Traditional Tuesdays – Nutritious and Delicious! ~ February 21, 2012

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It’s another great week of whole foods and healthy living tips brought to you from all around the blogosphere.

And we’ve got a new twist to our blog hop this week – featured posts :-).  But first, the regular intro……

Welcome back to our Nutritious and Delicious Linky Blog Hop — Traditional Tuesday!

What is Traditional Tuesday?

  • If you are a blogger, you can share your whole food related tips on this blog and it will be shared on all four blogs
  • if you are a blog reader (I guess we all are, right :-)?) you can stop by now as well as later to check out the great tips that participating bloggers have to share. And there should be some great stuff, so come back later this week and check it out!

Here is some more specific info:

Traditional Tuesday’s Nutritious and Delicious Blog Carnival is for anything involving traditional foods.

Recipes, techniques, tips, discussions on the hows and whys we do what we do, kitchen organization, appliances used, fitting traditional foods into your life and schedule, anything under the banner of traditional foods is wonderful.

Posts, Facebook pages or websites on the politics of real foods and action alerts for individual states or topics are also welcome.

This blog carnival is hosted by:

KerryAnn @ Cooking Traditional Foods

Jessica @ Delicious Obsessions

Dawn @ Cultured Mama

And… me 😀

Every week we enjoy looking through the weekly submissions to the carnival.  And you, I’m sure had your favorites–so we thought we’d share what we thought was pretty neat-o ourselves!

Each week we’ll highlight the best of the best so you can come back each week to see if you were featured!

Our highlights from last week’s Traditional Tuesdays are….. (drum roll, please….)

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar from Moss Grown Stone has really easy directions to make your own at home. Who knew it was so easy?

Sauteed Kale with Caramelized Onions from Tessa at The Domestic Diva caught my eye because kale is my favorite vegetable. This recipe looks awesome and it’s one I’ll definitely try out soon.

Finally, How to Second Ferment Kombucha from Lydia at Divine Health has some awesome ideas on how to make your own flavored KTs at home. Kombucha is an amazing drink that should be in every traditional foods home.

Here are the Rules :

– If you are linking to a recipe, it must be traditional foods. No white flour, white sugar, yeast, packaged or processed products and the like.

Please link to your article only and not directly to your blog front page.

Please place a link back to this post. Place the URL of the carnival post, copied from your browser address bar, at the bottom of your post. A badge is below, if you wish to use that instead. To link back, just edit your post and put a link to this blog post at the very bottom of your post. It’s good etiquette and it helps both of us.

Please only link posts that fit the carnival description. Old and archived posts are most welcome as long as you post a link back as described above.

Links that do not follow these rules will be deleted.

Please note – if you see something that doesn’t fit the mission of this blog, please let me know :-).

– Linky will stay open from 12:01AM Tuesday to 11:59PM Friday EST.

These comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whole New Mom, LLC.


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  1. I am also sharing my latest REAL FOOD 101 post, a really quick Japanese fish stock called “dashi”. Perfect for GAPS, too 🙂

  2. Hi! I just found your blog and its great! Thanks for hosting. I shared a recipe for kale apple salad with pineapple hemp dressing. It is gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Have a good one 🙂

  3. Darn–too late again! I’ve been on the road this week, and didn’t see the link the last couple weeks. Looks like there’s some incredible recipes, though–diy stuff’s always my favorite.
    Hopefully I’ll get mine up next week.
    thanks again for hosting!

  4. Hi! This week I had a mental hiccup and accidentally reposted my post on everything you ever wanted to know about sugar (please forgive). Then I posted my recipe for fermented shiso leaves, which remind me of all the traditional ferments I enjoyed while living in South Korea. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Happy Tuesday Adrienne,

    This week I am sharing super tasty and super easy sweet and sour chicken (gf, df, sf)

    Have a great week!


  6. Hi! This week I’ve shared Spice Biscuits suitable for the SCD! Thank you for hosting!

  7. On January 15th I started the GAPS Challenge. Now we are done, so let’s talk about how it went for everyone. Come share your results!

  8. Hi Adrienne. Thanks for hosting. I’m sharing a couple of things today. I’m sharing a list of package snacks and a salmon kabob recipe with pine nut salsa and spelt naan bread. Have a great week.

  9. First, thank you for sharing my kale recipe,. I have two heads in my fridge now, one destined for that recipe!
    I shared something i know a fellow coconut/chocolate lover can’t resist:

    I also shared a kid favorite donut:

    and lastly, a great alternative to the store bought cereal bars:

    Thanks Adrienne!

  10. Thanks for hosting! I’m sharing my kefir grains this week!

  11. Adrienne,
    Thanks so much for being our hostess.

    I shared info on how to plan a garden and also whether bpa free plastics are really any better.

    Have a blessed day.


  12. Hi,
    I shared a recipe for a Raspberry Tart (SCD/GAPS). Also, an article about the relationship between diet soda and stroke.

    Help me celebrate Real Food Forager’s one year anniversary – join the giveaway!

    Thanks for hosting!