therapeutic grade essential oil. I am really turned off by all of the squabbling between doTERRA and Young Living. I am interested to see how their lawsuit plays out. I could not find one negative thing about Native American Nutritionals which was a plus. I also like that they are not a MLM company, I am not a fan of MLM although there are some reputable companies that are MLM based. I am currently in the process of comparing NAN and DT oils, I like them both equally so far but I am leaning towards NAN because they aren’t surrounded by controversy, they sell therapeutic grade oils at affordable prices, I like the oils I have received, they are not a MLM company, and because they have extremely reasonable shipping costs. They appear to be a company of great integrity.

    Thank you for your blog, I am a HUGE fan, I have learned a lot and will continue to refer other moms to your site.

  155. I am researching oils and I am surprised that this has generated such a response from someone. Though if he does work for DT, then it does not surprise me. People who work for a company tends to back them thru and thru.

    Thanks for the information. I am still processing things from all sides before I dive in.

  156. I for one just want to say that I am loving this series. I (and my husband) are a researchers by nature. (My best friend calls us the research couple!It’s that bad.) I was so ready to take the dive into a big co, but just couldn’t spend the money without really, really knowing what I’m getting into. I just want to do what I feel is right for my family, and you have done SO MUCH WORK! You are amazing. So thank you.
    On to read post number 7!!!!

  157. I have some friends that use oils, and frankly, I throw some in my bathwater along with some epsom salts and soak in the tub for a bit. That’s my extent of oil usage! However, after reading this article, I wouldn’t touch doTERRA with a ten-foot pole, thanks to Pappas. Your responses are very gracious and reasonable. Dealing with irate people is never easy, and you accomplished that with class.

  158. Bear with me and I think I can explain why he let you get under his skin. I’m an engineer. In other words, I tend toward the pragmatic end of the intellectual spectrum where being wrong can have real, serious consequences; think bridge falling down. I’ve dealt with many Ph.D. types in the past and most, but not all, are extremely arrogant. In their minds, we mere mortals cannot “win” a debate with them because they ARE “right.” Whereas we mere mortals tend to debate (aka argue?) to FIND, or REFINE, what we know to be right. We want to be right (so the bridge won’t fall down), but we KNOW we might not be right. Debate and even heated arguments among the like-minded can be a valuable tool here. I have many times taken an opposite viewpoint and argued vehemently because I want to crystallize exactly what I believe about “whatever issue”. I want to refine my knowledge, understanding and belief about “whatever issue.” One of two things generally happens. Either I reach an aha! moment and realize, though “wrong,” I have improved my knowledge, understanding and belief. OR my fellow interlocutor realizes (s)he is wrong. There are two more possibilities here. Either, the other person does what I would do and say something like “Oh I get it. Thanks for working through that with me.” OR they get personal and nasty. (Pappas?) It doesn’t matter that the DT owners believe or disbelieve he is right because they would never challenge him, so it never gets to the point of being personal…. Ah shucks! I just realized I may be wrong about this. Maybe the answer is simpler (re. Occam’s razor: KISS). Maybe he’s just a shill evangelist for DT. I get it now, thanks for wading through to the end as I worked that out.

    • BTW: Thanks for the series. I just read through all of them tonight and really appreciate the time and other resources you put into it.

    • thanks for commenting. There is another 1000+ word comment of his that I haven’t published yet. I think I should. Gotta figure out how to make it work this long after the posts.

    • LOL shill evangelist? I’ve seen him speak for doTERRA and he keeps it real chill like he’s just about oils and not necessarily doTERRA’s. So he sounds pretty wishy washy in that area to me. I mean like, he’s more passionate about it online when he’s being all mean. Or maybe like you said, he finds since he’s the one helping to certify their oils, then if you challenge their process, then you are challenging him.
      I like their oils, but I have to agree with a comment that I have seen here…. he is hurting their reputation, seriously.

  159. Ahhh – brilliant retorts. You go girl. On the one hand, he sounds like a “sheldon” (I dated one of those once. No nuance, no sense of humor that they are aware of, and certainly no sense of perspective.) On the other hand, it popped you up to the top when I was searching for my own answers to the same questions. I got into one of those weird vortices once on my blog … who knows what sets ‘em off? I posted something that got me attacks from all over the world. Then nothing. The double edged sword of the internet.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hey thanks! I should maybe post his 1000+ word comment that I didn’t post yet. But ideally I would like to make it a whole post and then respond to it. Hmmmm….

  160. Wow! I’m reading this more than a year after the fact and am so glad I came across it. I don’t like to take anyone’s word for it but I feel like you have really done your homework and all I need to do is confirm it for myself. I’ve loved the few oils that I have used but have really hesitated to jump on board with a particular MLM EO company. Anyway, I’m not saying anything you haven’t already heard, just thought I’d add to the pile of thank-you’s! So- thank you!

  161. I’m sorry but it seems like this Pappas guy has all the info backwards. Also, um if he’s being paid 2 test DT’s oils then how can anyone ever be sure of what they are really getting from this company? I mean if he has all the info wrong then how does he even have the qualifying expertise to test the oil? I think that you are doing a great job and honestly taking a lot of the researching time I would’ve spent away, so thank you! Some people just can’t handle being wrong…IO have found a lot with men that they have 2 know everything (sorry guys). I like that you provided references as I’m finishing up school and I kn ow how important they are. Thank you for doing this!

  162. I just want to say that I think you are doing a great thing with your blog! It has been very helpful and informative to me, as I too, am looking for a good essential oil at a decent price. It is amazing the “highschool” behavior that is coming out of the doc and his followers….it’s like big kids/bullies having a temper tantrum. Quite funny and makes you think of them as children and not as adults. Anyhow…kudos for your research and helping out another mother who has children with allergies/adhd and possible autism in search for something safe and healthy for her family.

  163. Hi there – I too am just seeing these posts a year after they were done. I am new to the EOs and also have been on the journey of research and testing, talking to people, etc. I was thrilled to find your site and read your posts. I especially liked to find out which companies offered literature/education about EO use. Thank you for putting yourself out there for this. I am so sorry that you had to endure such ridicule from the “professionals”…. to me it seems very unprofessional. What ever happened to honesty and integrity. God Bless you and your family and again, I really appreciate all of your hard work!

  164. I love your Essential Oils posts. I am a researcher like you and I LOVE that you already did this research for me. Your writing is clear, concise and I thought you made really good points. Sorry about all of the negativity that came about from this! Keep it up though, I think the negative people are the minorities & most of us really appreciate your research and that you’re getting the truth out there! Thank you!! :)

  165. Carla Umphrey says:

    I came across your blog while trying to decide which EO company would be the best to buy from. The information you have posted is very helpful. Did you review Aura Cacia, that is the brand sold in my area?

    Thank you for taking the time to research these companies.


  166. Adreinne, thank you so much for sharing the results of the time and effort you have put into your research on essential oils and the companies that make them. I want you to know that I trust your unbiased opinions much more than the comments made by anyone who has ties with an essential oil company. I personally feel that if a company is making a product that is top-quality in every way, they have nothing to fear from the research you have shared with us. I also feel that the comments made by Robert Pappas has done more harm to doTERRA’s image than anything else. Thanks for sharing his comments with us and exposing him…. Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

  167. i have a doTERRA membership but only to but wholesale. i in no way want to sell and I am skeptical about what alot of reps say. I really like a few oils. I have a friend who became a rep for YL and is now slandering doTERRA to me. I have not done much of any research. I like what you have done here and am going to do more of my own searching

  168. These people seem like trolls. Unfortunately, letting their emotional response cloud any intelligent ones. That’s too bad.

    • I’m not at all sure they are just trolls. I think they are doTERRA and Young Living reps and followers of Pappas on his Facebook page. And some seem to be his customers. Thanks.

      • I have decided to look into the doTerra oils. I am interested in checking them out to see if they are a good product. Thank you for your observations and insight into this world!

  169. I think you have written everything out very simply, and with integrity to what your goal is. You are unbiased, open-minded, and have a very kind way of approaching the situation in an objective format. Well done! Thank you for being very human in this instance, when you could have decided to go off on a tangent and get angry, like millions of other people out there! I am inspired and grateful to have more people like you in the world.


  170. Wow! He is CREEPY!

    • You mean Mr. Pappas?

      • Yes! I dislike him so much that I will not be buying doTERRA products!

        Also, I’m not sure if I missed it or not, but what was your conclusion on Aura Cacia? Have you ever used “now” essential oils? Thanks!

        • Aura Cacia buys from experts so I much prefer to buy from a company that deals directly w/ the farmers. Thanks :). I have never purchased NOW oils but they do the same thing. I do like their company overall though.

          • I tried finding in the articles what you meant by experts but I couldn’t. Do you mind clarifying? Do you just mean there is a middle man?

            Also, if one is using essential oils mainly to add a nice smell to homemade products, how important is it that one purchase the truest oil? I suppose it could be a matter of opinion and how important it is to one that the oil they are using doesn’t have extra chemicals included.

  171. Adrienne – I’ve really appreciated all your posts in this series and this part was the most difficult and the best for me personally to read. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go through all you’ve had with defamation etc. and your experience is similar to mine regarding DT vs YL — I’ve seen YL reps get defensive/protective, but not to the point of being nasty and maybe that’s because as a rep, we’ve agreed not to defame any other oil company and my upline is religious about reminding us and keeping her downline board clean of that kind of thing. I wasn’t actually that concerned about the things posted on quackwatch because I agree that guy is very anti-homeopathic so his stuff just doesn’t hold that much weight with me and a lot of the accusations happened very early on…. some of it frankly, seems like past-life stuff that I’m just not going to hold against the guy. One thing that I disagreed with and this may be new information is that YL doesn’t just have farms in the US, they have farms all over the world – co-ops with many others and you’re right Gary is downright ANAL about testing and from what I’ve heard has a “Steve Jobs” level of commitment to perfection which doesn’t always come off as being nice I would imagine, though I’ve not him personally. I did want to address the death of the woman from the clinic — because clearly we don’t have all the information. Many times there is a disagreement between spouses about medical treatment of serious diseases. My husband was Dx with Stage 4 Grey Zone lymphoma (cancer) at the ripe age of 26 while I was pregnant with our second. He chose traditional treatments and we were all ok with that. But he said later, that if he ever ended up with cancer again that he would not do the traditional treatment. Imagine, if in my selfishness, I decided I was not ok with that and homeopathic treatments didn’t work. It would be very easy to blame the homeopathic Dr. Even Dr.s disagree sometimes on course of treatment to the detriment of a patient — look at the nightmare of the Pelletier case.

    I’m not surprised by the controversy/vitriol that this topic has stirred because I’ve seen it happen on other blogs, but I’m so happy that you’ve stuck with it, through the pain of the hateful comments to show us your incredible character and to reveal finally, in your opinion, the best oil company out there right now. Cheers!!

    • Hi and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am needing to play catchup here. I know that YL has farms all over but they have a huge amt in the US.

      Thank you so much for your encouragement – it means a lot!!!

  172. could you please share information with me via email how you use peppermint essential oils for your rosacea as I also suffer from rosacea

  173. Hi Adrienne,

    Just stumbled on your site looking for essential oil info. I just want to say, thanks for being you and having the courage to trust yourself and do all this research despite the attacks. In my experience, any time people stoop to ad hominem attacks, it’s usually because they either know they’re wrong or are too lazy to do the homework required to prove they are correct.

    Sounds like Dr. Pappas and friends need some lavender oil!

    Love your style and look forward to reading more of your stuff.

  174. I’ve heard some dicey stories from the origin of DoTerra and this seems to match up wih the tone. Hmmmm…so for me personally, maybe their oils are good, but the company doesn’t make me feel confident about spending my money there. Thanks for this series, it has made me want to look into each company a lot more.

  175. Hi,
    I’m new to oils and to your website. I am not a chemist and don’t know pappas (sp?) but I read his comment about the peppermint and vomit and just wanted to leave my own comment. I am an organic Gardner and so I don’t use any pesticides. I will only use natural remedies which can be very hard to figure out what works. Through suggestions and trial and error I once attempted to make a peppermint spray as a natural pesticide. I just added peppermint and water to a spray bottle, mixed it up and viola! The first day or two was fine but as the week went on the peppermint spray smelled AWFUL. Imagine the breath of someone who hasn’t brushed their teeth in a year or it could be similar to a vomit smell. Not only did the bugs go away but so did everyone in my neighborhood! It was terrible and I never used it again. Anyway, my point was that might be what this Pappas person was talking about. Either way it doesn’t give him or his followers the right to attack you for trying to provide your readers with information about oils. I read your blog and thank you for doing the investigating :)

    • Well, he clearly said it’s in vomit. So I am really confused. He is the PhD in chemistry and I couldn’t find that information anywhere. I would love for him to come back and clarify and I think he would. He was clearly following these posts like a hawk. I still have a 1000+ word comment from him that I should post. I just don’t know how to do it – comment or post format. It’s more attacks on me.Sigh. Hope you signed up for the newsletter (in the sidebar) – new freebie available :).

  176. I am enjoying your series and I appreciate your dedication. I’ve commented on a few of the articles in the series so far.

    The only “complaint” I have is I would like to read a bit more about other suppliers. You gave a little bit of info back in #3 or #4, but a little more conversation about the non-MLM suppliers would be helpful.

    Other than that, sorry you experienced such drama during the writing of this, but I’m glad you stuck with it.


    • I’m sorry but it was exhausting and I am now being asked over and over about tons of companies. I hope to write more but my GC/MS post outlines what to look for. I am sure you can imagine how things got out of hand and that I basically had to stop for sanity’s sake. Thanks for the encouragement.

  177. Nancy Garth says:

    Great post, I have been using essential oils for about a year now & loved them from the first day I tried it. I use a different brand & think that it’s the same as anything you find a brand you like & stick with it. I love sharing info about my essential oils on my social media page. Anyway, I love your posts & I am learning a lot more of what I can do with my essential oil. If you have time, just visit my page for more information http://www.megaoils.com.

  178. I just tossed out the doTerra oils I had. I signed up as a rep and stopped as soon as I realized it was a rip off. Now that I’ve seen how rude they are I will never use again and I will tell people to read your series to see for themselves. I refuse to give money to people like that – how threatened do they feel?

    Thank you for this info and God bless!

  179. I found your blog because I am interested in trying essential oils and I am also fairly skeptical of everything. Looks like my skepticism is merited. I can’t take this Pappas guy seriously. First, I don’t trust anyone that can’t add an apostrophe between two letters. Second, the behavior is simply juvenile. Looks like you have one more blog subscriber, and doTerra has one less potential customer thanks to this single blog post. I haven’t read all the way to the announcement yet, but I am excited to see what you recommend.

  180. I just started reading your blog for the first time today, and was mesmerized by the information and the honesty that you project. I commend you for speaking up for your character when people who, since they know SO MUCH, don’t know enough to be polite, kind, and wise enough to know that they don’t know EVERYTHING about their field. I love your site and will definitely be back for more information, entertainment, and wonderful solutions to the problems our imperfect bodies harbor. Be Blessed.

  181. I have a doTERRA account and love the oils. I’m trying to grow a business as well, mainly because I have loved essential oils long before doTERRA was ever thought of and I enjoy doing this. Anyway, I find that this Pappas person is all over the place when it comes to essential oils. Like on forums in Linked In and such. I think it’s his personality to be out there looking for this stuff and talking the way he does.
    I did see him speak at a doTERRA conference and thought “I’d like to pick his brain” (I started out as a chemistry major and was excited to hear the chemistry of the oils) until I started seeing stuff like what you have endured in other places. And reading through some things on your site this early morning just underlines what I was already thinking. He’s just volatile like that and while I’d like to understand the chemistry better, I don’t really want to learn it from someone so negative. That wouldn’t be fun at all.
    The whole YL and doTERRA issues need to be dropped by both sides, it’s just not pretty for any one.
    And I will keep your recommendation in mind for oils that are not readily available from doTERRA.
    People just don’t like their confidence shaken, but I certainly understand a mom who wants to do research, I am the same way. My daughter’s allergy to milk has lead us down an interesting path and so has my love of essential oils, which is a looong adventurous story. So keep doing what your doing, it’s worth it!

  182. I never really saw you mention aura cacia, wh I’ve used for years, purchasing directly from them to ensure freshness. I like that they don’t bad mouth anyone and are actually older than young living – who are not the first oils company. Robert Tisserand had his company first too I believe. Not that it matters a whit! :). Did you find anything bad about aura cacia? Thanks!!

    • I believe they wrote that they got their oils from experts which I am not fond of. But now I can’t find the info. Tisserand’s oils look good but his other products have loads of chemicals in them which seems very odd to me. Sorry this is late – I’ve been swamped :).

  183. I am getting my certification in aromatherapy from Aromahead Institute and I find that your conclusions and the information you are giving is in line with the info from my school.
    To be honest, at first I was skeptical about your knowledge on the industry, but the more I read the more I liked it. You obviously have done your research.
    While I prefer to Aromatics International as my supplier I am always open to more suggestions so I appreciate the information you are coming up with.
    Since you use oils so extensively, are you getting your certification in aromatherapy?

    • That means so much. Actually I am swamped. I signed up for an herbalist course but haven’t been able to do as much as I’d hoped and I really want my FDN certification. Take care!

  184. Can I ask what you found out about Mountain Rose Herbs? I am newto EO, and have some of their oils. From what I can tell on the website the are committed to great product. Thanks!

    • Confused about them. They told me no internal use b/c they weren’t made in food grade facilities and now I am hearing something else. Not sure what to make of it and I need to find out more. I’ve been trying but I am swamped.

  185. I appreciate all the work you’ve done in researching this. I’m a fairly new YL rep and I’ve seen portions of this series before when my niece posted it on Facebook. I felt very defensive. I don’t know exactly what changed, but I was ready to read this now.
    I wouldn’t put ANY stock in anything Quackwatch says BTW.
    I am ready to look at other essential oils companies. When I signed up with YL, I promised myself that I would never tell people that our oils are the only quality oils available. I’ve heard this from others in the company and it’s frankly an insult to people’s intelligence. While I do believe YL is an excellent company and their oils have been effective with the things I used them for, I cannot believe that other companies couldn’t be just as good and I’ve heard other trusted sources recommend other brands. I’m not willing to say they’re wrong without further inquiry. You’ve done the research I don’t even know how to do. You seem to be not only a very intelligent person, but also an honest person, willing to change your position when given new information. I must say, it’s beginning to sink in that when I signed up with an MLM, I pledged my allegiance to the brand and I’m feeling more and more uncomfortable with that. I don’t see the final installment here. I know I read it before, but I was angry, to be honest, and I was unfamiliar with the company you chose, so I have forgotten.

  186. Hello, I know I’m a bit late to this series but I have to say – I appreciate you writing it, so much! I have read all of the posts (up to this one) and these last two have me a bit shocked. The behavior of the doTerra chemist (and followers) is reprehensible. Disagreeing with someone is one thing. Slandering them is another. It calls to question their character and makes me (someone who was about to purchase all of her E.O’s from doTerra before reading these last two posts) realize that if he is a representation of the company (which he is) than I want nothing to do with it. I’m sure doTerra won’t miss my money but even still, that sort of behavior is unacceptable in adults. When challenged, you rise above and prove your worth. You do not do so by taking down the “little people”. How sad… Anyway, I am very excited to read your final post on this, though!

    • Hey thanks Amber. Much appreciated. I hope you liked the final post. There’s 1 more huge comment from Mr. Pappas. I am not sure how to publish it though…it’s 1000+ words.

  187. Dear lady,
    With respect to others’ opinions of you (specifically the detractors), remember the Murphy’s Law corollary which states “No good deed goes unpunished”. Then reflect on the Serenity Prayer and enjoy the rest of your day. In case you’re uncertain to what I refer, the Serenity Prayer is: “Lord, give me the courage to change the things I can; the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; and the wisdom to know the difference.” Where there is money to be made, there will always be someone (usually male) willing to berate and slander others in order to make the money. There will usually be me-too cheerleaders (usually female) who back up the agent provocateur with the intent to lend credibility to the profit-motivated smear campaign. You see this pattern in politics all the time. You have given generously of your time and honest opinions in order to save others the effort, and very many people appreciate your generosity. The wiser ones among your readership will recognize the propagandists and skim past their time-wasting comments. Have a nice cup of chamomile tea and enjoy your day!

    • Thanks for sharing, Sandy. I really appreciate it. I was told I could make $8000 per month with doTERRA and I walked away from it. I am in no way making that from Native American. I wonder if folks would have been happier if I had promoted doTERRA and had a huge “organization” of readers under me. I did what I needed to do. Thanks again. And I love chamomile tea!

  188. Thank you for all your hard work! I came across your post when searching for something that compared the EO companies. I am a mom and a birth doula, so I am very interested in what EOs can do. I even recently met with a doTerra rep who works with a lot of doulas. While I was/am very interested in what I learned, I continue to be put off by the high “buy-in” cost. I love all the info on how to use the oils but I don’t love the cost of the product. I just placed my first order with NAN and I’m so excited! I ordered Grounding for my son with SPD and just overall high energy; lime for it’s yummy smell and digestive properties and oregeno because it’s the first oil I ever learned about and it has so many beneficial uses. Thanks again!

  189. Adrienne – I am new to the whole essential oils therapy. Coming as a newbie, I started as a skeptic. I appreciate all of your hard work and research. I have been turned off by friends who adamantly almost worship Young Living or DoTerra. I really don’t want to be a part of that business model. I have quite a bit of Young Living. I have placed my first Native America Nutritutionals order. I am looking forward to learning more. Mr. Pappas does DoTerra no favors by his behavior. There is no need to be so unprofessional as to attack people. I am so very grateful for your work. Thanks :)

  190. Hi Adrienne,

    I was doing some EO shopping for my business and a google search sent me down a rabbit hole and your blog post title intrigued me.

    Anyway, I was surprised when I read the name Robert Pappas on here. Ten years ago I had my run in with this man when he was the owner of EOU (Essential Oil University) before he sold his operations to The Perfumery (who, by the way, seem to be doing a great job cleaning up the company’s reputation). I don’t want to be accused of slander so I’ll keep my opinions to myself but I will say that my experience with him was just about identical to yours, except mine was on a soapmaking forum.

    It’s not you. It’s him.

    He was known for testing his competitor’s oils and publishing his results on the forum in an effort to show his oils were superior to theirs. He even went so far as to say that a lavender that was being sold on the west coast couldn’t possibly be 100% lavender at the price they were selling at. Sure, that could be true but is he really the guy to say so? It’s not like he doesn’t have a horse in the race! A month or two later, he was selling a “40/42 blend” on his EO page that he admitted he cut with synthetic fragrance to match the west coast supplier’s price. Way to take the high road, right? How many people have purchased that oil thinking it was 100% pure?

    Sadly, we have to take a leap of faith in most companies since we don’t have our own means of GC testing at home. One company that I’ve had the privilege of visiting their facilities is New Directions Aromatics – they are based just outside of Toronto, Canada. It was many years ago so maybe things have changed, but at that time they GC tested each lot as they received it. I have no affiliation with them. I was crazy enough to put together a massive co-op of Australian clays to ship to American soapmakers back when the clays weren’t found here in the US. I picked up the clays from NDA in person so they gave me a tour.

    Anyway, my point was to let you know that this is Dr. P’s modus operandi.

  191. Just wanted to say thank you – I’ve enjoyed reading your EO posts. I signed up with YL to check things out, and I’m satisfied with their products, but it’s nice to read your in-depth information. It’s some of the most unbiased I’ve been able to find on the internet! I had to laugh after reading THIS post, though, as I am an Echols Scholar and UVA grad too! I’ll have to look more into your blog now. Best wishes to you (and Wahoowa)!

    • Oh no way!!!!!! I’m sure I am older than you but how fun!!! Andrea who writes here about monthly is a Wahoo as well! I really didn’t mean to write all of that but you know how it goes. Folks think you are “just” a mom typing in your apron so sometimes you gotta bring out the arsenal. :)

  192. Thank you so much for this unbiased review! I appreciate it very much! I was introduced to essential oils through doTerra. I have enjoyed using them, but have felt like I don’t like the pressure to make a purchase every month. I know I don’t HAVE to make a purchase, but when you call to tell them to cancel your monthly purchase they remind you that you will lose all progress toward 30% off and all your points toward free product. So, uggghhh, I would make a small purchase and the shipping price would be OUTRAGEOUS. I couldn’t understand why the shipping was so crazy high on a tiny bottle of oil. So, I am very thankful for Native American because I don’t have to sign up on a plan and make a purchase every month to get excellent prices. I won’t earn free product, but the amount I will save on oils and shipping will make up for that. So, again, thank you and I appreciate this review very much. I like the doTerra oils, and have nothing against them, but I am not above trying something new.

  193. Thank You! Today I just stumbled on your blog post about essential oils ! This is exactly what I need to know:). I have a friend who shared her doterra oils with me . I knew I wanted to use essential oils after visit however price and quality were important. Today I started searching about essential oils and found u! I can’t wait for your results. I have added u to my Pinterest. After reading what was said I so come up with same conclusion u did! I can tell your heart and reason for doing what u r doing. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. I have been hearing still of how much others are making with these other companies, but I just felt I had to make this decision after all I was figuring out. Did you read the final post?

  194. LaNora Aggers says:

    I have read this whole series of articles just today. I am a rep, but don’t want to say now what company I am a rep for. It doesn’t matter!! My journey with EO stems from my own personal struggle with health problems and desiring a more holistic approach to coping with them. Don’t get me wrong, I am a licensed LPN and believe that modern medicine is a wonderful thing….for some!! If you are the person that lives in one place with the same healthcare and thus the same healthcare provider all (or at least most of) your life, GREAT! I’m not that person….I have moved around a lot and had no more than a diagnosis – PCOS. I had to do the research on my own to find out that Insulin Resistance (IR) is a major component, that no one seems to know (according to what I’ve read so far) whether the PCOS is the cause of the IR, or vice versa!! However, along with the IR comes overwhelming systemic inflammation, I have been diagnosed with Bursitis, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Sinusitis, Tonsilitis and the list of ITIS’s goes on throughout my life!! It has not benefited me at all to bounce from one doctor to the next, as only ONE nurse practitioner EVER said a single sentance about the IR, which was “You know, insulin resistance is a component of polycystic ovaries and you would benefit from a diet of 40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbohydrates.” That’s IT, the extent of my “patient education” on IR EVER – PERIOD!! It is incredibly frustrating to have to make all these connections for yourself, let alone try to find a more personally acceptable treatment than pills. So, for me, to have someone come along and commit themselves like you have to an investigation of this magnitude, is HUGE!!!! Especially when that person doesn’t have a bunch of letters after their name and what they have written is very intelligent, informative and written in a way that everyone can easily read and understand the information! The person you have written about here obviously has his own agenda and KUDOS to you for not giving in to his bullying and continuing with your blog! I could make statements to his questionable grammer and spelling, but I will keep my thoughts to myself, as I am a bigger person than that. Again, THANK YOU, for simply devoting yourself as you have to gathering this information and putting it within reach of research weary people such as myself who simply seek the same thing you do, a safe, reasonably priced and effective alternative for themselves and their family! Knowing that this information comes from an individual with the same mindset as mine is invaluable to me!! If I had wanted a chemists input on EO’s, I would have looked for that!!! I have not read the last post in this series yet and don’t feel that it will greatly influence what company I go with, as I can do more research on my own for that. I just wanted to let you know how greatful I am for the information thus far and the time you have put into sharing it. THANK YOU!!!!