Which Essential Oils Company is Best? ~ Part 6–Personal Attacks, Bias, and Distillation

Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!

Before I move on to the controversial issues in this post, here are the links to the other posts in this series.

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**Attention** – Some readers say that they can’t access the Part 7.  If that is a problem for you, could I ask you to comment or email me at wholenewmom{at} gmail {dot} com, and you can go to this post to get access to the company that I chose.  Is Essential Oils Testing Reliable?

Now, back to the controversy.

I am typically not a fan of sensationalist titles for posts, but in this case, I kind of couldn’t resist.

Ads by Healthy Ads

First of all, I need to apologize that I am going to have to push out the “announcement” day of the Best Essential Oils Series–just one more day.

Why?  Let me explain.

I really didn’t want to do this, but I felt that with all the controversy going on regarding my review process that I should take time to address more issues that have come up during this series.  I want you to know that I am doing my homework and that I take what I am doing very seriously.

If you’ve been following along with the whole Best Essential Oils series, and have read the comments, you’ve seen that there have been a number of statements made, mostly by Dr. Robert Pappas.  What you may not know is that he has been commenting about my posts, and my blog, on his Facebook page, and has private messaged me on Facebook a number of times.

I’ve had a load of stuff on my plate these past few weeks (meh–still do), so it has taken me awhile to do enough research into some of his more scientific statements so that I could respond intelligently.

Today I am going to do so.  Because of the subject matter, this is going to be a much more lengthy post than usual, but I really thought it all needed to be addressed.

 1.  Source of Information

Pappas has insinuated, or directly asserted, that some of my statements with which he disagrees originated with Young Living (YL).  That is completely not true.  Here is one of his quotes from the comments on Part 4 of the Best Essential Oils Series:

Hi, just wanted to clear up some things concerning your comments about 1st, 2nd, 3rd distillations because this is an area of misinformation that, as far as I can tell, originates from the YL reps going back quite a number of years and just never seems to die down.

This is just one of many claims that I am repeating information from YL.

Yes, I was a Young Living rep, but interestingly enough, the information that I got about these distillations of peppermint came from doTERRA’s support.  You can see this in the next section about distillation.

2.  Distillation of oils -1st, 2nd, 3rd and Complete

At the center of a lot of the controversy regarding my oils series is the distillation methods of oils, particularly peppermint.

I stated in Part 4 that doTERRA’s peppermint oil was a “complete distill.”  Here is Pappas response from the comments:

“Who was it that told you their oil was “complete”? The word “complete” is not even a word that anyone in the essential oil industry would even use to describe a peppermint oil. Complete is used to describe a grade of Ylang Ylang oil and thats [sic] about it. Generally the best therapeutic oils also smell the best, at least thats [sic] been my experience.”

Here is an excerpt from the email that I received from the assistant to Dr. Hill, Chief Medical Advisor for doTERRA.  Please note that she both uses the word “complete” and also discusses the 3 distillation stages to describe doTERRA’s peppermint.

Please apologize to her [Adrienne], I’m not sure why she didn’t receive the
response.  You can let her know that our Peppermint uses complete
distillation.  There is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and complete and we use complete.

I hope this is helpful!


Haylee Caplin
doTERRA Product Support

Pappas also commented:

Anyway, regarding peppermint (and essential oils in general for that matter), there typically is no such concept as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd distillation.

and then later in a comment that I hadn’t approved until now (because I wanted to do more research before putting the information out there):

As for your question about the “1st distillation” I am guessing you might not have read my post completely about this or perhaps you just don’t believe me but this term is NEVER used in the industry and I would strongly recommend that you not use it either because its [sic] a misleading term. There is typically only ONE steam distillation of an oil to remove the oil from its plant material. When people say 1st distillation or 2nd distillation it conjures up images of redistilling the already spent botanical to get a less inferior oil. Nobody does this.

Well, this is a lot of info to digest, but here goes.

First of all, there are a host of references to these 1st, 2nd, and 3rd distillations that I found.

References to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Distillations from Oils Companies

These are references to this kind of distillation that I easily found doing an internet search:

1.  “Even an oil which is quite truthfully described as pure may be of poor quality, and therefore of less value  therapeutically.  IF AN ESSENTIAL OIL COSTS MUCH LESS THAN YOU WOULD NORMALLY EXPECT  TO PAY FOR IT, the oil may well be a third or fourth distillate from a batch of plant material which has already  yielded the greater part of its properties to the first or second distillation.” Aromatherapy An A-Z, by Patricia Davis, 1988, reprinted 1994, Saffron Walden, The C.W. Daniel Company Ltd., England, pp. 278-280.

2.  “LOW PRICES MAY ALSO MEAN THE OIL IS A SECOND OR THIRD DISTILLATION OF THE PLANT  MATERIAL, in which case it will have far less therapeutic value.” – from Holistic Aromatherapy, A. Berwick, 1994, Llewellyn Pub., St. Paul, MN pp. 168.

3.  Brambleberry.com sells different distillations of peppermint oils.  From their site: Peppermint Essential Oil (1st distillation)This is an herbaceous, sweet smelling peppermint. It is less brisk smelling than the 2nd distillation and contains slightly less menthol

4.  From Mountain Rose Herbs’ website: “All of the oils offered by Mountain Rose Herbs are derived from the first distillation–never the second, third or fourth!”

5.  From The Herbs Place:  “Oil comes from the first distillations of the raw plant material.” when referring to why their oils are therapeutic grade.

I personally spoke with several people in the EO field and this is what I have heard (of course, given the scope of this post, this is a summary only).

1.  Most plants are distilled only once because they don’t produce enough oil for multiple distillations.

2.  Peppermint is an interesting plant in that it yields more oil than most others.  As such, large farms and distilleries extract a bunch of oil from the peppermint plant

Smaller farms do a first distillation of peppermint that they sell to oils companies for the highest price.

The peppermint is then re-distilled at a higher pressure and higher temperature for a 2nd distill, and the resulting oil is sold for less money to soap companies, and the like, that want a lower cost oil, but still desire a slightly “herby” smell.

The plant is then re-distilled one more time at a yet higher temperature and pressure for a 3rd distill, which is sold to companies wanting the candy-cane smelling oil.

3.  Ylang Ylang is an exception to this rule.  It is distilled first for a short time, yielding the most coveted “ylang ylang extra.”  The distiller is shut down, the oil collected, and then it is distilled further to produce “ylang ylang 1.”  (UPDATE: I just heard that most distillers don’t shut down the distiller, but merely change out the containers to keep the oil grades separate and continue distilling.)  This continues to subsequently produce “ylang ylang 2” and “ylang ylang 3.”  Then, all 4 varieties of ylang ylang are combined to make “ylang ylang complete,” which is preferred by some, but is priced lower than “ylang ylang extra.”

 3.  Bias and Motivation

On his Facebook page, Pappas and his followers have talked about what my motives are:

Perhaps it will all be clear on Tuesday when she makes her great reveal….I can’t help but question the motives here.

There were also numerous statements by Pappas that his company doesn’t sell oils, but that he is merely an unbiased chemist who educates and tests oils for various companies.

He is the man who tests oils for doTERRA.  That means he is inherently biased.  doTERRA pays him to authenticate the quality of their oils so, I don’t see how it could be that he doesn’t have an interest in their oils being represented as being superior.

If doTERRA does well, Pappas does well.  At least on some level.

Again, as for my bias, it is for finding an oils company with the best qualities that I can find, at the best price.

Nothing more.  If the company that I recommend ends up having ethical or quality issues, then I won’t recommend them anymore.  Plain and simple.

There are loads of money-making opportunities that I have passed up because I can’t, in good conscience, take them.  I have blocked the URL’s of companies whose ads I disapprove of, all which have led to less income for me.

One other point that I am a little confused about: Pappas has said over and over again that he is very concerned that I am putting out wrong information about the oils.  I am a lover of information as well, so I appreciate that.

However, in one of his comments to me, regarding my questioning why Emily Wright and David Hill are spreading apparently incorrect information about their peppermint oil, his reply was:

What they say in their marketing is not something I concern myself with with, just as its not my concern what any other company who sends me samples for analysis does with their marketing descriptions.

I don’t understand why Pappas thinks it’s crucial to correct apparent misinformation that comes from me, but not misinformation that comes from what is likely his main employment source, and one of the biggest sources of EO information in the U.S.

4.  Vomit and Peppermint Oil

Sorry for the sensationalist title here.

In the comments section of Part 4 of the series, Pappas states:

The thing about peppermint oil is that when its [sic] freshly distilled it contains very tiny amounts of some sulfurous components as well as some small aldehydes (namely isomers of isovaleraldehyde, also found in vomit) that, while minuscule in percentage, are such powerful components that you can smell them at ppm levels. The effects of these components can be minimized with age and evaporation because they are very volatile, but another way to get rid of these undesirables is to take the crude freshly distilled oil and then use a different distillation setup to fractionally vacuum distill away this tiny amount oil, thus giving the remaining oil a much better flavor, sweeter aroma…

Well, again, I am not an expert here, but I looked up isovaleraldehyde and vomit and there were no mentions of isovaleraldehyde being in vomit.  The only connections between the two seem to be that exposure to isovaleraldehydes can lead to vomiting.  I would need to see sources for this information because I couldn’t find any.  In fact the main (almost all) results of my search were only Pappas stating this on my blog and on various Facebook pages.

Additionally, even if isomers of isovaleraldehyde are in vomit, that does not make them problematic.  For example, water and stomach acid are in vomit and so is food.  I drink water and eat food daily and I even take stomach acid to aid digestion and it basically served as a cure for rosacea for me.

I can understand some people finding the “herby” smell of 1st distill (or non re-distilled) peppermint to not be as pleasing as the “candy cane” smelling peppermint (like doTERRA’s).  However, that does not mean that it induces nausea.  In fact, peppermint oils that have not been redistilled, or adulterated / changed by vacuuming are regularly used for nausea and digestive upset.  See my post on Peppermint and nausea.

5.  Moderating of Comments – Am I Just Censoring?

Pappas and his followers have commented numerous times that I am not approving his and other related comments.

Here is one quote from his Facebook page (which contains numerous postings which insult me):

In case anyone has been following the discussion over at The Whole New Mom blog there was a post from Adrienne directed to me that never did get answered. I actually did answer her questions but for some reason my answer was never approved to be public. Since there where people here waiting for my response I am posting it here how it should have read, in case anyone was wondering what my answer was.

and this:

Wonder why she is too afraid to let me post unmoderated and she let you right on through. This is just too weird. It feels like I am dealing with YOU KNOW WHO LOL

The “YOU KNOW WHO” that Pappas is referring to is Young Living, at least that’s the best I can ascertain, based on his previous comments.

and this:

Thanks Syl [meaning Sylla Shephard Hangar, mentioned below] great to see you back into things as well. She had posted here, unmoderated I might add LOL

First of all, comments on Facebook, to my knowledge, can’t be moderated once they are posted.  They can only be deleted (or edited) by the admin of a page or edited or deleted by the person who posted them.  So Facebook comments and blog comments are completely different things.

On my blog, I do have all comments moderated.  I do that so that I can monitor what is going on on my blog and keep folks from link dropping (some of which can go to places w/ malware or simply be blatant self-promoting), plus I keep foul language, etc. off of my blog.

When there are particularly intense comments, I take awhile to respond and yes, sometimes comments fall through the cracks.  But I am not moderating them in order to censor people.  To the contrary, I think that I approve many more negative comments than most bloggers.  I enjoy the back and forth of ideas and think it’s healthy for the “marketplace of ideas.”  Many bloggers consider negative comments to be from trolls and so they delete and and all – but I don’t do that.

But I do not think verbal abuse and rude behavior is OK.

Many bloggers moderate comments and I have only once, in 2 years of blogging, had someone email me to ask why I hadn’t approved their comment.  In this case, Pappas private messaged me on Facebook several times, asking me why I wasn’t approving his.  (I have heard that now you need to pay to private message non-friends on Facebook, but I haven’t verified this yet.)

However, one thing that really concerns me is his (and his followers’) accusations on his Facebook page  that I am not willing to get the truth out or that I have something to hide.  To the contrary, that is why I held comments in moderation–because I wanted time to get to the bottom of things as best as I could before posting their information.

Some examples of what has been said about me:

By Pappas:

Wow, I guess this is what happens when people start fearing having other people around who know more than they do. Instead of wanting to learn more themselves they turn to protection mode so they can be the star of the show. Sad really. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, even defended her a couple of times. It is upsetting though when she directed questions specifically at me and I attempted to answer but she won’t let me respond so people think I just chose to ignore her. Oh well, I have enough to keep me busy anyway. Thanks for trying.

I am not someone who fears having others with whom I disagree around.  I thrive on learning and have been interviewing many companies in preparation for this series.

And I will do so again in a future series on Heavy Metal Toxicity.

Here is another comment by Ann McIntire Wooledge:

She has really started a stir and I guess that’s what she planned on, but she is ultimately making herself look rather uninformed and UNeducated. The best thing she could do now is to just admit she doesn’t even know what a chemical constituent is and much less how to decide where would be the best company to buy essential oils – and stop this stupidity.

and more (this by Pappas):

That blog site is the most confusing I have seen in a while. I cannot even see a link to Part 5, how the heck did you find it?

and yet another (by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger):

scrolled thru the nonsense of her facebook page to find

one more by “Cher Aromapothecare”

Excellent reply Dr. P. (The girl could use a class). I agree, CO2 (or perhaps florasols) would be maybe a little closer representation of a plant but even that’s a stretch.

more (this by Pappas):

What really ticks me off about is that she makes some honest mistakes concerning essential oils in general that alot [sic] of people make, then I go on there and write an in depth post to clear some things up and she doesn’t let it through. I don’t know maybe I am taking this too personal. I really don’t care who she concludes is the best oil company I only wanted to clear up misconceptions and general points. It reminds me of when I posted on some YL rep sites to get them good info only to be banned because the facts were not jiving with the programming from their messiah [sic].

and finally (again by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger)

 all we can do is expose her and better yet the statements….its given me plenty of fodder for my new blog series!!!

Enough,eh?  I frankly am really disgusted by this behavior.

I am really disappointed at the behavior and negative comments thrown my way throughout this and hope that they will stop.

6.  About Me

Just to set the record straight, I don’t typically post my own “credentials,” but in this case I think they are warranted.
I don’t have an advanced degree, but the learning I have done since my undergraduate degree has been extensive.

Here is my background:

1.  Top of my class in high school from a top level school.
2.  Phi Beta Kappa from The University of Virginia, one of the top 15 schools in the country.
3.  Echols Scholar at The University of Virginia.  Admission to the Echols Scholar program is made based on “In brief, the Office of Admission looks for academic excellence, intellectual leadership, and evidence of the ability to grapple with complex topics.” (Source).  Apparently this group is representative of the top 2% of the University.  Graduated with a 3.97 GPA.
4.  Taught Equity Options Valuation at the Chicago Board of Trade to options traders and MBAs
5.  Worked as a Manager in Employee Benefits
6.  Independent Life, Health, and Disability Agent for 7+ years
7.  Taught in Japan for one year and achieved near conversational fluency.
8.  Research-minded mom of a child with life-threatening food allergies.
9.  If I might jokingly add this, one of my local friends has called me the “investigative reporter” of health food and products.  ;-).

Basically, what I am saying here is…I am not a genius, but I am not an intellectual slouch either.  I don’t mean this to discredit anyone else, but I am a deep thinker and am very concerned about excellence in research and learning and in conveying accurate information to you.

One final point.  A few folks on Pappas’ Facebook page have commented that I have removed links to Pappas’ Facebook page and website.  At first, I left all links left by Pappas and his followers, but I ended up going back through and deleting them because they were:

1.  excessive and
2.  resulted in basically blatant self-promoting.

Pappas doesn’t allow advertising for oils companies on his page and I am choosing not to permit promotion of sites that deride my character in this manner.  At the beginning of this matter, Pappas seemed to be congenial, but as you can see from the comments above, that has changed.

If Pappas’ and his followers’ behavior changes and I receive an apology that is not followed by more maligning, then I will consider allowing the links.

7.  Troubling Questions

One thing that surprised me is that I think that the concerns I posted about Young Living were more controversial, and yet, to my knowledge, I haven’t received any negative comments from any YL reps.  When I signed up with doTERRA I heard from a lot of reps how negative and accusatory they felt the YL reps were.
Not in my experience.

ust to make it clear: I am not saying that Robert Pappas doesn’t have significant qualifications.  He has extensive studies in the chemistry of oils and I don’t (though I am on my way :-).)  Clearly there must be a reason or reasons for the differing facts here, or the different way of looking at the industry.

– Is it because he is mainly a chemist and the former owner of The Perfumery?
– Is it because he works for doTERRA?
– Why does he concern himself so much about what “little old me” says when the owners of doTERRA contradict each other–and him–while speaking around the world, via meetings, videos and more, to audiences much bigger than mine?
– Why has he spilled so much electronic ink to challenge and insult me when none of the other oils companies that have been critiqued in my posts have expressed any concern?

I don’t know.  I am just trying to share what I am learning so that you can make a better decision about what kind of oils you want to use for therapeutic usage for your family.

To see the other Best Essential Oils Posts:

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Announcing “the Best” Essential Oils Company – Part 7 ** **ATTENTION!!!** – Some readers say that they can’t access the Part 7.  If that is a problem for you, could I ask you to comment or email me at wholenewmom{at} gmail {dot} com, and you can go to this post to get access to the company that I chose.  Is Essential Oils Testing Reliable?  I apologize and we are working hard to rectify the situation.**

I’m sure your head is spinning just like mine was.  I really only wanted to find the company that would provide high quality oils for my family at a decent price, without a bunch of headaches and extra costs attached to it. But I ended up with quite a headache here.
One thing that really interests me is making my own essential oils blends.
This book has loads of essential oils blends in it as well as information about sourcing your own medicinal herbs.  Fascinating!
The link to this book is an affiliate link so if you purchase after clicking on it I might make a commission. Your support of my blog is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running. 
The Essential Oils Book
 Thanks for hanging in there with me.  
I’d love to hear your thoughts (but I reserve the right to moderate comments :-)).
The information here is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a medical professional before changing your diet, exercise program, or before trying any natural remedies.


    Speak Your Mind


  1. I must say as someone who is a “wholesale customer” with Young Living and therefore gets the benefits of wholesale without having to be a distributor but can independently sell at my leisure which has made me somewhat loyal to them for the past year, I never have felt that you have attacked any of the companies in your posts. I never felt like I needed to say “Hey YL is great don’t talk like that.” On the contrary your blogs have helped me a lot! I don’t know all that much about this stuff but I have liked certain things about YL products. However I came across your blog because I was searching for problems with the business end of YL and your blogs popped up. I’m very glad I found them! I have issues with the “tricks” you have to do to be an essential rewards member with YL. And I’m finding that I’m ending up spending a lot of money and having too many oils on hand because I don’t use them enough to make it worth it. So even though their customer service has been generally good to me, especially today when I called them, I still find myself struggling with the fact that I might be better off to go with a company that isn’t MLM. I don’t make any money at all with YL because no one I come across wants to try the oils because of the cost. So the only level I can be in is the wholesale customer to get the cheaper costs for me. When issues do arise I find I get very stressed out and nothing helps except to solve the problem. However I don’t want these problems to continue. It has everything to do with working the essential rewards system and not the products themselves. I don’t like feeling like I’m in some kind of trap and sometimes I feel that way which I don’t like because the products have helped me in some situations. I digress! Lol. YL has been very nice to me when I’ve had problems I just would prefer to be able to order oils at a good price without strings attached so that I don’t have to deal with problems from those strings.

    I’ve also had issues with the smell of YL oils. I think that may be another reason I don’t use them as much as I could. Sometimes the smell is not so good and I don’t like that.

    So that led me to a search and your site. I have already been looking through Native American Nutritionals website. I am sorry that you have been attacked so much. I am very skeptical of everything and a little conspiracy theory according to my friends. :) I think when “experts” such as those that posted attacks against you comment in harsh ways instead of civil ways it just makes them look juvenile and petty. It’s not educating anyone when people provide rude words without an educated basis to back it up. That makes it just an attack instead of learning from someone who probably has information to share but it’s not being shared. Ok just my opinion and hopefully you could follow my crazy train of thought! Lol.

    In summary. Thank you for your blog. I appreciate your work you have done in researching such a huge field and sharing that information with the rest of us!

    • Wow. You have no idea how encouraging this is to me. We are going through a lot right now and this is so appreciated. I so hope to see you around again!

      I completely follow your train of thought. Not crazy at all, in my humble opinion :).

    • Christina D. says:

      This summed up my thoughts as well so I’ll just say, “Ditto”.

    • Laura Lee says:

      Kim, Sound to me like you need a new upline not a new oil company. My team above me help me so much. You do not have to do the ER’s to get the 24% savings. With whole sale you only have to spend &50.00 a year. I have also found a lot of products that YL has that I just replace my store bought products with. Such as Thieves Cleaner. I use that to do all my home cleaning. It comes out to be cheaper than store bought.

  2. Melissa Dean says:

    I am so glad I came across your posts on EO. I know doTerra reps, and have used their products in the past, but I have been looking for a brand more pocketbook friendly. Thank you so much for doing all of this research, a lot of us are very appreciative.

  3. Sarah K. says:

    Wow, Pappas sounds very childish. It seems very strange that he takes such an interest in a blogger’s opinion! He and others at Do Terra try to insult your intelligence, while they make grammatical errors in so doing! Crazy. Keep up the good work, and stay encouraged. Thank you for all of your research; I feel like it has saved me and many others a lot of time……thank you!!

  4. Sarah K. says:

    Crazy how much corruption and controversy is apparently in the essential oil industry! Wow….I never would have thought it!!

  5. Just reading through this blog now as I am becoming more educated in essential oils and want to find the best fairly priced oils. Thank you for writing this post because I’ve had the same questions myself and I appreciate the research and thought you put into all this. I’m sorry for all the accusations you had to deal with.

  6. When people can’t defend their argument, they resort to discrediting the opponent. I’m enjoying your research. Another website I visited recently got donations to have 3rd party testing done. Best I can tell, their results are similar to what you are finding.

  7. I have truly enjoyed your series on essential oils. I personally work for another company that has nothing to do with YL or doTerra, This post has confirmed in my mind why I chose NOT to go with YL or doTerra. I know they are not the only oil companies out there, and I appreciate your thought out research on various essential oils. I had done research on both big essential oil companies along with a few others, and it became clear that if I joined one of the big two, I would be joining a war of essential oils! I didn’t want that. I just wanted to find top quality essential oils and I did. Thanks for your research and blog series! Very informative!

  8. I cannot believe it! WOW! I have been doing TONS AND TONS of endless research on essential oils and have decided a few days ago that we were going to go with YL. Reading more and more and finding more info just makes me want to try YL even more. I will experience for myself whether I like the oils or not and if I do like them and they do make a difference then I will share with others and become a rep for them! If I do not like it then my endless search continues. I can compare them to other companies I have and so far I haven’t found GOOD oils. I haven’t tried DoTerra yet either but morally I am kind of disturbed by findings on the internet and such behavior such as your blog here. Regardless if anyone is misinformed then why would anyone take this personally if someone chooses to listen or not or rather to speak their mind and what they believe or have knowledge of? what I have read is quite contradictory, as you have pointed out, on Pappas’ end! Just because you have more education under your belt does NOT make you smarter or better than anyone else! Completely Asinine. Now, my turn, Thank you for all the information and research you have done to help us and others…I know this all can turn out to be a headache but still a great learning curve. THANK YOU for blogging =D

  9. One thing I have not seen in your reports on EO, and I might have missed it, is how a lot of companies are promoting unsafe use. I was listening to the YL reps saying that one drop drop of lemon EO is equal to 100 lemons. Then, in the next breath they say to add 10-15 drops to your water. I did not understand the logic in this and started researching ingesting oils. Overall, it is very unsafe unless you are a certified aromatherapist and it can cause internal damage.
    I feel this is better information to get out there then which company is better. I recommend you look into Robert Tiserand’s book on EO safety. I’m afraid that after this fad many people are going to have caused lots of damage to their bodies by listening to poor information.

    • HI and sorry for the delay in getting back to you – I’ve been swamped here. Here are my thoughts:

      This is a very common comment I’ve seen around the internet. Certified aromatherapists can be a valuable resource. And so are those who have spent a lot of effort researching for themselves. Saying that only a certified aromatherapist can tell you to ingest oils implies that having it come from a certified aromatherapist makes it a magical solution, whereas ingesting the oils on your own direction, which might even be in the same way a certified aromatherapist tells you to ingest them, will not work because the certified aromatherapist didn’t give it the stamp of approval. Does that make sense? I’m always suspicious when I hear someone say “Only “so and so” can say “such and such.”

      Fortunately, there are 3 ways to use essential oils — ingestion, topical, and diffusion. The more people study on their own, from multiple sources, the better it is for them. Granted, many legitimate sources are going to disagree. Doctors often disagree as well. So you should always read up on why and learn what you can and ultimately, you are the one deciding what, where, and how to use your essential oils. You shouldn’t be a sheep, no matter what side you’re on.

      People have been ingesting essential oils for a few decades so I don’t think it’s a fad. However, the idea that you must be a certified aromatherapist to give any sort of advice on essential oils is much newer than the issue of ingestion. As far as ingesting Lemon oil goes, we say if you want to ingest essential oils, start slowly. Find out what works for your own personal body chemistry.Some people like to have it in their water. If so, keep it 1-2 drops in 12 ounces of water. Some would rather ingest it with a capsule. Then you put 1-2 drops in a gel capsule with Olive oil and ingest with a full meal. Some don’t think it is OK to ingest it and that’s fine too.

      Ultimately, people need to educate themselves and not spout off what they heard someone else say — whether it be a certified aromatherapist, a sales rep for a company, or anyone in between. Maybe when they are done researching, they will agree with what they heard the certified aromatherapist say. Maybe they will find they disagree. But then they will have the research to understand what they are saying and that’s what matters the most.

      I hope that helps!

  10. Hiya! I know you’ve got TONS of comments and while this post was from 2013 I JUST stumbled upon it and am thankful I did. I have friends that use YL and doT…and the third leg of the company, of which I forget the name. I refuse to use any of those companies – it was a huge dispute about money and supposedly the compromising way oils were processed and so forth. Here’s my take – if the companies cannot act appropriately, then what does that mean for their product line?
    I’ve bought from various essential oil companies and honestly, I’ve not been disappointed with what I’ve bought. I do lots of research and have even begun to make my own tinctures and so forth. I could not even finish this post…
    You’ve probably been told this before but I’m going to say it anyway: Pappas is not worth your time. I just “love” when people start judging people for questioning and not adopting their beliefs such as Pappas and his “crew” on FB. I don’t know where this ended up and honestly I don’t care. I skimmed through and saw you defending yourself profusely and I kept thinking – why? You’ve done a HUGE service to those of us wanting unbiased questions and answers about the essential oil world. Thank you – for that, I soooo appreciate all your work and reporting! But why do you let critics get you defending yourself – FORGET THEM! Remember this- if what you’re reporting is stirring “the pot”, THEN YOU, my friend, HAVE DISCOVERED A TRUTH THAT MANY ARE TRYING TO COVER UP! Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist of sorts and I find that every time I start questioning things that most just “accept as truth and fact”, the more angry people come about. I’ve had to adopt the thinking that “It just doesn’t matter!”

    You know you’re doing good…regardless what anyone says. I know you’re doing good; Others know you’re doing good… Forget the naysayers.. AND BE PROUD of uncovering the truths that many companies have been trying to cover up. You asked the right questions. Thank you!

    God bless and keep pushing on! YOU are greatly appreciated!!!
    Kim Lambdin
    Pittsboro, IN
    Mother From Hell… always fighting for what’s right, especially in the disability world!

    • Hi there. 3rd leg? What’s that? Some folks have been emailing me about a new MLM – is that it? I haven’t made tinctures yet but would love to -good for you!

      I appreciate your comments but I engaged b/c I wanted folks to see what was going on. I know it might have been a little “much” and there’s a 1000+ word comment from Pappas still unmoderated, but I just felt people needed to see what was going on. It also solidified my decision. Thanks!!

      I have more coming out on oils soon so I hope you stick around :).

      • doTerra is a branch of Young Living. There is a another break-off of YL and I forget what it’s called so I call it “the third leg”. They are all 3 MLM and apparently it’s a big family “fallout”. I researched it last year and just got so fed up with the reps from all 3 companies trying to undercut each other… it was nuts. I was thrown into this “battle” if you will on FB amongst various “friends” trying to get me to join their MLM.

        I’ve been using Fabulous Frannie and honestly, a variety of others for my essential oils. I am such a pain in the butt… my husband is probably so tired of all the books I bought, download and have bookmarked! I forever have dozens of tabs open researching the various herbs, oils, etc. I’ve got 4 kids – 2 older (17 and 20yrs) and then 2 younger (almost 1yr and 3.5yrs) and out of each set I have sons with special needs. So I’m forever trying to detox them and heal naturally. My bout with the essential oil world was nutso in the beginning, but after researching and researching and having to cure headaches from the overload…I finally figured the gist of it out and moved on to herbs – teas, tinctures, etc…which are sooo easy to make! I even looked into doing my own oils HOWEVER after realizing how much I’d have to grow of each herb to get the amount of oil I wanted… I figure it’s easier to just buy it.

        Thank you again for your research. What i found most helpful is that it wasn’t just scientific info – you used the oils on you. I’ve read science reports on oils and various other dozens of blogs…it’s exhausting! So when I read through your extensive report…I felt exhausted for you!

        Anyway, God bless and thanks again! Truth is not always pretty BUT it IS necessary! Rock on!

        • Oh silly. I was being emailed about another one – maybe that’s it. I would love to know what books you like. I am putting together a list of books and trying to decide which ones to buy. Good for you on the detox – did you read my post on zeolite? Yes, making oil is crazy!!! I was exhausted and had to stop – I’m using them and I love them but I don’t overdo it – I have so many other things I am doing. I do hope to try a few new ones and some new uses – but like what I have. One of Native American’s blends just healed a messed up shoulder which I was really nervous about. For that I am really grateful.

          Take care and God bless you as well! And agreed about the truth not always being pretty. I was just talking w/ my husband about that. That Christians can’t just be happy happy all the time – it’s just not the way things are and I don’t think that it’s biblical anyways. TTYL!

  11. Jen Moreland says:

    I am curious as to what the deal is with YL essential oil kit and Native Americans starter kits being close in price but you get a diffuser with YL. On the other hand you get THREE time 15ml VS 5ml with Native americans starter kit…… but about half are based in coconut oil, so are you REALLY getting three times as much oil value with their starter kit?

  12. I just found your site in my own search for the best EO products. It appears that this Pappas fellow is tooting his own horn & I am trying to figure out why a chemist would be following your blog. Not to diminish your blog but my chemist friends spend most of their time reading science type journals. I am very appreciative of your time and the results of your research and journey. I am also a college educated homeschool mom with children that have health issues & learning disabilities looking for every possible way to improve their lives. Know that you have helped someone today.

    • Thanks so much – you really made me smile :). I hope to see you around again soon. More coming on essential oils – in fact I will have a freebie for subscribers in a day or two I hope so stay in touch.

  13. Dee Schwark says:

    Ok, here is my humble opinion: I applaud you for doing this extensive and, I assume, exhausting research. I only just today came across your blog after spending hours and hours over several days trying to figure out what I’m doing in concern with making an informed purchase of essential oils.

    I have no idea which company to purchase essential oils from. I’m on a limited budget which resulted in a scribbler filled with prices and promises from 7 different companies, that’s left me even more confused than when I started. (Just trying to find the best bang for my buck)

    I saw your blog and let out a huge sigh. Someone was doing the research in an honest, informed and respectful manner. I looked into the heavens and said “thank you’.

    Adrienne, it’s so refreshing to see how you’ve handled the unfortunate attacks on your character. I am shocked and repulsed that these individuals, who seem to be educated, have turned this into a high school drama venue. The comments that have been made are so unprofessional and, in point of fact are bullying.. that I’m embarrassed for them. You’ve handled this with grace and dignity….you go girl!!!
    Thank you for extensive research. I’m looking forward to hearing your unbiased and forthright opinion. You’re doing a great job and thus should be appreciated.


    • Hi Dee. You made my night – thanks!!!

      I’d love to hear what you think after you read the final post. More on oils coming out this coming week – please stay tuned :).

  14. Montanamama says:

    Hi Adrienne, and thanks for your thorough research on essential oils! I just started using EO’s and just bought quite a few Aura Cacia oils, based on my own research. My son was sick with a really bad fever and sore throat the other day, and after applying my homemade thieves (aura cacia brand) and peppermint every 4 hours, he was seemed doing 100% better the next day. I was truly amazed!
    That said, i am concerned that this company may not be 100% pure. Do you know anything about this brand?

    Thanks, appreciate your feedback!

  15. I just found your blog today, I am sorry that someone is so insecure that they “feel” the need to attack you. I can see that he(they) are paid employees and have nothing else to do but make a mountain out of a mole hill. that is what bullies do, they could not begin to fill your shoes! So please blow off there bully tactics, they are not worth an ounce of your energy. I appreciate knowing the character of businesses, it helps me make a better purchasing decisions. Keep up the good work.

  16. Ginger Sannes says:

    Adrienne :)

    I am a YL oiler, but have an open mind and have done some research myself. I do like NAN and stay connected with the company through Facebook. After reading through your posts, I did not see you mention anything about the two different schools of thought from France and the UK. I personally see a problem with the general public thinking they are clinical aromatherapy professionals. There are dangers and the misuse of oils could prove fatal. On the YL websites, many do not read or research the oils they are using, and take word of mouth as truth. It drives me crazy! Also, I am glad you are learning more about the chemistry of essential oils. “Aromascience: The Chemistry and Bioactivity of Essential Oils” by Dr. Lis-Balchin is an interesting read. Take Care & God Bless You and Your Family ~ Ginger Sannes

    • Hi there! I have heard that but then I heard from other sources that that was not accurate information so I didn’t publish it. If you have more information I am happy to look at it – thanks!

  17. Tracy Cooer says:

    I am currently reading up on EO (just started, in fact). I like your approach and I may or may not come to the same conclusions in my own investigation.

    Quite frankly, anyone who actually wants to have an intelligent dialog doesn’t seek to write inflammatory things about the person with whom they wish to conduct a valid discussion. People only turn to those types of comments when they are seeking to discredit because other means are not working — that is, they are hoping their own sheeple will do the same. Unfortunately, in my eyes, he has done nothing more than to discredit himself. A great chemist he may be, but I’m left wondering what *his* motives are.

    Personally, I like someone who does investigation and posts results, even if their results do not match my experience. It shows you are doing your homework and finding what works before for *you* not someone else. It appears he was just looking for validation.

    I believe it was Churchill who said that if you have enemies it’s because you actually stood up for something. Good job.

  18. Juliemarie Tomczak says:

    I just wanted to Thank you for taking the time and effort to do your Essential Oils series. It was very informative and interesting. I have been dabbling a bit and was heavily considering joining either Youth Living or Do Terra. But just was a bit hesitant now knowing what to really be looking for in a Good Oil.
    I have used Starwest –Botanicals and pricing on the YL and DO Terra was just so much more expensive.
    I really think that Native American and Mountain Rose will fit better in my budget.

    I did have 3 questions:
    What do you suggest to diffuse the oils?
    What did you use for the Carpal Tunnel? I suffer from it and am on the computer all day.
    Last, do you recommend any reference guides to find the best oils for different issues?

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Have a nice day,
    Juliemarie Tomczak

    • Hi there and thanks for writing!

      1. I am currently trying out Native American’s diffusers and I really like them. I have tried the cloud and spa. I am trying the breeze next. I had the doterra diffuser (lotus) but I didn’t care for it.
      2. Carpal – I will have to ask. Have you tried b6? I think I took that a long time ago for CT issues.

      3. I listed books at the end of most of the oils posts b/c I have been getting a lot of questions . Did you happen to see those?

      Let me know if you haven’t tried the B6. And did you see my new EO guide? http://wholenewmom.com/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-essential-oils-before-you-buy/

    • Hi again. I just got this answer back about the carpal tunnel:

      You want ones that have anti-inflammatory properties that help stimulate blood flow to the area in question, since it takes proper blood flow to bring the necessary nutrients.

      Singles: German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Helichrysum Gymnocephalum, Angelica Root, Birch Bark, Cajeput, Cedarwood Atlas, Clove Bud, Ginger Root, Juniper Berry, Lemon, Sweet Marjoram, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Black Cumin

      Blends: DNA Repair, True Blue, Gentle Healer, Fortify, Relieve Me, Arthritis Plus, Aligning

      This is not medical advice, however :).

      Good timing – Native American is having free shipping today :). http://go.nativeamericannutritionals.com/aff_c?offer_id=4&aff_id=1026 (affiliate link)

  19. Jody Newland says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading this series. Thank you for all your time and energy and “Investigative Reporting!” I am new to essential oils and chose a company this summer. :o) I can’t say I put as much thought into it as you did, however. God Bless You and your whole family!

  20. Quite enjoyed your series. Really unfortunate this Pappas reacted the way he did, my dog does that too when he feels cornered 😉 I mean if you are confident in your research then you shouldn’t be offended by someone taking an interest in your field. Will definitely be picking up some of your reading material suggestions.

  21. Hi, I just found your blog when I googled “best essential oil companies”. I’m glad someone is taking the time and putting in the effort to try to figure this out! :) As for the character slamming, it seems when it comes to EOs some people will adamantly defend their choice of the best. I myself will admit I bargain shop! I go a lot by consumer reviews (when I can find them) and such. I love your series and I haven’t even read to the end yet! I also tend to ignore those that resort to slamming and defamation of character postings. You have been pretty objective and tried to do your homework. I look forward to reading more!!

  22. God bless you Adrienne. Keep up the love for truth. I feel your heart and you’re great. :)

  23. The people posting the negative garbage and, I’ll even say, slander, is probably because they are just covetous of your awesome site and honest from your heart information. People love you and appreciate your hard work, and passion, and your morals, and ethics. It all shows through in your writing and research. I very much appreciate all you had to say in this EO series. It was just the kind of info I was looking for. I very rarely read blogs but I read pretty much all of this one. :) May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you.

  24. Lauren Humphrey says:

    Hi! I LOVE your series on oils, and have come back to it several times. I too am searching for the BEST oils for my family, and wanted a little help so I reached out to several companies, and people. Dr. Rob Pappas was one. I just wanted to share with you my experience with Pappas when I reached out to him for information.

    Hi, I am new to Oils – I am curious on your take of Young livings oils. I know the company has some goofy marketing schemes, but I am really just curious as to whether or not they are a quality product. I had been using Aura Cacia and wasn’t super impressed. Any insight?

    Essential Oil University:
    If Young Living was the only company on earth selling essential oils I would stop using essential oils.

    Well thanks for an informed, science based reply.

    Essential Oil University:
    There is just too much to go into on facebook text about this company. It’s not my job to explain this kind of thing to anyone. Obviously I didn’t tell you what you already wanted to hear prior to asking the question. It’s up to every person to do their own research. Frankly, if you are the type of person that is impressed with someone like Gary Young then you deserve what you get in life. There’s a certain level of stupidity that cannot be penetrated and I’m not going to waste my time and energy trying to penetrate it because it just does no good. The lemming mentality will always follow people like Gary Young right off the cliff, there is really nothing that science or logic can do to stop them, just like with the muscle testing nonsense. At some point I have had to learn to just turn people over to their own irrationality and walk away. It’s like trying to argue religion. So if your attracted to a group like Young Living, I say go for it! I’m a firm believer in a thinning of the herd principle. But I gave you my opinion of the company and don’t feel compelled to go into a scientific explanation that would mean nothing to someone who is already predisposed to such a company.

    Wow – I was really just hoping for some medical journals or research…I have been doing a TON of research on my own. I just wanted links, or files to look though. Thanks for nothing.
    I wasn’t “hoping to hear” anything, and have no strong feeling for or against ANY company yet – I am just trying to look into it and your page claimed to be unbiased. I reached out to you for informed information, since your page claims you have a doctorate. I assumed you wouldn’t mind sharing information.

    Keep fighting the good fight your way – good luck. You’ve turned at least one person away.

    I am sorry I ever reached out.
    DO you have a recommendation on a company?

    Essential Oil University:
    I don’t recommend any companies because I analyze oils for hundred of different companies all over the world. There is only one company that I recommend against and that is Young Living because the looney practices of their reps and the ridiculous teachings of their leader.

    Have you analyzed the YL oils? What are the findings? And are there any stand out companies in anything you have analyzed? How is a consumer supposed to know quality if you don’t share it? In fact, rather than help, you immediately jump to conclusions and refer to them as stupid. How about doTerra, aura cacia, native american naturals….? If you set this page up to inform, I’d assume your passion would be to answer questions like mine.

    Essential Oil University:
    I have analyzed all of the above. I cannot share reports that other people have paid me to do for them.

    …well alrighty. Thanks for the help.

    • Hi. Sorry I didn’t reply to this until now.

      I can’t of course comment on this as I was not there to see what he said.

      However, I can say that Mr. Pappas did or still does do testing for doTERRA and he spoke at their convention. He also used to own The Perfumery which sold essential oils and artificial “scents”.

      What did you think about his responses?

      Thanks again!

  25. I’m reading your site for the first time after buying YL oils from a friend. I have yet to read the final chapter of your research. Typically, I also research EVERYTHING before making a purchase, but I was helping a friend by making the purchase. Furthermore, I am not someone who even uses essential oils very regularly. I only diffuse them. After being drawn into the dialog Mr Pappas, it seemed prudent to thank you for your efforts and your transparency about how you do your research. As far as I”m concerned, anyone who resorts to childish name calling has lost all credibility.

  26. Adrienne,
    I am sorry you had to go through that with Pappas and others.. Although I don’t agree with everything you had researched, I do see your honest heart in finding the best oil company for yourself and your family and for your readers. You seemed to have done a very extensive research. It’s really unfortunate when adults can’t be respectful and courteous even when they disagree. Hope he doesn’t get you down, nor waste any more of your precious time.

  27. Just now researching oils for myself. Surrounded by yl users who are so sold on it but I tend to be the rebellious skeptic who thinks if everyone is doing it then I wont! Have one friend who uses many companies oils, not just one company….so today, home sick, decided to research. Many dear dear friends will only use .yl. Read all your entries. Loved them. Convinced you are honest and a researcher at heart, as am I. Have ordered catalogs from nan as well as rmo, though they may be same catalog if they merged. We will see. Thank you for your honesty, research, your valuable time, etc.
    Best to you….

    • HI Shelley. Thanks! I really did agonize over this. I wish I could replay the discussions my husband and I had about it so everyone could hear.

      Thanks and I so hope you enjoy their oils if you do indeed try them. I am diffusing my DIY blend made from their oils right now: http://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/homemade-anti-bacterial-thieves-essential-oil-blend/

      Did you happen to see the new report I came out with? More to come :). http://wholenewmom.com/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-essential-oils-before-you-buy/

      • Thanks, Adrienne, for your reply. It’s way past my bedtime, so i haven’t read the “before you buy” yet, which may answer my question: Do you have one book that you might recommend for an intro to oil uses and so on? I wrote down the books you have recommended, but as there are many, hahaha, is it possible to narrow it down to maybe a 1., 2., 3., or even just a 1.? Library is difficult for me to get to, so that’s a last resort. :o) Crazy that, cause when we were homeschooling, we practically lived at one library or another. That was years ago. Fun times! Have you ever read Homeschooling for Excellence, by Colfax? Remarkable story, and my favorite back then. Highly recommend it! Best to you, and may i say Merry Christmas?! Shelley

        • Hmmmm…hard to say. I don’t really think 1 book does it all so I would pick from the reviews what 1-3 fit you the best. I need to buy some more and do a post about them. I haven’t read that. Sounds great! What is it about? Thanks!

          • Well, we didn’t totally homeschool for reasons of faith. We are Christians, that is, we have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, not a religion :o). However, our four kids were all prescribed ritalin as per request of the schools, and there were other disagreements i had with their schools. One that bugged me the most was that the schools, once we had signed the forms, now acted as though they were the best parent for our children, and we were only on the sidelines. So, though i wanted to homeschool since firstborn was 3, we ended up pulling the boys out of school in 9th, 6th, and 3rd grade. Daughter changed school to the fine arts school for dance. There, the students were treated with respect, unlike the govmt schools where they were treated like underlings who needed to be contained and controlled. Anyway, we finally started homeschooling and took them off the meds. This book really struck a chord with me, cause it didn’t come from a “christian” viewpoint…. I already had my own faith reasons and didn’t need more, hahaha. This book was different. It came from a strictly education viewpoint, which was as important as any of my other reasons for us to homeschool. The parents were both educators, but when they had their own first child, were dismayed at the education levels in the schools. So, they took their child out of school, i think in kindergarten or first grade, and decided to teach him themselves. Back then, homeschooling was less common and had a stricter parameter. Because they were educators, they used that as their legal “permission” to homeschool. They eventually had 4 children, two of whom they adoped. They bought land, and as a family, cleared the land, and lived in a tent or lean-to while they all together build their home. This is the story of homesteading and their educational journey as a family. It really impacted me. Would not have been my journey, haha, but i loved reading theirs, and got much out of their practical homeschooling methods and ideas. Still stands out as one of best among the many, many homeschool-related books and materials i read in those days. Kids are all grown now, and we are still a close family. I remember that’s the first blessing i got from the decision to homeschool… “We are a family again!!!”
            I understand the difficulty in trying to single out one book on oils. I may go with The Complete Book… by Worwood and/or Essential Oils Deck by Gillerman. We’ll see…haha….reserving right to change my mind! hahaha!
            If you read Homeschooling for Excellence, I’d love to know what you think. :o)
            Best to you, shelley

  28. Hi there…. Wow, I have just spent the last couple hours reading your series (very helpful & well done btw) & some of the comments. Honestly I am exhausted & more confused then ever! I can only imagine how you must be feeling at this point. I know people who use DT & YL. I like & dislike aspects of each company. I will say that I am shocked at how catty & just plain mean the whole debate seems to be. It’s really very sad because using EO’s should be something positive & life enhancing rather then what I’m finding here & other places online. I think you’ve done a great job giving facts. I haven’t gotten to the end where you name the company you feel is best for you & your family but so far you’ve been very fair, very professional & VERY kind! Thank you! I will end with just a couple comments on these Pappas & Syllie (sp?) people…. Don’t let these kinds of individuals get you down! The comments they made were very high schoolish, sad & speak more about who THEY are then who you are! “What Suzie says of Sally says more of Suzie than of Sally”…or something along those lines. I think you’re being entirely too nice to even let this Syllie person anywhere near your blog though! She continues to make passive aggressive comments & just generally puts a weird negative tone on the conversation. I get why you’ve let her comment several times but what you’ve worked on here is really good & just doesn’t need that kind of yuckiness associated with it in my opinion. Pray for them, wish them well, move on & don’t look back…you & your readers don’t need that sort of thing. I’m hoping I find some answers in this whole EO thing. I think there is something to them but after all the negativity I don’t know if it’s worth it. I look forward to your reveal. I headed there next. Good luck to you! Know you are doing a wonderful job & it’s appreciated! :-)

    • I agree w/ you on the catty thing. horrible. But these companies and their reps have a lot of skin in the game and so the fur flies.

      Syl hasn’t been here for awhile so I am fine w/ it. If it gets abusive again I might be done with it – thanks :).

      Thanks for the encouragement. The oils are a good thing. I have saved a ton of money and piece of mind using them and am about to order more this week. Look forward to hearing from you again!

  29. Hi Adrienne!!

    I just came across your blog last night and have greatly appreciated all of your research!! I’m new to essential oils, but really wish to utilize them as I have advanced Lupus with kidney failure and CNS involvement. Honestly, so many of the meds I have to take – including chemo – are quite harsh, so I’m really intersted in some natural sources of healing. I deal with quite a bit of pain daily, but refuse to take narcotic pain meds! I’ve heard so much about the benefits of essential oils!! My problem is that after reading all of your blog posts – through number 6 of this series, I couldn’t get number 7 to open in my browser for some reason! But looking through the comments on this post, I think I have an idea of who you selected, but I’m not sure and I’m quite anxious to find out! I will keep attempting to access post 7, but if I can’t, is there another way for me to read it and find out who you picked? I’m so appreciative of all you have done here – especially because it has been so unbiased, which I believe provides much more validity!! Thank you so much!!! ????

  30. Sorry about the ??? At the end of my comment! Not sure how that happened! My shaky hands I suppose! :/ thanks again for all the incredible info! ????

  31. TandBmommy says:

    I have been wanting to try EO’s for a while now, but have been reluctant. I don’t want to pay the high prices if there’s another option. Also, I am not a fan of MLM. I was excited to stumble on your series and read posts 1-6, but am unable to get to 7 through the links provided. Please help! I’m on pins and needles!

  32. TandBmommy says:

    Done! Thank you for the quick response. I look forward to reading the results!

  33. Thank you so much Adrienne for giving the raw information! No taking sides, no loyalties just because it makes you money, real facts, real truth! So much appreciated. I’m just a mother of five trying to get the info, the real info. No biases. I love that you stick up for yourself and basically tell these guys off! You really intrigued me with this. I am so exited to click on Part 7, the Best. After reading that post, I will be subscribing!!! Thanks again. Great blog…

  34. Part 7 will not open, I read the whole series and need to know!! Lol

  35. You don’t have to post this. I’m just wondering if you’ve looked into nativeamericannutritionals.com? If you have, could you send me your feedback on them? My sister in law uses them. I’m just new to oils and am just learning what to look for. I value your opinion/feedback.

    Thank you!
    Crystal ~

  36. I’m dying to know your recommendation! I’ve read all but can’t get the last article either! I’m new to EO’s but have purchased a few from DT. Thank you for all the blood, sweat, tears, time, dollars, and energy you have put into researching and sharing your results with us!

  37. I am not able to see the last post of this series but I am very interested in your opinion. I am new to the world of oils and have just started researching companies other than the one I am currently involved in.

  38. I’d like to thank you for sharing your journey in search of an EO company you would use for your family. You have done an amazing job! Not only the extensive researching work, replying to all the comments, esp. the negative ones, are difficult enough. Your hard work, honesty, and good intension are much appreciated! I really enjoyed reading your series on this topic and will follow your blog from now on.

  39. hello Adrienne,
    you’re my new hero. i wanted some good, clean, unbiased research on essential oils and while i’ve mostly skimmed your posts, it looks like i’ve found what i was looking for. you do the work that i would be doing if i weren’t so lazy . . . my girlfriend is working with doTerra and i asked about “certification” and was told that it was through “independent sources”. i pressed “who” and was told that it was Pappas. after looking into it, he didn’t seem so independent. while i can acknowledge his credentials, something seems amiss when there’s a bit of misinformation (independent and unbiased outside source for certification) and when there are attacks on others who raise questions. “the doctor doth protest too much, methinks” – makes me feel that their position is from a point of weakness rather than strength. thanks for what you do.

    • Hi there. Well, that’s a neat title – not sure I deserve it but….

      So Pappas is certifying their oils again? I didn’t know that. I’m just a simple mom who tried to find out answers and didn’t get good ones so I knew I needed to leave. It wasn’t an easy decision as I was being told about all the money I could make, but I needed to do it. Thanks and hope to see you around again!

  40. Adrienne, I want to thank you for all of this. I am a YL distributor but have backed off from them for a completely different reason. Mine happens to be the new age attributes that are being applied to their oils, thereby aligning with the occult and paganism. I love their oils, but because of it, and my Christian background, I do not feel comfortable with them any longer. I have been searching and searching for another company – many of whom you mentioned. THANK YOU for all the work you have put into this endeavor. I feel you have done your research well and it will be a HUGE help to those of us who are looking for HIGH QUALITY, PURE oils without all the other baggage. I did hear from my upline this past week that YL passed FDA’s 5 day scrutiny and inspection with 100%. They have never had that before. One of the other things that bothers me about the YL and DT brands is that their reps tend to be almost “cult-like” over their companies. And I even know one of their upline members (diamond) that had a frankincense IV transfusion. Scary. Frankincense is used in embalming! Anyway, again, I want to thank you for all the work you did. It’s going to be a big help in my decision to go with another supplier of essential oils.

    • IV? That’s is a little odd indeed. I never heard of that. I do agree on the “cult like” feeling. I work with other direct sales companies but the behavior is different. Thank you so much!

  41. Very thankful for the time and research you sacrificed to put this series together. Very informative and I look forward to checking out the recommended company!

  42. Stumbled on your blog while searching for reviews on companies that sell oils in bulk, like you I am interested in best quality for best price. I read every one of your “in-search-of best oil company” posts and much more. I realized I don’t even know the tip of the iceberg re: oils, more like an ice crystal on the tip of the iceberg. I appreciate your candor as well as your willingness to address critics (although in this case I believe referring to those whose comments you included above as “critics” is equal to categorizing the National Enquirer as a legit news magazine), because sometimes it just needs to be done. I’m not inferring they are uneducated, but they crossed the line from professionally courteous to unsubstantiated retorts with middle school drama undertones. Okay, that’s not really why I wanted to comment…… my main motivatioton is to express sincere gratitude that you have taken the time to do this enormous amount of research and share it with the public. I started using EO a few months ago, desperate to find help for permanent symptoms from a CNS crash after a reaction to a toxic prescription drug. I was an energetic woman constantly on the go, then overnight pretty much bedridden for four months. After I was finally able to roll out and hobble along I have been trying every reasonable suggestion over the last 3.5 years. I am as optimistic as I have been since the onset because of the relief I have received from EOs,, and people like you are a godsend. I am easily fatigued and overwhelmed, so you provide an invaluable resource for those of us struggling with chronic syndromes. Thank you for helping us all wade through an ocean of material. God BLESS you.

    • Wow. Just thank you so much for your encouragement. I do agree that a lot of the attacks were very childish. I am so sorry for your situation. I have had adrenal and thyroid issues for awhile and am still working on them so I “get” fatigued and overwhelmed, although I’m doing a whole lot better now. Hope to see you around again!

  43. Melissa H. says:

    Hi, Adrienne, :)

    I first and foremost wanted to thank you for all of your research; my husband and I are expecting our first baby this summer/fall, and though I was already trying to start investigating natural remedies and essential oils, the pregnancy and child portions of life have drastically sped up my timeline. I have deathly allergic reactions to the two main antibiotic families, and have had many other less serious reactions to countless medications (sensitive soul, I guess?). That’s why I’ve always been intrigued by home remedies, but just like you, I thought it was all bogus hype and placebo effect (I am VERY skeptical of, well, everything). When I had an issue with my hip flexer, my mother in law had me use the YL “Pan Away” on it mixed with olive oil (she’s had extensive back surgery, and it helps her pain). Much to my surprise, it was the ONLY thing that helped my pain! I have since become increasingly intrigued into what works and what doesn’t.

    All this to say, I’ve been doing the same research on a lesser scale (just YL and DT), because my hubby and I are on a very tight budget (we’re 22 and 19, finishing up college). I was shocked and delighted to find your post!!! I’m not much of a blog reader because I find a lot are just opinions, but I loved that you were skeptical and stubborn just like me. :)

    I can’t see the mess from Pappas and posse (I like the way that sounds!) because it is too far back, and I haven’t read post #7 yet (but I have basically gathered from comments), but I just wanted to stop and say thank you for your tireless work. You’ve helped more than just your family. :) God bless, sweetie.

    I downloaded your free ebook and I’m excited to read after post #7!

    • Thanks so much!!! What were you not able to see from Pappas? There shouldn’t be a reason you shouldn’t be able to see it. It would help me a lot to know what you mean in case there’s a bug on my blog. Thanks!

      So is your hip better now?

  44. I cannot see part 7. I’d like to see what you think is the best company. Thanks, Shannon

  45. Thank you for all the information. And… oh my goodness!!… I doubt that I will ever buy doTerra, simply because the company HAS to know how their chemist is behaving. If they overlook his behavior, I will overlook their product.

  46. I wanted to thank you for speaking your mind. It tickles me how researchers like you and me are just educating people, pointing out agreements and disagreements among people and companies. So, I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Dr. Pappas’ chem videos and watched his videos about doTerra, I have also thoroughly read Dr. TIsserand’s materials. You are, by the way, RIGHT ON, with your comments and reprints of comments of others. While you have been personally attacked, do not take it personally (hard to hear and believe, I know), you have done your job so well, that I don’ think I need to re-iterate your comments but will share. I will be sending doTerra samples to other labs soon for testing and realize, while I respect Pappas, that it would be biased to send him the samples. The only way to keep ANY company honest is to put their feet to the fire, so to speak. ANY of them. Again, your comments as to what others have said is right on. As you can see, politics play anywhere, and to attack you was coming from their fear. doTerra does “own” Pappas and he will not hold their lack of communication with him and vice versa. I find it rather intriguing how Dr. Pappas tests doTerra’s EOs yet doTerra doesn’t post what the GC MS results are. No company does yet they say they test their EOs. I can see doTerra sellers’ eyes on fire right now! Maybe I’ll be next to get the attacks. What is so wrong when consumers hold companies accountable??? What other labs would you recommend? I’d love to post consumers test results from our testing in one location for all to see! Contact me personally about our options at (email deleted by blog owner)_. Congrats on your post! I will be sharing it with others.

    • Hi there and so sorry for taking so long to respond. I have been so inundated — trying to catch up now. I really appreciate your encouragement. Did you end up sending the samples? I deleted your email b/c I didn’t want you getting spam..

      So I did end up checking out your site and found that you are a doTERRA rep. My understanding is that it is a fortune to pay for those tests and yes, a number of companies do test their oils, including NAN and RMO. Thanks.

  47. Just want to let you know how much I appreciate this series and all the work that went into it. I think that your methodology is more than adequate and I find it very interesting that people are attacking you over what should be a very unemotional topic. When one has facts on their side, they typically have no need for concern. There is obviously a lot of defensive posturing going on on your Facebook page and blog. I find that extremely informative and instructive. But beyond all that, I am relatively new to the world of essential oils and, like yourself, like to do extensive research on anything new that I partake. It is very confusing out there between broad pricing spectrums and unsubstantiated claims (not to mention certifications which are uncertifiable!). I appreciate the legwork you have done and have saved me by providing it here. And for the record, I chose to send you this before reading your final post. So I look forward to final results!

    • Sorry for the delay – I have been so busy and am trying to catch up now. Thanks for your encouragement. I really appreciate it. I hope the final post was helpful and I hope to see you around again as well. There have been a few more post about oils on my site – you can search “essential oils” in the search bar and find them. Thanks again!

  48. Hi, Just wanted to say I have enjoyed reading your pages on finding the best essential oils. I didn’t get as extensive in research as you did, but came to some similar conclusions. I ended up going with Young Living, but the other company I thought would be good was the one you ended up picking! I had never even heard of them before finding them, so it was a surprise to read it was your pick. I am happy with Young Living and the products I’m using from them, but it seemed like the oils from Native American Nutritionals would be good too. I am terribly sorry for the comments you got. I am glad you responded to them. It’s easy for people to just talk down about others and make accusations, but why? He speaks of you as having motives, but his response comes off like he has a greater motive than any. I just found it very strange and an over-reaction. I also found it hypocritical in the way he seemed focused on you, but not others that used the same terms and explanations. No one likes to hear bad things said about them and especially when it is unfair and without cause, which from all I see, there was no cause for them to treat you like this. Really sorry it happened to you. Thanks for digging in and finding information and sharing it. Whether everyone agrees on everything or not, it’s been a very interesting, educational and enjoyable series and I just wanted to thank you.

    • I was surprised at my findings too. I had a reader email me about them and I was so happy to have found them.

      Thanks for your kind words. It was very stressful indeed. Hope to see you around again :).

  49. Thank you for the exceptional research and wonderful blogging!

    I would like to know what therapeutic food grade means. YL rep told me that their oils are… ???
    Thank you!

  50. Just finished reading your post on essential oils. Excellent. I’m sorry you have had to spend so much time defending your motives and information, when it seems to me you have a genuine desire to help others. You have saved me hours of work with the information you have been kind enough to provide. If I feel like you ever inadvertently provide information I think is incorrect, I will do research on it my self, instead of attacking you personally. However, you seem to be very meticulous and careful about what you pass onto others and I appreciate it. I am new to your blog and love it. Can’t wait to tell my daughters about it. Best of luck to you and your family. Please keep up the good work.

  51. Hi Adrienne!

    Thank you so much for your thorough blog about EO’s. After doing some research on another EO company I stumbled upon your site. I have read every detail of your 7 part series. I won’t give time or attention to people who are undeserving of it so I will not write about the ignorant individuals who attacked you and your intentions. However I am impressed with your tenacity and desire to defend your integrity.

    I had been introduced to YL last year by a friend. I was battling a bout of my severe asthma compounded by allergies and a sinus infection. I live in NY’s Hudson Valley where it is beautiful but considered a bad place to live if you have allergies. I have repeatedly been tested and was positive for multiple tree and grass allergies, cat, dog, pork, dust, dander etc. Though I own 3 dogs and will NEVER get rid of them, they were the least of my problems.

    I was so sick that I was depressed and emotional. I couldn’t speak without coughing and never slept through the night without coughing fits. I had very little social interaction because of my condition. Not mention that I have head to toe arthritis, TMJ, neuralgia, chronic sinusitis, GERD, Fibromyalgia, nerve damage to my lower back, knee and wrist and multiple herniated discs throughout my spine, on top of my lung issues.

    Living on inhalers and prednisone my friend offered me samples of her YL products to try. I am a natural born skeptic but I was so completely desperate that I was willing to give it a try. She gave me lemon, lavender, peppermint and RC blend and I put in my own order for a supply of each.

    I was so sick that I needed immediate relief and really had no patience for the regimen of applying the 3 oils periodically here, there and everywhere. BUT I LOVED the way the lemon tasted in my water. Yes, I did ingest it by putting 2 drops in a 16 oz glass of water. I stuck with that pretty much every day.

    After about 1 month or so I went back to my allergist. I was feeling pretty good. I told him what I had been doing with the lemon oil. He did a skin test of 100 allergens. After 20 minutes I was curious to see if I had 10 new ones or how bad my current ones had gotten. When the nurse read them she said I only had one. Huh? I though she must have made a mistake. She called the doctor in and he also felt that the results couldn’t be accurate so he did a blood test. I patiently waited for the results and surprise!!!! I had only an allergy to cat and dog and the dog level wasn’t overly concerning.

    Of course my doctor cannot attest that the lemon oil regimen that I was following was the reason, but I knew it was. I have these test results as my testimony. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a different person because of the oils. By the way, I have opened up and began to use more of the oils in my day to day routines. I diffuse (which I love), I use the oils topically and make my own blends. I have been educating myself further in the use of EO. I have some education in Nutrition and now wish to attend classes to become a Certified and Registered Aromatherapist.

    I am part of the YL family but not for the reason of being a sales rep. If I could help someone through my experiences, then fabulous! I am open to other reputable companies. I am disabled and have a fixed income so if I could find more bang for my essential buck then that’s even better! I had found a company by the name of Fabulous Frannie that has incredible prices but what is their reputation and quality of their product? $4.00 for 10ml Lemon, $4.25 for Thyme. Hmmm?? Too good to be true probably applies but one never knows until they investigate. Funny, my mom tells me I could be a private investigator. :)

    So once again, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day and days on end to share your info with all of us, I am an appreciative fan.


  52. I am newly researching EOs and have been asked by both doTERRA and YL reps to join their teams, your blogs have convinced me to not do so, thank you!!!

    • Well, that wan’t my intention – merely to show what conclusions I came to for my family, but I hope this has helped you and that you enjoy the oils from Native American if you choose to buy them. I will be posting more about them in the near future.

      • I admire your courage and boldness in all of the research you have done here. HOWEVER, have you considered the people you are hurting? I am a doTERRA wellness advocate and absolutely love their oils! I love what they’ve done for our family; they have made us healthier in so many ways. So, okay, not everyone is going to resonate with doTERRA. They are obviously not your first choice. But do you see that in you posting such information (not talking about what is scientifically based or evidence based- that is totally different) such as your personal opinions or personal feelings or personal conversations, etc. now makes it a public matter? People trust you and take what you have to say as GOLD and for good reason! You are amazingly intelligent and an extremely hard worker! I’m seriously so impressed by the amount of time and work you put into all of this! But, to be honest, it’s frustrating and saddening as well because I see all of these comments by people saying that they were considering doTERRA but not anymore. First of all, what communications happened between you & Dr. Pappas is a personal matter and there are 2 sides to every story. We heard all of yours and pieces of his. (Fair enough, as this is your blog after all). But that has nothing to do with doTERRA. Even if he has spoken at their convention or has done analysis for their oils, he does not work with the company… he is not a doTERRA leader or representative. I don’t think the way he spoke about you towards the end was kind or called for at all, but I can see that he was obviously frustrated by not understanding what was going on. And yes, maybe he took it too personally, which he admitted, but I don’t think making a whole blog post about it was appropriate either. I know you are only trying to be helpful but consider those you harmed that are only trying to help others as you are. I am a mom of 2 and spreading my love for essential oils is how I happen to make money because I can do it while being home with my kids. But if people do a Google search for “best essential oil company”, guess what pops up? THIS. And then they get to this section and go, “Oh, doTERRA is a bad company because they are employing this guy who is not nice!” Do you see that maybe though you feel like you are being helpful by posting this, it really is unnecessary and unrelated to doTERRA as an essential oil company? I felt that every response you received directly from doTERRA was very kind and cordial. Again, I am sorry that your conversation with Dr. Pappas was not a pleasant one. But please consider keeping this a separate matter from doTERRA as an essential oil company and what they offer as far as quality, integrity, purity, & value. If Dr. Pappas was a leader in doTERRA’s business, I could see how this would be relevant. But because he actually works independently, this really isn’t doTERRA related and it greatly hurts their business as well as the income of many families just like mine. I know you think your opinion is small and your blog is just one blog out of many, but please try to understand the damage you are capable of when you put information out there like this. Thanks for your time!

        • Hi Liz. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate the things you said to encourage me. I don’t, however, believe that I have hurt people by this. I am glad you have found oils that have helped your family, but what I wrote wasn’t about resonating — it was about a company that didn’t give me the information I needed (on why their peppermint smells the way it does) and a concern about distillations. I don’t think that everyone takes what I say as “GOLD” or some of the doTERRA and Young Living reps I know wouldn’t be making the amount of money they are. I saw a blogger recently post her new ranking and when I looked up her income she is making likely $499K per year. Obviously many people don’t think what I said or wrote influences their decisions.

          As for Mr. Pappas, the things that I wrote were mainly not things that happened as communications between us — they were things being said about me on his Facebook page — and they were extremely hurtful and inaccurate. So what I decided what the best to do was to bring them out in the open so people could see how I was being attacked for writing what I did.

          I know that he spoke at a convention (I watched part of the speech this morning) and that he was a third party tester for their oils. I think if you watch this video from their 2014 convention in which you will see that Pappas and doTERRA were definitely solidly connected, to the point that one of the founding executives, Emily Wright, is literally crying on stage introducing him. In her words, “This is the man that oversees the quality of doTERRA’s oils and I am so grateful because we would not be the company we are today — we would not have the quality oils we have today — we would not have the partnerships with growers that we have today — if it wasn’t for this man…..”

          I guess it sounds like you are upset b/c when people are searching “best essential oils” that my post comes up. That is determined by Google and not by me. And it wasn’t always the case. For some reason Google has determined that my series is of value. I didn’t state (that I recall) that I said anything about doTERRA not being a good company b/c they employ Pappas and I don’t think that I said that they were employing him.

          I didn’t say that any of the correspondence that I received from doTERRA was anything but cordial. The reps were always pleasant and so were the reps at Young Living. There were customer service reps at some of the other companies that I called that weren’t, but that isn’t how I made my decision. And like I said, it wasn’t really a conversation w/ Mr. Pappas — it was how he dealt with me on his Facebook page and how his followers did the same and he allowed it.

          I personally think, from what I see, that NAN and RMO are a better value than doTERRA and that is what I was hoping to find. And I think that that was the main point of my series–Pappas and his followers created the diversion and I felt I needed to deal with it.

          I completely understand how you feel, but do you see how Pappas and his followers tried to hurt my business and my family? I think that was a really big deal. And that is what I was trying to deal with — not trying to discredit doTERRA because of the treatment I received.

          I hope that helps you understand. If you have anything else you would like to say please do so. Thanks.

  53. Concerned Outsider says:

    I am not involved in the Essential Oils world, but I googled Dr. Robert Pappas after a horrible experience with him as a guest of mine using AirBNB and found this page.

    He was arrogant, tried to take advantage of me, and all because the weather wasn’t nice enough for him and his family to come to Nashville. Luckily his daughter and friends still came, but he ended up leaving a negative review anyway even-though he said his daughter had a great time. (the used condoms left on the night stand, wearing my clothes and shoes, and other disrespectful actions topped it off nicely)

    This dishonesty most likely carries over to his business dealings, and I wouldn’t trust a word that comes out of his mouth. He feels entitled and doesn’t think rules apply to him. Dr. Pappas obviously has had success in this subject matter but I would caution to rely solely on his advice.

  54. I, too, appreciate all the research you have done. I was in the process of doing my own when I came across your blog. I am a self-proclaimed “research junkie.” My daughter had a food allergy as a child and my husband had fibromyalgia. Both were overcome as a result of research into dietary changes and natural healing remedies. I am a firm believer.
    I was considering doTerra as a source for essential oils. But both your research and the unethical and unprofessional behavior of Pappas have caused me to change my mind. My decision is not firm yet until I feel I have done enough research to satisfy me but you have made my job much easier. Thank you!

  55. Elizabeth says:

    Is it odd that Dr. Robert Pappas is asserting himself so much in your blog posts when reps from the companies themselves are not. I’m sure if you were leaning towards doTerra as the best company there would be no issue. I am just starting out in the essential oil world and wanted to thank you for all the great non biased information you have provided. I skipped ahead and read that you recommended Native American Nutrionals. Just curious why Rose Mountain Herbs didn’t earn the spot, from what i have seen so far their company seems to be pretty good. Thanks again!

    • Hi there. Well, I don’t know about the reps – maybe there were a few, but mainly I think it seems they just left. I sadly had some friends who are reps whom I haven’t heard from since I published this series. I just had to do what I had to do. As for MRH, well, I walked away when I called them and they said that they didn’t recommend using their oils internally due to their not being produced in a food grade facility. I didn’t look any further due to that and my finding Native American Nutritionals and really liking what I found. I didn’t realize when I started the series how many oils companies there were and soon realized that there was no way that I could evaluate every company – you know?

      Later (a long time later) I called them again and they said that wasn’t the case about the internal use recommendation- that it was for safety reasons. Anyhow, I had already made my decision. Now that I have revisited the issue, here is my thinking. They are an herbs company and oils are not their specialty. Their oils might be fine but here’s a question for you to consider – would you expect them to be stellar producers of essential oils?

      I do like the assortment of spices and herbs that they have but I prefer Frontier spices typically so I am sticking w/ NAN / RMO for essential oils. They have amazing knowledge and experience – Mr. Dean has been in the industry for many many years. I am just overwhelmed w/ the answers that I get to my questions for them – they are a great resource.

      I do have an order ready for MRH but it’s to get things I really can’t easily get elsewhere – ajwain (from this post) http://wholenewmom.com/recipes/ajwain-and-epazote/ and other things. I do think their assortment is unsurpassed in many ways and that’s why I still love them.

      I hope that helps :).

      I hope that helps. I am not saying they aren’t a good company but I have great confidence in NAN / RMO and their know how about the oils industry and oil quality.

      Does that help?

  56. Great post! Kudos to you for tactfully defending yourself, and thanks a bunch for all the research so I didn’t have to do it myself! Haha! Keep it up. :]

  57. Holy crap. I have fallen down the rabbit hole of EO. I started out several hours ago reading a post about EO, then went searching on the internet, then found your posts. This is all so confusing, I may want nothing to do with EO. :)
    In all seriousness, I appreciate you doing the research and taking the heat for it. It is hard to believe this is such a touchy subject. Your research has given me a good starting point. I was considering both YL and doTerra. Now I will be looking beyond those companies to make my own decisions.
    Keep up your diligent work and don’t let the haters take you down! Your voice and your opinion matter regardless of who agrees or disagrees with it.
    All the best,

    • Hi there. I hear you about the rabbit hole. I have readers asking almost every day if I have checked XYZ company and why I did or didn’t like them. There are so many companies and most of them are selling the same thing as everyone else. I don’t have gobs of time but happy to help if I can. Take care!! (were you able to read the final post?)

      This might interest you as well: http://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/essential-oils/ Take care!

  58. Tami Hajcak says:

    I’m just wondering if you’ve tried and what your opinion is of essential oils by NOW foods? I’ve been buying oils from Native American Nutritionals but I’m not seeing they sell oils in a larger quantity than 15ml.
    Thank you for research!

  59. Sorry you caught so much grief but I am deeply grateful that you put the time and effort into this project. I am an unrelenting researcher as well and had just started learning about essential oils, and I appreciate that your efforts have saved me time and probably money.

    I wish I had found your site before I ordered several bottles from Starwest Botanicals. I realize you are not able to elaborate but are you willing and able to indicate whether that was a company you researched and if so, can you recommend?

    Don’t let the negativity get to you. You have done good here.

  60. chrissy says:

    I would like to say….thank you for an unbiased review of oils. I want to use what is best for my family, but the cost of these MLM oils are hard to swallow and have been wondering about some of the more affordable brands. I haven’t read your last post yet, but I wanted to comment on this one saying thank you. Haters will hate…..and obviously you have a very hateful follower. Sounds like, instead of stating his OPINION in a respectful way, he has used hate to and vomit to try to discredit you, instead. The only thing that does is discredit him. Again…thank you. I am now on to post #7.

    • Thank you so much – I really appreciate the encouragement. I would love to hear what you think when you’re all done and hope to see you around again.

  61. Wow, I found you last year and enjoyed your EO posts. I am curious, though why these big companies have such an issue with us little bloggers. My attitude is if they have such issues then maybe it is because darkness is being brought in to the light.. Besides that, I am kind of shocked how unbelievably childish this PHD is. I am actually embarrassed for him. Why does he care so much about your blog? Does he think that the mamas out there are so dull and stupid that we are incapable of making educated choices? It is sad for sure. Mostly, because I know what that can do to a person. I know how hard it can be when you are out there trying to help and educate and then someone runs your name through the dark, damp, mud! I used to be a leader on a forum for vaccines and boy did I face some hard times. So much so, that it was no longer worth it for me to continue. The stress can get to you. I pray that God will give you wisdom and that if this is to continue for you that he will also give you strength. As for me, it was time to move on from being slammed day in and day out. :)

    • Thanks for commenting, Audy. The vaccine topic — wow, that’s a hot one, isn’t it? Unbelievable right now and yes, the stress can be terrible. I have to evaluate that myself too and that was hard in the midst of writing that series. I didn’t know how to handle it. Thank you so much for your prayers. There are more controversial things that I would like to write about (not that I thought oils would be that controversial) but sometimes I am not sure it’s worth it. Take care!

  62. Hi Adrienne,

    I applaud you for taking the time to stand up to the bullies! Though I’m not sure you can ever come out on top when you are dealing with that type of mentality.

    And I am very greatful for the time and effort you put in to be able to make an unbiased, educated recommendation. I am just starting to learn about EOs and want to use them to advance the healing process from multiple autoimmune disorders. I too am on a limited budget but am willing to spend a reasonable amount for high quality where my health is concerned.

    Social media seems to bring out the worst in people, often saying electronically what they might think twice about saying in person. I think it’s just too easy to hit send in an emotional moment. Unfortunately, bad behavior breeds more bad behavior. I hope you don’t let them deter you from the great service you offer to many.

    Thank you!

  63. emi emery says:

    Wow, You got girl, I just read your blog for the first time. I just found out about essential oils and bought doterra starter kit… but was being skeptical so I was researching online. I’m glad I read your blog and I’m so proud of you for doing the research and went this deep (even with so many people attacking you in comments and what not). In Japan, there’s a saying, the nail that’s sticking out gets pounded. (could be taken positive or negative) but what I’m saying is it is expected to get all the nasty comments when you put yourself out there. But what you are doing is amazing and I love the way you write it. I’m from Japan and saw your credentials and got even more interested! Keep up what you are doing! It made my night.

    • Hi Emi. I used to live in Japan – for a year, that is. I remember that saying! (Well, now I guess I see that you knew that. I started typing while reading your comment :).) Hajimemashite gozaimasu!

  64. I stumbled upon your blog many months (years?) ago while researching the best EO. I, too, wanted to know which ones to go with. So many decisions, so expensive, if I was going to do it I wanted it to be worth my hard-earned money… I LOVE researching too, but usually get side tracked by life along the way and have to quit for awhile. Anyway, here I am back at my EO research and once again, I find myself back here. I didn’t appreciate all your effort the first time, or at least I appreciate it a lot more now. Thank you for doing the research and hopefully your research, along with mine, will aid me in finally making a decision about what EO company to use for my family. I cannot believe you took so much abuse over this subject. On the other hand, the more blog posts I read, the more I am astounded at some of the comments made by people. I once considered becoming a blogger, but reading all the hate mail you get has made me decide against it. :)
    Thanks again for all your hard work. I love your site and get lots of helpful info from you.

    • Hi there. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I know — the comments are sometimes just ridiculous. There are some in my moderating section that are worse. Gotta figure out what to do about them…..hope to see you around again :).

  65. tatiana percival says:

    I have enjoyed your blog and I have learned a great deal (although I am still not sure which oils to go with!) I think this Pappas guy needs to settle down. He seriously sounds like he is in the 5th grade. You have always said that you are not an expert and are just telling every one what you have found in your research. I say keep on going and just pass him by!
    Thanks for what you do!

    • Hi Tatiana. Thanks for the kind words.

      I would be happy to help if I can in your decision — I know there are a lot of them out there. It gets completely overwhelming. Hope to see you around again!

  66. Thank you so much for putting in so much time, effort and research into this topic!!! I am searching for the best oils for my family! I am excited to read the next chapter!

  67. elizabeth keith says:

    you quite simply rock, ma’am. snarky behavior is unprofessional and by doing and saying things on social media, they quite discredit themselves. i am new to oils. stumbled upon this by grace of the great god google.
    you are exactly the level headed, fair play, put your cards on the table sir kind of professional layman tht many of us appreciate. when i started to look as a reference only on ebay and amazon my head grew two sizes bigger and ‘sploded. the companies bargain on inexperienced consumers spending money on things they won’t use and then on to the next thing, more money and etc. ad infinitum. i thrive on education. recommended to me was Ortho ease. already in a carrier oil, personal testimony to substantiate claims..
    i’m going to explore more with you as guidance :)
    btw, my foray into the worlds of oils was menopause. my skin fell apart. i had already started reducing ingredient lists on other products, but lotion and creams were not one of them. i took the plunge and started using common oils with coconut all over and especially my face. very good response. i no longer use any manufactured products purported to ‘reduce aging’ to ‘moisturize’ etc. so thanks for bearing with me and carry on. i’m here for the ride!!!!!! you show yourself to be a workman well approved, too. :)

    • Hi there and thanks for your kind comment! So glad to have you around and hope to hear from you again. I feel undeserving of your comment about being a “workman well approved” but I know where that comes from and am humbly honored by it. Blessings!

  68. Wow!!! Did not realize you went through this whole persecution mess. I too was on a quest for the best oil company for me and my family being a brand new oil user, when I stumbled across your blog about a year ago. I started buying Native American Nutritionals because of your blog posts and announcement. After reading your announcement, I began to check NAN out for myself. I love, love, love their products and I now starting to teach others about the use of oils for health benefits. Maybe most people are like me, I don’t know, but I never read the comments sections of blogs!!! I realize people always have their opinions and some are not very nice, so I read the article, I investigate on my own, and I make my own decisions and I never, never read the comments!!! Keep up the good work, I so appreciate your help and assist in helping my research for a more healthy lifestyle!!!!

  69. Are all the essential oils from Native American Nutritionals therapeutic grade?

  70. I am relatively new to the EO world and I thank you for the amazing amount of information you have supplied. I love to research myself and it seems to me you have done your due diligence. In my humble opinion, the love tank of some of your nay sayers may be low and pride high on the meter. You are gifted with grace. Please continue to keep us informed, as time permits, on the wonderful benefits of essential oils!

    Terese Belme

  71. Hi, I just joined your email list before I read this post. All I can say is, “wow” – the extent to which someone tries to intimidate you is astounding. I know I’m late in the conversation and I hope things are much more peaceful for you now, but it’s pretty obvious that this Dr. Pappas was trying to use “techno-babble” on you. A lot of MLM companies try to do that. I’ve been involved in MLM health before (not essential oils) and all the marketing videos is basically spewing disinformation to make you feel dumb, so that you’d be pressure to buy so you can get in in and on with the “smart people” you think are on the other side. It’s a common marketing tactic… and the reason why I”m not in MLM anymore!

    I’ll bet this Dr. Pappas is not a doctor or chemist, but a lawyer hired as an internet cop. Did you look up his credentials to see if he is really who he says he is? You really didn’t need to provide yours – your research and information is so good I never questioned it!

    • Hi Amy. Well, thanks for your oh-so-kind words. I think some MLMs have valid info, but others you need to watch. Mr. Pappas is a chemist. I’ve seen his vitae. One of his followers forwarded his vitae to me. But I disagree with some of his arguments. He forwarded me a comment (not published yet) that basically said since I haven’t visited a peppermint field I can’t know what I am talking about. I disagree. I’d like to see one, but that doesn’t mean I can’t know about truth. Thanks!

  72. I appreciated your articles, thank you for sharing. What are your thoughts on Plant Therapy as an essential oil provider?

  73. Just wanted to weigh in with my humble opinion of your blog. As someone very new to the world of essential oils I was quickly becoming confused as to how to choose a quality, therapeutically effective essential oil at a reasonable price so I did a search to that effect and found your blog. I am not so well educated (high-school dropout) or intelligent as you so I appreciate the hard work and expense you have gone to in your search to answer this question for yourself and us. I have been looking at one called Organic Infusions and would love to know your opinion of them.
    I have had a little experience with MLM and can’t help but believe that you can not get the best value for your money through them. That is not to say that they are not quality products, just that you pay more than you should for their products.

  74. Your information is MUCH appreciated and very helpful. My sister recently told be about a company “Barefut”. Have you come across any information about them since doing this series?

  75. I just want to say thank you for this post and its related series. I am usually against MLMs of ANY kind, but thought it might be nice to have access to “higher quality” essential oils and this kind of drama just isn’t worth it. I’ll be sticking with my Mountain Rose Herbs :)

    Also, Social Media is toxic. You seem to be doing such an amazing job of creating a holistic lifestyle for your family and providing helpful information to others…you shouldn’t even let the rude and hateful cowards hidden behind a computer screen have a voice. I am Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever other social meda-FREE and it is wonderful. I highly recommend people give it a chance.

    Thanks, again! Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi there. I don’t think that all MLMs are a problem but some are just way overpriced and their products are either not excellent, or are easily gotten elsewhere. I agree with you that social media can be a big problem. It can be a great tool, but not always is it used the right way. I am trying to do what I can here and am trying out new things all the time.

      Hard to know whether to just delete or approve and reply. Right now I approve most and reply as I think it is good to get it out in the open and show that I am willing to be corrected. Thanks and hope to see you around again!

  76. I’m still hanging in with the series and I’m loving it! Sorry you had to deal with all the headaches.

  77. Thanks for your thorough research Adrienne! I bought a bunch of Native American Nutritionals oils but then got a really bad rash when I tried their Thieves equivalent on my feet. It happened twice, so I know it wasn’t a fluke. So I went back to Young Living, since I’d used their oils before and never had any sort of rash from them. I may be allergic to some part of that oil, I’m not sure. I’m always open to looking into new companies that may be doing things more ethically…I know Young Living is not perfect, but I believe they Do put a lot of effort into research and into delivering a quality product. Doterra has had to try to make a name for itself in an industry where their main competitor is well known and trusted by many, so it’s not surprising that they resort to scathing, blaming claims about Young Living, it’s founder, and anyone who shows they’re less than perfect (like you have done). I’m interested in learning about distilling essential oils, so I may get that book you suggested :). Thanks again

    • Hi Vasi. Sorry for your trouble. I asked and got this response from NAN:

      Allergic reaction to immune strength, this happens to people on occasion. I wouldn’t say it is common, but our Immune Strength is much stronger than the YL thieves, it contains a large amount of Cinnamon bark, plus oregano, and thyme, all of which can be “hot” oils. This makes it a powerful immune fighter as well, but the downside is that it contains many hot oils. So someone with sensitive skin may have a reaction to it, and a rash would be the most common reaction to an oil. Also, our ingredients for immune strength are almost nothing like the ones for thieves. They fulfill the same purpose but the recipes are not even remotely similar. So it is possible she is interacting with an oil she is allergic or sensitive to something that does not exist in THieves.

      Suggestions: dilute immune strength. Start at maybe 5-10% oil with the rest Carrier oil. The other suggestion would be to use flu time which is similar but less harsh and better for people with sensitive skin or children.

      I will add that the book at the bottom of this post looks GREAT! http://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/are-essential-oils-a-scam-a-skeptical-look-at-thieves-oil/

  78. any chance you have a post that puts together all the books you recommend for essential oils? I feel like the more research I do online the more confused I am lol

  79. Where is it stated that the University of Virginia is among the top 15 schools in America? It’s not even among the top 100.

  80. I take that back! It’s ranked number 36! I apologize!

  81. Katie Haley says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of your blog posts, I have a small essential oil company which I have run for 15 years, educating people when not too many knew about it. Many of us in the business don’t take YL or DoTerra very seriously for a multitude of reasons, however I believe in the power of Mother Nature and the aromatic plants are gifts for us. In the end as long as we find and cherish them, that’s all the matters. Thanks for taking a good look and informing others to do the same. Wishing you and your children health & happiness.

  82. I just came across all this great information. I am a complete skeptic that started using YL oils about a month ago with some excellent results. I appreciate all this work and research and am appalled at the treatment you received. Knowledge is power! Keep up the good work!!

  83. I recently signed up with one of the companies you reviewed and just now found your blog. I found your review to be objective and full of good information. I was amazed at the negative comments in your post for Part 6. I hope my comment will be an encouragement to you. Thanks for sharing all that you learned!

  84. Hi. WOW ! I just now stumbled onto this about EO’s……… I am with Doterra but DO NOT sell it. I only use it for me and my family. The oils are too costly to share with others (unless they buy) and I don’t have any interest in making a profit off of people’s health. I don’t feel qualified for this either. I get lots of pressure to “sell” but refuse. I also HATE MLM type companies and DT is one of them. That is ME though. Oh- I also found another VERY reputable company to order oils from- GOOD oils that isn’t an MLM, just so you know.
    Anyway, I don’t have time to read all of your “posts” WOW ! I am blown away just by the ONE I shimmed……So, which oils ARE the best ? Please tell me there is a simple answer and if Doterra is “bad” in your opinion ? TIA

    • Hi there. I hope you got to the end…. I don’t mind all MLMs, but I don’t care for the oils ones. http://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/natural-remedies/announcing-the-best-essential-oils-company-and-a-great-sale/

      • I need to figure out how to read until the end. :) As for your personal attacks……Sorry. No one deserves that just for sharing their opinions and facts with others BUT……I’m not surprised either. Again, I’m with Doterra oils and HATE the fact they are an MLM type company. Really, I do. I don’t “feed” into all their classes either. I guess one could say I’m not all that informed about them ? This is one reason I refuse to sell them. Anyway, I do hope I can find your conclusion soon. :) Blessings to you and THANKS for all you do !
        Oh- about the Lymes……..This comes from TICKS. Malaria comes from mosquitoes. :) I do research some things- NOT in any detail as you but I’ve never heard of mosquitoes carrying Lymes ?………..yet. LOL

        • Hi there. I don’t mind all MLMs but I couldn’t work w/ the oils ones. Did you find the final post :)?

          As for mosquitoes, it’s something a lot of blogger friends have been talking about and I do think some of their practitioners have been talking about. It makes sense – if it’s blood born and the mosquito bites a deer, then the Lyme virus is in there, right?

  85. You did a whole series and chose native American nutritionals as the best oil company. But I see you are promoting Ava Anderson products and they have their own essential oil line. What is your feeling on their essential oils?

    • HI Chris – Ava doesn’t really have their own EO line. They just have a hostess gift set. I have done some research into their oils, but not as extensive as what I did w/ RMO / NAN. So far, they seem to be quite good and I did get the set for myself about 1 month ago. I think that Ava is particular about ingredients and I am confident using them. From the retail pricing that they put on the hostess gift, it appears that they have a higher price point than NAN / RMO do. I hope that helps. I do really like Ava’s products — a lot. If you’re interested in anything at all I would be more than happy to help with any product questions or help you regarding the business opportunity. I’ll shoot you an email as well so you have direct access to me. Take care.

  86. Thank you thank you thank you for all the unbiased leg work! i own a wellness center and do not like MLM because in a medical practice it is less professional so I’m ordering most of my oils from Native American. Again, thank you!

  87. I just have to thank Robert Pappas for helping me understand the business better… and eliminate doTerra definitelly from my list even though my very best friend is a rep.

  88. I am interested in this troubling comment… could you approve it so we all could see it? I have ordered from Heritage and would love to hear if there are some issues with them… Thanks!

  89. It was posted. Just send another comment if you can’t find it. :).

  90. So sorry! I cannot find it. :(

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