The Great Essential Oils Showdown – Troubles in the Essential Oils Industry – Part 3

Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!

We’re back with Part 3 of the search for the Best Essential Oils Company.

After writing Which Essential Oils Company is Best – Part One (basically, where this whole thing started) and Which EO Company is Best – Part 2 (where I outline what you should be looking for in a company), I thought that I should share how I came to find “the best essential oils company”.

Come along for the investigative adventure with me…..

Now, of course, I am only one person.  And a homeschooling mom who is battling adrenal fatigue.

And one of my kids has Aspergers’s (See The Best Autism Therapy) and life-threatening food allergies (see Food Allergies and Eczema – a Healing Story) and the other has dyslexia.

Let’s just say I am busy.

If I were only studying essential oils full time, I could possibly check out every essential oils company on the market and get back to you with a list of all of them in order of preference.

Would be nice, huh?

Well, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started, but if you go back and skim through the comments on Part One and Part Two, you will see that there are LOADS of essential oils companies out there.

Even for my intensely investigative mind, there needs to be an end.

At some point, I needed to be “OK with a super good, reasonably priced company” and call it a day.

That’s what I think I have and this is how I got there.

How I Chose “The Best Essential Oils Company”

All of these events kind of converge with each other, so bear with me.  It will all iron out in the end.

1.  Young Living

Here’s where it started.  You can read my post on A Skeptic Looks at Thieves Oil to see that I really thought that EO’s (as they are referred to in the oils world) were a bunch of baloney.

I finally tried them and became a fast believer.  Check out Peppermint, Wintergreen, and More to see how well they worked.

I wasn’t thrilled with some of the things that I’d read about Young Living’s Founder, Gary Young, but I spoke with a number of people about it (including one previous skeptic at Young Living) and felt that if the products were good, then I could deal with the negative.  The information in this document was particularly disconcerting to me, but then again, the author of Quackwatch pretty much has nothing good to say about any alternative modality of healing so I didn’t want to put too much stock in his words.  In fact, it appears that Mr. Barrett (the author) seems to have issue in his past to deal with as well, including ties to the FDA (from my post on “Probiotics are Dangerous! Arsenic is Safe!” you can see that the FDA isn’t really kind to “alternative” companies.

Anyway, after sharing my Young Living posts with you all, I read through all of the comments and started talking with other companies.  I just felt that I owed it to my family, and my readers, to look into other companies more.

Little did I know that the fun had only just begun :-).

I started contacting numerous companies based on those mentioned in the comments on my oils posts.

2.  doTERRA

One of the first things I did was to contact a rep from doTERRA (one of the commenters on my Best Essential Oils post) and after asking a ton of questions (really – a TON), and doing a little investigating into some of the other non-multi-level companies, I decided to take the plunge and buy a starter kit (Yes, I have spent a LOAD of money on oils).  To this doTERRA rep’s credit, she was very much “not pushy” about doTERRA and I had to even ask her if she was a rep or not.  That meant a LOT to me.  I NOT into pushy salespeople.

My first thought–their oils smelled AMAZING.  My youngest son always wanted to smell them, particularly the peppermint.  In fact, as I walked down this path, he was always asking voting for doTERRA as being the best essential oils company.  :-).

I used their oils some, but didn’t know what to think.

After awhile, I thought I’d dive in and commit to using only doTERRA oils for a bit to see what results I would get.

Some OK results and some really great ones too.

a.  A leg / groin injury.  I tried to heal this with YL’s oils for months, but it never went completely away.  doTERRA’s lemongrass and peppermint took it away.
b.  Sleep – no apparent help from either lavender or vetiver.  Sad, tired mom.
c.  Oregano – really helped with warts, but we didn’t use it long enough to get rid of them
d.  Frankincense – husband had what looked like a precancerous spot on his back and this healed it up quickly.
e.  On Guard – I never really felt that this had the same “punch” that YL’s Thieves did.
f.  Slim and Sassy – tastes great (with stevia in water), but no weight loss here.  I’m not really heavy, but would love to drop about 2-4 pounds.
g.  Allergies – no help there either with peppermint, lavender and lemon.

I do really like their educational support from reps and their company.

3.  Troubles with the Oils Industry

I contacted other companies, and went on literally a heap of essential oil company’s sites. Then, during my investigations, I ended up being asked by a company to help them choose an essential oils supplier (crazy, huh?) so I got to try out another company’s oils (for free this time) and found out more and more about oils along the way.

 As all of my testing of doTERRA and Young Living was going on, I started looking at other oils companies and talking with folks in the industry.
This is where it gets really interesting.  I don’t have documentation for all of this but here is some of the “dark side” to the essential oils industry.

– Some of the companies actually distill at high pressure and high temperature to get more oil out faster, despite it being widely known in the oils industry that low temperature and low pressure is the way to do it.

Oils are adulterated.  With chemicals, fragrances or cheaper oil.  I heard from one source that CODEX allows for oils to be labeled “pure” with only 3% of the pure oil in the bottle.  I couldn’t get documentation for that, but I can see it being true.  You’ve seen those bottles labeled “pure vanilla extract” that have a lot of alcohol and sugar in them as well, right?  The vanilla part is pure but there’s other stuff in that bottle.  One oil company owner told me he once tested a health food store brand that was labeled “pure” but it tested with 75% propylene glycol.

Basically, if the price seems too good to be true, it likely is.

False certificates – One oil company owner told me that he had sold small amounts of 2 varieties of an oil to a smaller company.  They asked for the certification of the more expensive oil, apparently for “verification”.  Later, they ordered a large amount of the less expensive oil to sell to their customers.  The first company’s owner later visited the buyer’s site and saw that the company had posted the certificate for the more expensive oil alongside the info for the “cheaper” oil they had just purchased from him.  Ugh!

Just because there is a certificate doesn’t mean that is what is being sold.

“Complete distillations” or “redistillation” vs “first distillations”.  While there is no official standard for how oils are distilled, here is very interesting information showing how one gets a “candy cane-like” smell when distilling peppermint oil.  Apparently if you distill it at a higher temperature or pressure, or redistill, you get this same “candy”-like smell.  I will refer to this later.

– I have also heard about oils being reheated to make them smell more palatable.  Remember we said “low temperature”?

Chemical Solvents – Some companies are distilling with solvents.  No more chemical nasties, right?  Ick.  There are a few exceptions, but very few.  You want steam distilled oils only otherwise.

Safety violations – There are some companies without good reputations in this arena as well.  I will talk about this next time as well.

I could go on, but again, you can see that this is a murky industry.  Kind of like the modern-day food industry.

More about other companies (and more on YL and doTERRA) in my next post, Best Essential Oils – Part 4.  Hang with me–the end is near :-).

Please note – some of the following links are affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase I might make a commission. Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.

There is sooo much to learn about essential oils. If your appetite is whetted like mine is, you’ll want to grab this book.

I love using essential oils on my sons but I have a lot more to learn about what to use and how.  I love Valerie’s style so this book is next on my “to buy” list.

She doesn’t recommend using oils internally, which I am fine with (used with caution) just so you know.

Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child - Valerie Wormwood Essential Oils

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I’d love to hear your thoughts!  

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  1. Did you do research/experimenting with Eden’s Garden?? Can you give any feedback?

  2. I’m a little irritated that you go on this long winded explanation of the best essential oil company yet you don’t even give them a chance to really work. You even say you didn’t try them long enough to know. You try 1 or 2 oils for sleep or allergies and say whelp that was a wash. If you went to a Dr they would have 10s of medicines to try before saying whelp that was a wash. They also talk about consistency and how you take medicine. What would give you the impression that essential oils are different? Lavender is amazing for sleep AND it’s not for everyone. There are so many oils that are wonderful sleep did you try all of them? Not that you mention. I get that you were a skeptic and it sounds like you may still be one and that is this your journey. Congrats for you. I do not like seeing people giving out their journey as fact and that you somehow are an expert somehow. Also it would be nice of your investigator side to provide some of your findings not just your ramblings. There is ZERO source information aside from the name of a company. Something helped with a spot on your husbands back. Did you take before and afters? Those are really helpful when telling someone something worked. Give them an idea of what you are referring to. Also there are books that talk about the ingestion of oils you might want to try suggesting some of those. Not just that you think hey I think they are safe so be cautious and use your best judgement. Even with the most pure essential oils some are still not safe to be ingested. Check out Modern Essentials it’s a helpful book.

    • Hi there. I am sorry you are irritated with me. I am not sure what you mean about my not using them enough to let them work. I had success with many of the oils and many brands so perhaps you are mistaken.

      I wrote about it in parts of the series as well as in this post:

      and in this one:

      Of course I didn’t try all of the oils, but I am not sure why you think that is a problem.

      I am not a skeptic about oils working – in fact I use them daily. It is that I think that other things are great too.

      As for the before and afters of my husband’s back — I forgot. I was really worried about his back and was intent on getting it taken care of. That’s a common problem with bloggers….sometimes we forget to photograph what we realize later that we should have :).

      I have the Modern Essentials book but most of my readers wouldn’t be happy w/ it b/c it is geared so heavily towards doTERRA oils. That is the essence of most of the negative reviews on Amazon. People are looking for books that are helpful across many brands.

      If you have more concerns I am happy to address then but I do think that you misunderstood much of my writing. Thanks.

  3. It’s a little frustrating to follow the 3 articles and then get to the end and find you haven’t actually named the ones you found to be the best? It seems like just a trail of stuff you looked into but no actual final results or conclusions. Not sure what the point was? Did I miss something?

  4. Thoughts & Opinions of the ‘Plant Guru’ essential oils?
    I’m wanting to get a ginger, grapefruit, lemon, and maybe a cinnamon essential oils for weight loss. I know those are the best. I haven’t tried any company so far, but I did look into the YL and doTerra that you mentioned. I found Plant Guru, and was wondering if it is actually pure & organic. I googled review for people who’ve tried it and actually lost weight, but haven’t found any. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I’d love to hear!

    • Hi there. I really can’t comment on other companies b/c they can change what they do and I even got a threatening email regarding one of the companies I published a negative comment about (that comment wasn’t even from me). I don’t think that weight loss technique works and I think it’s way too much oils to be taking internally. These are strong things. I think that some of those companies recommend internal use so they sell more – that’s just my opinion. If they aren’t saying it’s organic it likely isn’t . They currently don’t have enough selection for me to look any further. Please read this report – it might give you more information about the company:

  5. Christopher says:

    My family can source essential oils from Madagascar. Please share with me what you learned about oils from Madagascar? Which companies source oils from Madagascar. What products, etc

    Thank you!

  6. Hi there, I think that all this information is fabulous, thank you!! I was wondering, you picture and mention many different types of oils, but I am not seeing a review of all of these companies. Did you try many of them out, or test similar products even by smell and the kleenix drop test? There are not as many options here in Canada and the ones I have been interested in are Eden’s Garden, Fabulous Frannie, Aura Cacia and Now.