Which Essential Oils Company is Best? Young Living and doTERRA – Part 4

Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM/direct sales oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!

Here we are again – moving toward finding the Best Essential Oils Company.

To clarify, what I’m after here is the Best Essential Oils Company for the money.

So you can work on natural healing without breaking the bank–and I think I’ve found a good one.

Just being realistic:

I’m one person looking into a bunch of companies–with some help.  So I’m leaving the door open to the possibility that I might be wrong.

I’ve had to admit I was wrong about things before.
–  My thinking that Lilla Rose Flexi Clips were a waste of money (see my “changed my mind Lilla Rose review” here).
– or saying my Natural Dishwasher Rinse Aid was a great idea.

We need to be willing to admit we were wrong.

Was I wrong about Young Living?  Remember my enthusiastic posts about their Thieves and Peppermint and Wintergreen?

Let’s find out.

Today I’m going to share what happened as I looked into the “heavy hitters” in the Essential Oils Industry–

(Oh, and if you are jumping in in the middle of all of this, here is a link to Part 3.)

Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM/direct sales oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!

Young Living and doTERRA.

If you’ve been looking into essential oils at all, chances are you have come across YL and DT.

You’ve had folks tell you “Young Living is the best!” or “doTERRA is the most pure”.

Or something like that.

I touched on some of these issues in Best Essential Oils Post – Part 1.  But here’s more.

First up–Young Living

Young Living Review

1.  Reputation and Ethics –  There are some pretty not-so-savory things on the internet about D. Gary Young.  Of course, the internet can be full of truths and lies.  But I still think these things are worth paying attention to.  Dr. Stephen Barrett has written a load of unsavory things about D. Gary Young.  In fact, this information is a lot of what gave me pause when I initially was looking into signing up with YL.  I mean, the Thieves Oil worked great for me, but I really didn’t like what I was reading.

Now, I do have my concerns about Mr. Barrett–mainly that he’s basically an “anti-alternative therapy” hound.  And I like alternative therapies.  Most of them, at least.

I personally am very concerned about abuses in the alternative medical field.  But I’m also concerned about abuses in Western medicine.

My family and I have been harmed by the practices of traditional Western medicine (overuse of anti-biotics, over-use of prescriptions meds, doctors misdiagnosing acid reflux, etc.).  In some cases, we’ve been healed despite what mainstream doctors told us to do.

I know there are abuses on both sides.  But Quackwatch appears to be just targeting everything alternative:  Chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese medicine….You name it.  If it’s alternative, it’s Barrett’s target.

I could go on and on about his site, but suffice it to say that I am not sure of all of Barrett’s accusations against Gary Young. (UPDATE – All comments by Mr. Barrett against Gary Young appear to have been removed so I can’t cite them any longer.)

However, his writings about Young Living and Gary Young leave something to ponder.  Moreso in light of what else I found…

2. OSHA Violations – I found this interesting entry referring to Young Living OSHA violations.  I didn’t find any by the other oils companies, although I didn’t look all of the essential oils companies up, of course.  That would take a long long time and I couldn’t find them all for sure.

Now, Young Living is the oldest oils company, so they’ve had more time for there to be violations, and all of the violations appear to be of the same incident.

Of course, OSHA violations don’t mean that a company is bad.  If they cleaned up their procedures correctly, then possibly their new procedures are better than ever.

3.  Non-Indigenous PlantsMany A good number (updated 4/2015) of Young Living’s farms are located in the U.S.  I think that’s fine for a company being more “in control” of their product, but not great if you follow conventional wisdom that plants grow best (and have the best therapeutic qualities) when they are grown in their indigenous locations (where they are supposed to grow naturally).

If you read through the comments of Best Essential Oils Parts 2 & 3, you’ll see that Young Living reps tout the fact that YL farms are in the U.S. as being an advantage–that it gives Young Living control over the whole process.  Maybe, but other companies like doTERRA and most of the other companies I’ve looked into have their oils sourced from wherever the plants grow naturally for higher quality.

4.  What’s That Smell?

You know I like testing things before recommending them to you, like in my:

Best Cinnamon Sugar and
Best Eye Makeup Remover posts.

Then you won’t be surprised to know that we did this with essential oils as well.

I purchased YL, doTERRA, Mountain Rose Herbs, Aura Cacia, and 2 other companies’ oils and did a little “Smell Challenge” with my not-so-specially-trained Smell Testing Panel (a.k.a. my family).


We had a blind smell test of 3-5 brands of the same oil.

In each instance, Young Living was singled out as having a chemical overtone.

Does that mean there were chemicals added?

Not necessarily of course, but we still didn’t care for it.

doTERRA Review

Besides buying the Young Living Starter Kit, I also bought a large kit of doTERRA’s oils to try them out against YL.  I asked doTERRA reps and corporate employees tons of questions, and I even used their oils exclusively for awhile.

One thing I really like about doTERRA is their educational resources — and also, their oils smell great.

But their great smell is part of what concerns me.

One thing I really don’t care for is that a lot of doTERRA reps (and corporate employees as well) say something like, “You’ll know it works by its smell.”

This from doTERRA’s website: “A 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil should have a balanced, broad fragrance profile and should smell crystal clean.”  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know what “crystal clean” means.

Before I go into more–I mentioned distillation techniques in one of my previous posts.  Basically, the going wisdom about essential oils is that you put the plant parts and water in a distiller and under low pressure and low temperature, you distill the essential oils out of the plant.

They travel down a tube and into a vat–along with the steam.  The oil collects on top of the water and is removed and–voila–you have essential oils.

The most coveted, and most expensive (and thought to be the most therapeutic) oil is that which is collected during the first part of the distillation period.  The resulting oil is called “first distilled.”
This “first distillation” only applies to a few oils – ylang ylang and peppermint, according to what I have learned.


doTERRA’s peppermint smells good enough to eat–as in “candy cane” good.

But that might be a problem.  Here’s why.

Most peppermint essential oils smell like the peppermint you find growing out in nature. Kind of herby and not really like a candy cane.

Candy-cane-smelling peppermint is apparently, according to several sources, possibly from a redistill.   The oils are either redistilled or some components are taken out to give the oil a clean pepperminty candy smell. (Source).

The other alternative is that someone did something else to the peppermint oil to reduce the herby smell.

This is exactly what doTERRA’s peppermint oils smell like.  So yummy, in fact, that if you have kiddos in the house, you’d best keep it out of arm’s reach.

Here is the response I got from doTERRA stating that their peppermint oil is a “complete distill”:

You can let her know that our Peppermint uses complete
distillation.  There is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and complete and we use complete.  (Source:  my email.)

So if in fact, the first distillation of peppermint oil is the most valuable, then their peppermint oil might not be top quality.

Update 8/16:

If there is truly no such thing as more than one distillation of peppermint, as many say, then why is doTERRA stating that there is a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and complete distillation of peppermint?  Possibly it was an error.

Please note, this whole topic is very confusing and I am digging into it more and am going to be adding more information to this series about it and/or addressing it again in another post.  You can read some information in later posts about why one chemist thinks that doTERRA’s peppermint mint smell this way.


doTERRA prides itself on selling the top of the line quality.  Their ylang ylang, however, is also a complete distillation.  Some may say that this is a matter of taste, but in the essential oils industry, the first distill of ylang ylang is more valued and therefore, a higher priced oil.  To their credit, doTERRA does call their ylang ylang a complete distill on their website.

Ylang Ylang first distill (which is referred to as “extra”) is typically considered to be the quality of oil that is most sought after / of highest therapeutic quality–not the complete distillation.


Thanks to Kitchen Stewardship, I realized that doTERRA doesn’t disclose all of the oils in this bug repellant blend.  I will say that we have used this to treat after bite itching (and my son likes it), but I think that not including ingredients on a label is not preferable. (UPDATE – doTERRA now discloses the ingredients of their Terra Shield blend. I’m glad they are doing that.)

What I think is troubling here is that doTERRA makes a lot of claims about their oils being the best–top quality.  And their prices sure reflect that.  I don’t think I would purchase complete, 2nd or 3rd distillation oil for more than other companies are selling 1st distill for–would you?

UPDATE 4/16: I will be updating this distillation information.

Of course, there are other things to think about–purity, etc.  So we’ll keep the conversation going and touch on other companies as well.

I hope this all makes sense.  If not—ask away.

Thanks for your patience!  This has been a long road, but I promise, we are nearing the end.


This isn’t necessarily a negative, but thought I should point it out since Frankincense is such a popular essential oil these days.

Most companies sell either just one variety of Frankincense Oil, or several varieties, but doTERRA’s Frankincense is, at least as of the date I am writing this addition to this post (Aug 2016), a blend of different varieties (source):

– carterii (typically the least expensive)
– serrata
– frereana

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UPDATE: 2/7/16:

What About Other Direct Sales Oils Companies?

I get asked all the time what I think about other direct sales essential oils companies.  And there are more and more of them coming out all the time….. including companies with other products at the forefront that are adding EOs to their product lines.

I looked at all of the Direct Sales Essential Oils companies (Ameo, Be Young…..) and didn’t want to go with any of them for numerous reasons.

Well, I still feel the same way, but I have found a company that meets my high standards — and they happen have a nice essential oils offering.

So, if you REALLY want to make money and have essential oils as a part of that, I highly recommend you check out Neal’s Yard Organics.

I’d heard of them before, and frankly, had “poo pooed” them – but only because I felt they didn’t have a large enough of a selection of oils. Well, I recently ended up going with them for their personal care (including award-winning skincare) and am loving the aromatherapy side of their business.  I even got to talk to Susan Curtis, the author of this amazing book on Essential Oils just after I signed up.

Regardless of whether you are interested in having a home business, however, this book, Essential Oils, by Susan Curtis is a must buy in my book.

NYR Neal's Yard Essential Oils Book by Susan Curtis

Essential Oils, by Susan Curtis is not brand specific and is really one of the best books on essential oils that I have found. It’s organized well for the beginner, but with plenty of fabulous information for the more advanced user.  It’s newly updated with new content and better organization.  Plus DK Books designed it.  If you know anything about DK Books, you know how lovely, in addition to informative, this book is.

The book is small but the company is coming out with a new book soon and it will cover many more oils at much more depth.  I will share this book when I have it available.

This is not the company that I ended up going with for oils, as they don’t have enough oils for those of us who want to use oils a lot, but they do have a nice aromatherapy option in addition award winning skincare.

I’d love for you to join me with this fabulous company. No website fees and no huge minimums. Just $100 in a rolling 12 months.

Anyhow, we’re not done yet………

Keep reading to find out where I ended up as far as choosing as essential oils goes…….

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

The information here is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a medical professional before changing your diet, exercise program, or before trying any natural remedies.

These comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whole New Mom, LLC.


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  1. How can you base what little you have stated on what little research you have done? If you don’t research every company you can’t make a valid argument about which one is better.

    • I’m sorry but what are you saying regarding little research? There is more that I found out than what I wrote. There is no way to research every company in the world. There are more and more showing up each and every day. Let me know.

  2. Hi Adrienne,
    Thoughts about mints – I grow peppermint ( 10+ yrs), for the last 4 yrs -spearmint, and last 3 yrs chocolate mint. Years three and four for the spearmint were winner years as far as scent and sweet minty taste. Year three for chocolate mint was definitely a boon year for that one too. I dried them and put a blend together of peppermint, spearmint and chocolate mint and the latter two basically won over and combined with all the positive scents and tastes of peppermint to make the blend a bit sweet smelling and more pleasant tasting than either of the peppermint or chocolate mints singly. The chocolate mint has a pow unlike the medicinal pow of peppermint. Together, I would not say they have a candy-cane like sweetness, it is much purer.
    In sharing my experience, I would definitely add my support of investigating doTerra about just what kind of mint plants they are growing and blending into their complete distillation of peppermint EO.

  3. Christine Rezer says:

    Hello, Thank you so much for your research! IT IS SO HARD TO FIND THE FRICKIN TRUTH OUT THERE. I do have a question. Have you heard of essential oils called Gritman oils. I liked their info and they seemed pretty straight forward they offered videos and just seemed to be the real deal.. I am not interested as of yet about making money, i just want to find the best quality oils.. I am going to looking into your suggestion.. but give me some feed back without bias if you can. It seems, I have read and watch videos on them and they women was knowledgeable and straight forward like yourself.

  4. Thank you for doing the effort in all of this research. I have a few thougths bad questions. To preface, I’m just starting my essential oil journey and hav joined Doterra, and I am not a chemist either.

    With that said: what is the authority that states fist distillation is the best? One thing I have learned is that just because it is a claim on the internet, does not make it correct. My thought on this is that (at least to my knowlage) Gold is refined through a process of repeated steps. Granted Gold is a metal, but it is sill an essential element from nature… following suite I could see how several or a ‘complete distillation’ would be beneficial to eliminate all other qualities of the oil, except the essential bits… Especially when some of these plants do have poisonous aspects to them.

    Anyway, I am still in the learning process and would appreciate any additional clarity on this subject you can offer.

    Thank you


    • Hi Christina,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. So I went back and adjusted things in the post about the distillation. It’s complicated. I was told that this distillation stuff comes into play occasionally with peppermint oil and definitely with ylang ylang and then other said it doesn’t apply to peppermint but many say it does. So anyhow, that is not the key issue for me. Many other things are.

      You are thinking correctly in one way, but my understanding is that the impurities are gone in the first distillation of oils so that’s not an issue.

      And if there is a poisonous aspect then I don’t think that distillation would touch any of this – that would have to be addressed in a different manner.

      Hope that helps and stay tuned – more to come!

  5. You confuse me with all the rambling. Get to the pint. You lost me a long time ago!,,

  6. Vicky Merritt says:

    Well I watched a 9 day documentary on the truth about cancer the global Quest . And you can read about it as well. I have been really checking up and find that yes there are many companies out there but only a few that are pure and organic. Go to epigenetic labs and check it out. Also I have read that rose mtn oils is good to. Many say there are therapeutic oils but from what I have been reading the are no grades of oils or therepeutic. It is either pure or it is not.

  7. Vicky Merritt says:

    I am new to the oils as well have have been looking for a good company
    . I found in Epigenetic labs that the oils are 100% pure and organic and no gmo”s. You are able to take internally as well as topically and in difusers. So far I have been happy with them. The only thing is right now they only have 12 different oils and they also have pills for detoxification and vitamins
    Still looking for another company that has the same quality oils and ones I don’t have.

    • Hi Vicky. Glad to have you here!

      So about the claims that Epigenetic Labs is making. Anyone can say that. There is no company that would go out there and say that their oils are impure. Organic, by definition, means non GMO.

      As for internal use, I personally do not think that one should take oils internally without the guidance of a medical professional or aromatherapist and even them one should be cautious. I used to have different thoughts about this but I have changed after learning more and hearing more things that were very disconcerting.

      Are you hoping for a company that sells organic?

  8. “My family and I have been harmed by the practices of traditional Western medicine (overuse of anti-biotics, over-use of prescriptions meds, doctors misdiagnosing acid reflux, etc.).”

    I stopped reading at this point, because this is possibly THE most ridiculous statement. I’ve never heard of a doctor forcing you to take an antibiotic or prescription med, but I HAVE heard of patients who come in and specifically ask for these remedies, and then abuse them because of course you know best with all of your years of medical education and training. If you’re willing to do this much research over an essential oil, why would you not put in the same amount of legwork for an actual medicine? Ridiculous

    • Hi Nina. If that is the most ridiculous thing that you have ever read, then you are in pretty good shape.

      What I said is true. Mainstream physicians overprescribed antibiotics for me, other prescriptions as well and misdiagnosed many things regarding me and my family. Yes, they have their place, but they can be quite wrong. I was Pre Med in college for awhile and have respect for doctors and their knowledge, but they are lacking in many things and Big Pharma’s influence on them is not to be ignored.

      I am not sure what actual medicinal research you think I should do, but I assure you that I have done some. Enough to know that if I can find something that will help without the side effects, I would rather that. That doesn’t mean that I do not turn to medicine when needed, but thankfully it hasn’t been needed for a long time.

      I don’t follow what you mean by patients abusing them with all of “your” years of medical education and training. Please explain.

    • I have yet to hear of a doctor that prescribes anything but prescription medications. No one I know, including myself, has ever been made aware of natural alternatives. From what I have researched, doctors are not educated in natural alternatives. The money is in the sale of prescription drugs and money is the bottom line, not the patient’s health.

    • You confuse me with all the rambling. Get to the pint. You lost me a long time ago!,,because medicines are harmful to the body? Proven fact! Chemicals galore!

  9. Barbara Bass says:

    I just bought some oils. one company is Azure Green and the other one is Now. Are these any good

  10. Shelley Hartmann says:

    DoTerra just won a massive lawsuit against Young living over purity. Your review is non scientific. The upshot is join me.

  11. Here is a link to one of my questions: http://www.utahbusiness.com/young-living-essential-oils-launches-line-for-culinary-use/ I hope this is useful in your plight for the “best” company in your opinion. Merry Christmas and keep up your good work!

  12. You have certainly put yourself out there on this topic! I will admit that I have not read all of your series. I do know, however, that the sourcing of oils goes well beyond your simplistic explanation. YL has three of it’s own farms and approximately a dozen partner farms across the globe that sign detailed agreements on how plants will be grown, any chemicals used and growing/harvesting practices. Harvesting at the wrong time has adverse effects on the quality and content of the oils. I am not aware of any other oil companies that direct access their raw materials in this way. From what I can tell, the other companies purchase open market raw materials and test for basic molecular contaminants but that is a limited process. You might also consider researching the origins of the companies. I don’t think it is appropriate to say one company is “better” than the other. Yes, they have been fighting in court for many years and for good reason. Some products work better for different people. Pure essential oils have a specific energy to them. We have used both YL and DT oils and my wife swears by the YL products. They just worked better for her. YL does happen to be the original EO company and it is only natural for competitors and their distributors to write negative blogs and even make false claims. The only winner in that type of battle is the drug companies. With enough bad press, the FDA will step in and wipe out all of them! Which companies have oils approved by the FDA for internal use? Which companies have approval for medical claims in Canada? There are huge time and money investments in those processes and I would be curious what you find on that front. There is so much more to this but the education of what oils are is the most important aspect of your posts and i support that educational endeavor!

    • Hi there. Thanks for reading and commenting. I don’t think that the FDA approval for internal use is valid b/c purity is purity and personally I don’t recommend internal use. There are many concerns about it including mucosal damage and sensitivity issues that are becoming more and more of an issue. I feel the same way about the medical claim issue in Canada. I hope that helps.

  13. December 11, 2016
    I am TOTALLY confused! I LOVE EO and have been using: FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH, PEPPERMINT, LAVENDER from DoTerra. I get them from a dear friend. BUT, I hear and read that one company is better than the other, one is more pure than the other, one is higher/cheaper than the other…AAAHHH!!!!! Who is right and who is wrong??? I MOST DEFINITELY WANT PURE, PURE, PURE. My hubby has just come thru 3rd time CANCER in the last 6years. SO IT MUST BE PURE!!! I apply {Frk. and Myr.} to his legs and tummy twice daily. I understand it is all a matter of CHOICE but I want to make the right CHOICE SO… HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU DETERMINE WHO IS RIGHT AND WHO IS WRONG?????? I just want the best. WHO do I believe on the INTERNET?????Does anyone know about a EO company, {and I think} it is MINERAL something. That is all I can remember which may not be correct. Thank you for your time!!!!! Judy D.

  14. I wanted to make some corrections to your posting. BOTH Doterra and YL were given citations by the FDA for labeling. Inwas researching both companies also at that time. Now the FDA has approved many To oils for human consumption and has a large list of others that will be released in the near future. Also, YL does not grow all plants in the US, they get MOST from where the plant grows naturally, however they do plant new plants from seedlings and get their oils from those plants and their native countries. Please be sure to check on all the information before you blog about it and give people the wrong info

    • Hi Donna. I’m not sure what you are saying that I posted that was incorrect. Can you please explain? Thank you!

      • Yes, I am saying some of it is incorrect. Here is an article with more updated info. The best way to find accurate info on YL is to go to their webpage also http://www.theessentialfamily.com/doterra-vs-young-living-compare/

        • Hello again, Donna. I am sorry but I still am not clear on what you think that I wrote that was incorrect. I don’t believe that I talked about the FDA and labeling and I did not state that YL had all of its plants grown in the US. Perhaps you misread the post? My post was not meant to be an exhaustive dialogue about the companies. Just a cursory discussion. There is so much about both companies and of course that information changes all the time as these companies are always in flux.

          • You are correct Adrienne…I’ve been learning more also. YL Lavender for example has their own fields in Utah, Idaho and France. When you purchase you get a blend that’s not labelled as to country of origin. The finest lavender grows in high altitudes and should cost more than a lavender oil grown in Utah or Idaho and also has a different molecular composition even though it’s the same species. So what you are saying is correct. We should know where it’s coming from and it should be deciphered on every bottle (for YL and DoTerra users). Check out Florihana. They have all the info for each oil online including the GCMS and tons of other tests per oil. It makes me question the source when the big box companies don’t provide this information, and I do belong to one of them.

  15. I would love to see what you find on Essante Organics essential oils. You can find them at (link removed by blog owner).

  16. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this!! I am trying to figure out which one I want to go with! This was very helpful!!

  17. When will Part 5 of this series be out? I’m looking forward to seeing which company is your top pick.

  18. Kathryn Caywood says:

    Thank you for all your hard work and research. I am just staring to use oils for myself and family. I have been very pleased with the results I am getting. But it is very confusing on where to buy oils. I don’t like the multilevel companies such as doterra and young life. I plan to look into the Neal’s yard organic.

    Please put me on your newsletter list.
    Thanks again

    • Hello Kathryn,

      Thanks for the kind words. I have a non MLM option for you at the end of the series but I do love Neal’s Yard for their quality and sustainability plus they have a number of organic oils. I am doing more research into other brands as well to have an organic option as well. I will put you on the list.

      I can assure you that Neal’s Yard is a much different company than YL or doTERRA.

      • Are you still in favor, or do you still like Neal’s Yard as an alternative to YL or doTERRA? Is it an equal, but more reasonably priced alternative? Thanks for all of the great information!

        • NYR Organic is a lovely company. Their oils line is sort of small but they have said that they plan to bring more oils to the US. I think they are a stellar company since they have quite a few organic offerings and they are focused on sustainability which is more and more important as some of the oils are creating shortages of plants.

        • Neal’s Yard in the UK won’t supply G/S or C/M results, I wouldn’t trust them just like the other’s that won’t supply data, with all the excuses they use, they may have something or everything to hide.

          • So Neal’s Yard is a different animal, in that they have over 35 years of history while many of these other companies have none to almost no history to speak of. They have never been cited for a bad batch of oils and have passed any 3rd party test that they have been subjected to w/ flying colors. Of course I could be wrong and something could yet happen, but that is the truth. They say that since they have so many locations and so many batches it’s a very hard thing at present but apparently they are looking at providing this. So I hope that helps. I would in no way think that they have anything to hide.

  19. I read through all of the comments on this page, and didn’t see this company mentioned, so forgive me if it’s already been asked. Do you have any information or opinions on Nature’s Sunshine essential oils? Thank you!!

    • Hi there. I’m sorry but I didn’t look at them in much depth. From first glance they seem to be more pricey than both Young Living and doTERRA – have you checked into them?

      • Jessica Ainsworth says:

        I’m not sure are the women that is writing these amazing articles on EO if so do u have a website bc like you I like to investigate everything I want the purest healthiest oils for a decent price my husband also tells me I always second guess or have doubt or misbelive in most everything see he is a label/price buyer if the label says it it must be true lol men but I hope this message gets to the right women the “oil investigator” I knw you are very busy but you have caught my attention to the fullest and wld love to read more of your facts and or opinions bc I too share many of your ?’s

        • I would love to know what you think when you are done reading. More to come on other companies in the future so stay tuned or subscribe so you don’t miss them! 🙂

  20. Also, I apologize in advance, I didn’t realize my post published the first time, so I reposted twice.