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Happy 2012!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday season – whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah.  And of course, a Happy New Year!

It’s time for Resolutions, right?  Well, I’m not much for them (I tend to get discouraged when I don’t meet them), but I am one for more healthy ideas.

So here we are again – it’s that time of week.  Time to share your best and grab a few ideas and add them to your stash.

I look forward to everything that you have to share!  (And don’t miss my Most Popular Recipes of 2011 post – I’m sharing that this week!)

Welcome back to our Nutritious and Delicious Linky Blog Hop — Traditional Tuesday!

What is Traditional Tuesday? Well,

  • if you are a blogger, you can share your whole food related tips on this blog and it will be shared on all five blogs
  • if you are a blog reader (I guess we all are, right :-)?) you can stop by now as well as later to check out the great tips that participating bloggers have to share. And there should be some great stuff, so come back later this week and check it out!

Here is some more specific info:

Traditional Tuesday’s Nutritious and Delicious Blog Carnival is for anything involving traditional foods.

Recipes, techniques, tips, discussions on the hows and whys we do what we do, kitchen organization, appliances used, fitting traditional foods into your life and schedule, anything under the banner of traditional foods is wonderful.

Posts, Facebook pages or websites on the politics of real foods and action alerts for individual states or topics are also welcome.

This blog carnival is hosted by:

KerryAnn @ Cooking Traditional Foods

Jessica @ Delicious Obsessions

Dawn @ Cultured Mama

And… me 😀

Here are the Rules :

– If you are linking to a recipe, it must be traditional foods. No white flour, white sugar, yeast, packaged or processed products and the like.

Please link to your article only and not directly to your blog front page.

Please place a link back to this post. Place the URL of the carnival post, copied from your browser address bar, at the bottom of your post. A badge is below, if you wish to use that instead. To link back, just edit your post and put a link to this blog post at the very bottom of your post. It’s good etiquette and it helps both of us.

Please only link posts that fit the carnival description. Old and archived posts are most welcome as long as you post a link back as described above.

Links that do not follow these rules will be deleted.

Please note – if you see something that doesn’t fit the mission of this blog, please let me know :-).

– Linky will stay open from 12:01AM Tuesday to 11:59PM Friday EST.

Adrienne is the owner of Whole New Mom, wife to David, and a homeschooling mother of two boys, one of whom has Asperger’s Syndrome (high-functioning autism) and life-threatening food allergies. In her past life she worked in the financial services industry and also taught in Japan. She has a passion to help others navigate the sea of information on the road to healthier lives while trusting God for the results of their efforts.

Because she loves to (and can’t afford not to :-)), she specializes in making whole foods and green living affordable and simplifying special diets (allergen-, gluten- and sugar-free). You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Genevieve Kearney says:

    where do I get unpasterized nuts

  2. Thanks for hosting! We posted our Q&A on raw milk.

  3. I added about my Diet and there are also recipes on the website. I will be adding more to my site throughout the year. Thanks for the link up.

  4. Hello There Adrienne,

    Happy New Year to you!

    This week I am sharing a post about holistic remedies for the common cold. Fitting for me right now, as I’m fighting a nasty cold…and it’s a really pooper to be a sick mommy! So the faster I can get back to my energetic self the better! I hope this information helps some of your readers this week as well.

    Be Well,

    • I just peeked at your post. I will be looking more into herbs. I just started working with Young Living essential oils and take Chinese Herbs for illness also. I am not too familiar with everything else though. It gets all murky to me after that.

      Hope you get better soon!

  5. Hi Adrienne, happy new year! After a rather busy morning (it’s my daughter’s b’day today!) I’ve finally got time to link up. I’ve shared a fish stock recipe, a lesson in how NOT to eat on vacation, and some of the healthy food my daughter is into.

  6. Hi Adrienne, Thank you for hosting. I hope the start of your New Year has been great. I’m sharing 2 recipes today. The first is very similar to one you’ve highlighted today, almond power bars from Kitchen Stewardship and an feta walnut dip by Mollie Katzen. I hope to see you at Whole Food Wednesdays and have a great week.

    • Hello again, France! I love those bars and I like what you did with them. At the time I posted them I think someone told me they were from Kitchen Stewardship and I have to say that I didn’t even know who she was – funny, huh? We live in the same city! Anyway, I also saw them on Elana’s Pantry, so I cited her. Probably to be kind to Katie I should cite her too. I feel the same way about needing to feed folks here, but in my case it’s my boys whom I need to feed. :-).

  7. This week I already have three posts to share: first I listed my 10 most popular posts from 2011 in my Top Ten Posts on Our Nourishing Roots in 2011, then I wrote about Before I Start GAPS, What Should I Do To Prepare?, and finally I am hosting a giveaway of one copy of the ebook called “What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on GAPS Intro Diet”. So head over and see if you can win the copy, and then join in my GAPS Challenge!

  8. Hi,
    I shared my Slow Roasted Chicken and an article about Food Safety News’ Naughty/Nice List. Also a post about new year resolutions and 8 actions to take.
    Thanks for hosting! Happy New Year!