A Great Healthy “On the Run” Snack – Grass-Fed, Organic Beef Jerky – Review and Giveaway {Giveaway Closed}

This Organic Beef Jerky is made from pastured cows and is super yummy! It's a great "on the go" snack for busy families!

If you’re like me, snacks can be a toughy for the whole foods family. You’re tempted to reach for cookies, crackers, or (gasp) candy.

Well, I’ve got lots of Homemade Snacks that I make regularly, but often my kiddos eat them up so fast that I need to work to keep up with them!

It’s nice to every once in a while have something available for them to snack on that I don’t have to make.

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I’m such a “make it yourself” gal that that is tough for me to do, but I am trying—

Anyway, you already know I love my Excalibur Dehydrator, right?

Ever since I bought it, we’ve dehydrated a bunch of things.  We’ve made:

– fruit leather

– flax crackers

soaked and dried “Crispy Nuts”

Easy Sun Dried Tomatoes

– Dried Fruit (apples, pears, bananas.  I tried cranberries, but they didn’t work that great.  Blah.)

– Herbs (See the Easiest Way to Preserve Herbs)

I hope to do a lot more.

One thing I haven’t tried my hand at yet is jerky.

Something kind of makes me nervous about drying meat.

It’s like that and canning are the next “kitchen learning curves” for me.

That’s why I was really excited when I was asked to try out Jerky Direct’s organic, grass fed jerky.

The “men” in my house (hubby and sons) LOVE jerky. Well, I do too, but their passion for it is really something.

I quickly said “yes” to the opportunity to try it out.

We ended up receiving some packs of jerky and then I bought some other organic jerky and got a little bit of regular jerky (this one I didn’t pay for–they were free samples at Costco :)) and we did a taste test.

Jerky Taste Test Results

The preservative-laden one (it wasn’t organic either, so it wasn’t all that fair of a comparison) was the clear “loser”.  (I do LOVE Costco so nothing against them. It’s just that their jerky isn’t the greatest.)

Jerky Direct’s was the clear winner with my boys. I thought so too. We tried all 4 flavors of the organic jerkies and my husband picked the other company for one of the flavors, but he picked Jerky Direct for the other ones.

I love that they have organic jerky. The cows are grass fed, and have no antibiotics or hormones fed to them. My kind of meat.  (Oh, and it’s gluten free as well!)

They carry non-organic products as well, in addition to Pet Strips (healthy, not “made in China” pet snacks) and fruit strips.

And the flavors are amazing:

Jerky Direct’s Great Flavors:

– Original

– Teriyaki

– Black Pepper or

– Sweet and Spicy

They’re all great. No favorites here. Just yum all around.


Now, Jerky Direct is a direct sales company.  That means you get the jerky from a representative–not from a store.

There are 3 Ways to Buy jerky from Jerky Direct:

1.  You can purchase anything you like from Lake Ramm (my Jerky Direct rep)’s website.

2.  Or, you can sign up as a Preferred Customer and get jerky auto-shipped to you every month.

3.  Or, you can sign up as a Distributor. You get the auto-ship and you can buy extra jerky at wholesale pricing (42% off), which you can eat or re-sell. You also get a free website and can earn money. (You can even sign up your son or daughter under your sponsorship and train your child in a new business!)

You get 2 packs of yummy jerky sent to your home for only $12.30 plus $1.97 shipping. (I don’t know if you’ve priced organic jerky before, but that’s a pretty good price.)

If you refer others to purchase Jerky Direct you can end up getting your jerky for free.  Free jerky…hmmm…..  The men in my household would be very happy.

You can check out Lake Ramm’s Facebook page here.

Now here’s the great part.  The giveaway…..

Lake is offering to one of my readers, a set of 3 twin packs (that’s 6 bags of jerky–a value of $36.90) in the flavor of your choice!

We loved all of them, so I tell you, it’s going to be hard to choose.

Just enter in the Rafflecopter widget below. Do what it says by each of the entries and in one week, one lucky winner will be chosen to receive FREE jerky.

(Remember to do what the widget tells you to do, or you can’t win.)

And you do need to subscribe to my email updates in order to win. I know, it might seem a little “strict” but I want to reward my faithful, wonderful readers with all of these goodies.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Need some more “on the go” snacks? How about:

1.  Almond Joy Bars

2.  Buckwheat Pancakes (great spread with Homemade Nut and Seed Butters)

3.  Chocolate / Carob Almonds

4.  Homemade Protein Bars

5.  Chocolate Chunk Coconut Macadamia Cookies (grain free)

6.  No-Bake Coconut Delights. Super fast and super good.

Do you like jerky as much as we do?

Disclaimer: I received free jerky to review for this post and am going to be compensated for my time.  However, all opinions are, as always, my own. I would not write anything here that isn’t how I really feel. I have enough trouble sleeping already :). Read my full disclaimer here.
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  1. This sounds so yummy! I love jerky!

  2. Teriyaki sounds great!

  3. What a great price! And great quality beef. This sounds amazing!

  4. connie s says:

    The sweet and spicy sounds awesome!

  5. Libby Jones says:

    We love Teriyaki! My cat goes nuts over it too LOL. Thanks for the chance to win! And wow, great site!

  6. We eat a lot of Jerky in this house! We’d love to try the Teriyaki, thanks!

  7. I think maybe the sweet and sour? They all sound delicious, though! I love quick and easy high, protein snacks :-)

  8. oh boy, choices…..black pepper probably

  9. Cindy Green says:

    Original but all of them would be good.

  10. I’d love to try the sweet and spicy!

  11. All the flavors sound amazing but I’d like to try the sweet and spicy. I’ve made jerky and done lots of canning. Don’t be intimidated, once you get the hang of it you’ll have so much fun knowing you’re providing wholesome food for your family.

  12. Original sounds good to me.

  13. Crystal says:

    I would love to try Teriyaki.

  14. Laura H. says:


  15. Teriyaki is my family’s favorite flavor.

  16. I’d love to try peppered buffalo!

  17. Jennifer says:


  18. Theresa says:

    All the flavors sound good but I think I’d like to try the sweet and spicy

  19. Theresa says:

    This makes me realize that I do not use my dehydrator as much as I should!!!

  20. Hot and spicy!

  21. I’d probably want to try original, but I’d love to see the ingredients. I looked on their page and couldn’t see them listed anywhere, do you know where I can find them?

    • Click on the website then click on the flavor you are interested in. Then there is a link to nutritional info on the bottom right. Hope the helps!

  22. We just made our first batch of homemade grass fed jerky in our Excalibur. It was suprisingly easy. My husband and I are both fans and it definitely went quickly! Great giveaway!

  23. I would love to win!!!! I love all flavors haha Sweet and Spicy sounds pretty good right now though :)

  24. We would like to try the Original.

  25. Christina E. says:

    I would love to try original.

  26. FYI, soy sauce has wheat, so it is not gluten free. Some of them also have significant amounts of sugar. It is easy to DIY jerky in a dehydrator without sugar or soy sauce. Coconut aminos, lemon pepper and garlic powder makes excellent jerky!

  27. They all sound good. Next thing to figure out on this traditional food journey. thank you.

  28. MElissa Krintz says:

    My husband would love this!

  29. I would love to try the black pepper flavor because I love that smoky taste of fresh ground pepper.

  30. I love love love beef jerky! This is an awesome giveaway! I think I’d stick with original flavor :)

  31. Betty League says:

    Yummy! Sweet and Spicy flavor!

  32. giarose says:

    I am too intimidated to make my own jerky too! this jerky sounds great!

  33. I would like to try the peppered jerky.

  34. WOW! Looks prefetc!

  35. Would love to try any flavor. Thanks for the opportunity.

  36. I love beef jerky and the grass fed organic variety is the ultimate.

    Hard to get here in the UK for some reason.

    Great source of protein inbetween workouts, and a healthy snack to boot!

  37. I’d like to try the original flavor first, then the teriyaki, then the sweet & spicy.

  38. I would like to try the original as a test against what I make at home. I use grass fed ground beef but LOVE sliced beef jerky!!!

  39. LOVE jerky!! Excited to check it out.

  40. Sounds yummy!

  41. Sara Burns says:

    Yes, this is awesome! We love jerky!

  42. I would like to try the original flavor.

  43. Shelly Smith says:

    I would like to try teriyaki flavor!

  44. Original is our favorite

  45. I’d love the original flavor. Wonderful!!

  46. ohmygosh….I LOVE beef jerky, but don’t buy it often (kinda pricey!) But this stuff sounds great, and I’m really interested in the Distributor program, that sounds awesome! I’d lovelovelove to test out the products! Any flavor, they all sound great. If I have to choose…. Teriyaki for sure!

  47. Michelle Kohler says:

    My boys all LOVE original! Excited to find a grass-fed, organic brand. Thanks!

  48. Teriyaki – my son loves beef jerky and this company sounds great!

  49. Jerky=yummy!! Sweet n spicy!!

  50. Sweet and spicy

  51. Love beef jerky! A quick snack that is packed with protein! Thanks :)

  52. Tiffany Goodson says:

    So hard to choose… But I choose black pepper!

  53. Lindsay Maher says:

    Jerky isn’t too hard to make, I bet you could do it! I will enjoy trying this companies though because I love me some jerky :)

  54. The black pepper sounds good to me. I think this would be the one I would like to win

  55. Teriyaki!

  56. decisions, decisions! Black Pepper Jerky would be awesome.

  57. I’d like to try the Black Pepper Beef Jerkey!

  58. i’d like to try the peppered – looks wonderful!

  59. Ooooh…I think Terriyaki! Yum!

  60. Amy Floyd says:

    We all love beef jerky in our home, and I would love to have some good stuff that my husband can take on the road with him every day for his job. The teriyaki would probably be our favorite!

  61. I would love to try the original flavor.

  62. Carole Lolley says:

    I think the Terriyaki!

  63. Enter me please! I love jerky! :) thanks for sharing and having the contest!

  64. We love jerky!!!

  65. Brenda J. says:

    I would probably go for the original since I’m kind of a plain Jane kind of person..but the black pepper sounds yummy too!

  66. Paula Powell says:

    We would love to try the Sweet & Spicy flavor!

  67. Black pepper

  68. Mark Radtke says:

    Sweet and spicy and original – I wonder if its GAPS friendly – if so, very interested…..

  69. Original

  70. The Black Pepper sound yummy!

  71. I’d love to try the original!

  72. would definitely love to try the teriyaki! :)

  73. Would like to try the tender hakery smoked (low curb)

  74. Raj McDaniel says:

    Original would be great to try!

  75. Sounds yummy!

  76. Talia B. says:

    Sweet and spicy!

  77. I’d like to try the plain or sweet and spicy.

  78. I’d love to try the teriyaki.

  79. Teriyaki!

  80. Would love to try the sweet and spicy!! =) But they all sound good!!!

  81. Original sounds good, they all sound great!

  82. I always try to start with the original first. I had no idea jerky was sold that way!

  83. Jessie P. says:

    I would like to try the original!

  84. Lori Davis says:

    I would like to try the Teriyaki!

  85. I’m boring…I’d love to try the Original!! LOL!

  86. I’d be find with original.

  87. Do you think the sweet n’ spicy and teriyaki have a lot of sugar in them? Would love a chance to try–thank you!

  88. Terryaki is the best to me!

  89. I’ve never had jerky but I’ve been very curious lately. I think I would try original or black pepper.

  90. Lisa Cooper says:

    Once the beef jerky I made got “fuzzy”, so I tossed it. It probably wasn’t quite dry enough. If I make it again, I will refrigerate it. If I ever make a big enough batch, I’ll freeze some.

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